Greek Girl

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Her Royal High Horse

A shrill voice starts speaking,” Watch where your going. If-”

I spit her hair out of my mouth. She shrieks because there is some spit on some strands. I smirk. She deserved it.

“Oh. So your the new Greek girl that everyone is talking about.” Her tone makes me feel like I'm being accused of being the new girl.

“Oh. So your the blonde bimbo who acts like the Queen B around here. Does the B stand for something else, Your Highness?” Everybody is laughing as I end it with a small curtsy.

“Here’s the thing, no one cares that you’re Hermes’ daughter. So get over yourself.” Not willing to get off the horse huh? By this point, people are whipping their phones to take pictures or text someone about what’s happening? The hallway started filling up and I could hear the chant ’Cat Fight” getting louder.

“If I did care, then I would get over myself without you having to tell me. Are you in choir or something? Because that shrill voice of yours could be put to some good use other than screaming in everyone’s ears.” A lot ‘oohs’ and ’burn’s were going through the hallway.

“You’ve just messed with the wrong girl. You’re going to regret it so much.“ Then, everything went quite.

“Oh, we’ll see, Your Highness.” I curtsy again and everyone snickers. She scoffs, flicks her hair and walks off with her posse following her. Brat.

As I’m walking to class and I see one brunette from Blondie’s crowd bullying a short girl with long black that is braided, standing in a long white skirt paired with a block crop top, shivering in fear.

I walk up to the brunette and try to speak in my polite voice. “Hi , you’re Blondie’s friend right? Looks like some people never learn. Want to help send a message to her?” Fear passes through her eyes and she nods her head no. “Then beat it.” She runs away as fast as she can in her 7 inch platform heels.

The girl timidly whispers sorry and walks away.

I yell 'stop' and she abruptly stops.” I’m-”

“Olympia Callis. I have heard all about you.” She says it in a voice so quiet, where I have to lean in to hear her speak.

“Oh. Okay, then. What’s your name?” I end with a smile.

“Alyxandria. Alyxandria Marcello.” She murmurs softly.

“Well Alyxandria, I have to get to my mythology class. Will you show me the way?”

She nods and smiles slightly. “I have the same class.”

“Okay. Let’s get going then . I don’t wanna be late.”

She giggles softly and we walk all the way to the class

Mythology is one of those classes you could do without. But time with Alyxandria was fun, she made comments under her breath about almost everything the teacher said. She was very reserved, but I could see her trying to be friends with me. We both had lunch together.

I learned that she had a twin brother, who was very famous around here. And she had one friend, who’s name she was yet to tell me. She told me that she was very nice and that I should meet her for myself.

I go buy a Caesar Salad- Punny right?- and go find Alyxandria talking to that girl from before first period. I forgot her name. As I was inching towards them, I could see both of them animatedly chatting and I could see the other girl, visibly shaking with excitement.

“Hey!” She says smilingly brightly.

“Hey, yourself.” I say, trying to hide the very obvious fact that I forgot her name.

“You forgot my name, didn’t you?” Mind-reader?

“Um yeah, sorry?” I say sheepishly.

“It’s your first day here, you must’ve met a lot of people. So, it’s fine. My name is Cassia, but that’s what my parents call me when they are mad. I go by Cass. Just Cass.” Now I remember.

“Isn’t she a talker?” Alyxandria says, quietly.


“Let’s go sit down.” Cass immediately says.

“So you guys don’t have anymore friends?” That sounded way better in my head. Please don't hate me?

“Straightforward. I like it, but yeah we do. They all just have the other lunch. I’m so proud of Alyx, she made a friend.”

“She helped me with Alice. And my name is Alyxandria." She sounds annoyed, when she ends the sentence.

“Is she annoying you again? You should talk to Alessandro about it.” Cass seems mad and concerned at the same time.

“Is he the brother?” I ask, considering that she didn't give me any details about him.


“They’re just bullying you because you’re way better than they are and they know that.” I say, trying to encourage the girl, who seems to be on the verge of tears.

“Whatever.” She gets up and storms out of the cafeteria. Everyone stares at her for a few seconds, but then get back to their conversations and food.

Cass scribbles something down on a napkin and puts in my hand.“Here’s my number. Save it cus’ you’ll need it. I’ll go after her.”

“Did I say something wrong?” I ask, wondering if I should have kept my mouth shut.

“No, you didn’t. It would be better if she told you.” She smiles slightly, and starts walking in the direction Alyxandria went off in.

“Tell her I hope she feels better?” I didn’t get a reply, but I could see her slightly nodding.

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