The Rise of Heroes Book 1: The Academy of Hidden Secrets

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Chapter Eight

Everyone at the breakfast chamber was enjoying their favorite dishes, well almost everyone was enjoying themselves...

“What’s this?” Ozur asked, lifting his wooden spoon up, causing a few scoops of some sort of hot mushy white stuff to fall back on his metal bowl.

“Were you raised in a rock or are you some kind of idiot?” A gray-haired pale skinned boy next to him asked he was dressed in a black long-sleeved t-shirt that had a skull in the middle, gray shorts, and huge crimson sneakers. Ozur could tell that the boy was a demon since he saw both black demon eyes and his black leathered wings. Thanks to the tough lessons about the worlds he got from Mrs. Pawen, Ozur remembered that there are some demons who were born with leather wings, not feathered.

“No actually I was raised in an orphanage, so please be nice to tell this poor little orphan such as myself about this strange white mushy stuff,” Ozur answered back to the boy, in a very fake dramatic way while making begging puppy eyes, well if he knew what a puppy was in the first place.

Rolling his eyes, the boy picked a spoon up, eating the white substance. “This thing is called oatmeal, it tastes really good when you eat it but before you do-” Ozur didn’t think twice before scooping a spoonful of oatmeal and ate it in one gulp; a sorry choice. The second the spoon went in his mouth, everything began to burn so much that he began to turn as red! “Oh crap, it’s hot! WATER WHERE’S THE WATER!?” He grabbed the first cup he saw and quickly swallowed down every last drop of water as he breathed out in pain-free relief.

“You were supposed to cool the oatmeal meal down,” The boy finished with an amused smirk on his face. “Don’t eat it so fast like a doofus, but you are one so I guess this counts.”

“What?!” Ozur banged his fists on the table, sending the boy a glare. “I’m not an idiot or a dufus! I just never ate oatmeal in my life...”

“Well, you’re part demon aren’t you or are you a wolf?” The boy laughed. “It’s kinda hard to tell when you have those furry ears.”

“LEAVE ME EARS OUT OF THIS!” Ozur got up from his chair, ready to beat the light of this smart mouth until someone grabbed his hand and raced off with him while he began to yell in protest. “Hey let me go, I still have to show that smart mouth a thing or two about what this half wolf and demon I am!”

“And risk getting your butt kicked? Now, now kid, you shouldn’t be confessing stuff like that to adults.”

Ozur suddenly swallowed, looking up only to see that the same train manager from the other day was the one who was dragging him away. From the looks of the manager’s uniform that now has a lot of egg yolk, the prank Ozur left the other day must have activated today. “Nice uniform,” Ozur remarked, only to cause the manager to look even more furious. “Shut up you little prankster, I’ll show you a lesson or two about messing with other people!”

“Starting with kitchen duty!”

With that, the door in front of them opened, causing Ozur’s eyes to nearly pop out at the sight! Dirty pot, pans, and plates were on every inch of the kitchen, making him wonder who has a large appetite in this train! “I want everything spotless in two hours, good luck!” The manager slammed the door behind him, causing half the pile to fall on top on Ozur with a loud noise!

Once the dust cleared, he grabbed a nearby sponge and began scrubbing while muttering to himself, “Geez second day on the train and so far I got into trouble with adults before breakfast finishes...That’s a new record.” It didn’t take more than five minutes before the boy Ozur met up with earlier, opened the door as he stood there beginning to laugh at him. “Man, it’s such a shame to get in trouble two days in a row!”

The boy laughed, trying to make sure he didn’t fall. “I’d die before I wash any of that!”

“I bet you wouldn’t,” Ozur began, creating a serious face. “You’re too weak if you can’t wash all of this in five minutes top, I bet I can finish washing this in twenty seconds flat!”

“Yeah right! I can wash this in ten seconds!” The boy challenged, not even realizing what he’s getting himself into. Ozur then grinned a bit as he got up from where he sat. “You think you can wash all these dishes in ten seconds? Ha! Don’t make me laugh!”

“I’m so serious, I’m stronger than you and faster!” The boy bragged, which resulted in Ozur shrugging casually. “I don’t know, obviously, I’m stronger and faster if he picked me to clean everything in here, you must be second best.”

“Shut up and move aside!” The boy soon grabbed the pushed Ozur aside while grabbing the sponge in the process. “Watch the master, I’ll show you how it’s done.”

“Good, please, by all means, proceed,” Ozur smirked, quietly getting out of the room without getting noticed by anyone. Once he was out, he closed the door and ran off while trying to hold in his laughter. “Never thought that guy was so gullible.” Ozur’s stomach then growled, begging for some food but by the time he returned to his seat, his bowl of oatmeal was gone!

“Who stole my breakfast!?” He dramatically exclaimed but not that loudly as he fell to his knees depressed. “Why, what did my oatmeal do to you...” His stomach growled once again so he got up and searched the train to see any abandoned bowls of oatmeal, maybe he’ll find the food thief as well.

“I hate stealing other people’s breakfast but the kitchen was fresh out by the time I got up and got dressed,” Hugo sighed to himself while part of himself enjoyed the hot breakfast he stole. He honestly didn’t want to steal but he was taking a long time looking for his cape so he was very late to get his breakfast.

Hopefully, the guy who owns this bowl wouldn’t mind me eating his breakfast, but I hope this guy won’t beat me if he ever found his thief. Hugo shook at the thought as he quickly ate his oatmeal, but not very fast so he wouldn’t choke.

“Guess you’re the kind who’ll be late to class.”

Hugo almost choked on his tenth spoon of food at the sudden appearance of a female voice, but thankfully he quickly drank a cup of water to help get his food down as he choked out his question. “What are you talking about?”

“I saw you run to the kitchen with messy hair and wrinkled cape and you took that demon wolf boy’s bowl, so I can tell that you’re the kind to be late to class. That is what I’m talking about.” Hugo looked up only to see a female Light Worlder glare at him while holding a clipboard and a pen. “It’s called getting to know your classmates.”

Her skin color was tan while she had long wavy raven shaded hair that was tied up in a ponytail while her black glasses were on top of her ocean blue eyes. She was wearing some sort of uniform since she had a button down short sleeved pink shirt with a tie and a knee length navy blue skirt. Although she looked surprisingly beautiful, she still glared at Hugo as if he did something wrong. Coughing a bit, Hugo decided to respond to her comment in the simplest way he could.

“No that’s called not minding your own business and stalking, but I’m sure a girl like you might have some papers saying otherwise. Did you stalk other people while filling that clipboard of yours?”


“Ow hey that hurts, I was just being honest!” Hugo exclaimed while rubbing his red left cheek with his hand. “But since you like slapping people I guess you’ll survive the school in a day or so.”

“Shut up if you know what’s good for you!” She warned but Hugo still continued. “Or what, you’ll slap me to death?” Soon he began waving his hands just for his own amusement until his right hand accidentally sent his bowl of oatmeal flying on top of the girl’s hair! The loud noise of the bowl was heard while Hugo could the girl turning red while making a tight fist.

Without any warning, Hugo felt himself get pinned to the wall very harshly as he felt the presence of a knife an inch away from his neck. The girl growled furiously as her eyes glared furiously at him. “Never! And I mean never! Ever! Mess with my hair!” Her hand was holding a strong grip on Hugo’s neck as he struggled to breathe until she finally released him.

“Consider this a warning, but next time...You’re dead.” With that she ran off, blowing off some steam while trying to get some oatmeal off her hair but she still glared deadly at Hugo, as if plotting to get revenge later. Great Hugo, just great....Your first enemy is a nerdy girl who could have maybe become your girlfriend or just a friend. Congrats. He then looked at the fallen empty bowl. At least I had some breakfast.

Meanwhile, Eathelyn sitting in the middle of a loud table full of gossiping girls while she just slowly ate her oatmeal. Who was that voice? She wondered to herself. What did it want with me, and why am I the one who has to be careful? Clearly, she knew she wasn’t going to get any answers by just sitting there eating oatmeal. Maybe the headmistress could tell me all about this dream I had, she is the wife of one of Sun Gang members so she must know everything.

Looking across the table, she saw the dragon hybrid girl alone on the corner, looking at her bowl curiously. “Guess she hasn’t tried oatmeal before,” Eathelyn whispered to herself, she reached out for an apple that was in the middle until someone else grabbed it in a flash! “Hey, that apple was mine!” She got up from her chair to see who her little apple thief was until she realized that it was the blind girl who intervened in her fight yesterday! She was leaning against a corner, slowly getting out of the shadow while she tossed the apple in the air and catching it in the process.

“Sorry didn’t see you,” she smiled, taking a small bite of her caught apple, cracking up at her little joke.

“Okay, I get that you’re blind but still it doesn’t mean you should laugh about it! I mean come on you can’t even see who’s yelling at you for crying out loud!” Eathelyn shouted, losing her patience every second that passed by. What kind of person is she to laugh at something she doesn’t even have?

“I don’t know maybe I can,” the girl answered back, “Maybe you’re too blind to see that.” Now everyone on the table gasped and whispered among themselves, waiting for Eathelyn’s response.

Eathelyn banged her fists on the table, causing most of the girls to jump a bit while she exclaimed while turning furious red. “How dare you?! I’m not blind, you’re the blind one in this room and maybe one day I can kick your butt to prove it!

After all, someone like you might need to find some prince charming to protect you if you’re not brave enough to face me.” The blind person didn’t respond, her smile vanished to just a straight thin frown until she dug in her pockets, pulling out another fresh red apple, tossing it over to Eathelyn, who stared back at her with bewilderment. “You got some nerve saying something like that, I can still identify who you are and I don’t need some prince charming to help me! I’m not that blind and useless.” Eathelyn stared at the girl, then looked down at the apple that was tossed to her. Maybe I did say too much, she was able to toss this to me without a problem. Man, why am I so grumpy sometimes?

Before Eathelyn could apologize, the blind girl continued, once again wearing her bright smile. “You are one reckless demon, I’m looking forward to seeing you in action at Lunar Star Academy... Maybe you’ll beat me, maybe you won’t...But you just might be suited to be my rival... And maybe it might be you who’ll need a prince charming to save your butt...”

Without another word, she left the room while she still held her spear tightly as if it was her protector, leaving the room in silence. Eathelyn sat down on her chair, putting the given apple on the table center, suddenly losing her appetite. The uncomfortable silence soon vanished as everyone went back to gossiping, something Eathelyn wished she didn’t have to hear.

“Wow a demon getting a comment from an Ethical, that’s something you don’t see every day,” someone whispered to the person next to her, loud enough for Eathelyn to hear.

“Of course, we wouldn’t see something like that every day, those Dark Worlders don’t get to see their neighbors like we do,” another girl responded to the comment. “It’s not like those fools know what it’s like to live in a nice civilized society, in fact, they’re so bad that their land instantly died when the Dark World civilians stepped foot on Earth.”

“And here I thought this might be a chance to make friends,” Eathelyn whispered to herself, lifting her spoon and began to spin her oatmeal slowly in the bowl as she laid her head on the table. I’m going to have to see the school nurse when we get to Lunar Star Academy for any headache medicine. Or some medicine to control my attitude.

That demon girl won’t stop staring at me....What? Hasn’t she ever seen a demon hybrid trying to see what this substance on my bowl is? Guess not. Rashika let her thoughts run wild as she sniffed the substance on her bowl, trying to make sure it’s not poisonous or something. However, it was hard to figure out what’s on your breakfast bowl if someone is staring right at you for no reason. After a few moments, the girl looked away from her since she was yelling at the blind girl from the other day.

Looking around only to see no one in sight, Rashika used this as a chance to pull out a cape to cover her tail, wings, and ears, which really helped her look a little normal...If she knew what is the proper meaning of normal. Geez, first I dream about battle some oversized raven killer thing with phantoms attacking it out of nowhere and now I have a stalker. Brilliant Rashika, just brilliant. She rested her head against the wall with her eyes closed. Dad would be so proud....Not.

“Hey, are you going to eat that?”

Rashika’s eyes opened in an instant as she sat up straight to see who was this mysterious person who spoke until she looked down at the floor, jumping in a panic a bit. On the floor was a boy with some sort of wolf ears on his knees as if he was crawling away from something.With a sigh and not so amused face, she pushed her bowl forward a bit as she flatly answered, “Here, it’s all yours.”


She saw his hands reach for the bowl as she then heard the boy enjoying his breakfast but she couldn’t help but wonder why the boy was on the floor in the first place. Before she can even ask, suddenly a loud angry voice shouted from the end of the cart as he pointed to the wolf boy. “THERE YOU ARE! Let me at you! I’ll teach you a lesson about tricking someone to doing your punishment for you!”

Rashika saw the wolf boy’s eyes widen in shock as he swallowed down every last drop of her breakfast, quickly getting up as he whispered to her before running off after turning into a wolf. “Wish me luck friend.”

He didn’t even bother to notice that I’m the demon dragon hybrid monster people gossiped about.... Rashika shook her head in disbelief and tried to think of a more logical explanation. Well, how could he, I’m hiding all the evidence in this cape. However... He just called me a friend as well, maybe there are some people who don’t see me as a monster maybe-No! I was hiding my true self in this cape so of course, he could have mistaken me for anyone! But still-

“Are you done day dreaming monster?”

Rashika snapped out of her thoughts only to see the snoopy Ethical girl she met the other day look down at her with amusement. She knew she couldn’t let anyone put her done, especially some Light Worlder, so Rashika sarcastically answered back. “Sure, I just love it when someone stops me from daydreaming.”

“Watch your tone outsider!” The girl warned as she began to walk around Rashika. “You may be the daughter of Ormr, the greatest dragon hybrid human warrior who ever roamed this world but you’re still the daughter of a mother who didn’t even want you.”

“You don’t know who I am,” Rashika hissed threateningly, beginning to lose her patience with the teen.

“Of course, I do, in fact, everybody knows about you,” the girl chuckled. “The motherless dragon girl who might end up being our greatest enemy since you also have some demon blood in you.”

“Hey do yourself a favor and shut up, you don’t want to see my bad side,” Rashika warned in a calm but serious voice. “And believe me, my bad side is ugly.”

“Either way, we’ll see your bad side at school, whether you want to show it or not,” the teen smirked, then began to walk away. “I hope you’re prepared for a fascinating year demon dragon, you’re in for a world of pain, and I’m not the only one who believes this when I say, you’re a monster, and you’ll always be one.”

Suddenly the girl stopped and turned around with an evil smirk. “And by the way, that cape of yours won’t change who you really are.”

With that, the girl was long gone while Rashika began growling ferociously as her fangs began to show. “I’ll show her, I’ll show them all.”

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