The Secret Keepers

By Morgan Wagener All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Romance

Chapter 1

Two months after the fates threw us together we ended up stuck inside an abandon building because of the weather. Jake and I have just come back from looking through the woods just to the east of the building. We sit down at a large boardroom table in one of the less damage rooms of the building; a few minutes later we are joined by Natasha, Kelly, Rose, Risa, Jason and Tanika.

“It’s been two months and I don’t know about you but I’m starting to get a little stir crazy not to mention that we have to get to another location before the weather gets worse!” Tanika exclaimed with a frustrated expression on her face as she leaned foward in her chair

”And where do you expect us to go, Tanika? The roads are blocked with debris and I am not taking my chances going through the woods, when not even animals stir, it would be better if we wait here until we come up with another more soundproof plan!” Jason argued, his blue eyes not hiding his fear.

As I sat back listening to them argue, a loud voice suddenly stopped them, “Enough! If we are going to survive we must at least learn to trust each other and stop arguing. Its true two months have passed but arguing is not going to get us anywhere!” Jake shouted from next to me, with an infuriated tone in his voice.

“Who are you to tell us what to do anyway?” Natasha said fixing Jake with an ice cold glare.

“Jakes right, we should stop fighting with each other and start relying on each other.” I said soothingly with a humorless tone in my voice. All eyes rested on me.

“So she actually speaks.” Natasha says cruelly as if I was just an insect.

“Of course I speak, I just didn’t want to waste any breathe on a brainless barbie like you.” I said fixing her with a cold glare.

“Do you have an idea, or are you just going to sit there and watch us fight?” Jason asks as if he already knows the answer to it.

“Actually yes, I do have an idea.” I reply resting my arms on the table.

“Okay go on then tell us your idea.” Jake says looking at me with his sinfully blue eyes.

“Listen, while Jake and I have been exploring the woods I came across an old hunting lodge, I’m going to hazard a guess and say that there may be supplies and maybe maps.” I said looking into everyone’s eyes.

“Why would we waste our time with something like that when we could be finding a better option?” Rose asked, being the more sensible of the twins despite her hyperactive personality.

“if you think about it, up until now we have been walking without knowing which direction we’re going but if we can get a hold on a map we can plan our route, and it would also allow us to move before the weather gets worse.” I say diplomatically knowing it would appeal to both sides of our divided group.

“I guess you’re right, it seems to be the only option.” Kelly replies calmly with a serious expression on her face after having thought about it for a while.

” So when do we head out, Aria?” Natasha asks whilst checking her nails for imaginary dirt.

“Tomorrow morning at the crack of dawn.” I reply

The next morning, after we had gathered up our bits and pieces, we then headed out due east towards the woods, after a couple of hours of hiking we decide to take a breather before continuing with our hike to the hunting lodge.

“How much further Aria?” Natasha asks after taking a sip out of her water flask.

I look at her out of the corner of my eye, “only about one kilometer to go, Natasha.” I reply coldly and seriously.

“My feet are killing me” she says with a sigh. After about a ten minute rest we head out again.

“A bunny,” Rose shouts from nowhere making us jump. We all look to where she is pointing and there is, true to the Gods themselves, a little black rabbit cleaning its whiskers.

I look towards Jason who has a mischievous look in his eyes with a cocky smile gracing his lips. Before I could tell him not to go after it he takes off to try and catch the little black rabbit.

“Well I guess someone has to go after him.” I say after letting out a sigh.

“You should go Aria. You are much more athletic than any of us.” Kelly says looking at me with an interested look in her eyes.

“Alright” I said after realizing that they would all agree to it as well.

And so I ran after him, I stopped in a small clearing to see him on his stomach trying to pull the rabbit out of the rabbit hole. When he finally succeeds he looks up at me and says sarcastically “Well, that was easy.”

I look at him pondering what I should say.

“You IDIOT! We’ve fucking lost time on getting to the hunting lodge safely! What the bloody hell were you thinking!?” I shouted furiously at him after finally finding the words.

He just looks sheepishly at his feet, “I thought Rose would like a pet.” He says with an innocent look on his face.

“Come on let’s get back to the others,” I say trying to fight down the urge to strangle him and bury him where he stands. When we got back to the others, It was Natasha who reacted first in a way eerily similar to my own.

“What the hell were you thinking, you moron?” Natasha asks scowling at Jason.

Jason shrugs and then hands the rabbit to Rose, who then proceeded to squeeze it and hug it.

A couple of minutes of hiking later and we arrive at the hunting lodge, of course only to find that its locked and dusk a few minutes away. “Does anyone have a lock pick on them?” Risa asks with a big smile on her face. We all looked at her with astonished expressions on our faces because we cannot believe what she had just said except for Rose who looked completely bored while stroking the little black rabbit.

“I have a bobby pin, if that counts?” Natasha says with an even more baffled look on her face than the rest of them.

Risa takes the bobby pin and bends down and quickly picks the lock. She stands up and the door opens with a groan. We enter and find that there were clean clothes, fresh food, a shower and a ham radio. The ham radio looked to be around twenty years old. After getting cleaned up and eating something. We stood around Jake who was taking a look at the ham radio. “This radio is too old, I’m not even sure if it works.” He says with a nerve-racking look on his face.

“We did not come all this way for nothing, so just give it a try.” Kelly says with a hopeful look in her eyes and with a confidant tone in her voice.

“Alright I will give it a try.” Jake says with a sigh.

He turns it on and there is a slight buzzing noise before we here someone voice. “Hello?” it asks.

“Hey.” Jake says calmly into the microphone connected to the ham radio. “Survivors?! How many are there of you?” it asks with an astonished tone.

“Yes we are survivors and there are eight of us?” Jake managed to say before the ham radio lost power.

At least we now know there are others there in Japan and we are not alone out here. We decide to turn in for the night after finding out that little realization and decided to take a look at the map in the morning so we can plan out our root.

Morning comes and we all stand around the table taking a look at the map and trying to decide the best route to Japan.

“We should head out for Mongolia” Natasha said looking at the map.

“Mongolia is 10000 kilometers from here; we should at least take some of the gear and food to help us.” Jake says to us.

We all agree. So when the sun rises from the east we awaken, we pack enough food to last for at least a month and we set off to Mongolia.

Ten miles out and they start complaining, though I agreed to rest as well. After camp was set up and everyone had dinner, I sat contemplating my own mothers words from years earlier.

Years earlier...

“Aria, welcome back, how was your day at school?” Aria’s Mom asked as she walked into the front room.

“It was good, the same as usual, how was your day mom?” a twelve year old Aria said as she smiled at her mom.

“It was good sweetie.” She smiled at Aria. Now Aria’s Mothers name was Emily. When Aria was five her dad left her mom without saying anything, but it was obvious to any one that a huge fight had happened.

Now Emily’s family wasn’t an ordinary one as they were secret keepers, now secret keepers are supposed to record and remember history from this time line and many others. There are only two secret keepers left in existence, and that was Aria and her mom. While there are many who would find the history recorded by the Secret Keepers not only interesting but useful there are many who would abuse such information and as such the Keepers scattered and hid themselves away passing along their knowledge to their children and grandchildren, along with the knowledge of magic to prevent darker forces from tainting their minds.

“Aria, I have to discuss something with you, come to my room after your finished with your homework sweetie.” Emily said smiling at her daughter. Now most Secret Keepers had special ability’s, Emily’s was the ability to see into the future via visions.

After Aria finished with her homework and before dinner she walked into her moms room.

“Sweetie, Aria, I’m afraid I don’t have much time to tell you this but I’m afraid that one day I won’t be able to help you like I want to.” Emily said to a young Aria.

“What do you mean by that Mom?” She asked curiously tilting her head slightly to the left in confusion.

“There will be a day when you will understand these words, and when that day comes I know you will understand what I am trying to say, ‘When the world is covered in darkness, go to where we started and look for the missing piece, last knowledge of history, only then can the darkness then be destroyed, but beware of the wolf in sheep clothing’ I hope you’ll trust me but when the time comes, promise me you’ll travel alone.” Emily said seriously to Amber.

“I promise, Mom”

I sighed softly, it seems I’ve broken my promise, but I know I could still ditch them in Mongolia. I closed my eyes hoping for time to go by faster, dreaming of days long since forgotten.

After entering Mongolia we stop at a town called Altan. “My feet are killing me; can’t we stop and rest for the night, Aria?” Natasha asks with a weary look in her eyes.

“There is a hotel we can stay there until we are rested than we can head out for Korea.” I say with a sympathetic look in my eyes.

“All right then, now that is settled we should probably get going.” Rose said rubbing the little black rabbit we decided to call Fluffy. We all nodded in agreement and headed out for the hotel which is two blocks away.

Once we entered we found other people but it was like they were all in a trance. “Whoa, what is wrong with everyone, it’s almost like their daydreaming” Risa said waving her hand in front of someone’s eyes and getting no response.

We grabbed a key for a random room on the third floor, thankful that it was numbered. We tried the elevator but it seemed that it was “out of order”. “I guess we have to use the stairs “I say.

When we entered the room, music was playing and we just looked at each other.

I walked through first because everyone dared me. When I looked at what was playing I saw a guy, probably about 21 years old practicing with his guitar. “Hey guys, come here for a sec” I said without looking away from this rocker.

Jason came through first, then the others. “Hey, rock boy.” Jason said, and the guy stopped playing and turned around and looked at us with his sea green eyes and smiled a dazzling smile. “Hey” he said fixing his coffee brown hair, which seemed to glitter a bit in the sunlight streaming in.

“What’s your name?” Jason asked noticing that Natasha, Risa, Rose, Kelly, Tanika and I were staring at his perfect abs because his shirt was off.

He turned his attention to Jason “My name is Hãto.” He said with a certain look of mischief in his eyes. “And what might your names be”

“I’m Aria.” I said.

“I’m Rose and this is my twin sister Risa” Rose said.

“My name is Natasha and this Jason and Jake” Natasha said.

“I’m Tanika and this is Kelly” Tanika said

We all looked at him and there was an awkward tension in the atmosphere. “So what brings you here” Hãto asks looking at us with a devilish look in his eyes.

“We are heading to Japan” I say looking him in the eyes.

“Now, why would a bunch of kids be heading off to Japan on their own?” Hãto said with a smirk.

“We’re not KIDS” Risa and Rose say in unison with a hint of aggression in their voices.

“I’m sorry should I use the term adolescence?” Hãto asks with an arrogant tone in his voice.

“Stop this nonsense,” Jake said “You want to know why we are heading off to Japan it is because they have a space station there. Were we would be able to survive on.”

“So just assuming that this space station is still operational you’re traveling to Japan.” Hãto says looking at us.

“Well yes” I say my eyes narrowing suspicously.

“Well that settles it I’m coming with you.”Hãto says looking at all eight of us.

“What!? No way we will manage without you.” Jake and Jason say in unison their faces turning red in anger.

“You really think I would let a bunch of teens travel alone in Asia?” He asks knowing we couldn’t argue with him at all. When we didn’t answer he smirk grew in to a full blown grin full of arrogance.

Eight then became Nine. We stayed in his room for about seven days for rest and then continued from where we are until we came to railroad tracks.

“Sweet, let’s see where it leads to” Jason says with a pleading look in his eyes. We agree and head off into the direction its heading.

After a two Days hike we end up by a steam train. “Whoa, this thing is old,” Jason says,” let’s see if it still works”

“Fine” I say with a deep sigh. We boarded the train without thinking twice. Natasha, Tanika, Kelly, Rose, Risa and I went to look for rooms, whilst Jake, Jason and Hãto went towards the engine room. We ended up each having to have our own bedroom to sleep in but sharing a bathroom.

We than began traveling by train to Korea.

The first day was troubling. “What the Hell? Why are you touching my stuff Jason?” Tanika said glaring angrily at Jason.

“Why?” Jason asks mischievously

“If this goes on, we are probably going to kill each other.” I said to Jake whilst watching everyone else cautiously.

“BECAUSE IT’S MY STUFF!!!” Tanika shouted at him

“I think your right.” Jake said to me.

“STOP, why are you fighting, if we fight we may not survive.” Natasha said glaring at both of them.

“Yes Natasha.” They said in unison, whilst looking at their feet. They went to separate rooms to cool off.

Natasha went into a different cabin, leaving Jake and I alone.

“Hey, Ri” Jake calls out to me.

“Yes, Jake “I replied, calmly looking him the eyes.

“I wanted to ask you why you wear that locket.” Jake said taking one step closer to me.

“It’s the last thing my mom gave to me before she died” I replied getting lost in his deep azure blue eyes.

“I’m sorry; maybe I can take your mind off of it sometime.” He said to me coming even closer to me and stroking my cheek with a few of his fingers with a sly smile.

“Maybe.” I replied starting to leave but before I could Jake grabs hold of my arm.

He kissed me when I had turned to face him, I felt the world slowly start to melt away until it felt like we were the only two around. My heart pounded so loudly that I thought he could hear it.

“I can hear your heart pounding.” He whispers into my ear sweetly, his breath, every time he talked, tickling my ear.

“W...Why did you kiss me?” I stuttered looking at him with a surprised look on my face.

“Because I wanted to kiss you.” He replied letting go of my arm.

I stood there flustered by the kiss and his reply. He left the room. It took me awhile to get my nerves to calm down.

I left for my own room on the train. It was starting to get dark when I left my room and went to eat with the others at the dining area. When I sat down Hãto sat next to me.

“Hey” He said looking at me with a sweet smile but I knew it was snything but sweet.

“What do you want?” I replied trying to not sound cold.

“Can I ask you when you aren’t busy?” He asked looking at me with a mischievous smile.

“Fine.” I said with a sigh.

After dinner I met him at his room and he opened the door it seemed he was waiting for me.

“Hey, Aria,” Hãto says coming way closer to me than Jake did,” I heard you were the one who got the information about the space station, yet you seem to keep to yourself at the same time, I wonder why you would let them know anything, even me for that matter, any information like this without a price.”

Just then he grabbed my arm and pushed me on his bed with a wicked smile on his face.

“W..What the hell do you think your doing!?” I yelled, panic rising up into my chest making it feel like I couldn’t breath.

Hãto chuckles, trailing his hands down the length of my arms before he pins both of my hands beside my head.

“You know, ever since I saw you, I could tell there was something different about you.... something dangerous, something all together too tempting,” He whispers against the shell of my ear, ever word sending shivers of fear down my spine,” You’re a fucking enigma, and I can’t wait to solve it bit by fucking bit.”

He shifts my hands so he’s holding both in one hand as the other trails down to the zipper of my leather jacket. He stops suddenly when he hears a knock on his door.

“Oi, Hãto, Jake says we have to up by the engine, we need to stop the train for a while to go get more food." I hear Jason's voice say through the door, relief flooding me in a tidal wave.

"Go on ahead Jason, I'll be there now." He says.

"Tch, I guess we may have to continue this later," he whispers to me chuckling lightly. He pushes himself off the bed and heads to the door, before he reaches it he turns back around coming to stand in front of me. He reaches out and pulls me to my feet before grabbing my waste and pulling my body closer to his. My heartbeat speeds up as I try to push him away. My hands are trapped between our bodies as he lifts my chin, with every breath his lips descend closer to mine, before he places his against mine in a soft kiss a sharp contradiction to his earlier action before he lets me go. He gives me one last smirk before he turns to the door and walks out.

I waited for a few more minutes until I walked back to my room, my thoughts travelling a thousand miles an hour. I collapsed on my bed only to fall into a troubled sleep.

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