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The car was silent as it led me to my death. Alright my aunt’s right I am being over dramatic. As it took me to my father’s house. So to sum my current life up. I was popular, I was happy, I was powerful, I was an unstoppable Witch and a right Bitch. That all changed with one car accident where my mom died, I still can't remember it, I cant even work out why we were in the car that day. Now I have to go live with my father who walked out on us when I was three. he never accepted me for my magic and who I really am so why would anyone else. I hide behind being a Bitch but only because I cant show people who I really am, to them I don't exist. So now I have to go to a new school, where I shall meet new people, I have a new home, Is it going to be a new me? Will I finally be able to face who I really am and have people accept that? Will people really want to accept who I really am? I am a powerful witch who can have anything I want with a wave of my hand, except the two things I want. Someone who loves me for me and my mom back.

Fantasy / Adventure
Katy Rayne
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It was Monday 6th period Junior English lesson and the class was only pretending to be listening to Mr. Charlie Davies read from the book. He wanted to throw something and see if they would pay attention then but secretly decided a pop quiz tomorrow would be better. Who would guess a pop quiz on a Tuesday? Who would just do that, with no warning? He would when none of the class was paying attention. Not that he blamed them, it was a really hot day and they only had 20 minutes left of school before they could go home and either sink into their pools or their friend pools or hit the beach. As he read the book he decided to pick on a student who looked the most zoned out to read next.

“Mr. Williams.” He said looking at Nathan Williams who should be paying the most attention as he needed at least a C in his next paper in here to play the next game this Friday.

“Would you care to read on from where I left off please,” Charlie asked expecting to catch the guy out.

“Sure, Mr. D,” Nathan said and surprising Charlie he did, in fact, start reading from where he left off. Hmm maybe he was paying attention, his mother would be happy to hear that. It was so awkward teaching a student when parents lived next door. Even worse she was a single mother who was only a few years older than himself. They had been dating for surprisingly a few successful years. Considering Charlie had thought that one failed marriage was enough to put him off women for life. Nathan read the whole chapter.

“That was very well read Nathan and what do you think was happening in this chapter?” He asked him. Nathan gave his theory which actually was surprisingly accurate. Maybe he wouldn’t give a pop quiz tomorrow. Na maybe he would just warn them.

“Miss Winters can you read the next please.” He said picking on the next victim. She started reading in a bored voice, which sounded more asleep than awake. He was about to say that was enough as he couldn’t listen to her read one of the classics in that voice when the principal came in. now he often did random checks so it wasn’t anything too unusual.

“Mr. Davies.” He said like he was the bringer of bad news.

“Yes, Mr. Brown?” he asked worriedly, taking in the look on the principals face.

“You have a phone call in my office.” He said sounding like the bringer of bad news.

“Who is it?” Mr. Davies asked worriedly. The principal looked at the class like he didn’t want to give the bad news in front of so many interested listening ears. Mr. Davies understood.

“I will watch your class while you are gone. Please let me know before you leave for the day.” He said, but Mr. Davies saw his worry. He couldn’t think of what to say, but he went to the principal office. Where the secretary put the phone through.

“Hello is the Mr. Charlie Edward Davies?” the phone asked.

“Yes,” Charlie said confused.

“Can you confirm your daughter’s name and date of birth?” He was asked. He did very confusedly, not sure what mess his ex-wife had got herself into and wondering if he should. Then the phone told him who was calling and that his daughter had been in a car crash. He said he would be on the way, that he would start driving down then. He looked at the principal when he left the office, the final bell has rung.

“Would you like a cover?” he was asked. Charlie knew he shouldn’t say no duh especially at how little he had to do with Sophia’s life but he said.

“Yes please, I don’t know how long I will be gone.” Worried.

“Keep me updated.” The principal asked. Charlie was packing at home when his mirror in his bedroom started flashing. He looked at it confused.

“Oh hurry up you stupid man and answer your mirror, I haven’t got much time.” The mirror said.

“Um hello?” Charlie said to the mirror, actually going on his ex-wife this wasn’t the most unusual thing to happen in his life. The mirror came into focus and Beatrice, his ex-wife’s sister came into view.

“Oh good, you answered. Don’t worry about going to the hospital I will be there in about an hour and Sophia and Delilah do not need you there they won’t be emotionally strong enough currently to deal with you being there.” She said firmly.

“That is my daughter.” Charlie started angrily, he was angry. Yes, he had hardly been there for Sophia growing up but when you get turned into a frog every time you’re meant to turn up so you can’t. When your ex makes it almost impossible to see your daughter and you know how different she is and how you will never understand her fully and will let her down and hurt her unintentionally he had thought it was best to let her go. But that didn’t mean he didn’t think of his little girl.

“Yes well, I am almost there if they want you there I will let you know. But there’s little point in you driving all this way when they don’t want you there.” Beatrice said. Charlie was pissed off.

“Fine, I won’t come. But let me know everything. I want to know how both of them are. I do care about both of them even if you don’t think I do Beatrice.” He said angrily. He saw Beatrice look pale.

“I know and I don’t mean to. Oh goodbye, I will be in touch. Answer your mirror and keep a compact on you.” she said. The mirror then went back to his own reflection. He started unpacking his bag. He sat on his bed for a few hours then, head in his hands just staring at the mirror praying for answers.

Nathan got home from school, he saw Mr. Davies car in the driveway next door, and he didn’t seem to think anything of it. Why would he? yeah, the principal had taken over the lesson.

“What’s up with Mr. D you all been terrors in class today he almost hit me when he pulled in the drive today and he didn’t even notice when I called him.” Justin Nathans older brother asked. He was sat with his best friend Blake studying for their exams for their second year of college.

“No clue, he got a phone call.” Nathan shrugged.

“Ah, I suppose for an old guy that’s kind of worrying.” Blake joked.

“Boys can you help me with these bags.” Nathans and Justin’s mom yelled from the doorway. All three went to help.

“Wow, Mom you feeding an army?” Justin joked at the bags.

“Oh hush you or you can go without dessert. You know most lads move out for college boys?” she joked, she secretly loved the fact she still had her boys at home. She wasn’t ready to cut her apron strings just yet.

“Are you making an apple pie?” Nathan asked worriedly, his mothers cooking was questionable at the best of times. but the pie was even more worrying. his brother put his worry into words before he could.

“Mom has someone died? Is Grandma okay?” Justin asked worriedly.

“Grandmas fine. It’s for Charlie.” His mom said worriedly.

“Has Mr. D died?” Nathan asked actually worried.

“No, no nothing like that. God, I hope no one’s died.” His mom said worriedly.

“Mom you only bake pie when someone’s died,” Justin said worriedly.

"or when you want to kill someone," Nathan mumbled under his breath, trying to joke and relieve a bit of the worry on his mothers face.

“Oh, hush I bake it more than that.” She said worriedly.

“No mom you don’t,” Justin said.

“I thought you and Mr. D had a date tonight did he cancel are you breaking up?” Blake asked interestedly.

"Did you break up? is that why your baking?" Nathan questioned worriedly.

“No, well yes he canceled. But no we aren’t breaking up.” their mom said worriedly.

“Has someone Mr. D knows died?” Justin asked worriedly.

“God I hope they’re not dead, that will.” His mom said so worriedly, but she cut herself of tears creeping into her eyes.

“Alright, mom what’s up, because you are acting so weird,” Justin asked worriedly.

“Oh, Charlie's ex-wife and daughter were in a car crash earlier today.” Their mom tells them worriedly, looking at the car next door.

“I didn’t even know Mr. D had a kid?” Justin said confused they had lived next door to him for what felt like forever and never seen a kid, their mom had been dating him for years now and she hadn’t ever mentioned Mr. Ds kid. Their mom started working on the pie instead of talking keeping herself busy watching the drive for the car to leave surprised it didn’t.

Charlie was still staring at the mirror when it started flashing again, it was two days later but he had barely budged from that spot except to answer the door for a pie from next door.

“How are they?” he asked so worried as Beatrice came on the mirror.

“Sophie will be okay, she has an extremely bad concussion and can’t remember the last few days. but we hope that they will come back slowly. She has had to have her shoulder reset as she dislocated it and broke it in a few places. they aren't fully sure on how long it will take to heal currently. She has also broken her leg in 6 places but the doctors have assured her that she should still be able to cheerlead and do her gymnastics in the future after rest and physio. It looks like she and Del put up a spell quick enough to do as little damage as they possibly could.” Beatrice told Charlie.

“How’s Del?” Charlie asked, he had loved Del once and he still wished they had ended differently from how they did.

“Del wasn’t so lucky. She threw her spell out to protect Sophie and not herself.” Beatrice said her voice breaking.

“She is currently in a coma. They say she may wake up, but I am preparing Sophie and myself for her not to. she’s already gone. But I haven’t told Sophie that, she’s not fully able to understand what happening currently.” Beatrice said her voice cracking and Charlie realised then that Beatrice was in fact crying, he took in the tears running down her face.

“Shit,” Charlie said, not sure what to say and it hitting himself hard.

“Yes well, I will be preparing for the worst. When Sophie has finished this school year I shall be taking her to England with me.” Beatrice said.

“The hell you will. Beatrice, I might not be a part of my child’s life currently but she is my child. She needs to come live with me.” Charlie said so firmly. He wasn’t so sure where the firmness in his voice had come from or even where that idea had come from, he had always understood Sophia was different.

“She is my daughter Beatrice and if it’s a fight in court you want I will battle and.” Charlie started. Beatrice paled.

“Charles you can’t mean that. You don’t know anything about her and she isn’t like normal kids. I know you’re a high school teacher but Sophronia is not a normal child.” Beatrice said.

“Beatrice I am her father and I understand that she isn’t a normal teenager but at the same time, she deserves to be. I thought Del wanted her to have the best of both worlds.” Charlie snapped at her something Del had said.

“You think moving her to live with you is what Del would want.” Beatrice snapped at him.

“No but nor do I think you taking her to England the last year of high school and her never graduating is what Del would want either.” He snapped at her.

“Why don’t we ask Sophia what she wants.” Beatrice snapped.

“No, because she hates me and she has every right to. I have never been there for her but I do love her and its time we both can get to know each other.” Charlie said so firmly.

“If after she graduates high school she wants to move to England I won’t stop her. But her graduating high school is important.” Charlie said firmly.

“I have to go, Sophie, is having bad dreams and her magic is currently unstable as she’s scared. I do not think you could deal with her Charles.” Beatrice said.

“Beatrice she is my daughter I can deal with her.” Charlie snapped.

“We shall talk later,” Beatrice said then the mirror went back to his own reflection.

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