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Chapter 15 - not edited yet

Looking at all our pumpkins sat on the doorstep and the loaves of bread and drink i smiled. “Have you got a bag packed?” Aunt Beaty asked me. i waved my hand and one landed in my hand. “Perfect what time does your father typically come home from school?” She asked me. “About an hour.” i said. I looked at uncle Dill who had been on and off his cell the whole time he had been here. i was the teenager and hadnt touched mine, which Aunt Beaty had pointed out to him. But on a plus he had found us a bonfire tonight to go to. i had even texted Abe and Vinnie telling them where it was, to see if they wanted to come and they were. so i was going to spend the evening with my friends as well. today was my first Samhain without mom but that didnt mean i couldnt enjoy it, after all the day was about remembering and respecting the dead, not hiding from the fact they were gone. “He can agree or i will turn then all into toads and take you anyway.” She said. “isnt it dangerous to turn a pregant woman into a toad?” i asked worried. “yes it is and is a big no no, even if she anyoys you.” Dill said calmly from the phone. “Sophie how many hours have you got left on your broom until your exam?” he asked me. “i passed all my hours yesterday.” i said. “Okay.” he said calmly. i looked at aunt Beaty who looked frightened. “Dill theres no need, its close enough to take the car or teach Sophie a few teleportation.” she started. He was back on his phone call but i heard him say. “Can you send Sophronia Lavender Tempests paperwork for her broom please.” i looked at aunt beaty like whats going on? she sighed and started mumbling hex’s under her breath. Nathan came in the front door then throwing his bag by the door and leaving his shoes in the middle of the doorway like normal. Uncle Dill looked up at him, “your bedroom would be a better location for your bag dont you think young man.” he said firmly. “um yeah sir.” Nathan said grabbing it quickly. “No i wasnt talking to you Matt why would i need to tell you to pick up your bag.” he said. “well i dont care where your bag is Matt i care about this problem with Germany.” he sighed. “we are never going to make it.” Aunt Beaty mumbled. Nathan run upstairs. “Nathan did Charlie say if he was coming home?” i asked Nathan when he was at the top of the stairs. “Nope.” Nathan shouted down. “But he didnt look happy you werent in school.” Nathan shouted down, before he slammed his bedroom door, with himself the otherside. “Well he can get over it.” Aunt Beaty said not me. “also i told you his name was Charles.” Aunt Beaty said. “i call him that too.” I told her. “If hes not back in the next 20 miniutes we will just leave him a message. was that the other boy?” Aunt Beaty asked me. “That was Nathan.” i told her. She nodded. “He doesnt seem as nice as the other.” she said. “hes nice, hes just nervous of you i think.” i said thinking about it. “Hmm.” She said thoughtful. “i understand that.” Dill said, we both looked at him. ‘on the phone.’ he mouthed at aunt Beaty, but we both knew he was talking about her. He held his ass a few seconds later. “not in front of the kids Beaty.” he said with a smile. i laughed i couldnt help it. That was when Charlie came in, he looked at Aunt Beaty and Me first. “I wish you had asked Beatrice about Sophia having the day of school.” he said firmly. “Well maybe i did what i thought was best for my neice you wouldnt have made a child go to school on christmas now would you.” she said. “No and if she had asked for the day off i would have been fine with her having the day off, but you never asked. she just wasnt at school.” he said. “i did ring in.” i said. “That is not the point Sophia.” Charlie said firmly. “i didnt know you were not at school.” he said. “Maybe if you came home last night i could of told you.” i said looking at him, it was my fault not aunt Beatys. The light bulb burst. “Sophronia.” Aunty Beaty said firmly. i took a deep breath. “Charles, Sophia will be coming to stay tonight and tomorow night at the hotel with myself. we are going to a bonfire party tonight and she is seeing some friends. then she has an exam that i assure you, you do not want happening in this house. if we are going to have a conversation on things that i should of been told about Charles. i would like to know why you thought you had the right to move home with Sophronia without discusing it with me.” she demanded from him. “Sophie why dont we go and have a chat leaving these two to talk.” Uncle Dill said. “Who are you?” Charlie demanded from him. “Charlie this is my uncle Dill, Aunt Beatys husband.” i said. “I thought you couldnt find time to come to america.” Charlie said glaring at Dill. “I couldn’t but nor was i allowing my wife to scatter her sisters ashes alone. This is your daughters first Samhain without her mother. Do not make it harder on her by having an arguement with her family infront of her.” Dill said firmly. “Your not showing her the best of humanity currently.” Dill snapped. “Now Sophie why dont we go have a walk.” Dill said. “Sophia.” Charlie said. i looked at him, i was trying not to let my hurt show. “We will talk when you come home, keep your cell on please.” he said. “Okay Charlie see you in a few days, remember Nathans upstairs so dont yell at each other too loud.” i gave them both that warning. i saw Charles look at the stairs. “Okay Sophie goodbye.” he said. i left with Dill then. Goodbye? i didnt plan to go did i? “Its alright she will be sensible.” Dill said calmly as we walked away from the house. He took a deep breath as his phone rung. “As i am here sophie.” he said calmly. “Yes?” i asked confused. “I thought i would kill two birds with one stone as the saying goes.” he said. “why are you killing birds?” i asked worried. “its a saying.” he said. i looked at him confused. “okay it means do two things at once.” he said. “For example, i am here and as there is a 3 month waiting list for broom exams. i can do that for you. so that you can fly off and visit your friends alone in the evening if it gets to much for you here, prehabs is for the best. espically with the fact your now living with two humans, to be able to leave when ever you wish and spend time with people who understand is for the best.” he said. “you can do that?” i asked. “yes i am just waiting on your paperwork.” he said calmly. “What do you say, we fly to the bonfire and let Beaty take her car as she hates flying.” he said. “she kind of wanted me to put you further down the list as she fears you on your broom, but i think she agrees that you need the space to breath sometimes.” he said calmly. “Thankyou.” i said meaning it. “your welcome.” he said, we walked along to the cliffs i always jumped off. “Do you have any reasons you can think of that would stop you participating in a flight exam tonight?” he asked me. i shook my head. “good.” he said. “Sophie.” he said. “yeah?” i asked. “I am truly sorry about your mother, i only ever met her the once.” he said. i weakly smiled. “Thanks.” i said, i never really knew what to say to that. “Do you have a familar?” he asked me. “not yet, if one chooses me it will be amazing.” i said. “So you dont need to tick that box yet.” he said. i looked at him confused and realised he was now holding a list. “Is that what i need to pass?” i asked. “yes.” he said. “can i look?” i asked. “not until after your test.” he said. “Your not going to fail me just because aunty Beaty doesnt want me flying are you?” i asked worried. “no ofcourse not if you pass you pass, if you fail you fail but either way i am not adapting the results, understood?” he asked me. “I understand.” i said. “good.” he said. “So what whould you do first?” he asked me, “open my sences and make sure noone is about that would see me.” i said, he didnt respond. “if there is?” he asked me after what felt like forever. “keep walking until i feel safe enough to turn invisible.” i said. “Okay and when it was safe?” he asked me. “Show me rather than say.” he said when i went to say, oh yeah. i turned invisible to others eyes knowing we were safe. then i opened my broom safetly and gently and not just throw it open like i would when i was in a rush. i then climbed on my broom, he climbed on his own calmly, i rose slowly at first sat the way my mother taught me. We took flight, i going where i was told, he hardly spoke as he directed me, a few obsticles came up that i knew was his doing but i overcome them like i would normally and how my mother taught me. Soon my flying exam came to an end, i just hoped i past when he told me. “Land there please.” pointing at an area that wasnt sutible. “That areas not sutible.” i said. “Where would you land?” he asked me. i went a bit further and landed. he landed next to me. i stood in silence after calapsing my broom into my pen size. We were alone and noone would see us if they were human anyway. i stood silent, i didnt know what to say to my flight examiner or even to my aunts husband. “Okay can you confirm your name for me please.” he said. “Sophronia Lavender Tempest.” i said. “Sorry Sophronia i need you to add Davies to your name please.” he said giving me a look i couldnt explain. “Sophronia Lavender Tempest Davies.” i said. “Sophronia you have completled all your allocated flight time before this exam is that correct?” he asked me. “Yes.” i said. “you have completed your practical exam.” he said. “Yes.” i said. “Okay, please may i see your broom.” he said i handed it over worried. He said something that i didnt hear as was so quiet. “Okay Sophronia please can you look into my mirror please.” he said handing me a little compact mirror. “do not smile.” he said a flash came from the mirror. Did i pass? he hadnt said. A few seconds later he held something in his. “Sophronia Lavender Tempest Davies. Your flying liecence.” he said handing it me. “You had one minor mistake can you think that was?” he asked me. “when the bird was coming towards me i ducked and moved i didnt need to.” i said truthfully. “to be honest its a minor i myself find myself doing alot often forgetting birds can change there directions.” He smiled at me. “congratulations Sophie. i have unlocked your broom. just no sneaking out to late alright be sensible, it maybe unlocked but that doesnt mean your not expected to have common sense. if i have to ground your broom i will young lady understood.” he said. i nodded. “and even if it is tempting no going over ocean alone.” he said. i nodded. “but theres nothing stopping me flying to my friend in texas now for a visit?” i asked. “except your father no.” he shrugged. that was a point. “Now how are you on teleportation?” he asked me. “non practising.” i said. he sighed. “Just like Beaty its not that scary.” he said. “mom tried and she lost her arm for a month! she couldnt find it. no matter where she looked.” i pointed out. “that is a common.” he said. “precisily a common side affect!” i said he laughed. “Well come on we should get to this bonfire Beaty should be there by now if she isnt still yelling at your father.” he said. he looked worried. “What are you worried about, her with Charlie or her having a baby?” i asked not quiet understanding what his problem was. “sorry i shouldnt of asked.” i said. “no you had every right to ask Sophie.” he said. “To be honest it is not because i dont want to answer or because i cant. but it is because i do not know how i feel, i am very excited about the baby. i love your aunt and I would of loved for you to come live with us this year espically the last year of your training.” he said. “But can you try something for me Sophie.” he said. i looked at him confused. “i know its extremly hard for you, it is extremly hard for your aunt as well as she sees history repeating itself with you. Just if it ever feels right call Charles Dad or Father. but only if it feels right.” he said. “I will.” i said. “if it ever feels right.” i said. “Thankyou.” he said he looked worried. “you work alot dont you?” i asked. “yes Sophie i work alot.” he said. “but you are still home in the evenings?” i asked. “Most evenings.” he said. “Then always be there for bedtime, even if you teleport in and out after or at least once a day.” i said shrugging. He took a deep breath. “thats a good idea Sophie.” he said, we both saw the bonfire alight. A few cars parked up. the smell of food cooking. I saw Abe and Vinnie. they waved. “go spend time with your friends.” Dill said with a smile. i waved my hand and a black tank top went on me then a flowing dark blue skirt that was covered in stars that was shorter in the front that the back, i wouldnt need much next to the fire that was already rouring. I ran and hugged Vinnie and then Abe showing them both my flying liecence. i then went and hugged Auntie Beaty and showed her my liecence she hugged me back. i met the people here. i didnt know what Des was doing so i texted him saying he was welcome but he replied saying he was doing similar at a big family event. i had a fun evening and respected my ancestors. kind of feeling sorry for the ghost i hadnt respected much this morning, then a relisation came to me. he had avoided Auntie Beaty and Dill the whole time they had been there. was that because he was tired or he didnt want them to see him? He was my duty and i would take care of him. i just had to think if he was just an angry old man, or if he was a danger. If he was dangerous i would ask for help.

I woke up still outside in my sleeping bag next to Vinnie and Abe where we had fallen asleep after having a bit to much food and not bothering to put up the tent, which still laid in its bag. no alchol had passed my lips, i am not saying it hadnt passed anyones because alot had passed Vinnies. but alot of pumpkin pie had passed my own and my tummy was still sore from it. Vinnie had been snapping pictures of the three of us together, not of the event well a few of the bonfire with a caption of. ‘nothing beats setting the world on fire with your bestfriends and a bottle of Daniels and way to much pumpkin pie.’ i was unfortuntly tagged in that quote. i hoped my new stepbrothers wouldnt assume i had been drinking. there was a picture of me and Abe holding the hugest slice of pumpkin pie. there was pictures of us asleep with the status ‘light weights feel asleep before we even set up the tent.’ i laughed. then there was a picture of the sky with all the stars. ‘Same stars just different view, sometimes i miss texas but i realise its not the location its the people there with you. i love my boyfriend and bestfriend. i miss not being with each other 24 7 but when they need me or i need them there always there. couldnt have better friends.’ i smiled at the status, then there was another picture of me. a huge grin on my face the fire reflected in my eyes. my hair flying around me i looked like well i couldnt decribe me. according to the comments hot as hell. but what Vinnie had wrote was what was important to me. As i relised she had meant it as a message to me personal. ‘To be beutiful means to be yourself. you do not need to be accepted by others. you need to accept yourself.’ Then there was the video of me and Vinnie and four other of the girls here and three of the guys messing about doing a cheer routine to the six of us girls used to be cheerleaders at different schools and one of the boys did as well the other was into hiphop dancing so did alot of spins and flips only two of us were still in highschool. but i had to admit the routine was brilliant even if we did all keep cracking out in laughter and there was a very cringe worthy bit of two of the girls making out sharing a beer. We all had a blast of a night and that was what was important. I went over to the fire where some of the adults where awake making drinks, teas coffee all the smells reached my nose. “Morning sweetheart Tea?” Aunty beaty asked me. “yes please.” i said. “choose what flavour.” Uncle Dill said motioning at all the pots in the fire. i found the one i wanted and sat back next to them. “Fun night?” Aunt Beaty asked me. “Thankyou it was amazing.” i said meaning it. Uncle Dill was talking to a man next to him who he had talked to most of the evening. Aunt Beaty wrapped her arm around me. i put my head on her shoulder. i heard the telltale snap of Vinnies camera. “Venessa do you like your camera?” Aunt Beaty asked her. “yes.” she said with a grin, going infront of us and snapping the picture of the three of us together. my aunt and uncle and me. “Send me that picture.” Dill said calmly when it was taken. “will do, it will be on my facebook but i will email it to Beaty.” Vinnie said. i grinned at her.

It was now sunday, i had rung Charlie and told him i was going to come back on sunday as was just spending time with my aunt before she left her plane was today unfortuntly as Dill really had to go back to work. i had popped home twice to feed the toad on my aunts assistance why i couldnt leave him to starve. Once i admitted to the mans crime to Dill as he insisted i told him what he did for us to feel he justified being a toad, he had said starving wouldnt be a big enough punishment, he informed me if i hadnt returned the toad to Des and he hadnt delt with the problem by yule i had to hand the toad over to him. which i agreed. So as i hugged my aunt goodbye as she dropped me off at Charlies before she went back to england i had to be strong. “Will i see you?” i asked again. “i am not coming in decemeber now.” she sighed. i nodded. “but your going to come in the summer arent you.” Dill said. i nodded, we had agreed i would spend my summer break with them even if i decided to come back to college here, although Dill called it university. So as they drove away i stood there not sure if i wanted to wave but also wanting to watch until they were gone. I went in to the house.

Charlie and Sarah were sat on the couch watching tv, I didnt have a clue where Nathan and Justin were but both there cars were here in the drive. “did you have a nice time?” Charlie asked me. i nodded. “i’m glad, has your aunt gone?” he asked i nodded. “Alright, do you fancy going out for dinner tonight?” he asked me. “um okay.” i said. “Im going up to my room.” i said. “Alright Sophia.” he said firmly. he was cross i could tell that. What was he cross about the fact i had gone almost a whole week not going school? “i will make my classwork up.” i said. “i expect so, your homeworks in your bedroom from all your teachers.” he said. “Thanks.” i said, i walked away then. i got up the stairs. Justin and Nathan and Blake were all in the boys room the door open. i could tell they had been listening. i rolled my eyes i couldnt help it. “You could get away with murder.” Nathan moaned. “not true, he comes down on me for breathing sometimes.” i pointed out. “yet not drinking.” Nathan moaned. “No one said i drunk anything?” i said confused. “seen the video.” Justin said looking as serious. I decided i was going to point something out to them straight away, because i didnt want them to think aunt Beaty was that bad a gaudian. “Guys i dont even drink coffee because i think its an addictive drug and bad for my body. do you really think i am going to put alchol in my body?” i asked them. “Nope.” Blake said shrugging. Both the boys looked at him. “I was just having a laugh no alchol in my own system. but i know for a fact you all drink.” i said. “You were meant to cover for me and now im grounded.” Nathan said. “Sorry.” i said. “that aint your fault, he was told he wasnt to go to the party.” Justin said. “No i did agree to cover, sorry Nathan. i just dont get to spend much time with my aunt and my moms birthday was a day we both wanted to be together.” i said telling the truth about the 3rd which is why i hadnt come back on the 3rd like the original plan. He seemed to look nervous. “So what Exam did you pass?” Blake asked interested. oh for fucksake Abe. “Just my motorcycle liecence. whats the chances i can get Charlie to agree to get me a bike?” i asked interested. “None.” they all said. i smiled. “thats what i thought.” I said. “what about learning to drive a car?” Nathan said. “Not yet.” i said simple asnwer really. but Justin looked at me, had he heard more of my conversation with aunt Beaty than i realised. “I better go do all this homework bye.” i said and i walked off leaving the three of them in the boys room.

Nathan and i were in his car on our way to school, he was trying not to say anything. i knew he was still mad that he got grounded and i didn't. i technically went to a party that night as well, then had skived of school for almost a whole week. “So how did they find out?” i asked weakly not able to cope with the silence. “When i missed curfew they knew where i was straight away!” he snapped at me. “Well its not the fact you went the party then its the fact you missed curfew.” i said. “Sophia.” he snapped. “Alright i am sorry i didnt cover for you.” i said. he indicated into the parkinglot. “So am i forgiven?” i asked him. “No.” he said. i crossed my arms over me. “But you can make it up to me.” he said a small smile. I was worried to ask how but i did. “How?” i asked. “Next time its your time to do your chores actully do them so i dont have to.” he said. i weakly smiled. “i can try that.” i told him. "yeah try you dont agree to do them." he mumbled. i smiled at him. "I might chip a nail." i said showing him my perfect manicured hand, he parked up. His girlfriend was straight over. "Your girlfriend awaits." i told him. "she aint my girlfriend." he told me. "you really need to get that through to her then." i said. i went to climb out his car. "Sophia." he said. "What?" i asked. "How do i tell her im not interested." he said. "those exact words, its up to her if she listens." i shrug. i left him to it seeing Ben.

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