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Chapter 13 - not edited yet

“Sophia.” Charlie said to me, the house was still quiet it was early and i knew i had disturbed Nathan getting up as i always did the guy was getting ear plugs as a gift soon. but i hadnt realised i had disturbed Charlie to, we all kind of tried to ignore the fact he and Sarah shared a room on the same floor of the house as us and thankfully have heard no sign of anything. we had been living in this house 2 weeks and to be honest i thought it was okay, even if i still had to avoid the ghost who would yell insults at us constantly, i needed to deal with him soon maybe aunt Beaty would help when she comes. My mornings were normaly exactly that mine. i would get up go out on what everyone assumed was my run with my yogamat and broom. the moment i got to the cliff i would turn invisible and jump of the cliff flying down to the ground where i would stay invisible and do my yoga. then i would fly back up and jog the rest of the way home go in the shower and by the time i came down someone would have cooked breakifast, once i had even done breakifast for us all. “Yeah Charlie?” i asked. “Your aunt rung whilst you were out yesterday evening.” he said, i had gone out for pizza with Des and some of his friends, all human but we did actully do the homework i claimed to Charlie we were doing. Nathan still didnt like Des and vice versa but neither would tell me why. “Okay?” i asked as a question. “She told me to tell you her plane lands about lunchtime today and she’ll pick you up from school.” he said. i nodded, we werent doing it today, it would be a few days early, it would either be tomorow or the next day. but i knew she wanted to catch up with me in person. “If you want to spend the week in the hotel with her i would understand i know this time of year is special to you.” he said, he and Sarah had offered her to stay here for a week, even though we all knew it would be way awkward but she had turned them down, thankfully. “Thanks Charlie i will think about it.” i said. “Would you like some company on your run?” he asked me. “i thought you couldnt think of anything worse.” i reminded him. “Did i say that?” he asked me. “yeah.” i said. he looked torn he was trying to bond with me this morning, it was weird. Ghost guy came in the kitchen yelling insults. i flinched i always seemed to when he came in the room. “Charlie.” i said. “i know you want to go.” he sighed. “If the house was haunted and the ghost was anyoying as hell would you mind if i cleared him even though this time of year i am meant to respect the dead?” i asked suddenly glaring at the ghost who was now screaming at the top of his voice and i could now hear Nathan getting up upstairs. For some reason he even anyoyed Nathans hearing the guy needed ear plugs i repeat he hears to much. “That explains the cold spots and everyone commenting on cobwebs.” he said weakly. “Can i get rid of him?” i asked Charlie, glaring at the ghost that was now calling me alot of colourful insults. “Is it safe?” he asked me. i could hear Nathan coming down the stairs, so this conversation couldnt go on as he would hear. “Not sure i will have to ask aunt Beaty, but this time of year possibly not.” i said. Nathan came in the kitchen. “Sorry didn’t mean to interupt.” he said going to the fridge and pulling out the milk. “eww gross Nathan.” i said as he drunk out the milk carton. “What i didnt backwash.” he said. “A cup would be nice Nathan.” Charlie said, “Yeah.” Nathan said not bothering grabbing one and emptying the carton at least he wasnt putting it back i suppose. “Well Sophia if you want to stay at the hotel with your aunt just let me know okay?” Charlie said. “yeah fine will do.” i said. i grabbed a water bottle out the fridge, i looked at Charlie still stood there worried. “We are going to realese moms ash tomorow night i think.” i said. “really on halloween?” Nathan asked. “yeah.” i said. “That sucks theres a really good party.” Nathan said. “Not on a school night your mothers already told you that.” Charlie said. “Come on Mr D ive never missed it and its not like the whole school doesnt go.” Nathan started. “Ill be home by curfew.” Nathan started. “You went to a party on saturday.” Charlie said. “yeah but that was just a small halloween party, this ones the big one at the masons.” Nathan started. “They go all out and the house is like a hunted mansion, Sophia will love it.” Nathan said. “If your mothers said no.” Charlie started. Nathan went to say something but if i didnt leave now i never would get my run. “Want to come for a run Nathan?” i asked him. “Yeah alright sounds okay.” Nathan said grabbing a water bottle out the fridge, he was dressed in joggers and trainers anyway chances were he was going on one anyway. We left Charlie in the kitchen.

We didnt talk as we raced down the sidewalk. Both panting as we came to a stop. “Do you wanna go the party as its the event of the year.” he said. “Not really, not that day.” i admitted, not after realising moms ashes. not on samhain. “Alright but you really should come a party with me soon.” Nathan said. i weakly smiled at him i couldnt help it, he was just trying to be friendly but he never pushed when he could. “I miss partys.” i admitted to him. “you dont have to.” he reminded me, he could of got me in a few, but they were his friends and i wouldn’t really be invited, the populars kind of hated me. Nathans actul best friend flirted with me constantly and was anyoying as hell. “it wouldnt be the same without Tiff, without my friends, these people are your friends not mine. i know you dont like the friends ive made but i made them myself, even if i cant work out how Des and i got past his problem with you but i think its mutral.” i said with a smirk at him joking at the end and making sure he realised it was a joke. “Oh there i thought we were friends.” Nathan said faking a look of hurt. “i like to think we are.” i assured him. He looked at me. “you do?” he asked me. “Yeah your really great.” i assured him, which i really did mean it as well. “your not so bad yourself Soph.” he told me. i smiled. “now should we run back so we can wash up before school.” i said. “do you think Mr Ds out his lecture mode.” Nathan asked. “doubt it im sensing a popquiz.” i told him. “na that will be after the party to catch those who went to the party out all the teachers will all do it.” Nathan assured me. “Note taken but i still think Charlies will be today as everyone knows it will be tomorow and weve pissed him off.” i told Nathan. “we got to stop doing that.” Nathan laughed. “NATHAN.” a girls voice squealed. i looked up as she came swishing her ass down the sidewalk. she was in a cheerleading outfit that i myself used to rock just in different colours. “Hey.” Nathan said to her, like he couldnt be bothered and the truth was i knew he couldnt be. “Hey what brings you out so early.” She said with a grin. “Just having a jog with Sophia.” he shrugged, thanks Nathan because she wasnt already sending daggers at me. “Thats really nice of you Nathan keeping her company.” she said her voice sounded like honey i wanted to yell ‘ITS A TRAP’ “No its not, well we better get on. see you at school.” Nathan said. “Maybe we could go jogging together sometime.” she said. i wanted to ask her if she had ever been jogging in her life. “Maybe.” Nathan said. “Well we should get home mom said something about pancakes.” Nathan said. “Oh yeah i forgot your siblings now arent you.” she said with a smirk, like she suddenly had the biggest secret. “Yeah well step and they arent married yet just engaged.” Nathan said. “Can we go Nathan our pancakes will be getting cold.” i said. “Yeah see you at school.” Nathan said. we both jogged of, “your mom didnt say anything about pancakes today. in fact she said she wasnt here for breakifast and youve drunk the last of the milk anyway so even if Charlie was going to make pancakes he couldnt.” i pointed out actully disapointed that there was not going to be a pancake. “Oh come on you didnt think we were really getting pancakes did you.” he said. “now im disapointed you shouldnt mention pancakes if your not going to deliver.” i told him. “i will deliver tomorow.” he said. “Ha im holding you to that.” i said. “whys she in uniform you dont have a game today do you?” i asked. “Na the cheersquad do it the whole week of halloween as everyones meant to come in custume and it gives them the perfect excuse.” he said. “Thats tomorow.” i pointed out remembering i needed to either wear all black tomorow or something, i would talk to Des about it. he would understand my feelings about the whole costume thing. mom used to let me have Samhain off school. mom used to let me have alot of days of school. I slightly wondered if Charlie would, or the fact that he was my teacher if he wouldnt. But then much to his own shock i was a straight A student and i never asked for help with my work, even when hes asked me if i would like any. I thought about what me and mom would be doing tomorow and it stung like hell. We would bake some bread for the dead and put it outside the house, then we would go to the graveyard and give every grave a loaf and a bunch of flowers, even though i thought it was slightly wrong to pull them up, mom would always say they would replensh the earth as they died and all would come alive again. I wondered then if she would of prefered to have been burried. but Aunt Beaty and i agreed having her there when neither of us were there was wrong. My grandmother was in england, yes dead. my grandfather had walked out on them both when they were young and who the hell knew where he was. Mom had told me she didnt even remember the man or give him a second thought. i often wondered if that was true. because yes i hadnt thought of Charlie everyday, but i had still thought about him. wondering if he would ever love me or care for me or if he would have ever excepted me. The thing was i was too scared to open myself up to his feelings now to find out if he did. “Sophia.” Nathan said, we had got home and i was so lost. “Whats wrong?” he asked me. “im just remembering my mom and what we would normally do this time of year.” i said. “Oh would you do a big party?” he asked actully looking interested but also weary me bringing up my mom was rare. i tried not to think about her, i dont think that he even knew i had her upstairs in my bedroom. “Im just thinking that maybe she would of prefered to go to where my Gran is burried.” i said truthfully. “than here.” i said. “She never liked it here.” i said looking around. “why not?” Nathan asked. “She didnt like the ocean said it was too unpredictable.” i said truthfully. “she didnt like the weather here, said it was too salty as the wind always come of the sea rather than the land.” i said thoughtful. “Im not sure, i think im just trying to find reasons not to do it.” i said. “Maybe telling your aunt you cant because its Halloween.” he suggested. I could tell him the truth but i didnt think Charlie would apreciate it, so instead i said. “in alot of cultures this is the best time to do it, its Samhain on the 31st and 1st, its also Dia de los Muertos on the 2nd of november and all saints day on the 1st. its the time of year to respect the dead." i told him looking at him wondering if he would understand that. "Cool." he said, litrelly he just said cool. Really? i shouldnt feel insulted i knew that, but i kind of did. Again the stab of they will never understand me hurt me. This was why i shouldnt be here, i should let Aunty Beaty see this new situation and insist she takes me with her. But was that really what i wanted? would i be happy the other side of the world, alright i know its not but it is at the same time. No i realised i would still have to make a new life, no matter where i went i would have to build a life without mom. We walked into the house, Nathan unlocking it. "You two took forever." Justin said from the kitchen with Blake when we went through. did Blake ever go home? did he spend the night? i never asked. i was just used to seeing him constantly. "We run into Nathans girlfriend." i told them. "Shes not my girlfriend." Nathan said loudly. "Does she know that?" Justin asked, something i asked Nathan all the time. "Who wants Pancakes?" Justin asked. "See i came through with the pancakes." Nathan said. i looked at him and then looked at Justin who was indeed cooking pancakes. "How Nathan drunk the last of the milk." i asked. "i went shop before i came over." Blake told us. "How many pancakes do you two want?" Justin asked putting them in a stack. "Save me two, i will be back in a few." i said to him, leaving the kitchen walking around Ghost guy who was yelling at us for the mess that the kitchen was in. They didnt comment on my odd walking, i hoped they didnt notice, i went in my room. locked my bedroom door, went to my ensuite, thanking Sarah and Charlie for giving me this room. i jumped in the shower, then when i came out i waved my hand and my hair went into braided twist, i turned on a hairdryer to make the sound but didnt need to use it. i thought about what to wear today when my aunt was going to be picking me up. it was kind of chilly today as well i had worn a jumper for jogging today and chances where i would have to get a coat soon. i flipped through a magazine that i had in the bathroom and pulled my outfit straight of the fashion page changing the jumpers colouring slightly. i couldnt really be bothered today. it was jeans and flat shoes and would be warm thats all i cared about, i didnt have the old worrys about my clothes that i used to have, not that my fashion sense was dead believe me i still knew what not to wear ever. i run downstairs and most the pancakes were gone except two for me and five for Nathan, believe me i didnt doubt he would eat all five. "Thankyou." i said. "i still cant work out how you get ready so quick." Justin said looking at me. "Magic." i told him. i pulled some fruit out the fridge and throw it in the blender turning it on, and pulled the bottle of chocolate sause out the cupbored and poured it all over my pancakes drowning them. "Do you want pancakes with your chocolate?" Blake asked me sarcastically. i pulled out some frozen berrys from the the freezer and poured them over my pancakes. then chucked the whole thing in the microwave, both boys watched me in disbeief. "Soph just because you add fruit it doesnt make it healthy." Justin infromed me. "Whats the point of life if you dont enjoy it. whats the point in dieting if you deny yourself what you want to eat. lifes to short. " i told him shrugging. i poured my smoothie into a cup. "its finding the balance." i told him starting to eat my pancakes. Nathan came down just as i had finished. "could of waited." he said. "Na." we all said. "See i told you i would come through with pancakes." Nathan said. "No Justin came through with pancakes." i said. "fine but you still got pancakes after the run." Nathan pointed out. "shouldnt you two be getting school?" Blake asked us. "Na i will blame Sophia." Nathan shrugged. "he really will." i told them, "he did last week and again it was his fault." i pointed out. "you could always drive yourself to school." he said, then he obviously realised what he said, as he looked at me worried. Charlie had brought up my driving lessons three days ago it hadnt ended well, it had ended with me running to my room slamming my door and my music going as loud as i could, i know everyone said i wasnt driving when mom died, but when i dreamed moms death every night and every nights was different in little ways sometimes i was even driving i still couldnt really bring myself to do it, some mornings going in Nathans car alone was hard, i wondered if he even realised that. "Na whats the point in learning to drive when i havent got a car anyway." i said. "you could borrow my car." Justin suggested. "if it ever runs." Blake said. "Soph can pay to have it fixed then i will let her use it." Justin said. "Yeah in a blue moon." i said. "No not that often." Justin said. i had to smile, at least he was being honest he would let me borrow his car, he just would never not be using it. "Shouldnt you two be at college?" i suggested. "Nope." Blake said, just nope. "So are you bringing your aunt here? mom said she didnt know if she should pop and get stuff for dinner for your aunt or not." Justin said. "i doubt it, i think she wants to go the hotel and talk." i said. Nathan finished the last of his breakfast. "well see you later." he said grabbing his bag. "are you two forgetting something?" Justin asked. "oh yeah lunch." i said grabbing it from the fridge for both of us. "i meant the washing up." Justin said. "And chip a nail?" i asked him showing my freshly manicured hand, he rolled his eyes. "Same." Justin said not bothering to show his nails which werent manicured. "Bye." i said as sweetly as i could following Nathan out the front door. i swished my hand to leave an ear in the room as i wanted to know if i had overstepped as i used that alot. "How come those two never have to clean." Justin moaned. "because they both know youll do it." Blake suggested. "Maybe i should stop doing it." Justin moaned. "Then youll be the one in trouble." Blake pointed out. Justin sighed. "i havent even seen Sophia do a single load of laundry whilst here." Justin said. "Or Nathan his side of the rooms a bombs hit." Justin moaned, i climbed in Nathans car, we werent talking so i didnt push a conversation. "they will be the ones who regret it when they have no clothes." Blake said. i canceled out my hearing as Nathan was talking. "So you dont need a ride home?" he asked me. "nope." i said. "want me to hang around in case?" he asked. "dont you have practise anyway?" i asked. "Yeah so i will be there if you need a lift." Nathan shrugged. "its fine, i trust her when she says she will be somewhere she will be there." i said. "Just in case her flights running late or something let me know alright?" he asked me. "Alright." i said. We pulled up at the school a few miniutes later. "your fanclub." i indicated them to Nathan not that he needed me to, the cheerleaders waited for him everyday. "Nathan." i said thoughtful. "why arent you with a girl here, the boys on the team at home never used to be single for long. Jacob was single 3 weeks before he was with his next girlfriend and according to Tiff hes had 7 girls since then." i said looking at him. "i just dont see the point Soph in being with someone for the sake of being with someone. the right person will be the one you want to try with." he said. "I kind of get that." i said thoughtful. "like how did you get with Jacob?" he asked me. "he asked me out 23 times." i said. "really?" Nathan asked. "i know right i thought he was too needy and still said no." i laughed. "Do you miss it still." Nathan asked me. "Yeah ofcourse, i miss my friends. but all this showed me was who wasnt really my friend. Tiff and i still talk everynight." i said. "i know i hear." he said. "I cant wait to room with her next year." i said. "She turns 18 next month it sucks im not going to be able to see her." i admitted. "Maybe i should see if Charlie will let me go spend Thankgiving with her like i normally do." i said. "i doubt it." Nathan said. "why not?" i asked. "its your first thankgiving with him and its our first as a family my grans coming your grans coming and grandad." he said. "Shit ive never met those people Nathan." i said. he shrugged. "That makes all of us then." he said but i saw his worry, more people i have to hide from. did they know the truth of what i was? or did they think Charlie just wasnt a part of my life, i didnt know which i would prefer them not wanting me because i wasnt normal human or them not wanting me because Charlie didnt. "Soph are you getting out?" Nathan asked. "do i have to?" i asked. "yeah because we are already pushing it for homeroom." Nathan said. i undid the door and climbed out.

Looking at Des stood at his locker after second i had to ask. "Des what are you wearing tomorow." he looked at me like i was a freak, he often gave me that look, even when i was helping him with his spell work, he was almost at the same level as me and i just needed to think what my private study was soon so i could finsish and pass the 2 hours left of flight time and the exam. "i aint coming school tomorow." Des told me. "Well thanks for the heads up." i said. "sorry i never do wont be back until the 3rd." he told me. i nodded. "Alright." i said. "Tell your dad you require the days as mental sick days." Des suggested. "what am i sick of?" i asked. "Nathan." Des said. "Des thats not nice." i said trying not to laugh, "hes right behind me isnt he?" i said knowing it always worked like that. "Yep." Nathan said rather than Des. i turned around and faced my stepbrother. "Can you do me a favour?" Nathan asked. "What?" i asked suspicious. "Cover for me tomorow night." Nathan said. "because they wont know where you really are when theyve already said no." i pointed out. "please Soph and i wont drink from the juice carton anymore. "fine but i get that in writing." i said. "deal." Nathan said. "See you later." Nathan said walking off. "I would hate breakifast at your house." Des said laughing as Ben joined us saying as he through his arm over my shoulder "Oi Fee why did the most popular guy at school think he could talk to my girl." "Because hes apparently my older brother and when did i become your girl and what have we discussed about personal space Ben." i said, Des laughed so did Megan who had come over with Ben. i walked away from Ben and instead threaded my arm in Megs as Des knew Meg had needed a friend who was a girl. she had needed alot and even if it was just happy vibes i could send her through my touch anything helped to keep her out of depresion, esspically as she was scared as her stepdad had run off, i wanted to tell her he wouldnt be coming back to hurt her again. he was still enjoying his life as a toad in Des's room according to Des, i knew she was actully worried about the guy at the same time she was thankful he was gone. Des and i still needed to work out the next step of that plan but a toad in a tank wasnt hurting anyone. it wasnt like his mom wanted toad legs the other day and asked if she could use him, which had Des and me running to his home fast and him getting in trouble for all of a few miniutes then her wanting to cook the toad in her potion anyway. my question as i had gone with him was what was she making, which ended up with potion lesson for the both of us, but as it was an anti wrinkle cream i hoped i would never find the need for it. Espically with toad in it. "What are you wearing tomorow?" i asked Megan. "black long coat with a black tshirt with a skull on." Megan said. i looked at my new pixie haired friend who was already dressed as a goth in a long black coat. "so your normal clothes." i pointed out. "yep." she said. "Ben?" i asked. "we could come in a couples outfit." he said with a smile, he was teasing. "we could if the world ended." i said seriously. "So how likely?" he asked me. "if you keep asking im sure Sophia can end your life." Des told him. "is that a promise Fee?" Ben asked, we all groined and instead went to class as the bell rung.

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