The Rise of Heroes Book 1: The Academy of Hidden Secrets

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Chapter Nine

“I sometimes hate my life,” Ozur grumbled under his breath while applying some ice on his purple right eye as he slouched on his passenger chair. “I could have escaped from that guy’s wrath if that girl with oatmeal on her hair didn’t me shove me to the floor. Wonder what got her mad?”

He didn’t notice Rashika looking at him on her lonely corner, well she actually was looking at his bruised purple eye. “Guess he got caught by that other boy...He must have really annoyed that boy; he has that purple eye to prove it.”

The train continued to move in the long metal tracks that afternoon, soon beginning to pass by an enormous beautiful green meadow full of crowds of different kinds of lilies. Tiger lilies, peace lilies, Easter lilies, and so on. Although those flowers grow in different environments, the Light World created a certain type of chemical that’s injected into the flower seeds, assisting the plant to grow in any kind of environment. From the heat and dryness of the desert to the freezing cold tundra.

Of course, the teens from the Dark World haven’t seen lilies before, even though they had lessons about those flowers from their parents, so every Dark Worlder was crowded against the windows trying to get a good look at the lilies as they ‘oohed’ and ‘ahhed’. The lilies stood tall and proud as the sun shined through their petals, showing their purity and grace. A small breeze began to blow against them, as they began to dance to the pattern of the wind along with their leaves. Each movement the lilies made, the more fascinated the watchers became with this sighting. They never saw such beauty before in their lives but soon this sparked up conversations that are the complete opposite of what they saw.

“How horrendous!”

“Makes me more determined to destroy precious things like those lilies when I graduate from Lunar Star Academy!”

“I’ll burn those puny, pathetic excuses of plants!”

“They’re too much! Those pesky flowers are burning my eyes!”

“I’ll feed ’em to the most vicious beast on earth before they multiply!”

Eathelyn’s eyes widen in wonder as she looked at the large meadow of plants, never before seeing such a wonderful sight in her life, completely ignoring what others were yelling. Sure her parents have given her lessons about the flowers grown outside of the Dark World but to see them in person was another story that can’t be explained. “Oh, they look so beautiful! So beautiful in fact that I just might jump out through this window and live in that meadow forever!”

“Don’t bother doing that,” chuckled someone next to her. “It’s forbidden to live outside of our worlds unless you’re going to Lunar Star Academy. Besides its better to destroy them than to pick them.” Her shoulders lowered a bit at the comment since it was very true, especially when you’re a demon. Anyone caught outside of their borders unless they are students of the academy, they get taken away and severely punished either by imprisonment for life or death. Eathelyn shook her head, reassuring herself that she wasn’t going to end up being one of those people who get into serious law trouble.

Hugo meanwhile was staring out the window in silence, although he couldn’t help but be slightly curious about how the lilies felt and smelled like. He had heard from his mother that they smelled delightful, although he never experienced delightful aromas before so he quietly wished for a chance to smell those lilies. He looked over at the wolf boy who wasn’t paying any interest in the flowers, only mumbling to himself while he continued to apply the ice on his eye. Before Hugo’s eyes would wander any further, he spotted the glasses girl from breakfast walking over near where he was sitting! Not wanting to face her wrath even though she let him off with a warning, Hugo stood up to hide in his cape in record time, barely even breathing until she was out of sight. At least she got the oatmeal out of her hair, but if I end up being on the same team with her...I’m dead. Hugo began to feel dizzy at the thought so he sat back down on his seat, out of his cape and tried to relax a bit, only to hear his stomach let out a noticeable growl but it thankfully didn’t attract any attention. He sighed, soon leaning against the window while he began to wait for the lunch bell to ring or at least some sign to show that it’s time for lunch. Not a sign could be seen or heard so Hugo just listened to the conversations but without actually paying much attention to them.

“Hey, you think we’ll be in the same team together?”

“Yeah, but let’s hope it’s an all demon team, can you imagine being in a group with a Light Worlder.”

“I rather have a Light Worlder in my group, then my success rate would get higher.”

“Anyone is okay as long as I’m not on the same team with Ormr’s daughter.”

“Oh her, I heard she is very dangerous and vicious, no way I’ll have her as a teammate.”

“I would rather have that prankster wolf orphan than her. She’s not trustworthy.”

Rashika lowered her head as she tried to cover herself more in her cape until she felt someone gladly snatch it right off her! Revealing her wings, tail, and ears! She made a silent yelp of surprise until she realized that it was one of those twins who was fighting the other day who took off her cape. She was about to make him return it to her until everyone began to whisper to each other in fear and judgment while they pointed at her.

“Hey, it’s her, the dragon-demon hybrid.”

“She’s not going to kill us is she, I mean she’ll get expelled right?”

“How could anyone allow that thing to go to Lunar Star Academy?”

“Is she a demon, or dragon? It’s really hard to tell.”

Rashika quickly got up, facing the criminal who has her cape as she held her hand out while telling him in a demanding voice. “Give back my cape!” She suddenly realized that she shouldn’t have sounded so loud and demanding since everyone took a step back while the twin waved her cape around, answering in a carefree voice. “I don’t want to, it belongs to me and I plan to burn all the bad it possessed from you, we don’t want anyone else to be your prey.” Her teeth and fangs clenched tightly in rage, she was ready to attack until everyone began to feel the train shake like crazy that everyone began to stumble and fall all over the place while some teens began to panic. Rashika saw this as a chance to escape the crowd around her, forgetting about her cape while she struggled to keep her balance but the train wouldn’t stop shaking for whatever reason. Without a choice, she quickly used her necklace stone to turn herself in her dragon form so she can use her claws to hold onto the floor with a tough grip.

Ozur fell off his seat, while the shaking continued as he tried to get a good grip on the seat just in case any window or door opened during this sudden shaking! However, with his human butterfingers, he decided to just quickly turn into his wolf form. He bent down to knees as his body merged into a body of a wolf in less than ten seconds, and that very moment he used his claws to hang tight onto the seat. Oh god please let me live, I’m too young to die!

Hugo was running to the driver’s cart, well while he stumbled through the shaking, as he shouted to the well uniformed but chubby redhead driver. “What’s going on here?! Are we getting attacked?!”

“Nope!” Exclaimed the driver with as he was spinning a silver wheel on his left. “We are getting out of the ground and in the air!” The driver then shouted to the other panicking passengers while Hugo was holding a tight grip on the wall. “BRACE YOURSELVES KIDS, WE’RE IN A SHAKY LIFT OFF!” He began to let out a hearty laugh until he warned with a straight face. “But hold on to something real tight, or you’ll fall off!”

“WHAT?!” Hugo soon began to silently pray that he’ll survive this without falling off to his doom, the last thing he needs was his parents getting a message that their son died before he even made it to the school. The driver’s laughter echoed through the train while a sudden gust of wind entered the carts, indicating that all the doors and windows were opened, ready to take their prey to their doom! Eathelyn wrapped her arms around a nearby pole while her hair was getting blown in front of her face because of the wind, thankfully her right eye wasn’t revealed so she was at least grateful for that.

“Will that driver shut up?! We’re about to die and the last thing we’re going to hear is his laughter!” She yelled through the winds and the screaming from everybody. Geez and here I thought to get to Lunar Star Academy was going to be easy. Suddenly she felt the train lifting off the ground and begin to fly straight up to the sky vertically! Everyone who was on the ground was beginning to slide down to the opened doors and windows, screaming their lungs out as if someone was inside trying to kill them...Well not counting the crazy driver who was still laughing like a mad man!

“I’m losing my grip!”

“Help, I’m too beautiful to die!”

“Somebody help us!”

Then mom tells me that I’m too loud. Eathelyn’s eyes wandered through the scene, some girls were holding on to each other while some were trying to not fall out through the doors, and windows.

“I’m slipping!”

Eathelyn turned to see one of the Dark World girls starting to let go of the chair she was holding on to while her friends were screaming for her to hold on! Soon the train began to shake again and the girl slipped and began to shout as loud as she can! Eathelyn shut her eyes so she wouldn’t see someone fall off until she heard some of the passenger seats move and catch the victim. However, the girl actually saved herself, Eathelyn saw the girl’s eyes turn completely red, indicating that her Demon Eyes were in action but this was something totally different. When the Dark Worlders have demon eyes, their eyes turn red that’s true but that’s only for rare demons, any other demon who has the Demon Eyes has their eyes turn completely white; this girl moving things with her mind and eyes!

“Oh my god Gloria! You’re okay!”

“We thought we lost you!”

Gloria? So that’s her name, Eathelyn thought to herself as she still held on to her grip while Gloria’s friends were still shouting in relief. She can move things just by using her demon eyes, no doubt she’ll survive this crazy ride, but...I hope I can too!

“Hey!” Hugo shouted to the driver as he dangled from one of the levers in the room, clinging for dear life. “Can you ease off a bit!? You might kill us!”

“At Lunar Star Academy sonny boy, there is no easing off!” Was all the driver chuckled as he continued to fly to train vertically up in the sky? “It’s either you survive! Or die!” Hugo gulped at the last comment, muttering to himself in frustration. “I hope we survive.”

“AHHHHHHH! Help! Somebody!”

Oh great, a guy who turns out to be a damsel in distress. Ozur rolled his eyes as he carefully crawled to the cry for help, his claws penetrating through the wood of the floor to get a grip so he wouldn’t fall. And here I thought everyone in this train had some talent. There, holding onto the door for dear life was a tanned boy with brown hair and several aqua scales over his jade eyes from the Myth World, as he struggled to get back on the train but the hanging door was breaking every five seconds! “Hold on! Help is coming!” Ozur hoped to calm the boy down with his reassurance but the moment he looked at him, his eyes widen in fear as he began to kick around in protest. “NO! Don’t come any closer you animal! Leave me alone, I only want my kind to save me! Not yours!”

Rashika wasn’t far from where the boy was dangling on the door while kicking around screaming for someone else to help him. Can’t believe I’m going to do this but that boy is going to fall to his death if he continues this. She cautiously loosened her grip from the ground and began to leap from seat to seat, getting closer to the victim.

Apparently, the boy saw Rashika approaching as well since he began to shout even louder and kick with more force. “I DON’T WANT THAT MONSTER SAVING ME! I. Want. My. Own. KIND! Not that demon dragon! MY KIND, THE SERPENTS!” At that moment, Rashika froze from her tracks, soon lost in her thoughts as the boy’s words tumbled down her ear drums. Will this guy shut up and stop kicking in the air, he’ll fall for sure. Rashika took note that the boy had aqua scales over his eyes and the messy greasy hair and then everything came to her. Of course, he’s a wingless sea serpent! They can be very powerful on land or water even if they don’t have wings but once they’re on air, they can be the most cowardly reptiles I’ve ever seen, at least that’s what dad told me. However, she remembers this certain sea serpent, since he was the same serpent she played tag with when she was younger until they began to cower before her once her father’s name was mentioned.


That very sound broke Rashika from her frozen stage, only to see that the door finally broke and began to fall, along with the serpent boy! He began to shriek for dear life before transforming into his serpent form and used his tail to hang on a train railing for a little longer, but it was difficult since his tail was still wet and slippery! Ozur went from crawling to running, sure the kid doesn’t want him to help but heaven knows how much longer he can hold on; besides, the driver wasn’t helping since he begins to twirl the train around! The serpent’s tail was beginning to slip, inch by inch as he began to breathe slowly in panic, knowing that this might as well be the last stop in his life.

“Heaven help make my fall less agonizing...” He whispered, feeling his tail slowly slip away from the haven of the rail until at last, he lost his hold!

Eathelyn’s eyes widen in shock as she saw the serpent boy fall off from the train, she wasn’t very confident that the boy will survive since he doesn’t have any wings or powers like the demon eyes. Before she can lower her head to pay her respects for the soon to be a deceased student, she suddenly saw a red and black flash fly right off of the train as well, at maximum speed! Is that person crazy!? He or she will die for sure now!

Now Eathelyn made sure she bowed her head a bit longer to pay her respects for two people until she heard a distant sound of wings flapping, at least she thought it was wings!

Rashika knew this was reckless. She knew she never learned how to fly while carrying a living creature while it was struggling. She knew a reckless act like this can cost not only one but two lives. However, she did this anyway. Someone was in trouble, her instincts kicked in and took over her actions. Her classmates can call her an idiot, they can call her a freak but she did what she believed was right, she hoped. The ground was very far down, a fall like this can end a life in a millisecond if she wasn’t cautious and do this at the exact right moment. The wind was forcing her fall to go slower as if warning her to give up, but she fought against the wind, pushing herself through the strong force! She saw the serpent turn himself back to his human form, he was at first calm about his death until the moment he saw her approaching. He was about to shout some more insults until he saw her burning eyes of determination, her two round forest greens telling him her unspoken words. I’m not letting you die like this, not now...Not ever…

Rashika stretched out her claws, careful not to harm him until at last her two front claws gently but tightly grasped onto his shoulders. The part on catching the endangered one was successful, but Rashika saw them falling faster and faster to Earth! She took a deep breath since she knew this wasn’t the time to panic, not today, not tomorrow, and not ever. Remember what dad told you about this when you were four Rashika...Right, time to lift and fly back...Is when you feel your flame heat up to its highest peak...Let your inner flame fly for you...If she knew what the last part meant anyway, but now she had to focus on this inner flame her father spoke about once. She concentrated so hard, but she didn’t feel it at all, and time isn’t her friend at the moment! The train wasn’t waiting for her, and she doesn’t have the time to find her inner flame, otherwise she and the boy will get left behind, so without a choice, it was time for her to be reckless once more!

I just hope this is one reckless act that I won’t regret....She silently prayed to herself... And not die in the end.

This idea is reckless.



Yeah, those were the words that perfectly described Rashika’s plan at the moment, but she didn’t have time to care about how completely idiotic it sounded now. After all, she is currently falling to her doom with a boy being held on her front claws, this is a matter of life and death so of course, she didn’t have time to make a dictionary describe her plan at the moment!

This plan has nothing to do with the inner flame her father spoke about, but it did include fire, very hot fire. “Do me a favor serpent boy, don’t scream!” She demanded she didn’t even need to see him nod silently to know he was going follow her commands now. Soon she inhaled a large amount of air that kept smacking her face, and then she held it for a brief number of seconds while the boy was looking at her dumbfounded. Without warning, she soon released an enormous blast of flames that despised in the sky and to the grounds of the Earth! Rashika continued to let her fire go on as she felt herself getting a bit higher to the point where she can fly back up without worrying about the pull of gravity!


She slightly smirked at the way the boy saw this, and the moment she didn’t feel any force of gravity try to take her, she began to fly after the train that continued to spin around like crazy since she heard the cries of frightened teens on broad. Suddenly, as she was just a few feet away from the entrance, Rashika felt slight dizziness beginning to devour her mind, and her concentration on keeping her dragon form. Used...Too much...Firepower, oh man that was reckless... Rashika felt her wings getting weaker and heavier than two boulders but she remained calm but with the extra weight she’s carrying, it’s pretty difficult trying to stay calm. Right now she only has one thought that lingered in her mind.

I’m going to die right before I can even write one word to my father.

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