Chaotic Mind

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Chapter 4. Jumping into Lava

Spring, year 1991.

I fly around, high up in the clouds, simply relaxing and listening to the best songs of the previous year. Oh, how I fell in love with Madonna, Depeche Mode, AC/DC, Metallica. I can go on and on with the list. Sometimes I am really glad that I'm immortal, this way I can see how human art and music change throughout the millennia. I love to listen in on them singing. And classical music really gets to me. There are times... I almost feel human, just like them.

The perks of being Chaos is that I have an incredible mind. I can listen to all music ever created all at the same time and appreciate everything separately.

Four and a half billion years of evolution kinda gives you a lot of space for creativity. Yet, only when people formed their own mindset, I really got into art and music. In a way, humans are more creative than I ever was. That's why I've always had this nagging thought in the back of my mind.

Humans have their own inner chaos. What if they have too much chaos in them? What if I won't have anything left to do and they won't need any help evolving anymore? What would I do with my existence then? I've already been mostly inactive for the past few hundred years. Yes, sometimes it's bearable, these little creatures are entertaining in their own way, but I'm bored most of the time. What will I do when I won't be needed on this planet anymore?

I hope that humanity will get to live to the day they're going to explore the universe. I've always wished to do that and hopefully find my own kind. I can't leave Earth on my own, but I will be able to let a part of me go with humanity.

Yet until then, I'm stuck here. I'm glad that I'm not the only, as humans would call it, supernatural being on this planet. The Mortis Auxilium were created along with humanity and are here to keep life and death balanced, I called them this way because they're basically death's help and I've always loved Latin. Of course that's why it took me so long to give them a name. Before Latin I didn't actually think in words, it was more of a mixture of feelings, sounds, waves, and images, other human languages didn't appeal to me at all so I sticked to what I had until I heard the sound of this wonderful language.

Since the appearance of the Mortis Auxilium, I've wondered why they came only with humanity. I have a theory that it's because people are chaotic creatures, never sure what they really want.

Anyways, the Mortis Auxilium are very complex, they're not human, but they're similarly structured. The difference between them and humans is that a Mortis Auxilium has a shorter life span, they are destined to mate only within their own kind. Once they get a child they have eight years to teach it all about their purpose. Then they die.

The child grows up, somewhere in the age of fifteen to seventeen they duplicate. That usually takes a lot of stress to happen and there hasn't been one generation to skip this cycle. Something terrible happens with a Mortis Auxilium and they literally split up in two, with the other half being something like their inner voice.

Once this happens they soon meet their soulmate. Well, soon is probably shorter than it actually is for humans. It can take up to ten years for one of them to find their love. Every single Mortis Auxilium has their own soulmate, destined to spend the rest of their lives together. I feel so sad for these creatures, their life cycle is so short and pitiful...

I fly back down, I have a hot date with two people who became very important to me over the years. They're the only Mortis Auxilium that are more filled with life, rather than death. It's quite refreshing.

"Arianna, Baldur," I say, creating a human body for myself to become visible for my friends. "Are you ready?"

The two look up at me from the tall grass they lie on. We're surrounded by greenery--Arianna's garden is what people would call 'a piece of heaven'. Of all the couples I've seen throughout the millennia, Mr. and Mrs. Griffin is the most perfect match you could find.

"Yes, Eris, we're ready," Ari and B. join us. "What have you planned this time?"

"It's a surprise but I promise that you'll love it," I say, my excitement contagious. These four are the only ones I can actually have fun with and use my powers in front of. "The only thing that's missing are these."

Producing four little pieces of cloth, I hand them over to everyone.

"Ehh, Eris... What's this?" B. looks at the small square I gave him.

"These are infused with my essence. As long as you are near me and have them on, you're completely invulnerable," I say, my excitement growing. "Sadly they will lose their energy once we return, so don't try anything crazy when we get back. I'm mostly talking to you, Ari."

Giving her a pointed look, I lose patience and just poof the pieces to their chests.

"You guys are so slow, let's go already," I surround us with a blue fog which will teleport us to the nearest volcano.

I thought that I'll hear screams as soon as we'd be surrounded by lava, but nope. These four are really hard to scare or surprise lately.

"Wow, Eris!" Baldur inhales deeply, looking around, relishing in the beauty never seen before by human eyes. "This is amazing. You never disappoint with these trips."

They all grin and laugh. And then Ari jumps into the lava pool. Typical, she's always the first one to try out new stuff and I love her for it.

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