Chaotic Mind

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Chapter 6. The Daughter

The most astonishing thing of all is that the people who kill off the Mortis Auxilium have the poison. How can it be that they have enough of it to kill so many of Griffin’s kind? The poison is made from their blood, that’s why it’s so rare, that’s why it’s so lethal, and that’s why this is bothering me most of all. If they have so much of Praesentia, it means that they have a source. And that is so fucked up in so many ways.

What they don’t understand is that killing the Mortis Auxilium will not make the death rate go lower. On the contrary, death in the region where a Mortis Auxilium is missing will get out of balance, and I don’t think that even I would like so much chaos when that happens. I might be Chaos incarnate but ironically I’m more balanced than the humans nowadays.

The good thing is that after that guy disappeared there were no more killings and it’s been a while, 4 months to be exact...

Griffin’s daughter is really something. If I wouldn’t know better I would never think that they’re related. I mean, Arianna is so full of life, light, and positivity, whereas Millicent makes me feel depressed every time I look at her, no matter how good she is at hiding her everyday agony. She might fool her coworkers but I see through her mask.

It’s not better when I see them together, I know the pain Griffin feels every time she looks at her own daughter. She understands that hiring Milly as her assistant is a self-centered and egoistic motion, yet she has the need to spend at least a little time with her, no matter how much it hurts.

I hope Milly will get better when she splits her mind. Usually, the copy of a Mortis Auxilium is the fun side. Maybe together we’ll manage to turn Millicent into a brighter person. Though I’ll have to wait with that. I could, however, help from a distance. I don’t know how yet, but I’ll figure something out.

For now, I hover around Milly, staying close and invisible, looking out for anything suspicious and learning more about the daughter of my best friends. Sometimes I watch her sleep, every night gets worse, her nature trying to get out and reveal the truth.

Today, while I was watching the two, something interesting happens. Arianna had a friend once and her son returned again. Griffin asked him to come, why didn’t she tell me? I hope she’s not trying to hide anything...

One way or another, Griffin wants to pass on the company to him until Millicent will be ready to take over.

It’s quite interesting how fate unwraps its plans for Milly. Seeing that she was given away at birth for her own protection she lost not both of her parents but only her mother. It does make sense in a way, usually, it takes three Mortis Auxilium in a family for two of them to die and the child to survive. In this case, it’s only one Mortis Auxilium and there wasn’t enough juice to finish off the second parent.

It is strange however that Griffin is still alive, that’s why I gave her the amulet--no matter how much I love her, she has to leave the land of the living sooner rather than later. It’s the only solution.

“Eris, I really need your help with something I can’t manage myself,” Arianna whispers in her bedroom before going to sleep. “I need you to stage my death.”

“What? Is this a joke? What about Millicent?” I can’t believe it. “I gave you the amulet so you can have one year to spend some time with your daughter and you want to make it look like you’re dead?”

“I know it doesn’t make sense now, but believe me, it’s for the best...” She closes her eyes, sighs heavily and touches the pendant that keeps the pain in check. Her heart aches and it’s hard to breathe. “She will be twenty-two next year and still didn’t split her mind. I don’t want her to lose what she thinks is her father. By the time we will make it happen, I will have everything ready, and she is close enough to me that the split will come without anyone innocent dying. I already am the reason her adoptive mother died. Too many have suffered around me already, I’m done with this.”

“I know that this is hard for you to understand, but there’s a reason why your life cycle is this short. You did this to yourself and you did this to your daughter. She has no idea what she is, she has no guidance whatsoever and you want to leave her figuring everything out on her own?” I love Arianna but all this situation is pissing me off more and more. “I should be revealing everything to your daughter now, instead of helping you make a death scenario. And not only her. Dean Write doesn’t know much himself. Why didn’t your friends give him the knowledge he needs? Was this another plan of yours?”

“The Write family wanted to give Dean a shot at normalcy too yet they couldn’t bare the thought of giving him away like we did. Instead they decided to hide their duplicates and keep him in the dark about who he really is. When they died, Baldur helped him become the man he is today. I suspect that Dean split his mind the day his friend died on the way home. Dean of course survived, but he was seventeen and he was the one driving, it would make sense to me if that was his stress point,” Arianna is lying on her back on the bed and looks at the ceiling. She’s talking slowly as if testing the air for my reaction, of course I don’t give anything away, I want to hear her out first. "Since Baldur passed away I've been in touch with Dean mostly for business purposes. There were times I talked to him as an old friend though. Well, more like the wife of his friend. I still keep track of him, mostly because I hope him and Milly to get together, they are perfect for each other, even if my daughter won't agree on it at the start, I know she will fight it, she's as stubborn as her father..."

"Alright, I understand all of it, yet there's something you've missed," I say, calm as a rock, hell, calm as a mountain! "You have to give her the knowledge of the Mortis Auxilium, without it she might get lost and that could alter the balance. You know that I can't support you if this happens."

"Don't worry, I have a plan."

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