Greek Girl

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How was Languages?

After lunch, I head to Languages, the class my dad teaches here. As I step in, I spot a face I saw before lunch. A face that ran away as quickly as he came.

"Hello, Alessandro." How had I not noticed that he was in my class? Oh well because HE wasn't in our class before today.

"Oh." He looked at me, surprised to see me.

"Oh?" I imitate him, sounding curious. Why would he be surprised to see me?

"Olympia, Alyx's friend and Camila's arch-nemesis." He suddenly remembers and then gives me a smirk.

"Alessandro. Alyx's brother and new guy in this class." I say to him, surprised that he remembered me after his whole 'oh' thing.

"Well there's a reason behind that." He says, nonchalantly.

"Of course, I'm totally dying to know what that reason is." I say sarcastically.

"Olympia, sit down. Class has begun." There was a perfectly empty chair next to him, and plus my presence wasn't welcome here. I plopped down in the chair, and could hear a slight groan come from my right.

"I feel like last week was a bit easier and you all got to adjust to the way I teach. But this week, we're starting our first unit- which is Greek. Show of hands, who is excited?" Let's just say that there were a lot of hands.

"So who knows the origin of the language?" He says, sounding really excited himself.

My hand shoots up. Perks of being the teacher's daughter- you now what he's going to teach.

"It's Hellenic."

"The Greek Girl has spoken." Says some random kid, who I recognize as a witness for my bout with Blondie. I can hear Alessandro snickering. I glare at him and he tries to stop laughing, but he ends up laughing even more.

"She is correct." He slightly reprimands the kid and sends a proud smile my way.

"I heard that you're planning to come over for dinner." Alessandro whispers, but it was loud enough for me to hear.

"What you heard is completely untrue. I'm not. I have plans."

"That's a shame." He says, genuinely looking sad.

"Is it really though? You don't seem that sad by my declining of your invitation."

"Olympia, you-"

"Alessandro, can you please explain why you were talking during class?" Ha! Busted. I slightly smile, but look down, trying to avoid my dad's wrath.

"She was just helping me with the notes." Wait, what? No, I wasn't.

"Olympia, give him the notes and try not to disturb the class while you're doing that." What just happened? I send Dad a helpless look, but he's already answering questions from another student. Then I glare at Alessandro for the second time and he replies with -you guessed it- a smirk, which makes me even more frustrated.

"Thanks for throwing me under the bus." I tell him.

"No problem. But, the million dollar question is why aren't you coming over?" He seemed curious. But, I'm not having it.

"I already told you, I have plans. And, I don't have the energy to endure this again."

"You break my heart." Mr. I- Don't-Take-The-Blame says.

"Oh trust me, you're heart isn't the only thing I want to break." I tell him, even more frustrated because I actually am trying to pay attention to what Dad was teaching.

"You're violent." He says.

"You're annoying. But I can't really do anything about it, can I?" I reply, with all the sarcasm I can muster up in this moment.

"You can leave?" He thinks that what I'm saying is a joke. Well the joke's on him because I have handled many Alessandros in my life.

"Oh honey, do you think that I wouldn't do that had I not been new or if my father wasn't teaching this very class?"

"Feisty." He says, pointedly.

"Irritating." I reply.

"You should really try to come over tonight, despite your obvious hatred towards me. It would be a change for Alyx." I would come over, had you not been related to her. The stark contrast between Alyxandria and Alessandro, confuses me. He's social and outgoing, she's anti-social and an introvert. He's not good company and she's amazing company.


"Have plans. We all have plans." He cuts me off and gives me a knowing look.

"I'm spending time with my family tonight." My dislike towards him is growing exponentially and his persistent numbers aren't helping it.

"See, how hard was that? If you would've just said that 5 minutes ago, we wouldn't be having a conversation right now?"

"I'm sorry that I didn't feel like revealing private information that wouldn't matter to you."

"It does matter to me." He says under his breath, ever so slightly. But I do catch it.

"What?" Why would my plans matter to him? All I was to him was his sister's friend.

"Nothing." He says, trying to avoid my gaze.

The rest of class went by with this awkward air between us.

As soon as the bell rang, He got up and disappeared. Just kidding, he just walked really fast out of the door. He most probably was heading to the practice that they were talking about? All I'm worried about at the moment is going home and feeding Juniper. My wittle cutie cat.

So I wait for my dad to get all of his stuff together, while talking to him about today. Finally, we head to the front door, the sunlight hitting our faces, as soon as we open it. And with that, we begin our journey home.

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