Greek Girl

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Who's the New Girl?

“Don’t wake me up, up, up, up up, up

Don’t wake me up

Don’t wake me.

Don’t wake me-”

“Pia. We all know how much you can relate to the song but don’t wake us up.” Mom yells from her new bedroom.

“Yeah Mom.” It has been a few days since we moved into our new studio apartment in Soho. I still miss our old house in Minnesota but what can I do. Whatever is written by the fates is what we have to live with. The past few days have been very interesting. Dad gave me the Greek Family 101, in the past few days.

I must say, I’m pretty excited and anxious to step in my new high school. Athena is the principal of our school, so basically my family should be there today. What a joyous day. Note the sarcasm. I just hope that I last here and make a few friends.

I get up and do my normal routine. Brush, shower and makeup. Since I want to make an impression so I leave it minimal and get on to the next part- Clothes. I put on my black skinny jeans and a white crop top. I tie my blonde hair up into a ponytail. Then I put on my white converse and head down to eat food. Since I’m going to school with my dad today I can be a little lazy in eating my breakfast.

Dad comes down the stairs in brown trousers and a white shirt with his glasses. In his bag, he has all his teacher stuff, as well as, my documents. He eats his breakfast in silence and we both get up and put the dirty dishes in the sink. He gets the keys to our silver Toyota Camry and we’re out the door. That’s when he starts with his general instructions.

“So Pia, Are you excited for your first day at your new school? I’m sure as hell excited.”

“I don’t know what to expect so what can I say?”

“Well for starters you can say your happy about the change of scenery.” What a stupid thing to say. “Now to the main point, no trouble, I expect you to be a good girl and listen to all of your teachers. Make friends and no drugs, got it?” he ends with a huge smile. Drugs, what do I look like in the morning- a junkie?

I roll my eyes. ” Yes daddy.”

By the time I open my mouth to say another peep I see that we have reached the parking lot. What an awkward car ride.

We both get out of the car and walk to the office. We meet her secretary Ms. Arachne who was knitting at the moment. But the thing that struck me as weird was that she was part spider. But since Dad had told me to expect weird at this school, I let it slide. She gave him a few forms , looked at my academic file and she gave me a slip which all teachers had to sign. I was dismissed but my father had to stay because he had some work there.

I start walking around the halls,like a lost lamb, until a girl with brown hair, dyed pink at the end wearing a pink chiton with a silver leather jacket comes up to me. As she came closer she seemed pretty nice so I trusted my instinct and went to introduce myself, ”Hi I’m Olympia Callis, I’m new around here. I’m searching for my math class with Ms. Seshat. Can you help me find it.”

“You have class with Ms. Seshat? You’re so lucky.Olympia-”

“Call me Pia. My mom calls me Olympia when she’s pissed.”

She giggled and continued,“As I was saying, Pia, You must be smart then because she teaches all of the AP math classes. I’m Cassia. You can call me Cass for short. My class is next door so I can show you the way.”

“Oki-dokie.” At least she isn’t fake. Works for me.

We walk over to our classes which are on the other side of the building. Talking and giggling, we become friends in minutes, literally.

Before I reach class, she invites me to join her friends for lunch in the kaféteria which apparently is Greek for cafeteria. I’m Greek, and it seemed pretty obvious.

As soon as I enter class, I’m welcomed by a lady wearing a leopard printed maxi dress with leopard print shoes. Boy does she love her leopard. She takes note of me and starts approaching me.

“Ah you must be the new student. Mr. Callis’ daughter, am I correct? I am Ms. Seshat. Please introduce yourself to the class.” There is a hint of an Egyptian accent with it.

“I’m Olympia Callis. you can call me Pia for short. My family and I just moved from Minnesota.”

The lesson went on. It was a pretty interesting class, considering that I was one of those few people who actually like math. Partially, because I'm good at it. She would call on me and ask the answer a few times, but I guess, I could say that I wasn’t the attention of the class other than those few moments. After the bell rang, Ms. Seshat signed my slip and I was free to go.

As I step out into the hallway, I knock into something.

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