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Chapter 10

Surprisingly Charlie didn’t have a problem with my weekend away. he just asked me if I had a good time, which I assured him I had. he had thanked me for keeping in touch. he made us both a small dinner of PJ sandwiches after I told him I had a huge lunch. He seemed so relaxed maybe we just needed some time apart. maybe it had all been too much so quickly. With too many years of unresolved anger. We watched a film together in the evening, as I had no witch homework and I had no normal homework. My English teacher assured me there wasn’t going to be a pop quiz for at least a few days. So we just had an evening watching tv. It was nice, in a weird way. Yeah, I moved around a lot but I did enjoy my time chatting about what we were watching and nothing else. Although we did go into the book v the movie debate and both voted for the book. It was a nice evening with him. I went to bed at 10 pm because I was shattered and to be honest I knew I would be up early.

The cars breaks screech.

“SOPHIA.” Mom screams she is petrified, the light in front of us is too close for her to dodge. I know from that instant that it is too late for us to get out of the situation. My airbag comes up knocking me back into the seat I feel the sharp pain hit my ribs and my shoulder feels like its on fire from the glass that has smashed all over me. the car hits my side again and then again, moms gone quiet and its so hard to breath as my chest seems to get tighter and tighter the car hits us again, I find myself closing my eyes unable to catch my breath.

I wake up gasping for breath, looking around my new room for anything that I can cling to for the familiar. my clock catches my eye and I take in the time. surprisingly I had slept in for me. It was 7 am and I could hear Charlie making noises in the house. Had he even checked my room or just assumed I was already out for my run? I leave my room not bothering to change from my Disney nightshirt. Charlie wasn’t the only one in the kitchen. Sarah was with him and they were both smiling at each other she was dressed in what I guessed was her outfit for work, I really need to find out what she does.

“Haven’t you gone for a run this morning?” Charlie asks me taken aback, looking at me slightly worried. Had I interrupted them?

“I overslept,” I admit yawning.

“Waffles?” he asks me putting a plate in front of me without waiting on my reply. I eat them without much fuss, as he puts the chocolate sauce next to me.

“If you’re ready in half an hour I will drive you,” Charlie tells me.

“Thanks,” I say. Surprising him I realize, he had expected me to say no thank you.

“Would you like a drink?” he asks me, from stood next to the fridge.

“I will make it.” I start getting to my feet and going to the fridge and pulling out all the ingredients I needed for a fruit smoothie we had brought everything whilst out shopping. I throw my ingredients into the blender then went in the shower leaving it unblended. Sarah leaves as I make my move to the bathroom after giving Charlie a kiss. I quickly shower then do my hair straight and put myself in a dress for today as it is surprisingly warm. I look at myself in the mirror I know I look pretty well according to my Facebook yesterday I’m hot. if only it was what was on the outside that was important. With that in mind, I leave the bathroom.

“Sophia isn’t that dress too short for school?” Charlie asks sounding disapproving. I wave my hand and it goes longer.

“Better?” I question. Hey, I wasn’t going to fight, I knew mom would have said the same thing about the dress.

“Much,” he assures me not flipping out on the fact I used my magic. He turns the blender on for me. Once my smoothie is made I put it in a travel cup. he pulls a lunchbox out the fridge.

“Ham salad sandwich,” he informs me holding my lunchbox to me.

“Thanks,” I tell him meaning it, I put it in my backpack.

“If you want to eat from the cafeteria.” he starts.

“No thanks,” I assure him.

“I suppose that is universal.” he chuckles, I nod. There is a knock on the door then. Charlie goes and answers it. I hear Nathan talking to Charlie joking about how school was too early, then he comes in, holding an energy drink. I want to inform him how bad they are for his health. I want to tell him how he will pay for them when he’s older. but I don’t.

“Hey want a lift?” Nathan asks me. I’m instantly torn. I had said yes to Charlie, if I took Nathans offer up I would hurt Charlie and he was trying today. but I could see Nathan actually wanted to talk to me about something.

“She would love one Nathan. nothing is more embarrassing than your teacher driving you to school.” Charlie says weakly.

“Can you bring her home as well today Nathan as I need to pop to get a key cut for Sophia,” Charlie says.

“Yeah no big Mr. D,” Nathan tells him.

“Alright have a good day both of you, pay attention to your teachers,” Charlie says, then he leaves through the front door. Bye, then Charlie.

“Did I interrupt something?” Nathan questions worriedly looking at my face, can he see how disappointed I am.

“Us surprisingly getting on,” I mumble.

“Obviously he hasn’t seen your facebook.” Nathan scoffs.

“Hey its not that bad,” I tell him, thinking of anything I had embarrassing on my facebook.

“Yeah the bikini pictures?” he mumbles, I wasn’t sure if he was thinking aloud of questioning or if he really thought that was something Charlie should be pissed about.

“I was decent and I’m not posing just having fun with my friends.” I shrug.

“Did you enjoy the concert?” Nathan asks with a smirk.

“Yeah, it was really good,” I tell him with a smile.

“Doe’s Charlie know you went to a different state?” Nathan asks.

“I told him I was going to a concert to see my friend’s favorite band. he never asked what band or where.” I shrug.

“Did you have a good weekend?” I ask him.

“Yeah not bad,” he tells me.

“What you do?” I ask.

“Went surfing,” he tells me shrugging.

“You surf?” I ask interested.

“Yeah,” he says.

“Sounds interesting,” I say and it does.

“Maybe I could teach you,” he tells me with a smile, it’s so rare that I get a smile from Nathan it takes me by surprise.

“Not a good idea,” I tell him. “Why not I promise I am a good teacher,” he tells me, a flash of disappointment on his face, but he quickly hides it.

“Yeah, I can’t swim,” I admit. He looks at me taken aback.

“You were in a pool doing flumes.” he points out.

“I was always in my depth or clinging to Abe.” I point out. there is a reason I’m clung to Abe’s arms in all the pictures.

“Really?” Nathan asks me like he can’t believe me.

“Don’t be so taken aback. swimming has never been big on my moms and my schedule.” I admit.

“Wow well you kind of have to learn to swim.” he points out.

“I’m a bit old now aren’t I.” I point out.

“you’re never too old to learn to swim,” Nathan assures me.

“I can’t believe you don’t know how,” he tells me taken aback.

“What else can’t you do?” he asks me.

“Ride a bike,” I say shrugging.

“Really you who starts her daily routine of exercise at a ridiculous time of the morning can’t do two sports?” he questions me.

“More than two but yeah.” I shrug. I take a sip of my smoothie he watches me in disbelief.

“Want one?” I ask.

“Can I try a little bit?” he asks I poured a bit from the jug into a cup and the rest of it into an icecube tray for another day.

“Eww,” Nathan says putting it down pulling a face after one sip.

“What is this?” he questions me, still pulling a disgusted face.

“Kale, lacitino.” I start.

“Let me stop you right there as I don’t even know what the second ingredient is and the first one is yuck enough,” Nathan informs me. I smile.

“So healthy smoothies are a no for you?” I question him trying not to laugh at the disgusted face he is pulling as he seems to be trying to clean his tongue with his teeth.

“Obviously. if it was strawberry’s milk and vanilla.” he starts seriously.

“A strawberry milkshake,” I suggest.

“Yeah that I would drink,” he tells me. I have to smile, but I finish my smoothie and leave the stuff in the sink.

“Ain't you going to wash up?” Nathan asks me.

“And ruin my manicure?” I ask him showing him my nails, that I had done the other day.

“Oh god you really are a cheerleader,” he says with a smirk.

“Haha, like you doubted it,” I say.

“You were really popular.” Nathan points out looking at me like he’s trying to understand me.

“Homecoming queen and Prom queen my junior year. I was meant to be cheer captain and valedictorian this year and stuff,” I say shrugging as if it wasn’t important to me. which surprising was true there were so many things that were more important to me.

“But you don’t want that here?” Nathan asks me like I make no sense to him and he can't work out what planet I am from.

“No, I don’t,” I tell him truthfully meaning that.

“Sophie are you going to try out for track?” he questions me, obviously deciding that is a better subject.

“Yeah, I think I am. do you happen to know when tryouts are?” I ask

“Lunchtime,” he tells me of course it is.

“Yeah still sounds good,” I say with a smile.

“Nathan, why are you trying so hard with me?” I have to ask, I don't add the all of a sudden but I am thinking it.

“I’m not.” he shrugs

“Come on let's go school,” he says. We do, when we get outside and I see his car I admit I hesitate, the nightmare from last night still fresh in my mind. Did I have time to walk to school?

“Earth to Sophia,” Nathan snaps me out of my thoughts as I stare at the car remembering the nightmare. I have no clue how long I have been looking at his car, how long I’ve been digging my fingernails into my palms but my hands are now white.

“Nathan I will meet you at school,” I say feeling like I’m about to be sick. it Isn’t like it is my first time in a car since, so why am I freaking out now?

“Whats up I can’t leave you I told Mr. D I was bringing you. come on Soph or we will be late.” Nathan says, he is right I know that I take a few steps towards his car and manage to climb in. I manage to do the belt my hands shaking the whole time. Nathan watches me like I make no sense.

“If your nervous about track just remember you run every morning and Justin couldn’t keep up,” Nathan tells me with a smile. I give him a weak smile holding onto the suicide handle for my life. as Nathan drives us to school, he goes slowly today obviously he can see something in my actions, that makes him know I’m not okay. The moment we get there his groupies are waiting.

“Thanks.” I sat jumping out. Freak girl glares at me.

“Meet you here after last period,” Nathan calls as I walk away from him and go into school.

Sat in homeroom I try to ignore the kids around me gossiping. apparently, I have just got out of juvie, one of the girls whispered to another, then another said how I was fucking one of the teachers. It was Des that got my attention though when he zapped me.

“what?” I demand, from him.

“Thanks,” he said taking me by surprise. I realize what he must have confirmed and nod my head.

“If you need any more help let me know, people like that they should get caught,” I tell him.

“Thanks, I might take you up on that,” he tells me. Nathan glares at us, well Des.

“You can join us for lunch if you want.” Des surprises me by saying.

“thanks but I’m trying out for track today,” I admit.

“do you have time? I barely get all my work done.” he starts looking at me weirdly.

“I’m mostly finished just got to work out what I want to do my private study on and complete that,” I admit to him.

“Cool,” he says shuffling

“War or Wiz?” I ask him suspecting Warlock because of his attitude to Nathan.

“Wiz,” he says taking me by surprise.

“Well aren’t you just wise who would have guessed,” I say with a smile I can’t help it.

“Haha very funny,” he says with mock hurt but he is smiling at me.

“Nathan really hates me talking to you,” Des says with a smirk as if this alone could turn it into a game.

“I know,” I say.

“It just makes me want to talk to you more, just to annoy him,” Des admits me.

“Will you explain what your issues with him is?” I ask.

“Thats between Nathan and I,” Des tells me. I roll my eyes.

“Good luck in track, maybe then you won’t go running at a ridiculous time of the morning,” Des says.

“Hey, you are up to.” I point out.

“Only because my parents made me get a parttime job,” he says seriously.

“Really as a paperboy?” I ask interested.

“Why does that surprise you, don’t you have a part-time job?” he asks me.

“I did,” I admitted.

“Really as?” he asks me.

“I worked parttime in a shop,” I admit.

“How is that better?” he asks me.

“I suppose it wasn’t,” I say with a smile. The girls gossiping suddenly start talking more about how I was seen sneaking out a teachers house the other morning, I wouldn’t call walking out the front door sneaking out.

“Is that not bothering you?” Des asks me.

“Yeah, but it will die down if I ignore it, if I rise to it, it will only get worse.“I say, knowing how gossip at my old school worked.

“Okay if you say so,” he tells me as the bell goes and we pick up our stuff to go to the rest of our classes.

“Well just remember what I said about joining us for lunch if you’re alone again,” Des says looking slightly apologetic, it was slightly his fault I have eaten alone, after all. I had tried to make friends with his girlfriend and he shot it down.

“Thanks, Des and remember I will help if you need me to,” I say.

“Yeah, and I really am holding you to that,” Des says.

“Come on we got the next class together anyway,” he says. Nathan sends Daggers in our direction but I go off to Latin with Des anyway.

I look at the track in front of me, there are so many girls here I hadn’t realized that it would be so popular.

“Only 10 girls and 10 guys from each year will place onto the team.” The coach is telling us as we all do our warm-ups. Groups of chatting friends, groups of people who have been doing this together for years, joining a team on the last year Isn’t fair I realize.

“Just because you made the team last year, doe’s not mean you will make the team this.” The coach is saying. shit would the girls accept me if one of the old team didn’t make it because of me?

“We will start with a warm-up of 1 time around, I don’t want to see any racing yet, don’t waste all your energy before we start,” he says. I didn’t I jogged with everyone around the track. Two of the girls are chatting friendly enough to each other as they jog along by the side of me. When we get back Coach says.

“Alright, when I call your names come to take a place,” Coach says. he starts reading off names. boys for the first race, I watch them race trying to ignore the fact Nathan was in the middle of the field watching the cheerleading tryouts, but more often I catch him checking on me. it is annoying.

“Sophia Davies.” The coach says it takes me a few seconds to realize he means me. I’m so used to being Sophie Tempest.

“Sorry here,” I say going over. I realize I’m racing other newbies not the old team, I race 4 other seniors who might be new like me or it might be there last shot. I come 2nd. I don’t think that is too bad 2nd out of 5. The coach then calls the next race after writing something down. I watch other races. I race three more races myself. one I come in 7th out of 15 of us and 5th out of 10 the next race and my last race, unfortunately, I come last out of 10. Once the bell goes coach tells us that the results for the team will be up on the board by the gym tomorrow lunchtime, that is it. I go back into school. having gym last lesson I don’t bother changing just go through to the gym hall. My shoulder is killing me, so when they announce today’s lesson Isn’t just another game of dodgeball I try not to groin.

“You did really well,” Nathan says from behind me.

“Thanks,” I say turning to look at him, I understand that he is trying to be friendly.

“You looked like you were exhausted by the last race,” he states, not exactly exhausted in pain but I won’t mention it.

“Yeah,” I respond.

“You never know you might get a place.” Nathan states. I already know that I won’t. but that is okay, I didn't want someone to lose there spot because of me.

“Yeah it doesn’t matter if I don’t,” I tell him shrugging. regretting my shrug as soon as I do it, fucking hell that hurt. Nathan doesn’t comment if he notices my pain.

“Well I better go do tennis,” I mumble because that wasn’t really going to hurt my shoulder even more.

Fuck, my back and shoulder are killing me, I am not even kidding the fact I have even managed to walk out of gym class to Nathans car is amazing. I didn’t bother showering in gym or changing because I couldn’t even lift my arms currently.

“You stink,” Nathan informs me as I climb into his car.

“So do you,” I assure him.

“Hey I’m a guy skipping the shower is normal, what’s your excuse,” he asks me.

“Just thought it would be better to have one at Charlie's,” I say shrugging.

“Home,” Nathan responds. I don’t comment. It doesn’t take long until we get back. I go up to the door and knock it is locked, shit Charlie wasn’t home yet.

“Oh shit, he has gone out.” I moan.

“You got a spare key?” I ask Nathan hopefully.

“Nope but you can use moms bathroom, you got your clothes from this morning?” Nathan asks.

“Yeah, I got a complete change of outfit,” I sigh and I do because I can magic one up. So Nathan and I go into his house. He shows me to his mom's bathroom, it is a very small ensuite with just a shower and toilet, it didn’t even have a sink!

“Thanks are you sure she won’t mind?” I ask.

“She has showers at yours all the time.” Nathan shrugs, yeah I don’t need that image.

“I’m going for a shower too,” Nathan says. I go into the ensuite and know there are no windows so wave my hand to take my clothes off not my usual magic hand as I can barely lift that arm currently. I have a shower, cursing most the time every time I moved my shoulder pain shoots through me. When I get out I wave my hand thinking of a sensible outfit to hang out with Nathan in, yes it wasn’t the dress I went to school today in. but a pair of owl yoga pants and a baggy top that says the band’s name I went to see on Saturday. I don’t bother with my hair much as my shoulder and back hurt too much to wave my arms for useless things. I just slightly wave my hand and it goes into a loose wet ponytail. Then I go out of the bathroom taking my school bag with me. Nathan wasn’t about yet but Justin and Blake were in the kitchen grabbing drinks.

“Hey, Soph?” Justin asks as a question as I come out of his mom’s room. Why were they both topless? why am I noticing there body’s and there perfect packs and muscley arms?

“Hey,” I say forcing myself to look away from there chests,

“Is Charlie back?” I ask.

“Not yet,” Blake tells me looking out the window at the drive for me.

“Okay,” I say. Nathan comes out the bathroom then wrapped in a towel around his waist, his top half-naked and I have to admit he has a better pack and muscles to his elder brother, not just taller.

“Why did you both need a shower?” Blake asks us confused.

“Gym class last lesson,” Nathan tells them shrugging whilst walking into his and Justin’s room. One thing I know for certain right now is Jacob Isn’t as amazing in the body department that everyone at my old school and myself thought. believe me, I had seen him naked more times than I will admit and he had nothing on these three guys bodies. Justin’s which is all tall and looks like firm muscle, Blake’s who looks like he is a bodybuilder but also like he hasn’t gone to extreme he is hot as fuck. they all bloody are. I pry my eyes away from looking at Blakes body and realize Justin is talking, oh he is asking if I want a drink.

“Yeah please,” I say, he pulls me out a can of cola. Blake watches me as I go to drink from it but pain shoots through me so I put it down and subtly change arms.

“You in pain?” he questions me.

“I’m fine.” I lie, I feel like my shoulder is on fire. Blake looks at me like he knows I’m lying. “want some ice?” Justin asks, for my soda or shoulder?

“No thanks,” I say, deciding I didn’t want it for either currently. I pull my phone out as I can’t send Abe a tweet right now I will have to send Vinnie a text to send a Tweet to Abe.

Sophie - Can you possibly tell Abe I need an appointment with that lady. my shoulder is so painful, I can’t even wave my magic hand. I know I really badly overdid it today trying out for track.

Vinnie - shit will send him a mirror message so he can do it quicker.

Sophie - thanks.

I look up at Blakes and Justin’s faces.

“How was school?” Justin asks.

“Fine,” I tell him, not daring to shrug.

“That all we get?” Blake asks.

“Well as you’re both acting more like your my dad than Charlie does yeah thats all your getting,” I tell them with a smirk I can’t help it.

“How was Mr. D’s lesson?” Justin asks interested.

“I didn’t have him today,” I admit.

“Bet he’s in a good mood then,” Justin jokes.

“Do you happen to know what tomorrow nights family meals about?” Blake asks me.

“Uh didn’t even know about it,” I say, or that you were part of the new family.

“Got any homework?” Justin asks me.

“Have you?” I resort. Why were they acting so much older than me, they were only 3 years older than me at most!

“Yeah, loads,” Justin admits.

“Sophia,” Blake says as I walk over to the table and sit down, screwing my eyes up in pain as I sit.

“Yeah?” I ask.

“On a scale 1 to 10 how much pain are you in currently?” he asks. I debate not commenting but I see the worry on both there faces.

“5 6 ish,” I mumble.

“Can I have a look?” he asks me.

“Uh no, why would you want to look?” I ask like I think he is a weirdo. I do think he is a weirdo currently.

“I am training to be a physiotherapist remember,” he tells me. oh yeah,

“I just used it too much in track it will be fine,” I assure him.

“If it ain’t and your willing to let me look let me know,” Blake says I find myself nodding which hurts so much.

“Will do,” I assure him. I can’t really do my homework as it is my writing hand.

“Maybe tracks a bit much currently,” Justin says watching me.

“Yeah don’t worry about it I doubt I made the team,” I admit.

“Why not?” Justin questions me.

“I came 2nd my first race out of 5,” I tell him.

“Thats really good,” Blake says.

“Yeah, but I got worse as the races went on rather than better. I came 7th out of 15 the second race. then 5th out of 10 the next race. then I came last out of 10 the next race.” I admit.

“Only 10 were getting on the team and I doubt I made it in the top 10,” I admit.

“What about basketball?” Justin suggests.

“No thank you,” I tell him.

“To be honest I don’t need an extra activity I have all my credits on that,” I admit.

“Won’t you be bored without one?” Justin asks.

“Na I might see what Charlie thinks about me getting a part-time job.” I shrug and regret it.

“Do you want some painkillers?” Justin asks. you know what it doesn’t break any laws to have painkillers.

“Yeah please,” I mumble. he goes to a cupboard and reaches up to the top shelf and brings down a butter tub full of medicine. he puts a packet in front of me. I take two after looking at what ones they are. my phone beeps then so I look at it.

Vinnie - Abe said sorted you just need to be home in an hour and someone will be there to help.

Sophie - Thanks.

“Charlies back,” Justin says looking out the door.

“Alright see you all later,” I say, I leave then. I was just out the door and I got curious about what they were going to say so I swish my good hand to create a small listening ear. disappointingly they didn’t talk about me, they both just burped. I roll my eyes honestly guys! I cancel my hearing. I then go and knock on Charlies, he answers the door smiling.

“Ah Sophia, how did tryouts go?” he asks me as my greeting.

“Not very well,” I admit.

“Oh, thats a shame would you like me to talk to.” Charlie starts.

“No way, I don’t think Tracks for me,” I inform him.

“Why not?” he asks.

“My shoulder didn’t really cope well,” I admit.

“Did you need anything for it?” Charlie asks me worried.

“Someone will be here in about an hour,” I admit. I see Charlies face he is worried.

“Did you tell your aunt?” he questions me.

“No I texted Vinnie and she messaged Abe and he is sending someone, she’s apparently going to come regularly,” I mumble. I see his worried face.

“I’m just having a massage Charlie nothing big, its just a normal massage,” I assure him.

“She set me the same things as my physio did before I left, I will do the exercises,” I assure him.

“Okay Sophie, well I take it that means you don’t want to go out to eat tonight, so what do you say to smoked salmon?” Charlie asks.

“Sounds great,” I assure him.

“Have you got much homework?” he asks me.

“Yeah,” I admit.

“Mind if I magic do it as its my writing arm?” I ask. I see him look torn.

“It’s not cheating I have to actually do it,” I assure him.

“Okay,” he says.

“Do it in your bedroom,” he tells me. I nod I hadn’t bothered opening the blackout blinds. I went in and do my homework, well I read the piece of paper and my pen writes down the answers and my working outs. it is maths so even better. when I’m done I go back into the main house, Charlie is cooking and I watch him for a while.

“All done?” he asks me, looking up at me.

“Yeah,” I assure him. There is a knock on the door.

“Sophia can you get that,” Charlie asks still busy in the kitchen. I nod be it painful and go and answer the door. now sometimes witches are worrying about blending into the normal world but this lady didn’t look it! her little car was parked in the drive, on the side it said.

‘Hazels mobile health spa for physical and mental relief.’ ha brilliant she is the same lady from the spa so she already knows what my shoulders like.

“Let me see your back,” she demands in a voice full of power. I instantly find myself turning around. She runs her hand over my back and curses a few times in Latin.

“Let me grab my bags and table. find somewhere for me to set up,” she tells me firmly. I nod regretting it. She walks back to her car,

“I would ask for you to help but I know you can’t,” she calls out at me. Nathan Justin and Blake are playing basketball outside typically.

“Would you like some help?” Justin asks.

“Yes please, you look like strong young men.” She says. They walk over to her.

“Go find me somewhere to set up.” she snaps at me. I went in chuckling, trust Abe to manage this so quick.

“Hey Charlie is there anywhere I can set up a massage table?” I ask him.

“Um I can move the coffee table,” he says coming out the kitchen, the lady walks in the door I had left open, with the 3 boys.

“Put my stuff there please,” she tells them, they all do.

“Alright then get naked and on that table,” she tells me.

“Bye.” all three boys say running and shutting the door on there way out.

“I will turn dinner off,” Charlie says.

“You do not need to move, you won't see anything.” The lady says, she waves her hand and a wall is kind of built between us and Charlie.

“Now naked Sophronia Lavender Tempest Davies.” I wave my hand and climb on the table that is now set up. She puts her hands straight on my back and I heard the pop.

“As I thought you dislocated it.” she snaps at me.

“I hope you learned your lesson, none of this until your fully healed.” she snaps. I nod. She puts the crystals on my back and works her magic with her hands and the heat magic and a massage all in one. my shoulder and back pop a few times. she doesn't talk to me as she works the smell of the incense and lavender around me. candles lit in my sight meant to relax me. I again fall asleep, it is relaxing and relief that I couldn't believe possible, only a few minutes beforehand.

“Sophronia.” I hear her say, she isn't rubbing my back anymore. I am covered in a white towel.

“mm,” I say,

“Do not get up fast.” she tells me firmly, I sit up slowly and then she hands me a cup of water. I take a few sips. She looks exhausted.

“Sorry did that drain you would you like anything?” I ask worriedly.

“No its fine you do not have what I need here, which you need to be aware of for when you yourself may need it,” she tells me firmly. I nod my head feeling so light.

“Thank you,” I tell her.

“No problem,” she responds.

“Do I need to pay you.” I start waving my hand for my bag.

“Abraham has already paid me for all my services,” she informs me calmly.

“I will be back next Monday, do not get yourself into such a state again,” she tells me firmly. I nod.

“Thank you,” I say, she waves her hand and all her bags pack.

“Have a shower and wash all the gel off,” she tells me magicking me into a white robe that says her spa name and then the wall falls apart and Charlie is still stood in the kitchen but now he's marking work. he looks up at us.

“All done?” he questions worried.

“All done for this week. I will be back in a weeks time, Sophronia do those exercises I have set you, and for goodness sake don't be so stupid with it,” she tells me. I nod.

“Thank you for coming do I owe you anything.” Charlie questions.

“Your both welcome, no all paid for.” she shakes her head looking at my dad in slight disbelief.

“Both of you need to work on your Auras with each other,” she informs us.

“Now I best go I have other clients and am now running two hours late,” she says.

“Let me help you,” Charlie says. she hands him bags and he takes them, I go to grab one.

“Not you, you need to rest for a few hours, I do not want you doing any exercise tomorrow,” she tells me firmly.

“Go have a shower and take the rest of the day easy,” she tells me. so I do, when I get out I wave my hand and my Stich short and top pajama set that says

‘Its little and broken but still good.’ goes on me, it was how I had felt about me and mom. My hair goes into a loose ponytail again. I look at myself in the mirror, my face is so relaxed in the afterglow of a magical massage. I go out of the bathroom. Charlie has set the table for the two of us.

“Dinner?” he asks me after he went through all the hassle, of course, I will eat it.

“Yes please,” I tell him, I sit at the table. he is still in the kitchen.

“Soda water or juice?” he asks me.

“Juice please,” I say. he makes me a cup of cranberry juice and brings it over.

“So tracks an obvious no for a while,” he says trying to be calm. I nod.

"Same as my cheerleading and gymnastics," I say. doe's he get it now?

“I know its hard but you need to be careful, even you won't heal instantly,” he tells me weakly.

“I know that,” I assure him, thinking of mom in that hospital bed, all the tubes coming out her mouth and arms.

“Charlie,” I start anxiously.

“What's wrong Sophia?” he asks as troubled.

“I’m sorry,” I tell him.

“what are you sorry about baby?” he asks me so torn as if he wants to be anywhere but here for this conversation. but he had slipped calling me baby.

“I’m not used to having to hide who I am at home, I will get better,” I mumble to him, feeling his worry about the whole thing.

“Sophronia I do not want you to have to hide,” he says to me so firmly.

“I wish you had talked to me about how painful your shoulder was. I didn't even realize it was this bad, that is on me though Sophronia, not you. I saw what the doctor wrote, but I assumed as you were doing all your exercises that a lot of them look painful that it wasn't hurting you.” he informs me.

“I should have asked you how it felt and if you felt ready to do so much,” he tells me.

“I understand now why you're avoiding cheerleading as much as you are,” he says. I nod.

“How many sessions does she think it will take?” he asks me.

“She hasn't said,” I admit.

“How much is she a session.” He asks me.

“Abe wouldn't tell me. he said I'm not to worry about it,” I say.

“Then maybe I should talk to your friend Abe. does he have a number I can ring?” he asks. I shake my head.

“He's only ever available by bird, hardly answers his mirror calls,” I admit. he takes a deep breath.

“If you need anything Sophronia ask me, I do not mind.” he starts.

“I don't want your money, Charlie,” I say, hell he's on a teachers wage, it really ain't that much money.

“I know that darling. eat your fish its nice,” he says, I do nervously. he watches me.

“I don't expect you to forgive me, Sophronia,” he states.

“I understand you being mad at me,” he admits I look up at him.

“You seem to think I want you to hide who you are, I don't want that. yes, I wish you could have a normal childhood,” he says looking at me.

“But who said normals the only way.” he sighs.

“Now I know you have to hide from most people, but in this home I want you to feel you can be yourself. if thats using your magic to do your homework and the washing up.” he starts.

“Is this about the blender,” I question with a weak smile.

“No its about the state of the kitchen right now,” he says waving his hand in an exaggerated move, I know he is trying to ease the tension of our conversation. I wave my hand the kitchen tidys itself.

“Now tomorrow we are going to go out to eat with Sarah and the boys, we have something really important to talk to you all about. I know we haven't known each other long Sophronia and I assure you I want to get to know you,” he says. I still don't open myself to him.

“And this won't change that. I should have done this years ago,” he tells me looking at me.

“I am sorry I have been a rubbish father. but never for a moment, Sophronia think that its because you're different. I did what I thought was for the best for you. it wasn't and for that I'm sorry.” he declares.

“Maybe with this baby you'll know what not to do,” I suggest.

“Yes maybe,” he says, then he obviously realizes.

“Sophronia I am not trying to replace.” he starts.

“It's fine, its your chance for a family,” I say.

“Charlie, you were only a kid yourself when mom got pregnant with me. you didn't know what she was. it was a hard relationship and a rushed one because you weren't dating long when she fell pregnant with me. then you had to deal with mom and me not exactly being able to live how you were used to. you and mom had completely different ways of parenting and clashed a lot. you were never meant to work out. I was never meant to be here in your human life, I don't fit.” I tell him, voicing how I feel.

“Sophronia,” Charlie says my name firmly.

“but maybe the two of us can start working out a way for us to both cope with each others way of life,” I state.

“I know you want to try Charlie, it may be a bit too late for me to ever be able to fit in. but one thing I do understand Charlie is why you and mom split, I understand you deserve a family. that you and mom were just young kids. goodness forbid it would have been like me and Jacob having a kid.” I say seriously.

“it was young love but not real love. you now have that. so, I am not going to mess it up for you.” I tell him with a smile.

“Oh and congrats,” I say.

“Do you want to know?” I ask him.

“Sophronia can you go to your room please,” Charlie tells me firmly, hes angry. but I can't tell what about. I didn't know that was coming had I stepped out of bounds. I stand up and go to my room. I'm not going to fight with him. I told him how I felt then, he can't hold that against me. I'm being as grown-up right now as I feel like I can be. I put my cd player on and lay on my bed, not too loud but so he can hear it. I pull out a book and start reading, wanting to be in my characters life rather than mine.

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