Chaotic Mind

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Chapter 7. Fake Death - Check

Just as Griffin predicted, Millicent isn't very fond of Dean Write. She's quite strange if I were her I would be all over this fine man. He truly has it all: intellect, success, he's hot as the sun itself. I've seen all kinds of beautiful people but there's just something special about him.

On the other hand Milly, too, is very unique. I guess Nature, Fate, and Destiny have a lot of plans laid out for them. I just wonder why...

Arianna's plan does make sense after all, I'm not really that surprised though, she is a mastermind. This family is just too resourceful which makes me even a bit cautious of what will happen soon. I feel it in the depths of my essence, something is coming, I just don't know what it is.

"Alright, I'm ready to do this, are you?" Arianna looks at me as if I'm actually human and can be hesitant. Well, I can hesitate, yet my mind is too fast for any creature to notice.

"Griffin, you asked for help, I'm helping. I was ready the moment you finished explaining your plan," my physical face is stiff as stone, I thought this would be more fun, and yet here I am--bored again. Where are the times when I could do whatever I wanted? The times when humanity didn't exist...

"Sorry, I'm just nervous," her sad grimace softens my mood.

"Don't worry, I'll do everything right," I tell her and glance at Ari, who strangely is very silent today. I wonder if she has a different opinion on all of this.

I wave at them, making the two invisible, and call an ambulance. Transforming myself into Griffin, I lie down and stop my pulse. Because I'm Chaos I don't need anything like a heartbeat or life essence, or anything of that sort. My existence is tethered to Earth, and I might even live on after it explodes, if humanity will manage to get off this planet eventually.

A few minutes later I leave the body and follow it through the shadows. Again I look out for anything out of the ordinary, maybe Arianna's death will cause someone to get out of the dark. It's not part of the plan, yet could be a very pleasant side effect.

When the news get to Write, I follow his call to Milly, seeing that this is the whole point. Just as planned she splits. Now my turn...

So that nothing goes wrong, I influence her duplicate with instinctive feelings, she can't explain how, yet knows exactly what to do. Usually this knowledge comes from years of learning with the parents of a Mortis Auxilium, but she's the only exception, so I have to guide her at least somehow. Well, not the only, there's also Dean. I haven't told Arianna that I know a lot more about him than she thinks. It was actually me who helped him through the split, otherwise his duplicate could have evaporated, leaving him emotionless and empty inside. Wouldn't want that for such a perfect boy.

I stay until they finish the linking process, after that I give them some privacy, but return in the night, checking up on them to see if Milly's nightmares easen up. They do a little bit, so does her headache.

Satisfied with my work I return to Ari, recapping what I've seen. Arianna is already asleep, resting for what is to come.

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