Chaotic Mind

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Chapter 8. Moving on

We’re in the middle of the forest and there’s nothing but trees here. Arianna wanted to find a place where no one could find us and I told her that the best solution to this would be making a home in the depths of a forest. I did the same thing with my own home, the only difference is that I simply made my house appear out of nowhere, but now I’m doing a little show for the two.

I snap my fingers and immediately tiny resources for building a home appear in front of us. With a wave of my hand they start stacking up into a beautiful miniature house, which I could easily hold in my hands.

Spreading my arms in a zooming motion, the wonderful modern combination of a brick and wood building starts to grow, squeezing out the surrounding trees and creating a thirty feet tall fence around us.

To make it a bit more spacious I remove the trees in front of the entrance and create a driveway, extending it into a small path.

"You still know how to put up a show, Eris," Ari watches everything happen with a child's wonder glistening in her eyes. "This is simply gorgeous!"

"I knew you'd appreciate it," I give her one of my humorous smirks and walk inside. "If you want anything to be different, let me know and I'll change it in the glimpse of an eye. But right now I want to show you the backyard."

I grab their hands and pull them in the right direction. When we walk outside I hear gasps and feel Griffin's need to start crying. This is an exact replica of her old garden. When Baldur died she moved to a different place so that the memories wouldn't haunt her as much, but I think it's time to remind her of the good things.

"Remember the volcano day? Your backyard garden seemed to glow back then," I hug her with one arm, throwing another glance over my work. "I thought you'd like this little addition to your new home, as a last reminder to keep moving on with the most important people on your mind," I pause and after a few moments continue, "I have to go check up on Milly, I'll be back soon."

I kiss them both on the cheeks and I surround myself with a light fog, dissolving in it and relocating myself back to Millicent. I mentally sigh at this whole situation. How did I become so caring?

Griffin made two letters, one for Milly and the other for Dean. At first I thought to present myself as an old friend and not tell Dean anything, but now that I am hovering over him in the office I contemplate to actually tell the truth, well, at least part of it. I don't feel any force that wouldn't let me do it. Finally making my decision I use my usual shadow show entrance .

"Hello, Dean. It's nice to finally talk to you face to face, rather than just hovering in the shadows," I smirk at him devilishly before asking nonchalantly, "may I take a seat?"

Silence. I wonder if I put up too good of a scene.

"Dean? Are you alright?" I ask, now genuinely worried.

"You, you just... How did you?" He stutters, his eyes wide, as wide as the eyes of a Disney princess. He rubs his face, looks back at me, then takes his water and splashes it onto himself. Wiping it off him, he looks at me, again not believing.

"For fuck's sake just stop it," I yell at him, not bothering to keep silent. I always prepare the space I appear in, making it soundproof and locking it up. "I am Chaos, I'm as real as the Earth you live on, so stop being so silly, it doesn't suit you."

I snap my finger and Dean becomes dry once again. Taking a seat in front of him I continue, "you can call me Eris by the way, Chaos is a bit too formal don't you think? I've been studying you for a few months now and I must say, you're doing a crappy job at flirting."

"What?" He pales. I feel like I'm talking to a wall, this is going nowhere.

"I said that you're awful at getting Millicent to like you," I say as if talking to a kid, slowly nodding and leaning forward. "On the other hand she is quite stubborn."

"She was my best friend, the only friend I had in centuries, and the only friend I truly cared about ever." -chaos.

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