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Chapter 14 - not edited yet

Stood looking at all the cars leaving i worried for the first time that my aunt wouldnt keep her word as i couldnt see her. Would she be another person to disapoint me in my life. “Sophie.” A voice yelled from a convertable as she pulled up. i run over and jumped in not bothering opening the door. “i hired this Sophie.” she moaned at me. it was a 4 seater if she was renting a car in fall why a convertable? “Yeah i can tell. why this car?” i asked her. “i wanted to look cool.” she said. “you are cool.” i pointed out. “good to know.” she said putting her foot on the pedal. “So what have i missed?” she asked me. “nothing much.” i said. “how are you getting on with Charles?” she asked me. “Hes fine.” i said. “how are you coping with the humans?” she asked me. “they are still human.” i said. “Still mad at me?” she asked me. “yes and no.” i said. “Well thats a good start as theres a no.” she said. i took a deep breath. “How was your husband when you told him you were coming to America again and this time for Samhain.” i asked. “well theres the big thing i should discus with you.” she said worried. “Where do you fancy for dinner?” She asked. “um anywheres good.” i said. she pulled into the first place. “that kind of thing to tell me?” i asked her. “Well i desided best not to tell you when i was driving.” she said. “sensible.” i said. “i am occasianly that.” she said. “thats not what mom used to say.” i said i saw the hurt flash across her face, yep to early for both of us. “Are you ready?” she asked me. “no.” i admitted. she sucked in her breath. “Why not?” she asked me worried. “its not the fact im not ready to let her go, i dont want her trapped.” i said. “Then why?” she asked. “heres just not the right place for her. i want her to be with Gran.” i said. she let go of her breath. “i want the same thing.” she admitted. “i hated having her cremated, i felt wrong that i should of had her burried in the family plot.” she admitted. i nodded, she shouldnt be here. i know here is where i am currently, but i might never come back. i know she will be everywhere but heres not the right place to realise her.” i said. she nodded. “i understand.” Aunt Beaty said. “so we arent going to realise her Tomorow?” she asked. “i know tomorow is the best day to do it, but neither us are in the right place.” i said. She nodded. “Thankyou Sophronia.” she said. i weakly smiled really thankful we werent doing it now. “Can we do it next Samhain?” i asked her. “we can do it when ever we are ready Samhain i dont mind if it is or not, your mom wouldnt care she would just want us to do it when we are ready.” she said. i nodded. “Aunt Beaty.” i started. “Yes Sophie.” she asked. “thankyou.” i said. she nodded. “Would you like any drinks and a menu?” a boy a bit older than me college student asked coming over. we gave our drink order, for some reason Aunty Beaty ordered two drinks. i looked at the second drink trying to understand, did i forget a traditon about buying the dead drinks today? “Sophie i know you have never met Dill.” she said worried. “omg am i finnaly going to meet him?” i asked. “i wish you wouldnt say omg. its such an insult coming from your mouth.” Aunty Beaty said. “oh my goodness.” i said. “You can try get around it but its still not right.” she said. i rolled my eyes. “Your trying to get off the subject.” i said. “trying am i succeseding?” she asked. “no.” i said. “same as your not with your own father and i came to discus you not me. i have alot to catch up. for example you now living with his step children to be.” she said she was angry. “i think he thought it was for the best.” i said trying to calm her down slightly. “putting you in a house with two teenage boys was for the best?” she snapped. “Its not them thats the problem.” i said. “Is your new step mother to be horrible i will hex her.” she snapped. “No shes lovely.” i assured her. “Its just hard on all of us.” i said. “well he said he wanted to get to know you, not for you to get to know his new family. i have it in good mind.” she snapped. “i thought you were going to listen and not react.” i said. “i said that didnt i.” she said, i nodded. “The new house has a ghost.” i said weakly. “how lovely, what are they like?” she asked me now smiling. “hes horrible and hes making my life there mirserable he yells and screams insults all the time. he keeps getting in my way and i am having to pretend i'm human.” i said. she took a deep breath. “Have you tried talking to him?” she asked me. “Not really no.” i said. “well try talking to him, give him a loaf of bread tomorow and a drink and ask him about his life, ask him whats keeping him here, help him move on and help the spirit.” she said. “i will try.” i said. “give him time, if he doesnt settle talk to Aberaham and Venessa to help you, do not attempt to clear him yourself and espically not this week. he is the most powerful this week.” she said. i nodded. “Okay.” i said kind of disapointed she wasnt going to help me. “A first ghost is a milestone Sophie if i helped you i wouldnt be helping you.” she said. i nodded trying to act like i understood. “So your husband?” i said. “we havent finished discussing your life.” she said. “nutuh i aint saying anymore until you do.” i said sitting back in my chair, taking a sip of my drink. she took a deep breath. “Sophie Dill and i have been together a very long time.” she said. “Oh please dont tell me your getting divorced.” i said worried. “no no nothing like that Sophie.” she said. i looked at her and decided there was no harm. “Shit.” i said, “Sophie you didn’t ask my permission.” she said. “YOUR AN ADULT AUNTIE BEATY ITS CALLED BIRTH FUCKING CONTROL WHY DOES NO ONE AROUND HERE SUDDENLY UNDERSTAND THAT.” I yelled at her, i couldn’t help it, ever felt not wanted then everyone around you who you used to think loved you suddenly start replacing you. I know thats not exactly right but its how i felt right then. i should be happy for her, but instead i was angry and hurt and light bulbs were blowing up all around the resturant and my drink was boiling i grabbed my school bag and stormed out. the moment i got into the carpark i turned invisible and threw my broom open and took to the sky aware, i wouldnt be invisible to aunt Beaty but also aware she was scared of hights so the higher i went the less likely she was to follow me!

Where was i even going! i had zoomed around for 2 hours my broom even telling me “Congratulations you have passed your needed flight time, your exam time will be sent to you by mailbird or mirror within the next 200 days, please stay patient as we are time limited.” it said. i sighed. i sighed even more when a broom came up into the air, with a very uncomfortable Des on it. hey at least it wasnt aunt beaty. “whats wrong with you?” i asked him, hey it was the first time i had seen Des on his broom. “do you know how uncomfortable this is for a guy?” he asked me. “get over it.” i told him. “dont need to be a bitch, i just saw you flying and wondered who pissed you off so much today you dont want to be on ground where they can find you.” he said. “Why do we get taught about birthcontrol.” i said. “is this a trick question?” Des asked me. “Why do adults teach us about birth control do they suddenly think when they get to an old person they dont need it.” i demanded from him. “Uh is this about Sarahs pregnancy because i thought you were fine with that, i thought you said your dad desereved a human family.” he said. “Do you have to throw my words back at me.” i snapped at him. “should i leave you to it Bitchy.” he said. i took a deep breath of fresh sky air. it was cold up here and i was shivering i realised. “want to land and at least put on one of my jumpers if your not ready to go home and grab one?” he asked me. “i will grab one from home.” i said sighing at my own relisation that i was being unresinble with Des and all he was trying to do was look out for me, we had come along way from the guy who had not wanted me near his friends because i knew Nathan thats for sure. “alright lower yourself behind those trees and then glam your broom to look like a bike or we can walk.” he said. “we can walk because i admitted to Nathan i cant ride a bike.” i said. “wait you cant ride a bike?” he asked me. “no i can ride a broomstick.” i said. “i cant drive either.” i reminded him. “that i know, still cant believe Nathan is friendly enough to drive you school every morning.” Des said, i laughed as i landed. my broom shrinking to a pen. “nice, i just have to call mine cant carry it 24 7.” he told me. “My brooms bigger than yours.” i said, “now that just sounded dirty.” he said. we walked to my new home. i went up and unlocked the door, Des hesitated. “oh come on Des noones going to bite, just watch the ghost on the stairs hes anyoying.” i told him, he chuckled i think he thought i was kidding. “Hey what you doing home?” Justin asked he was on the couch with a girl practically stradling his lap, i dont know why but it was like he had hit me with that. I didnt even understand why i cared but it hurt. “Getting a jacket.” i managed to mumble after taking him and the girl in. For some reason i was quiet, quieter than i thought i ever had been before in my life. “Okay hows it going with your aunt?” he asked me. “Fine.” i lied, i looked at Des who seemed like he didnt know what to do. “Just grab the jacket Sophia.” Des said. “Oh hey Des, i didnt realise you were here.” Justin said sounding torn, i never did get it but Justin didnt seem to like Des either, he had been slightly anyoyed when he found out i had made friends with him. “Yeah i just run into Sophia and she was cold, i offered her one of my jackets but she turned it down.” he said. “that was nice of you to offer.” Justin said, his voice was heavy it didnt sound like him either. “Whos your friend Justin?” Des asked. “Oh sorry Marybeth this is my little stepsister Sophia and her friend Desmond. you are just friends right?” Justin asked his voice going a bit angry with the question. “Yeah just friends, im still with Megan.” he said. “oh good for you i hope you last.” Justin said. “Sophia go grab your jacket.” Des said. thats when ghost guy appeared at the top of the stairs yelling insults, Des looked up at him. “i thought you were kidding.” he mumbled. “i wish i was.” i told him, dodging the ghost as i run to my room. i grabbed my jacket, wishing i had just called it to me with magic. i took a few deep breaths and looked at moms urn. “Well mommy now what?” i asked her. ofcourse she was gone, we all knew that. i went back down. Des was still stood there looking awkward but now he was holding a soda at least and he held one out to me. “thanks.” i said. “Justin got them.” he said. “What are you two up to then?” Justin asked his date was no longer in his lap instead sat next to him, looking embaressed. “Going to walk around and talk.” i said. “You dont need to you can stay here, we can go upstairs.” Justin said. i didnt want to think of him in his bed with a girl. it some how hurt me and i didnt know why. “Thats fine, we want to walk.” i said. “See you later.” i said. “Soph remember cerfew.” Justin yelled at me. “yeah i got an hour.” i said rolling my eyes at Des. “I thought you were out with your aunt.” Justin said realising i shouldnt be with Des. “i was we had a fight.” i said. “Want to talk about it?” he asked. “No its fine enjoy your date.” i said. “Yeah Justin enjoy.” Des said for some reason his own voice sounded heavy with distaste. we left then though. i took in a few deep breaths. “Come on lets walk.” Des said. i nodded we did. “So whats the deal with the dead guy?” he asked, thankfully not what was the deal with my reaction to Justin, because i could still feel my heart. “i dont know, my aunt said i need to talk to him and help him. that as my first ghost i need to learn to deal with him and if she steps in she wouldn’t be helping me.” i said. “i understand that, but does she know how angry he is and how much energy he has?” he asked me. “we never finished our conversation about him. we brought up the fact that we aren’t ready to release mom tomorrow.” i said. “So your going to do it next year, its understandable.” he told me. i nodded. “thanks.” i said. “no problem.” he said. “Then what?” he asked me. “She brought up her husband.” i admitted. “human or wizard or warlock?” he asked me. “Wizard i think could be warlock not human.” i said. “Alright they having problems?” he asked. “if they are she didnt say, i sensed her.” i said. “and heres where adults not knowing how to use birthcontrol comes from.” Des said. “i know i shouldnt have flipped at her, she doesnt even know about my new sibling and i should be happy for her. i am happy for her.” i said. “but you already feel like your dads trying to replace you with a human family, then your aunt who didnt take you to live with her is pregant as well and she has a magical child so you think both are trying to replace you and you have no one.” he said like he thought i was being dramatic. i glared at him. “Thats exactly how i feel.” i snapped at him. “hey i get it, but i think your being stupid.” he said. i glared at him more. “you didnt give her a chance to talk did you, if she was trying to replace you she wouldn’t have come all this way.” he said. “she came to release mom.” i said, tears started coming out my eyes. “Yeah she did but she also came to see her neice.” he said. “Her neice who run away from her without letting her talk.” Des said. we sat down on a brick wall drinking our sodas. “I know your worlds crashed and burned this year, but that doesnt mean she doesnt love you. It doesnt mean your dad doesnt want to love you. you might not be open to him, but i opened to him the other day and i assure you Sophia he loves you he just doesn’t know how to fully understand you.” he said. “Come on lets go get the stuff for you to make the bread for the dead, mom got it all ready for you i was meant to drop it round tomorow as apparently you shouldnt have to not celebreate how you should because your human family dont understand you. im meant to tell you, your welcome when ever you wish at mine. but as i try keep Megan away it would be awkward.” he told me. “i get it.” i assured him. “Mom was being really weird about it all.” he said. “like what?” i asked. “like she will fully understand you every part of you, all the reserch shows that a wizard and witch or warlock and witch relationships last on adverage 60% more out of a witch and human and a wizard and human.” he said. “is this a real reserch because i would love to see it?” i asked him. “dont encourage her.” he said but he laughed at least. “if you really think Megan will understand you could try tell her, if worst happens you can give her the frog.” i said. “hes a toad.” He said. “an amphibian is an amphibian.” i told him. “that wont work on your exams.” he said. “what are you two talking about?” Nathan asked coming over again Des and i had been caught in a private conversations. “whether toads and frogs are the same thing.” Des told him, but all his features had gone withdrawn and you didn’t have to be a genius to know he didn’t like Nathan. i really wish they would tell me why. “Why?” Nathan asked. “we saw a frog.” i told him. “it was a toad.” Des said. “Like i said an amphibian is an amphibian.” i said. “yeah well okay, Sophia its curfew.” Nathan said. Des scoffed. “Are you going for your morning jog?” Des asked me. “Yeah.” i said. “Alright i will bring the stuff with me and give it you when your doing your yoga, you going to your beach?” he asked me. “yeah i will do.” i said. “Why dont you just give it her at school tomorow.” Nathan said like he thought the two of us were thick. “im not going school tomorow.” i said. “your not and have you confirmed that with Mr D.” Nathan asked. “He said to spend as much time with my aunt as i wanted, so im going to have a few days off as mental days.” i said. “oh yes because your english teacher of a dad who gives pop quizes for no reason will understand that.” Nathan said sarcasticly. “i know right.” i said with a smile. “i will see you tomrow night Des.” i said “Night Sophia just remember listen you might be suprised what you learn.” Des said. i rolled my eyes and went with Nathan. “What is it with you and Des you could of made any friends yet you had to make friends with him.” he moaned, i just shrugged. “Has Justins date gone because it was awkard?” i asked Nathan. “how am i to know, i just got home and saw you.” Nathan said. “you first then.” i said “wimp.” Nathan said. we both went in though. “Hey.” Justin yelled at us. “you two are late for curfew.” Justin yelled. “i will hold him down you punch him.” Nathan said. “I’m a red built in Karate and a purple belt in mixed martial arts believe me i can take him.” i told Nathan. Nathan laughed. “Pay to see that fight.” Nathan told me. i shrugged. “never underestimate a girl.” i informed him. “believe me i wont.” Nathan said. We both went into the lounge, Justin was sat on the couch with the girl they were watching a movie. again that unresianble feeling went in my chest, like Justin had betrayed me. “Your both 5 miniutes late for curfew.” Justin said looking at the clock. “Justin still lives at home with his mom and stepdad and siblings.” Nathan said flatly, Nathan looked at me encouraginly. “he cooks really well.” i said. “thats not embarrising Sophia, your to new to this, you have to tell her something embarssing about him.” Nathan said. “for example, Justin had to sleep with the light on until he was 16.” Nathan said. “Really thats so cute.” Marybeth said. “Excuse me Marybeth whilst i go murder my siblings.” Justin said standing up. “hey im innocent.” i said. “hardly.” Justin said. “Justins teddy bear is called.” Nathan started, Justin chassed Nathan out the room threatening to kill him. “would you like a drink?” i asked Marybeth. “Um no thankyou i have a soda.” she told me. “well night.” i said, i walked into the kitchen and got myself a cup of milk suspicious of it as i poured it in the cup. “We aint positioned it Soph.” Justin said. “im just suspicious one of you has drunk from the carton.” i admitted. “Na thats fresh milk Blake got this morning and i aint had a drink of it today and Nathans just got home.” Justin said. i nodded and poured myself a cup. “how did seeing your aunt go?” he asked me. “Not very well.” i admitted. “we will sort it out, shes giving me time to get my head around it.” i said knowing for a fact thats what she was doing, my mirror had glowed to track me but she hadnt rung, so she knew i needed time. “Around what?” he asked sitting on the counter. “Old people dont remember how to use birth control.” i mumbled. “i hoped you remembered because becoming an aunty on top is going to be to much for me to cope with currently.” i admitted, why i admitted that i dont know. “Well first off im not old.” Justin said. “Are you sure?” i asked him trying not to smile. i was mad at Justin for unknown reasons but at the same time i felt like i could joke with him at least. “If you want you you can use my laptop and watch a film.” he said. “we dont have wifi yet.” i pointed out. “i have dvds in my room.” he rolled his eyes. “Alright and your room is safe?” i asked. “Why wouldnt it be safe?” Justin asked confused. “you share it with Nathan.” I pointed out. “Yeah i tided it before my date, now go so i can finish my date.” he said. “Fine night Justin.” i said. i slipped past yelling ghost. “why do you do that Sophia.” Justin asked. “do what?” i asked. “change direction like that when you walk, do you need your shoulder looked at whens your next appointment?” he asked me. “8th of novemeber.” i said. “thats along time arent you weekly anymore.” he asked me. “no gone down to monthly well depends on what she says.” i said truthfully. “well dont let Nathan convince you into anything to scary. be asleep before they get home.” Justin said. “Where are they?” i asked. “hell if i know.” Justin said. “i just got told to keep an eye on you both and they would see us tomorow evening.” Justin said. “Alright.” i said, i went upstairs and knocked of Nathans door. “Coming.” Nathan said, he opened his door in his boxers and a wifebeater shaving foam all around his face, i had to raise an eyebrow. “Shaving of your invisible shawdow?” i asked him. “You alright whats up?” he asked worried, would there be something wrong for me to knock. i realised then that it was the first time i had. “Justin said i could borrow a dvd and his laptop.” i said. “oh come in you can choose one we can watch together.” he said. i went in, i looked around at there room. i knew they hadnt decorated but at the same time they had. Justin had grabed the sample pots, quiet a few of them and one of them had done stripes down the walls behind there beds. Blue and Blacks behind what i took to be Justins side as was the neater side and Red and white behind Nathans the school colours. “very school spirited of you.” i said. i went up to the book case and started looking through. “nothing to soopy okay.” Nathan said. i nodded, pulling off a horror straight away. Nathan went back to his mirror and carried of shaving. i ignored him, wondering why he hadnt gone to the bathroom. I started up the laptop that Nathan had dumbed on his bed and put the dvd on. when he finished he came over. Should i just sit on his bed like i used to Jacobs and used to Abes? or should i grab the computer chair. “what we watching.” Nathan asked me. “the conjuring.” i admitted. “Alright getting in the halloween spirit.” Nathan said with a grin. i rolled my eyes at him he climbed on his bed, “well how you going to watch the movie hand stand or sit on my bed like a sensible person.” he asked moving up. i climbed on his bed next to him and he clicked play.

Alright i admit it i slightly screamed when Ghost guy walked through the wall it just also happened to be a scary part of the movie, but i assure you it was the ghost that scared me. alright you all know im lieing it was the movie. Nathan wasnt exactly not scared himself i could tell as his heart beat was very fast and he kept jumping. “should we stop.” Nathan asked looking at the time. “No we got to finish the movie its only got a bit left.” i said. We both screamed when Justin came in turning the light on. “whats up with you two?” he asked hestitating he had taken off his trousers when he entered and i was thankful he had stoped at that. “Shouldnt you both be asleep.” he asked. “its almost finished.” i said. “Alright.” he said going and grabbing his nightwear and walking out his room. He came in again 10 miniutes later and sat on his bed. “your date gone?” Nathan asked trying to distract himself from the movie. i watched it rather than Justin. “yeah she has.” Justin said. i slightly burried my head back in Nathans chest hey he was solid enough. Nathan also hadnt been commenting, he hadnt laughed and said scared because he was as scared at the same parts and i hadnt found parts scary that he had. “Are you both going to sleep tonight?” Justin asked. “is mom home yet?” Nathan asked. “not yet.” he said. “is Charlie?” i asked. “not yet but they did both ring. i told them you both here and both made curfew so you both owe me.” Justin said. we watched the end of our film. “well night.” i said when it was finished. “Night Soph, knock before you go on your run.” Justin said. i rolled my eyes. “Justin your not that much older.” i said rolling my eyes at him as i left. when i got to my bathroom my mirror was alight in a way that said message so i tapped it to answer. “Sophie i am sorry i told you how i did ring me and talk to me.” she said. i sighed and got the mirror to dial her. “where have you been.” she demanded. “getting my head around it.” i said. “i am not trying to replace you Sophie, if i had it my way you would be coming london with me and Dill this week.” she said. i nodded nervous. “im sorry i flipped out i should of listened, theres just been alot of baby talk these last few months and its scary.” i said. “your not you and Jacob always.” she said. for goodness sake everyone just assumed i was doing it. “No i ain’t, but Charlie and Sarah.” i said. “thats it then.” My aunt said firmly “your coming to live with me.” she said firmly. “whats the point, by the time you and Charlie have finished fighting i will have graduated and be off to college with Tiff.” i said. “i dont think thats a good idea, Tiff is human.” Aunt Beaty said. “You know how when you know someone is safe to tell.” i said “ofcourse.” Auntie Beaty said. “thats how ive always felt about Tiff. shes my best friend she excepts everything about me, except this distance.” i admitted. “even then i talk to her constantly even more than i talk to Vinnie and Abe. espically more than i talk to Abe as he still refuses to get a phone.” i said. “We will talk about it tomorow. do you want me to pick you up from school, then we can carve a pumpkin and get the stuff to bake break i am sure Charles will let us at least borrow his kitchen.” She said. “My friend Desmonds mom has got me a box of everything i need apparently.” i said. “Oh you made a Warlock or Wizard friend?” she asked me interested and i admit hopeful. “hes a wizard and yeah we are friends.” i said. “i more than aprove.” she said with a grin. “We are just friends.” i said rolling my eyes but her smile was huge. i looked at her. “i am hanging up now Auntie Beaty.” I said. “i will see you in the morning.” i told her. “is Charlie not making you go school?” she asked with a grin. “i aint going even if he trys, Des is having off to the 3rd so should i mom used to give me the whole week off.” i said. “kids get there christmas off and summer i dont ask for much.” i pointed out. “i agree, i will be around about 10 to make the bread with you. Dill might join us if he can drag himself off the mirror.” she said. “it would be nice to meet my aunties husband and my cousins dad for the first time.” i said. “Yes i know how you feel sometimes i think hes more married to his job.” she said. “uh dont want to hear this.” i said. “good night Sophronia sweet dreams, i love you.” she said. “Night.” i said and hung up. i went to my bed and went to sleep after waving my hands for my pjs.

I was driving, mom was reading her spell book outloud, “Sophie i need you to be careful alright. its important that you listen to the correct prounaction, because even the same spell if you say one word slightly wrong can be a disaster.” she said. “SOPHRONIA" mom screamed and again the light came out of nowhere, i admit i woke up crying i often did latly, i couldnt take this every night for much longer. I thought off the differences to others, today i was driving, today mom was giving me a lecture on spells. had i messed up a spell? had we been going the spa. had. i gave up with all the hads, so i climbed out of bed waved my hands and my yogapants and a sweatshirt went on suitible for todays jog. i didnt bother looking at the time. i grabbed my yoga mat. i went down the stairs and looked out the window, Charlies and Sarahs cars were both not here that was worrying. that was really worrying. I looked at the empty car spaces actully scared i know how dangerous driving was. no i reminded myself i would know, no matter what my realationship with my father was i would always know if he was alive at least. i grabbed a bottle of water out the fridge. i looked at the fridge wondering what i should do. i looked at the ghost who was yelling insults. "I am sorry you think we are messing up your house." i said to him. he carried on yelling at me ignoring what i said. "I offer you food and drink for this week." i said i poured him a cup of milk. he throw it at the wall it smashed. Shit he would wake Nathan at least. I waved my hand to clean that up instantly. "Well i tried." i said. "Sophia was that you?" Nathan yelled. "yeah i just droped a glass im cleaning it up." i yelled up making the glass pile up in the bin. "Alright go back to bed its only 3am." he yelled at me. Was it really that early. "alright night." i yelled, listening to him go back to his room. i took a deep breath. "i want to help you." i said to ghost guy he throw something from the side at me. i sighed waved my hand and it went back to where it should be. "Come talk to me when you can be polite." i said and walked off, i knew i should go back to bed, but instead i walked out the house and went for my morning jog carrying a yogamatt even though i didnt have to but it covered it when Nathan and Justin asked.

I got to my beach about 30 miniutes later jumping off the cliff and landing on the sand. i then did my routine and cleared my head finding my inner peace. it took me longer than normal as i couldnt get away from moms face from the dream, she looked petrified, it was a look i couldnt sayb i had ever seen on her face. but would i ever know if it was real or just my dreams, it changed so often the only thing that stayed the same was the bright light that ends it. As if thats the only thing my mind can remember clearly. but the truth is i still cant remember it. The spa trip had seemed possible until i remembered that waqs a week before. there was no reason we had been in the car that night that i could think of. I opened my eyes and looked out at the Ocean, i wonder how Caspian is what hes up to. if i would ever see him again, i thought he told me he was doing a year on earth. well he had lied as he wasnt here now. i took a deep breath, i draw a few symbols in the sand because that will freak everyone out because no one can get down here, then i wrote. 'I woz here.' chuckling i flew back up the cliff and landed at the top. Des looking shattered was stood there holding a box. "why the hell are you so anyoying and you make me sick being so awake first thing in the morning." he moaned at me. i knew from experence Des wasnt friendly until his 3rd coffee. so i waved my hand and handed him a coffee. "Thanks." he grumpled. "Want me to bike this to yours and then start my round." he grumpled. "Yeah please i will run next to you." i said putting my yoga matt in his basket. we did just that. when we got back Des shook his head glaring at the window. Justin was in the kitchen looking anyoyed as hell out at us. "Cant you just kiss and make up?" i asked him. "it aint me hes anyoyed with." Des said. i looked at the kitchen oh shit was meant to wake him. "thanks for all this." i said. "no big enjoy making bread." Des said, "see you the 3rd." Des said. "yeah see you then." i said. "If i ring you to ask if you can come do anything last miniute to save me from my crazy family. please." he said "sure you rescured me yesterday." i pointed out. "And wiped your symbols of the sand." he said. i had to smile at him and then shrugged when Justin tapped on the window. "see you on the 3rd, have a great Samhain." i said. "you too. i might just come school next monday though when does your aunt leave?" he asked me. "i dont know." i admitted. "talk to her and listen." Des said and biked away going to deliver his papers. i looked at the window and walked in. "where the hell you been?" Justin asked me. "the beach doing my yoga." i said. "your late for school." Justin said, oh thats what he was pissed at i had missed Nathan. "i told Nathan i wasnt going, spending the day with my aunt." i said. "yeah because you wont get in trouble for that." Justin said sarcasticly. "Nope i won't." i said. "well your in trouble already whats more hey?" he asked. "what i done now?" i asked confused. "i told you to knock before you went and what the hell were you doing going for a run at 3am. then when Nathan went for a run at 6 he couldnt find you." he said. "Well i couldnt sleep." i shrugged. "Where were you?" he asked. "my aunts hotel talking." i lied. "Oh." he said looking releaved. "I had to explain why her telling me she was pregnant made me flip out at her." i admitted, i would have to do that. "Oh?" he asked. "Yeah but we will be fine." i told him shrugging. "shouldnt you be getting college?" i asked. "Yeah." he said. "Blakes picking me up the car wont start." he mumbled. i looked at his car on his drive. "can i have a look at it." i said. "no you cant." he said. "why not?" i asked. "do you know anything about cars?" he asked me. "more than i think you do." i said. "wanna bet." he asked. there was a car beeb. "$30 I can fix it." i said. "Do not touch my car." he said. Blake honked again. "Whats all this stuff?" he asked looking at the box. "stuff to bake bread with my aunt." i said. "um okay." he said. "Enjoy class." i said as Blake honked again. "this aint over." Justin said. nope it isnt.

I tidied the kitchen with a wave of my hand after shutting the blinds. i went upstairs and got showered and changed doing my hair into two french plaits and dressing in black jeans with a grey fleece jacket. i had just finished tidying the areas aunty beaty would see, when there was a knock. "coming aunty Beaty." i yelled. i opened the door. on the door step wasnt aunt Beaty. it wasnt her husband i assumed either if it was i was going to kill him on the door step stood Des. i looked at him holding the toad in the tank. "Let me guess he almost got killed." i said taking the tank. "just watch him for a few days and feed him." he said. "i got to go thanks." he said and walked straight away i rolled my eyes and took him up my room put him in my bedroom and shut the door. I was just going downstairs when there was another knock. i went and answered the door again it wasnt aunt Beaty. but i took the package in after signing for it. i put it in the lounge and then went back into the kitchen. The door knocked again so i went to answer it this time it was Aunty Beaty. "hey im sorry i didnt hear you out and got upset that i blew up a resturant." i said. "faulty lighting did that, they really should look into it." she said with a smile. "Come in i will show you about." i said. she did. "this is the lounge." i said. i took her upstairs, some reason the ghost wasnt here. did i tire him out this morning? I showed her my room and then the kitchen, she said it was all great but i knew she was torn. we went to the kitchen. "it isnt because your pregnant." i said weakly. "i know Sophie it was all just to much for you." She said. i nodded. "yeah it was." i admitted. "it wasnt you personally being pregnant i know youve been trying for years." i said. "yes and i would love it for my little baby to have a strong powerful cousin to watch out for them." Aunty Beaty said. "i would take you to england in a heartbeat. so would my husband." she assured me. "never ever think i dont want you, i would fight the earth for you." she said looking me dead in the eye. "then why didnt you?" i asked. she took a deep breath. "I want what is best for you, and Charles was right me dragging you to another country this year so you dont graduate was not the right thing for you. you have Abe and Vinnie here and even there parents who adore you. i should of stayed here myself." she said. "And been miserable?" i questioned. "One day when you fall in love you will understand." she said. "i doubt it." i said taking a deep breath. "Jacob wasnt love and we both knew it. belive me your mother knew it from the first time you brought the guy home to meet her." she said. i pulled the stuff out to make the bread. "what if i cant do this." i said. "Cant do what Sophronia?" she asked me. "this play happy family." i said indicating the house. "you seem to be sucesseding already its only for a few more months then you can go explore the world. your not held down like mortals. you are free to follow the wind and search the skys." she said. "if you listen to your heart it will never lead you wrong." she said. "mom used to say that all the time." i said. "She did i orcasionaly listened to her." Aunty Beaty said. "Yeah like i believe that." i said. "Come on lets make the bread then we can do the pumpkins that i sent Dill to find." Aunty Beaty said. we did start making the bread, i tried to loosen up and we did throw flour at each other. "So whos the toad?" she asked me. "My friends dad." i said. "Sophronia what is the rules with humans." she started. "he isnt my change if he was he would be a frog." i pointed out. "yeah thats true." she said i threw flour at her laughing. "Okay whos toad is he?" she asked me. "Des's he asked me to look after him because his mom wants to cook him." i said. "Does he deserve being cooked?" she asked me. "kind of." i admitted. "but more he desereves the human law to the full. but Des hasnt got that far in the plan, im just making sure he lives this week." i said. "Alright but if you can not follow the next stage you are to hand the toad over to the correct authoritys understood?" she asked me. i nodded. "So i hear a congratuations is in order. just a flying exam and then even if i want to i cant keep your broom locked." she said. "How can you be scared of heights?" i asked her. "oh shush we all have fears." she said. "When you can admit what your scared of you are only then truelly brave." she said. i rolled my bread looking at it. "If we have to many fears?" i asked her. "then you truelly are brave, for it takes someone brave to know there fears and face them than do something they arent afraid to do." she said. "Aunty Beaty was i driving?" i asked her again, i knew i had asked her before. "No Sophronia you werent driving that i promise you." She said. "Do you know how?" i asked her. "Sophie not being able to remember is for the best and you will remember when your ready." She told me kissing my head. "i see the accident every night." i admitted. "Yet everynight is different, sometimes shes driving sometimes i am." i admitted. "Sophie sweetheart they are just dreams." she said hugging me. "They are nightmares baby they arent memorys." she told me hugging me tight. "Would you tell me if i was driving?" i asked her tears running down my face. "if you really wanted to know i would even if you were the driver, but i assure you Sophronia you were in the passanger seat you were cut out the seat. your mom she didnt suffer." Aunty Beaty said. "her only worry in the crash sweetheart was protecting you." She said. "if i was quicker if i protected myself so she could herself." i said tears running down my face. "No Sophie she would still have protected you, because she would never of forgiven herself if you got hurt." she said looking at me, i was crying and it had been such a long time since i had cried like this. "You promise you would tell me if i was driving?" i asked her. I heard the door slam then, someone was home. "Yes sweetheart and like i said you werent driving." she assured me, aware of the door. "Hello?" i yelled. "hey." Justin yelled. He came in the room. i looked at the time, why wasnt he in class? He came in the kitchen nervous, i quickly wiped the tears from my eyes. "Sorry just throught i would grab lunch before my afternoon class. i didnt realise." Justin said apolegeticly. "Are you going to intoroduce me Sophie?" Aunt Beaty asked me. "Aunt Beaty this is Justin, Justin my aunt Beatrice." i said. "its nice to meet you." Justin said nervous. "If you wait a miniute the breads almost done." Aunt Beaty said, yes we had made that many loaves. "um thanks." Justin said looking at us covered in flour and the mess of the kitchen, he looked at the tears running down my face, worried wiping them off hadnt helped.

Thankfully Justin left after he ate his meal. i would have to question if he came home that often for lunch because if he did i had a feeling he was the one responsible for eating all the left over pizza and not Nathan, like i had accused him. "He seems nice." Aunt Beaty said. "he is, they both are." i assured her. "but?" She asked. "its hard i cant use my magic like i want to." I admitted. "Sometimes we do have to learn to blend but you should not have to hide yourself in your own home. the only reason i agreed to this was your father already knew. he didnt mention other humans at all." she said firmly. "Why did you agree?" i asked. i needed to know. She looked at me and said. "your mother and i both grew up without a father Sophronia, he let us down alot." Aunt Beaty said. i knew how that felt. "your mother thought it was better if your father stayed out your life, so yes he wasnt there for you Sophie but she asked him not to be. she told him not to be." Aunt Beaty said. "Yes he could of tried harder, goodness the man still could try harder, but some of it wasnt a case he didnt want to be there. it was a case he couldnt be." She said. "i dont want to bad mouth your mother and i agree with her choices. she did what she thought was best, but i am having to do what i think is best for you. if thats getting in touch with the human inside yourself so be it." Aunt Beaty said. "this year is meant to be about finding yourself. only then will you find the subject you should be doing your private study in." she said. she waved her hand and the kitchen tied and a new outfit went on me. i looked at her. "Did mom stop dad seeing me?" i asked,i needed to know. "at first a few times yes." She admitted looking worried. i nodded. "But she did it because she didnt want you to get hurt." she said. "you were only little now your older." Aunt Beaty says. "now im old enough to cope?" i asked. "your never old enough to not be hurt by people." she said. the pumpkins went on the table and news paper went under them. "Your never to old to get hurt, but a broken heart sometimes is important. we learn from these things." she said. "What can i learn?" i asked. "you have learned to be an independent woman and i am extremly proud of you." She told me. "i will always be proud of you. i also know deep down so is your father, which is why even though i want to grab you and take you england with me. i will leave you here until you graduate highschool. but that doesnt mean that i do not want to. you understand that right Sophie? its not the fact i dont want you, because i do i want you." she said hugging me tight, tears running down my face and unflatterning snot boggys i hugged my aunt tight. when there was a pop. Both Aunt Beaty and i pulled away from each other to stare at the man in my kitchen. "I told you we werent ready." Aunt Beaty told him. he was a wizard i could tell that much from looking at him, he was in a jeans and a poloshit with neat black hair. He had a 5 oclock shawdow and if he was my uncle my aunt had really good taste, he was gorgous in a old guy type of way. i could kind of see what she was into. "Sophronia this is your uncle Dill. Dill this is my neice Sophie." she said. "it is a plesure to meet you finally Sophie." Dill said with a hansom smile. "you to." i said he handed me a hanky from thin air and so i blew my nose. "do not waste that. Witches snot works wonders in." Dill started. "Dill." Aunt Beaty said as if she was trying not to scorn her husband like he was a child. Dill smiled at her, but i could hear the buzzing? his phone. "Dill go answer your mirror." she sighed. "no i told them if it was important to ring my mobile as they would take hours to work it out so it would only be an emergency call." Dill said. "Now whos up for pumpkins?" he asked. "I havent done pumpkins in years. trying to find us an event tonight." he said with a smile. "First Samhain in years that i havent had to work." he said with a smile. with almost kid like glee in his eyes. "What do you do?" i asked. "Hasnt your aunt ever told you?" he asked me. "Nope, she doesnt tell me much." i said. "always the way, they expect everyone just to know it, but not everyone knows things without being told." he said. He went off on a slight ramble, that i connected with being a wizard. Wise know nothing was the saying in so many of my textbooks about the male gender. i had decided early into my realtionship with Jacob it was the same be the male Wizard Warlock or muggle. "He works for the council Sophie." Aunt Beaty said as his cell started going off. "i thought it would take them longer." he sighed. "Now how do i answer this thing." he said pulling it out his pocket. i showed him quickly. He started going on to the phone, sighing alot. i zoned out of his conversation. instead i made us all a herbal tea.

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