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Chapter 12 - not edited yet

It was two months after i know this is a big skip, but nothing really exciting has happened in those months, except more time with the boys and more time with Charlie, i can honestly tell you our relationship hasn't got any worse. but do not celebrate it hasn't got better either. i have been once to visit Vinnie since then, ive been once to see Abes college too as i told Charlie it was to celebrate Mabon and he actully let me have those few extra days off school to celebrate with my friends. It had suprised me, but he seemed to respect that at least. But today was the big day. i hadnt really needed long to pack as i hadnt really brought much with me had i. i hadnt really been here long to acumolate tat either. Also waving my hand and taking everything down was easy. i had stumbled across the pictures of Jacob and me whilst i did it though and i sat on my bedroom floor looking at it. Nathan had suprised me, I had peaked a few days after his thing and discovered what he did. Rather than speek on my defence. (which he had done.) he had uploaded a picture of some of the texts from Jacob begging me to give us another try, telling me it wasnt what i thought and he loved me. Everyone had called Jacob out on it. which suprised me, Everyone seemed worried about my radio silence, but i wasnt really up for updating my facebook. i barley had anyway and now i had nothing to say, but i also had so much. A tear slipped down my face looking at the picture, what had i ever thought i was doing with this guy, he would never have excepted me. he proved that. there was a knock on my door. Shit i was meant to be packed, i was except this stuff, which i didnt want anymore. "Come in." i said. Justin came in. "Are these the boxes for my car?" he asked me. i nodded looking up at him. "Yeah almost done." i said. He looked at me on the floor with my canvas and photo album just of me and Jacob. "want me to take that for you?" he asked me worried. "No im going to chuck it." i admitted. "Are you sure thats what you want to do?" he asked me. "whos the therpist now?" i asked. Justin and my conversations had been going that way alot latley. "I dont just want to chuck them" i said thoughtful. "You dont?" he asked me. a grin went on my face. "Have you packed the bbq?" i asked. "no we are leaving that." he said. i stood up taking just three pictures out the album and chucking them into my box. i would keep them to remember my mistake, humans werent worth the pain of falling in love. i then walked past him, my magic box spelled so he wouldnt see anything in it i didnt fear leaving him with my boxes. i walked out the back door to the bbq. Charlie wasnt here, he and Sarah were already unpacking at the new house. having managed to sell both there houses. I threw my canvas on the bbq and before Justin had time to realise what i was about to do. i had set the canvas on fire, i didnt need matches and i knew he couldnt see that i hadnt used a lighter, noone was at the right angle to see that. i watched the Canvas burn a picture of me and Jacob pulling goofy faces and kissing the last to burn, it was mocking me. but i watched the flames lick it up. "Feel better?" Justin asked after pulling me back slightly as he came over. i wanted to tell him not to baby me. but instead i said. "Surprisly yeah." and it was the truth. Doing this felt like saying goodbye to a part of my life, but i knew i wouldnt miss it. "Well glad its helped." he said with a smile. "Now have you finished packing and shit, because Mr D said the moving van will be back here to pick up the rest of the funiture in 10 miniutes." Justin said. "you know eventually youll have to call him Charlie." i pointed out. "he hasnt asked us to." Justin said. "Has he asked you to call him Dad?" Justin asked me. "No why would he, he just told me not to call him Mr Davies except at school or Charles. he really hates when i call him Charles." i said seriously. "noted, now come on Soph we need to move now." he said. "i know i know." i said.

I looked at my new home, again for the second time this year. after living in the same home since i was 4 this was harder than i thought it was. The anyoyed ghost cursing us was very hard for me to ignore. I couldnt react to him, i had tried to tell Charlie no to this house. but he had got huffy with me and i couldnt really come out and say in front of 4 humans that i didnt want to live in this house because of the ghost, because i wasnt scared of ghosts. it actully used to get me excited seeing a ghost and finding out there story helping them move on, but now it just made it harder for me to pretend to be normal. a disguise i had to play now even more. i couldnt use my magic to do anything that the boys would notice. so it was going to be limiting to me. i couldnt be me, didnt Charlie get that. "Sophronia." Charlie said firmly as i twirled my hair around my finger, he always snapped at me when i did that like he thought i was using my magic on someone, i wasnt i was just playing with my hair. "Which rooms mine?" i asked. "Top of the stairs the second door, it has an ensuite i thought you would like that." Sarah said with a smile. Goodness this lady tried with me more than Charlie did. "Alright." i said. I grabbed one of my boxes (of course my magic box) ignoring the ghost although as he was solid to me i kind of munovered myself so it wasnt obvious i went around him but i also didnt risk touching him. he thankfully followed Blake who was carrying some boxes of the old mans stuff to his car as he had been up in the attitic and found it hadnt been emptyed out. he was going to drive it to the retaliers and see what we needed to do with it with Justin in a miniute. When i got to the room, it was a pale lavender. it took me slightly by suprise. "If you dont like the colour we can paint it." Charlie said. "We will eventually paint the whole house. just need to wait for our houses to go through so we have the money." Charlie said. i nodded. "I can change it myself." i said seriously. "Well no because that will make the boys ask questions." he said coming in and shutting the door. "i can afford my own paint Charlie. i might go get some right now." i said seriously. "Sophronia." Charlie started. "i talked to your aunt." Charlie said. i looked at him actully worried, was he admitting this wasnt working and going to send me to live with her? "I know this is difficult for you and i am asking alot from you." Charlie said. "But can you please give this a shot?" he asked me. "ive been giving this a shot for months Charlie. it isnt working though is it." i said. "im going to go get paint." i said, i walked out my new room. Avoiding dead guy at the foot of the stairs, who was cursing at Blake who was oblivious looking through a box. "Hey can i have a lift to the shops?" i asked suprising Blake as i hadnt actully ever been shoping that they knew of. which was suprising to even me, i used to go shoping every weekend. But on a plus i had finished all my work books except my private study, still no clearer what to do that on. Des had suggested that it wasnt about me choosing it was about it choosing me, so i was waiting on that. "Yeah alright almost done." Blake said. Charlie come down the stairs. "Sophia." he started. "Im just getting a few bits." i said shrugging, actully really thankful to Abe for that abilty, as my shoulder was almost fully better, the lady recomened maybe 3-4 more visits and then she said it would go to monthly just to keep it loose as it was my magic arm and then maybe by Yule it should be fully healed. "Alright all done lets go." Blake said, picking up the last two boxes. "JUSTIN YOU READY TO GO." Blake yelled. "coming." he yelled from upstairs, he came down walking straight through the ghost when he came. he shivered slightly. "Eww i walked through a spiders web." he said, no you didnt i wanted to tell him, I looked at the ghost who was cursing Justin out. i would have to deal with him, even if it didnt feel right to kick him out his home, but i couldnt walk on egg shells for months and he didnt belong here anymore.

Blake drove sensibly and parked like an idiot in a way i was now way to excepting of. i should give him shit for it, but i had kind of given up commenting as it didnt change anything. He hadnt even blinked when i asked to be dropped at the hardware store. neither did Justin. "Should of realised it was to pink." Justin said with a smirk at me. "its lavender not pink, i already have enough lavender in my life." i said. "oh yeah its your middle name." Justin laughed. i nodded. "Way to much Lavender." i said. "did you want any paint whilst im at it?" i asked. "give us an hour and we will pick you up and i will get taster pots to decide with Nathan." Justin told me. i nodded i went in. it didnt take me long to find the colour i wanted. i went with a dark blue remembering my fengu sui lessons from my mother. i also got a few black sample pots. i got rollers and brushes and new fairy lights (just white ones.) i got a few photoframes, a few bits to put them up. i got a new bedspread to go with the room. i was still walking around when Justin and Blake came in. "Woo what you doing buying the whole shop?" Justin asked looking at my full cart. "yeah." i shrugged. "alright then, im just going to grab some samples alright." he said. "aright im almost done." i assured him. "i would hope so." Blake said, "not sure i can fit all this in the car." he said jokingly. i went around as they walked of to get the pots. meeting them at the desk. I paid for my stuff and so did Justin, him also grabbing a few other sample pots he thought Charlie and Sarah would like for the living area.

When we got back to the house. Ghost was still cursing everyone in the lounge. "Ewww you need to dust." Blake said walking through ghost guy as he took my shopping up for me. who cursed more at being walked through. i followed him, then when i got upstairs and he left my room, i shut my door and first thing i did was attach a lock to my bedroom door although i didnt lock it. Then put up the two extra blackout blinds i had brought today because my new room had more windows. Then i started painting my new room manually because for some reason it relaxed me and it would keep me distracted for a few hours. i was thankful none of my stuff except my one box had been brought in yet, goodness knows where i was sleeping tonight without my bed built.

I was covered in paint, it was even in my hair and i didnt care, i had done it manually although i was no where near finished and hadnt managed to do high up yet as i knew my shoulder wouldnt exactly be forgiving. My door was knocked. "come in." i shouted over my music. Charlie came in, he looked at me suprised, what because i was doing it manually? "Would you like anything for dinner, i am about to go get takeaway." he said. "Yeah i will eat anything." i said. "would you like any help?" he asked. "No thats fine, i will just you know what i cant do." i said. He looked torn. "alright." he said. "the blue suprising, its more blue that i thought you would go for." he said after a while. "expecting black or something?" i asked him. "yeah or really dark blue." he admitted. "Fengu sui Charlie." i told him. "oh." he said. "Open your window smelling the paint fumes isnt good for you." Charlie said. "will do." i said. "Your aunt rung." he said. "i told her not to." i said, meaning i told her not to use mirrors anymore except me. "No she rung my cell." Charlie said. "wow." i said. "i thought the same." Charlie said. "She is cursing it but she said to tell you shes coming to visit you for Samhain." he said looking awkawrd. "I know she told me." i said rolling the roller on the wall. "Sophia you didnt tell me you wanted to spread your moms ashes." Charlie said nervous hovering. "i dont yet." i admitted not looking at him, i looked at the urn i ignored most the time, as if i didnt see it becasue if i didnt see it that mom wasnt in there, that she wasnt gone. "But if i dont do it, it will be a year until it should be done and well." i said looking at my walls again. "If you would allow me, i would like to be there." Charlie said. i looked at him i had to. "I will talk to aunt Beaty." i said. not wanting to say yes but also not wanting to say no. i was compeltely torn with the idea. "Okay." He said, he seemed to be watching me. "Did you want your bed built?" he asked me. "Na thats fine im just going to sleep on the matress in here tonight as got so much to do." i said. "Are you sure?" he asked me. "Justin Blake and Nathan have just finished there beds." he said as if that would change my mind. "im sure." i told him. "Alright i will go get takeaway did you want to come?" he asked me. "Charlie i have paint everywhere." i said. "Yeah put some newspaper down." he said weakly. "Alright i will be back in a bit wash up alright." he said. "Okay." i said rolling the roller on my new wall. Charlie went to leave and then he stoped. "Sophia." he said. "Yeah?" i asked confused. "Thankyou." Charlie said i looked at him confused, i was what was he thanking me for not making a scene? He left without me having to say anything, he left my door open though but that was fine as i carried on painting the blue. "Need any help?" Nathan asked. "Yeah can you do the bits i cant reach?" i asked, hey he was like 6 foot 1 to my 5 foot 6. "Yeah alright." he said, he picked up a roller and started helping. "KIDS DINNER." Sarah yelled. "Come on you can finish tomorow or later." Nathan said. i went downstairs with him where dinner was served. we all ate as a very strange family, the ghost throwing insults at us all which thankfully i managed to ignore hey he wasnt as bad as teenage girls.

After dinner i went back to my room put my music on and started painting, shutting my door, well okay i locked my door as i fancied painting my room manually, the boys didn't even comment when i took a chair into my room. although i didn't use it i hovered and floated around my room. Hey it was so fun, think of it as like being in space. of course i had put the blackout blinds up and was being hyper aware of where everyone was in the house. So when my door knob went round i landed on the ground, they couldnt get in, but they knocked. i went to the door and opened it. Justin was stood there. "Mr D says to tell you its bedtime." Justin said. "Really?" i asked letting him in. i had almost finished the first two coats of the blue. "Ive almost finished the second coat." i told him. he looked at me and smiled, "You have paint everywhere Sophia." he laughed. "i know new fashion." i told him. "you should upload that to facebook." he said laughing. "i havent commented in months." i pointed out. "i know." Justin said. "You cant sleep in here tonight." Justin said. "why not?" i asked him. "it stinks of paint fumes. ive put your matress in the." he started and stoped. "Babys room." i sugested. Sarah wasnt exactly small now we couldnt deny the baby sibling for much longer thats for sure. "yeah his or her room." Justin said. "$30 its a girl." i told him. "Your on. but do you have much money left after all this?" he asked indicating my room which was full of all the decorating bits i brought. "Yeah why wouldn't i? Mom used to give me $30 a week pocket money, then i had a part time job and she always gave me Charlies checks and saved them for when i was older or things i needed when i was younger." I said. "Oh cool." Justin said. "So $30 its a little sister." he said. "Yeah and can you cough up?" i asked. "Yeah ofcourse." he said. i raised an eyebrow. "Justin when are you having your car fixed?" i asked him. "when i can afford to." he said. "Justin its worked 3 times in the whole time i've been here. its broken down two of those times." i reminded him. "So fingers crossed its a brother then." Justin said with a smile, i was now regretting my bet because i knew for a fact it was a little sister. "Alright want to help me finish the last coat?" i asked him. "Alright but Mr D did say it was bedtime." Justin said. "You are how old?" i asked him as a question. "21." he said. i tried not to laugh. "so you can legally drink but have to listen to your mom and Charlies bedtime rules?" i asked him alright i admit it i teased him. "Hey i said it was your bedtime not mine." he said ploping the paintbrush on my forhead. "omg you didnt." i laughed. i run my roller over his light blue long sleeve top. "oh my god Sophia your so dead!" Justin said laughing so at least he could take the joke. he tried to get me with the paintbrush so i run out my bedroom him behind me i did run laughing the whole time. Nathan was in the hallway so i ducked behind. "Nathan isnt going to save you." Justin laughed going around his brother, so i went the other way. we were using Nathan as a roundabout chasing each other. he just stood there laughing himself. i run my roller over the back of Justins top. "your so dead." Justin laughed getting me again with the paintbrush running it down my hair, then he lifted me up swinging me, i went laughing. "What a wracket stupid kids." Ghost snapped. i ignored him as Justin swung me around. The truth was i didnt want this moment to stop. Eventually Justin put me down then he plopped the paintbrush on my nose. "Now do you want help finishing the last coat before bed or not." he said laughing. "Well now your covered in painting yeah or you ruined your top for nothing." i told him. "i ruined my top?" he asked laughing picking me back up and swinging me under his arm like i weighed nothing. "yep absultly." i said with a smile not even caring how he was holding me, for some reason i didnt care. The next thing i heard was the sound of a camera, i looked at Nathan so did Justin. "Sorry couldnt resist, i dont think ive ever seen Sophia laugh and smile like that here." Nathan shrugged dismissing it. "Lets pour the paint pot over his head." Justin said, i laughed more. "Well i have almost finished with it." i pointed out. "You both wouldnt dare." Nathan said. "wouldnt we?" Justin asked his brother with a look i couldnt decide how to explain, slightly evil to be honest. "Kids." A female voice yelled from downstairs. "Yeah mom?" Nathan yelled. "Its bedtime." she yelled up. "Yeah okay Sophia and Justin are just finishing the last coat it wont take long." Nathan yelled. "Not much longer okay?" she yelled up. "Okay." we all yelled back. hey this was my new life i needed to get used to it. even if at 17 bedtimes sounded stupid when my mom and i used to go out night flying all the time.

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