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Chapter 9

Today at school went fine. no, I didn’t make a friend, but nor did I make any more enemies. Always a plus. Again I sat alone at lunchtime, then went to gym lesson where today was again a game of dodgeball. So I got out quick. Nathans girlfriend who he says isn’t his girlfriend but practically hangs off his arm all day like an extra limb hit me really hard with today’s ball. Then when I was on the bench already out the ball happened to be thrown at me again by her, but I did nothing in response. I didn’t make 8 balls hit her as hard as the bloody could, the fact no one could work out who throw the balls is a complete coincidence. Des whispering when I walked past him that I really was a witch wasn’t needed because no matter what Charlie accused me of doing after school I was as good as gold in gym class.

I’m now sat on my bed waiting for Abe to arrive and it is extremely worrying, because of a lot of reasons, I even made a few bullet points.

·What was he coming on. Broom? car?

·How would I explain it if he didn’t come on either and just appeared?

·How would I explain him coming on a broom?

·What would he do to my dad?

·Would I be grounded if he turned my dad into anything?

·Would I be grounded if he turned the boys into anything as they were outside playing basketball on there drive.

·Would he actually turn up or like the time where his potion exploded and he lost track of days would he stand me up?

·Where were we staying?

·Would he be later than he said?

He is already 40 minutes late, but I keep reminding myself he said roughly. Charlie was having a phone call on the mirror with Auntie Beaty, she had briefly talked to me and just told me to have fun. My backpack is packed next to me with what would look like everything I need. I was taking it so the boys saw it but anything I needed I could get instantly, I just couldn’t be seen going with nothing. I went out of my room and out the front door to talk to Justin Nathan and Blake. I can’t just sit on my bed worrying. I yell where I’m going to Charlie but in reality, I just want away from him yelling at the mirror at Auntie Beaty.

“What times is your friend picking you up?” Nathan asks out of everyone when I get outside.

“Hes late.” I shrug.

“Why don’t you send him a tweet,” Justin asks me with a smile, he is teasing me I know he is, but as far as I know he hasn’t told anyone about the bird like he said he wouldn’t.

“Will do if hes much later,” I tell him.

“What have you done to piss off Mr. D now?” Nathan asks me as we can all hear the yelling, thankfully not about magic and I can’t work out what he is saying but he is angry about something.

“Hes on the phone to my aunt.” I shrug as if it explains everything. it actually did if some of the phone calls between her and mom were anything to go by.

“Want to play doubles?” Justin asks me. I honestly go to say yes but the sound of a motorbike drowns me out. he wouldn’t! he really wouldn’t! OMG, HE DID! We all watch the motorbike stop outside Charlies and Abe take off his helmet.

“Hey Fee,” Abe says way to innocently!

“Yeah because Charlie is really going to let you go on that,” Blake says sarcastically.

“Hey, Abe. Abe where is your car?” I ask. He does have a bloody car!

“I traded it with my roommate for the weekend,” Abe tells me calmly.

“Why?” I ask him I know I will be flying the moment we get out of here but honestly?

“Because you said to pick you up on something sensible,” Abe says throwing my words back at me! He knew what I meant!

“Abe,” I say about to explain what I had meant. but he beats me to it as I knew he knew.

“Fee are you going to introduce me to your new friends?” Abe asks me with a grin that flashes his perfect white straight teeth. I admit for a Wizard Abe is hot, but he’s like a big brother to me. it would be gross to think of him any other way.

“Abe this is Justin Nathan and Blake,” I say introducing them around the circle.

“Nice to meet you all Fee hasn’t told me much about you,” Abe says grinning. I’m tempted to put my head in my hands and groin.

“Likewise,” Nathan tells him.

“Are you ready to go, I’m late for the purpose that you should have been ready,” Abe says.

“I got to go get changed now don’t I because I can’t go on a bike in a dress,” I say.

“Alright wear your black leather jacket, your black jeans oh and sort your hair out,” Abe tells me.

“Want to come in and meet Charlie?” I ask him.

“Charlie?” he asks me confused.

“My dad,” I mumble to him.

“Ouch, you calling him first name? that’s ice cold Fee.” Abe says looking at me like he wants to say more.

“Well it was nice meeting you three, I am sure we will meet again,” Abe says, as I just roll my eyes at him. We walk over to my front door

“it’s a glam sweetheart its just my broom, don’t panic. I didn’t want to drive, I know how you still feel about cars.” Abe whispers to me.

“Oh,” I say looking at the motorbike, I can’t tell normally I can tell.

“Nice work right?” he grins at me, he’s obviously proud of his work. I nod.

“And another thing Beatrice I do not appreciate the constant reminders about Sophia’s shoulder.” I can hear Charlie yelling in the bedroom

“Charlie my friends here I’m just getting changed then will go,” I yell at Charlie not wanting to get involved with what the hell is going on with him and auntie Beaty.

“Wait a minute Sophia.” He yells.

“you in trouble?” Abe asks me.

“Since I got here,” I admit. he laughs.

“Fair enough Fee.” He laughs. I wave my hand and my new outfit goes on to me instantly, my hair going in two french braids and a helmet in my hands.

“Nice outfit,” Abe tells me with a nod of approval.

“Got your broom?” he asks me. I hold my hand out.

“Nice I didn’t realize you got a new one,” he says looking impressed.

“Auntie Beaty got it for me, the latest model. but she child locked it,” I tell him. he laughs.

“I need a licensed flyer between certain times,” I tell him.

“good thing I’ve had my license for 4 years isn’t it.” he laughs. “Yeah,” I say. Charlie comes out of his room then.

“Hello, you must be Abraham,” Charlie says. Abe surprises me he reaches out his hand.

“And you must be Charlie it is nice to meet you.” He says shaking his hand.

“What are your plans for this weekend?” Charlie asks I can see the worry on his face but he is trying to appear the cool dad I realize.

“I got myself and Fee a hotel room. We are going to spend the day on campus, then the evenings maybe a few flights maybe go shopping as I’m low on some ingredients, depends on Vinnie.” Abe says. Charlie looks torn as if he doesn’t know what to say.

“Don’t worry sir, I will return your daughter on Sunday in one piece. maybe in better condition than I picked her up in.” Abe says, Abe pulls me to him I’m not expecting it but he grabs my shoulder and pushes it back into place.

“Fucking hell Abe that hurt!” I yell at him.

“Yeah and were you even going to mention it to anyone?” Abe demands from me. when we were not here! Abe takes a deep breath.

“I will be returning her with hopefully her shoulder a bit better,” Abe assures Charlie I glare at Abe because I didn’t want Charlie to really be aware.

“That would be nice, I am sure Sophia would appreciate that,” Charlie says. I actually would but I hate people babying me.

“So Abraham where do you go to college?” Charlie asks him. Abe tells him, his own Ivy league school.

“What are you studying?” Charlie asks him.

“Accounting, I know it sounds boring but I am really good at numbers and enjoy them,” Abe tells Charlie seriously, I wasn’t kidding when I referred to him as a geek, with his muscular frame and hot looks Abe doesn’t look like he should be carrying a math book about. Abe doesn’t look like a wizard or warlock he just looks like him.

“And this is your first year?” Charlie asks him.

“No this is my second,” Abe admits to him.

“It’s Vinnie’s first year,” Abe admits calmly, the thing was even though Abe was miles away last year he could get to us instantly so it never felt like he was.

“Oh,” Charlie says.

“I am almost 20 now,” Abe informs Charlie calmly.

“I will keep a close eye on Fee and keep her safe,” Abe says.

“We will be sensible and have a fun weekend, but not to fun,” Abe tells him.

“You are a fully trained?” Charlie starts worried.

“Wizard, yes I am. but as Beaty would have hopefully told you I am a Wizard not a warlock and that means I am wise.” Abe says I scoff. he nudges me in the ribs. Charlie takes a deep breath.

“I will keep in contact,” I assure Charlie surprising him I can tell.

“But we need to get going, Abe is already 40 minutes late to pick me up and our friends waiting for us to go get dinner and it will take us a while,” I tell Charlie.

“Alright.” Charlie pulls out his wallet, I look at him confused.

“How much do you think you’ll need,” Charlie asks me.

“nothing,” I tell him seriously.

“you can’t expect Abe to pay for everything.” Charlie starts worried.

“Charlie I have my own bank card, I even have a credit card for emergencies. I have had a part-time job,” I assure him.

“Charlie Sophie has been working part-time since she was 15 as part of a program to encourage.” Abe starts.

“He doesn’t need all the details, just that I’ve worked part-time to be able to afford my own stuff since I started wearing makeup.” I shrug,

“Have you got enough?” Charlie asks me worried, I can tell he wants to give me his money.

“Yeah I got more than enough, Moms been giving me your payments since I was 15 and saving them since I was 3 for when I needed it.” I shrug.

“She did?” Charlie asks worriedly,

“Yeah.” I shrug.

“We really should get going,” Abe says. I put my helmet on.

“What’s with the helmet?” Charlie asks worriedly.

“Its just for my bike don’t worry she won’t be on it long,” Abe assures Charlie.

“Bye Charlie see you on Sunday,” I tell him.

“Sophia.” Charlie starts when we are outside and he sees the bike for the first time. I see him wanting to say absolutely not! Part of me doesn’t blame him if Mom had seen the bike and didn’t know it was a broom she would have said no too.

“I assure you I am a good driver and Sophie’s safety is one of my main concerns,” Abe tells him. I see Charlie’s worry.

“Have a good weekend,” Charlie says I see it pains him but he did say it!

“Thanks, Charlie we will,” I tell him. I go up to the bike and climb on the back. Blake and Justin both hand Nathan some money looking to be in shock. I look at them weird. but then I realized they must have taken bets on Charlie’s reaction.

“Hold on tight Fee,” Abe tells me. I do and he guns the engine, but we fly off low to the ground and everyone saw and heard a bike.

The moment we were out of town, Abe pulls over and I climb off. I hold my broom out in front of me in a second later and it grew. Abe loses his glam on his own broom and we turn invisible and take to the sky.

We landed in a clearing out of the sight of anyone. I know that no one is around to witness us turn visible, it is like a second sense of when my magic might be spotted, it developed around 10. I know no one will notice me do my magic.

“You have 24 hours remaining and a flight exam until full license.” my broom informs me loudly.

Ha, I had a day to a full license, shame I couldn’t do all that in one go. It would be amazing to go back after this weekend with my flying license.

“Not bad Fee,” Abe says, indicating my broom.

“Thanks,” I say.

“Just need to do the 24 hours and exam then you can fly whenever you want,” Abe says with a grin. I smile at him the amount of freedom that will give me, no more rides to school with Nathan. although something about that doesn’t appeal.

“Yep.,” I say with a grin.

“Let me just send Vinnie a tweet to meet us,” Abe says writing on a bit of paper, I instead pull out my phone and quickly send a text.

“your no fun.” Abe laughs.

“you need a phone, do you know how weird it is getting a bird?” I ask him.

“I suppose you need to appear more human now.” Abe sighs, I nod.

“He wants to except you Fee,” Abe tells me almost encouragingly.

“Hes trying I know to you it feels too late, but have you listened to his side yet? maybe he has a reason?” Abe tells me.

“There is no need for a reason, I get it. He didn’t want me and mom. He wants a normal human life and he had that with his new family and now I’m here wrecking it.” I point out.

“Just try, come on everyone knows your a bitch, but haven’t you seen your Facebook everyone says they miss you,” he says nudging me in the side, he’s joking about thinking of me as a bitch, he fully understands what its like growing up in a world you have to hide half of you.

“it’s just a word,” I say.

“Sophronia you’ve never cheated on anything and always get voted for,” Abe tells me.

“Because I was.” I start.

“Your not friendly to anyone, but you’re friendly to everyone when they need you. It’s why when you are nice people listen to you more. you don’t bullshit people about, you tell them flat out what you think. you also will go out of your way to help someone. even if they aren’t your friend. you pride yourself on being a bitch, but your the least bitchy person I know. except seeing you with your dad. Believe me, I get it he has hurt you and let you down more than anyone else ever could.” Abe tells me looking me straight in the eyes, making me know instantly how important he feels what he’s saying is. I look into his dark blue eyes that have specks of gold, almost like a galaxy in his eyes. why can’t I find a nice wizard guy like Abe? then at least then I won’t have to hide myself from someone.

“But you especially can’t deny the fact he wants to love you, believe me, girl it is pouring of him, you’re empathetic normally Sophie so listen to his feelings. I know you’re scared and don’t want to be hurt, and now your moms gone.” he starts, he sees the hurt on my face.

“Pretending she’s still here isn’t going to help you heal. I know its easier but you need to mourn her properly. I love you Fee, I loved your mom and I still do always will, but you know more than anyone now that a moment changes everything. so give your dad a few moments.” he tells me. I nod tears in my eyes. I know he’s right which annoys me because it was normally me giving him these speeches and for it to be this way round it made me feel slightly vulnerable. Which is silly I am a powerful witch, I shouldn’t be scared of a human hurting my feelings.

“I will stay out of it Fee, Vinnie and I won’t bring it up unless you want to talk about it. this weekend is us having fun as I haven’t seen you in a month and I haven’t seen Vinnie in 2 weeks.” Abe points out.

“So is it you and Vinnie sharing a hotel room?” I question him with a smirk, he nudges me in my side.

“Yeah but you have the room attached I got a penthouse room for the two nights,” Abe informs me.

“Nice why you spending your money on us?” I question.

“Well how often is this going to happen, we will all get busy with our college and school work soon. not to mention your witch exams.” Abe points out.

“What are you going to do your private study on?” he asks me interested.

“I haven’t decided yet,” I admit,

“well you’ve got months to decide but remember it creeps up on you,” he informs me I nod knowing he has a point.

“Time goes faster than you realize. I think your dads just released that,” Abe informs me.

“I thought we weren’t going to talk about him?” I question.

“We aren’t,” Abe assures me.

“YOU TWO TOOK FOREVER.” Vinnie’s not so docile tone yells at us, we had been slowly walking towards the college as we talked and she had obviously given up waiting for us to come to her and hunted us down.

“VINNIE,” I yell and run and hug her, she hugs me tight. we do that weird happy thing teenage girls do where they spin each other in a circle laughing. (alright what they do in movies, not real life.)

“I have missed you so much,” Vinnie tells me holding me tight to her chest.

“I’ve missed you more,” I assure her, squeezing her tight afraid she will disappear.

“Hey either of you miss me?” Abe asks us laughing.

“Na.” we both tell him. he shakes his head still laughing,

“Story of my life,” he says smiling, but Vinnie lets me go and hugs him tight, then they start making out. I don’t watch. I instead text Charlie deciding I had told him I would keep in contact.

Sophie - We have arrived safely, going to get dinner now.

Charlie - thank you for letting me know Sophia have a lovely time.

Sophie - will do.

I put my phone in my pocket and thats when I realize that Justin might not have meant to keep in contact with Charlie. he might have meant himself. but then I shake that thought off, I didn’t even have any of the three of their numbers and didn’t have them on my Facebook, not that I had been on it in weeks. I hadn’t even installed it on this cell as I would want to check it every 5 seconds to see what I was missing at home with Tiff and the girls. to see the gossip of my old life. I had responded to Tiffs texts though assuring her I still loved her, I had told her I just needed time to get to know my new family. although I still didn’t say about the boys being my step brothers to be. I assured her I miss her and she needs to come to visit me or me her asap. It is weird because I did truly miss her but at the same time I was as frightened of her pushing me away as I was my own father who had pushed me away. I love Tiff she is my best friend even if she is human. I can talk to her about everything except my witchcraft and I realize now that it wasn’t the fact I didn’t think she would except it because I knew her well enough to know she would, goodness she would just want me to get her the outfits out the magazines without paying. I do that regularly and just say I order the wrong size online when I know she is in love with an outfit, her parents aren’t well off. in fact, they struggle so I never really thought much of treating her, she would always want to treat me and I would let her get the odd coffees but I would occasionally give her makeup and say the shade didn’t suit me when I had purposely got it for her. I pull my cell back out and text her realizing I needed to talk to Tiff. Vinnie and Abe are still making out.

Sophie - Hey Tiff, I just got to Vinnie’s college to see her for the weekend. I really miss you, I love you girl. Sorry, I’m so moody and not talking much currently.

Tiff - I miss you too! schools not the same without you. I love you, Give Vinnie my love.

Tiff - its okay to be Moody Fee, just remember I’m here if and when you need me even to bitch about school and your dad.

Tiff - When you get a chance go on your facebook and change your profile picture because Abby is saying your still in love with Jacob as you ain’t changed it. he’s telling everyone here that he dumped you and you rung him the other night begging him to take you back!

Sophie - Tiff I wouldn’t ever say anything like that ever! even if he had dumped me I would have said fuck off and never spoken to him again.

Tiff - I know! Believe me, Sophie I wouldn’t ever say anything against you! I love you.

the thing was I know Tiff is telling me the truth, I know she wouldn’t ever do anything to hurt me.

Sophie - best friends forever no matter what.

Tiff - of course, we are going to be those old ladies giving everyone vodka to take their meds with. we promised each other!

Sophie - And then we will come back as ghosts and scare everyone together forever. I got to go, talk soon. Vinnie and Abe have finally come up for air.

Tiff - love you change your facebook pic and show everyone you’re doing great!

Sophie - I will. love you.

Tiff - love you.

I put my phone in my handbag and look at Vinnie and Abe, who are back to snogging. this is why we never get much done.

“Are you two wanting dinner or are you going to go eat each other?” I question them. Vinnie pulls herself out of Abe’s arms and throws her arm over my shoulder.

“We want to eat dinner thanks. there’s this amazing steak place down the road come on,” she says taking my hand and pulling, I don’t mention I had been waiting for them.

we go for the steak.

I’m so full I don’t think I can take another bite but Vinnie has ordered us all an ice cream sundae, I thought alright there’s always room for ice cream. I was wrong! I was not just wrong I was so wrong! We should have had one to share between the three of us, not one each! they were the size of my head and I’m not even kidding! Vinnie and I had both taken a picture of them, me with my phone her with her camera.

“Come on Sophie we can’t admit defeat,” Vinnie tells me, forcing another spoon full into her mouth.

“We can and I have,” Abe says sitting back in his chair.

“Do you think they will let us take it in a doggy bag?” I ask her.

“Nope, it will melt,” she says. I laughed it isn’t going to happen then, I lean back in my own chair.

“Look at me I’ve got a food baby.” I moan. Vinnie laughs as she eats more of her ice cream, Abe and I watch her in shock as she finishes off her dessert.

“Alright then, we all know who to enter into pie eating contests,” Abe says laughing.

“I don’t like pie, I don’t like pastry.” Vinnie reminds him, in the same voice as that chicken from that film, that I can’t remember the name of. (I don’t wanna be a pie, I don’t like gravy. Chicken Run.) it hadn’t been what he meant but he chuckles, we are just normal kids hanging out. We laugh, we mess about, we talk about tv shows we all watch, we talk about places at home we all miss. we talk about people from high school. We talk about everything and nothing. When we leave the restaurant we start walking to the hotel. we had just walked past a patch of dark green grass that had the floodlight on it, to be honest, I could see Vinnie’s artistic eyes taking it in, before she even said anything. she loves photography and to see that patch half in the dark half in the light was too tempting to her.

“Sophie please can you do me a favor?” she asks me. I wasn’t foreign to her wanting me to pose for her.

“Alright?” I question,

“you need a new Facebook picture as it’s you and Jacob anyway. Go lie on that,” she tells me. I do, I don’t need telling twice. I know she has a point. I go and lay how she wants me. my eyes closed my legs bent. I listen to the earth in a way I haven’t in a long time whilst I ignore the snap, snap of her camera taking my picture. I go into different positions as she asks me to. When she is happy I stand up and wipe the grass of my back and we finishing going to the hotel.

Tucked up in our hotel room, we practice our magic, them showing me the magic I needed to learn still. now I no longer have my mom and Aunt to help me. My books mark me the whole time, but with my friend’s encouragement, I feel like maybe I can actually do this. I can fully pass my exams. I can be a full witch and I can have everything I want in life. if only I could just work out what I want.

I wake up bright and early like always. I lay there on the most comfortable bed I have slept in for a very long time, looking up at the eggshell ceiling. It is only 7 am, and I’m in a hotel. what the hell can I do this early? but to me, 7 am is a huge lay in. I wave my hands and my outfit for a while settles on me. some Yoga pants and a sports bra with a light purple wife-beater over the top of it. I go into the lounge area between our room. The TV is off but there was a note taped to it. Possibly telling me not to wake them on pain of death. I’ve had notes like that before. They aren’t morning people. I walk up to it and pull it off. It wasn’t there writing. instead, it was a timetable for the gym and swimming pool. Ha, the pool was still closed but the gym was open! Abe is amazing and knows me well.

I go down after waving my hand and plucking a swimming costume and towel out of thin air to take with me and a breakfast bar. The pool would be opening in an hour and the spa sounds great as well. I will see if they have any spaces.

I discover that they do have spaces. in fact, Abe has already booked us all in for a treatment for 10 am. the reception informs me this when I try to book one on the room and some were already paid for attached to the room. I enjoy my time in the gym, working out until sweat runs down my back. then I enjoy a swim I get joined in the pool by Vinnie and Abe quiet early for them. Vinnie in a gold bikini that shows her off to perfection. I understand why none of the guys here can take their eyes off her, even some of the ladies. She has brought her camera in as well and snaps pictures of me and Abe in the pool. him putting me on his shoulders in my own bikini, mine a simple dark blue. but I like to think I look good in it. well, whenever Jacob used to see me in it I used to take his breath and words away. We ride some flumes, Vinnie taking pictures the whole time with a waterproof camera. (not her professional one.) We have a blast and it is only 10 am when we go to our treatments, Abe has booked us all a massage. I slightly worry about my shoulder as I lay on my stomach in the light airy room.

When the crystal is put on my back I sigh in relief and pure bliss. Abe really had thought of everything! a healing massage is amazing! how rare it is to find a healer in a spa! He must have done so much research to find her! it’s why mom and I always went to a spa out of our home town.

“I thought you would approve, I did tell your dad I would be returning you in better shape than I picked you up,” Abe says with a smirk lifting his head from his own massage table to look at me, as I let out my sigh of relief. it is pure bliss.

I fall asleep to the heat and relaxing feel of my massage as I feel for the first time in weeks relief from the constant ache that my shoulder and as a result, my back is in.

I know that I wouldn’t have slept long when I’m woken to Vinnie holding a cup of water out to me. I sit up and drink it. The lady who had given me a message is stood at a little table writing something down.

“This is what you need to do,” she says firmly coming up to me thrusting her writing into my hand.

“Once a week I can come to you,” she informs me. “I can’t afford.” I start, not fully sure what she’s going on about, my heads foggy from being on a cloud of bliss and sleep.

“Shut up Fee, I’m paying for this you need that shoulder fixed sooner or later or it will always hurt you and it’s going to take more than a few sessions of healing to fix it. Human medicine is fine and doing amazing but our magic speeds it up and with you being you, you aren’t and won’t stay still long enough for it to heal.” Abe tells me firmly in his do not fight with me I am more powerful than you voice, believe me, he has one. It used to be his don’t mess with me I am older than you voice but he is both now.

“It doesn’t mean you don’t pay attention to your doctor’s advice.” the lady informs me firmly. she hands me even more bits of paper, I look down at them and realize they are a lot of exercises. I look at them, some are my exercises from physio, I just nod accepting my fate. I suppose Charlie should be alright with me having a massage once a week, it doesn’t look like magic just a massage so it wouldn’t raise any eyebrows.

“Facials next,” Vinnie says excitedly, I laugh the smell of lavender really relaxes me. it is really a relaxing day. just what the doctor ordered.

At 2 pm our nails freshly manicured our toes done, we go for lunch in the hotel.

“So you haven’t told us much about your roommate?” I ask Vinnie interested. What will college be like?

“She’s alright she’s a witch too. our parents arranged it so that we could use my magic without fear.” Vinnie informs me, taking a bite of her pulled pork burger.

“We have just got to get to know each other better. Currently, all I really know about her is that she’s messy. she doesn’t tidy up her cauldron. she doesn’t clean up her outfits. she doesn’t wash her plates and cups in the sink! all it would take is her waving her hands!” Vinnie informs us sounding tired. both Abe and I watch her open-mouthed. Who is she?

“I know, I know toad calling the frog an Anura,” Vinnie mumbles I have to laugh, basically the pot calling the kettle black. Vinnie is the messiest person I know. Her mom once set her room on fire to clean it as she said it was quicker! although I often wondered why she hadn’t waved her hand and got the room to tidy itself. I think she wanted to teach Vinnie a lesson. Believe me, Vinnie had learned it the hard way.

After dinner, a healthyish club sandwich for me we go back up to our room. Vinnie loads up her laptop and goes onto her facebook uploading pictures and tagging me. I sigh in defeat as I sign in for the first time in weeks. I am immediately bombarded with messages, a lot of them surprisingly are messages of miss you’s and hope your okay and condolences about mom.

“You really were popular and not just for being a bitch,” Abe says smirking looking at my screen over my shoulder, I have to smile at him. I change my relationship status to Single and strangely I feel a sense of relief. I change my page picture to the picture Vinnie took of me yesterday of me lying on the grass as I like it. It is actually nice to get rid of the picture of me and Jacob kissing. it feels like a fresh start. I look at my profile picture which is of me on Jacobs shoulders him in his football gear and me in my cheerleading outfit it was after he had just won the last game of the season last year, a few weeks before mom had passed away. I look at it for longer than I should, I look so carefree and happy. I change it to an old picture not one of the new ones from today, but I change it to a picture of Tiff, Vinnie and me hugging at a sleepover round my home before mom was gone. It is something Tiff had taken and tagged me in and it was the latest picture I had of the three of us together. Once done I look at my new friend requests. I have 3 typical. Justin, Nathan, and Blake. I think about it and decide why the hell not. I never write about my magic. It is all boring human stuff if I moan about the three of them I will say it to there faces anyway, I do rarely post to my facebook. it’s why I haven’t missed it. But Vinnie and I do have a peek at there facebooks.

“Omg, they are so hot,” Vinnie tells me like I don’t already know that.

“Hey,” Abe says.

“Oh baby you know they are hotter than you, don’t try and to deny it,” Vinnie tells him.

“Doesn’t mean I don’t love you,” she says kissing him.

“So what’s the story with the three of them?” Vinnie asks me. I hadn’t been going to say about the new family saga as I wasn’t ready to but it all comes pouring out of me. I tell them everything. even things they didn’t know I knew. for example. Sarah is pregnant with my half-sibling.

“Shit.” they both say when it comes flying out my mouth in my word vomit. I nod tears running down my face.

“I’m not meant to know, they don’t want to tell us yet, they don’t know how and she’s not that far yet,” I say worriedly.

“How far is she?” Vinnie asks me, holding me tight to her as if she’s afraid I’m about to break.

“About 17 weeks shes had her first scan and due her second soon. But I know the boys don’t know yet. I can imagine its going to change a lot. I don’t know what they plan, they haven’t even decided yet.” I admit.

“Why don’t you let them figure it out and just go with the flow. Fee its only going to be for 10 more months. The baby will only have just been born a few months before you go off to college.” Abe reminds me. I nod.

“Its another person to hide who I really am from,” I mumble.

“Its hard I get that, but your amazing, humans just don’t understand that there are things out there they don’t understand,” Vinnie tells me squeezing me tight to her, wiping the tears on my face with a tissue she waves her hand to have. I nod I do understand but that doesn’t mean I don’t hate the fact I had to hide who I really am.

Our talk about my new family puts a small damper on things for a while. but soon we are back to laughing and joking. comments from guys from my old school on my pictures help pick up my spirits being told how fucking hot I am. We sign out of our facebooks though and go out. Abe manages to get us tickets on the witchspiderweb for Vinnie’s favorite band, thats only two states over and only a 3-hour flight when the winds in the right direction as it was. so I get to clock up miles on my broom this weekend. (yes we go to see a human band but it is her favorite heavy metal band.) she takes so many pictures as we headbang and laugh both of us sit on Abe’s shoulder at one point and he asks a girl in the audience to take the picture for us.

it is an amazing weekend. We have an amazing night then fly back to the hotel. When we get back to the hotel my broom informs me calmly that I have 16 hours and an exam until my full license.

“Next visit you’ll pass if you haven’t already,” Vinnie tells me with a grin.

“Unfortuntly I don’t think we can do this every weekend.” Abe moans.

“Can’t afford it for one thing.” He points out sighing I think he regrets his distance to me and Vinnie now. we all nod but we don’t let it dampen our spirits from the concert and our fun day.

It is 5 am when I wake up. because I just can’t sleep in, even though I only got to sleep at 3 am! I go to the gym thankful it is open 24 hours. I’m the only person in there and I really don’t blame anyone for not being there. I then went for breakfast and have biscuits and gravy. Then I went back up to the room, I could hear them messing about in bed so went back out. They came and found me in the pool again when they were done. We then spent another few hours having fun together. then we all went back up to the room and had an hour of doing my magic work.

“What about rather than the truth behind fairytales you do something that means more to you?” Vinnie suggests as we discuss subjects I can do for my private study.

“Like what?” I ask any ideas would be great.

“You need to work that out yourself. but something you and your magic have a bond with.” Vinnie tells me encouragingly.

“What about getting a pet and doing it on building a familiar relationship?” Abe suggests.

“Yeah like Charlie would allow that.” I point out.

“When you find the subject that means something to you, you’ll know,” Vinnie tells me as I slip into a different yoga pose on the floor.

“We should get lunch then get you back.” Abe sighs sounding defeated himself.

“We need to be out the room by 12 at the latest its meant to be 10 but I paid for two extra hours,” Abe sighs weakly. so we instantly pack with a wave of our hands. Then we all go to lunch taking our bags with us. Abe takes the keys back. After lunch, we go and see Vinnie’s dorm room, her roommate is out. but I see what Vinnie means about the mess.

After Abe and I fly to my home town. then he puts the glam on his broom and we motorbike to Charlies. When we get to my new home I realize the boys must be out as none of the cars are there I was now so used to them being there on the drive, it was weird they weren’t. I go and knock on Charlie’s door. I had texted him over 40 miniutes ago to say I was almost back and I had kept in contact the few days, even though it felt weird too.

Charlie opens the door he is smiling and Sarah is sat on the couch and looks just as happy.

“Are you coming in Abraham?” Charlie asks as Abe hands me my bag and gives me a hug on the doorstep.

“No sir I have to be back at college soon. I have a really early morning lecture and I haven't finished writing up my notes.” Abe informs him. “I will see you in a few weeks Fee. I love you.” Abe tells me hugging me tight bye. “Love you too,” I assure him, I see Charlie's face then at my words. I don't know if I should open up to read him or let it go. for now I let it go.

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