On Renvin and its History

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On the Comeing of Renvin and the First Age

In the beginning, there was Light and Dark. Not the light of day, bright and blazing, nor the dark of night, deep and unending, for they were commingled, and there was harmony. This lasted for millennia, undisturbed. Then, some Light vanished, and the Dark grew to dominate the Light, and the Dark, with its freed excess, threw a mind. This is how Unthë the dark came to be. And Unthë looked upon the Dark and the Light, and he said to himself

‘If there is Unthë, then Faíre must there be too’ and he found the missing Light and from it formed Faírse the Light. And once again the Dark and Light commingled, and Faíre said this was wrong, and she withdrew, taking the Light and leaving the dark endless. And from the Light she formed the Sun and the Stars, and said unto them

‘you are the Light, and you shall pierce the Dark’ and she was pleased, and Unthë looked upon the Sun and the Stars, and he spread the Dark between them, and around them, and took a star, larger than the others, and placed in ut Dark, and formed the Waters. And He saw that this was good, and He put it under the Sun, and thus Renvin was born.

Unthë and Faíre sat over the waters of Renvin, and Unthë said unto the waters to rise, and with it he formed Sarton and Sarton was the waters and the waters were Sarton. And Sarton took the waters, and he placed it between the Sun and Renvin, for the sun burned Sarton as he was of the deep, and in doing so he revealed the First Lands, and they covered all of Renvin, and he looked upon the First lands, and he was unhappy, and he brought the waters back down, and thus the first rain fell, and the Sun shone, so Sarton held the waters into the sky, and the Oceans were made from the Rain

And Faíre walked across the First Lands, and she saw that they were Barren, and he was displeased and she took some clay and she molded them into shapes, and she breathed life into the shapes, and they were alive, and these were the first life. And Faírë looked upon them and saw that they were good, and they’re hearts were cool, and she called these creatures elves and she was happy

And thus the first age began, the age of elves. And they multiplied until there was a multitude, and in their multitude they said

‘let us go in our multitudes upon the hill, and we shall build a magnificent city’ and they went up upon the hill and they labored,and Unthë gave them strength to pull, amd Faíre gave them the vision. And while they labored two groups formed the Cassani and the Oråtami, and the Oråtami where the masons and the quarrymen, and they laboured and they worshiped Unthë and their leader Ipseti became close, and the Cassani designed the lofty towers, the bright walls, and there leader Fisinel, and with Faíre they were close. And Fisinel and Ipsetti were close, and so the Cassani and the Oråtami were. And peace reigned and the city of Fastis was formed upon the hill, and it is said that to this day no city has been as beautiful, no government so fair, and so the first age passed.

And as the first age passed in joy, and Unthë and Faíre were pleased, and they sat in Fastis with Ipsetti and Fisnel, and Fastis shone upon the hill, and it shone upon the Waters and Sarton was jealous. And in his jealousy he created foul beings from the Mud and Waters, and je places them upon the First Lands, and he called them Destroyers of Light, and there names was Goblin, and of the Goblins the chief was Cracow, and Sardon said unto him

‘go and destroy the city on the hill called Fastis, and enslave those who live there, and bring them to Me’ and Cracow was pleased, and his hordes were many and he marched upon Fastis, and he put it under siege, and with the siege the first age came to an end, and the second began.

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