Chaotic Mind

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Chapter 3. Hunted

Since the day I gave Arianna the amulet a week has passed and I have never left her side. I accompany her throughout the day staying invisible, hovering over her, just like what the humans would call a guardian angel. And I watch her at night, making the bedroom a little darker so that no light might disturb her rest.

I promised that I’ll help her throughout the year, not that she asked for it but because I want to. And I will do everything in my power to keep the promise.

“Someone is hunting the Mortis Auxilium and killing them off with Praesentia,” Arianna tells me while making coffee in her kitchen.

“What?” I almost shout at her. Praesentia is the only poison that can kill a Mortis Auxilium. It’s very rare but it takes only the smallest drop to kill one of Griffin’s kind. “Since when do you know this and why do I find out only now?”

“We noticed this a few years ago, the killings are exceptionally rare but they started using the poison only last month,” Ari joins us, standing in the doorway.

“A few years!” My hair lights up, turning into blue-violet fire and eyes becoming bloody red. “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me this sooner!”

“How could I? Last time I saw you it was in the year 1992 when you disappeared to deal with all those cataclysms,” she brushes my anger off as if I’m a little puppy aggressively trying to get some attention, not in the slightest impressed by my burning head. “And after you left I didn’t even know how to contact you. It’s not like I can just call out your name and you’ll come running.”

“Yeah, something made nature go crazy in that period, and I mean Earth’s nature, not Nature--the essence that created all this. I don’t know why all of that happened, I just felt that I needed to stop half of it. You know how it works, my instincts tell me what to do, when and where, I can’t change that,” I smooth out my hair, turning it back to normal. “Okay, now I have a phone, just like other humans do. The only difference is that I enhanced it, so I can receive calls from anywhere and vice versa. Just instead of typing in a number, write ‘CHAOS’ and you’ll get to me.”

“See? It’s not our fault. And why didn’t your instincts kick in when this started? Isn’t my kind too special, too precious for Nature and its balance? It seems abnormal that there are no consequences for all these deaths,” Griffin hands me and Ari our cups and we walk back into the living room.

“To be honest, I don’t know...” I frown and look at my black coffee, turning it into hot chocolate and adding whipped cream on top. I do the same with Ari’s coffee, knowing too well that she’s a sweet tooth. “It isn’t normal. This shouldn’t be happening in the first place. I’ll need to look into this whole situation because if someone’s hunting the Mortis Auxilium, then there are people who know about you, which means they know that death is, in a way, attached to you. It’s clear what they’re after.”

“Immortality,” Ari whispers, sipping her drink. “But that’s impossible to achieve, isn’t it?”

“The only one who is immortal is me. It’s impossible to become immortal, as much as it is to become mortal,” I swig my chocolate in one big gulp, not in the least caring about its temperature. “The strangest thing about this is that I find out only now, from you. You’re right, I should have felt something. Could it be that these crazy creatures found a way to secretly do all this, keeping even me out of the loop?”

“I don’t know,” Arianna’s voice is laced with concern.

“Don’t worry, I’ll keep an eye on your daughter. I’ll also need to investigate this. Stupid humans, why can’t they be more like animals? And why do I have to do all the shit work,” I sigh and make the cup in my hand disappear. “I’ll be back, don’t go anywhere, if anything happens--call me, I’ll know even if I don’t have the phone with me.”

I dissolve on the floor, my mental body enveloping Griffin’s home and creating a forcefield which closes every way in and out. Now I need to find out more about this crap, that, apparently, has been going on for years.

I enter the earth and spread through the whole planet in the blink of an eye. Now I’m connected to every living being on Earth. I filter through the information I get and to my total disappointment, there’s nothing.

I search again, rushing through every mind, through everyone’s memories. The result is the same. I return to Arianna. I thought I would be gone for a while but I can’t get anything out of anyone’s head.

“Nothing!” I scream in the center of Griffin’s living room and start to float in circles. “There’s absolutely nothing. It’s like no one who could be suspicious even exists. How is this possible?”

“I have no idea, I guess we’ll have to try a different approach,” Arianna says with a frown. “I have some people working on this, and don’t worry, they can be trusted, I hand picked them for this case.”

“Okay, tell them to give you a full report on what is going on, I want a list of everyone who might seem suspicious, anyone who knew the victims, absolutely everyone who knows of the poison,” I stop floating, now walking around instead. “I will spy on each and everyone on that list until I get answers.”

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