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Chapter 16 - not edited yet

Okay i could do this, nothing could be that bad. they were all human. how bad could this go. I opened my bedroom door and looked at ghost guy who was yelling insults at the top of the stairs about us not belonging there and should leave. i had told him plenty of times he was the one who needed to leave, and thanks to Des getting me some bits and peices i now had one ghost free room in the house. he couldnt come in my room. Des toad was gone, Des had dealt with him now. He got picked up by the police for armed robbery and sent to jail. Megan was safe from him now, even though she didnt come out and say what he had done to her she now knew he was out of her and her moms life. Des kept a close eye on her now so did i. The door knocked, shit this couldnt be happening. i barely got through a meal with Charlie how could i get through a meal with his parents and Sarahs parents and apparently 2 lots of aunt and uncles of Sarahs side with kids and 1 lot from Charlies. i heard the greeting of welcome happy thanksgiving and loads of chatter downstairs. "Kids." Sarah yelled. The boys all opened there door. Justin came over to my bedroom door i moved back so it didnt look like i had been frozen there. "Sophia people are here we have to go down." Justin said. "Do we?" i asked. "Afraid so come on whens the last time you saw your grandparents?" he asked me. "never." i said. He looked at me, taking in the dress i was wearing with a slight smile. "well you look lovely dont be shy it dont suit you." he said. "your not scared are you?" he teased friendly. "ofcourse not." i lied. "prove it." he said. i sighed and walked out my room, walking round the ghost. who tried to touch me. i glared at him. "fuck off." i mumbled. "What i do?" Justin asked confused. "not you Justin." my phone was in my pocket and latley i had been getting alot of calls from my ex, one of which had been 4 seconds ago whilst i was in my room. "my ex is ringing." i said rolling my eyes. "What hes bothering you again?" he asked worried. "Not really bothering me just ringing me." i said shrugging. "you answered?" he asked me. "No only person i answer my phone to is Tiff and she hasnt said theres any reason that he would ring me. so im just leaving him to it." i said. "want me to talk to him?" he asked me. "no Justin i dont want you to talk to him. i cant imagine that going well." i said. i looked down the stairs. "maybe it would go better than this meal." i mumbled. "Sophia." Justin said. "What?" i asked innocently. "Behave." he said with a smile. "i will if they do." i said. "What would you normally do?" he asked me interested. "Go Tiffs." i said. "you didnt spend it with your mom?" he asked me. "we didnt celebrate it no and i was always invited to Tiffs so i would just take her a plated up meal home. she was invited." i said shrugging. "Come on there all in the livingroom." Justin said, we made our way down the stairs. we went into the living room, it was full where the hell was everyone going to sit. "Its a lovely house Charlie." a man was saying. "Justin." an old lady said. "Gran." Justin went and gave his Gran a kiss. I looked around wanting to run away. To many new people. The lightbulb blew up. "Seems the house needs some checks with the electricity." Charlies Dad said. "we are having that looked into." Charlie said looking at me. i decided to sneak out the room and into the kitchen it was just to busy for me in here. When i went in the kitchen Sarah was taking out the turkey chatting to an old lady. "No thankyou i think i got it." she was saying to the lady. "did you need any help Sarah?" i asked. "No Sophia everything is fine." Sarah said with a smile at me. "My Sophia havent you grown, you possibly dont remember me i havent seen you since you were 2." The old lady said. "Okay it is nice to see you." i said not sure what i was going to say to that. "you look just like your mother." she said. "um thanks." i said. "thank god for that, i love your dad dear but hes not the most cutest of kids." she said. "no offence Sarah i am sure your baby will be gorgous. lets just hope he or she doesnt have her daddys ears." She said. "Um okay." i said. "Sarah wheres Nathan?" i asked. "hes playing basketball with Blake and his cousins." she said but she sounded like she was counting backwards in her head. She was very snappy latley. i went out the backdoor. Nathan was indeed playing basketball with some guys one who looked our age two younger and one older more and Blake. The one our age looked me up and down and said. "Hey babe want to play?" he asked. you know what i couldnt deal with them either so i ignored him. "Hey Blake can you drive me to the market thats open weve run out of milk." i said. "but i brought 8 pints this morning." he said. "Yeah and weve run out." i said waving my hand so we had indeed run out of milk. "Alright i will grab my keys there in Justins room." he said. "i got them already." i said. "You went in my room?" Nathan asked. "No they were on the stairs." i said. "i swear this house is haunted." Blake said. "yeah maybe." i said shrugging. "come on then, will play more after dinner." Blake said. "Alright." The one who called me Babe said. We walked to Blakes car. "we really out of milk or you just want out?" he asked me. "both." i said innocently. "Did you go into Nathans and Justins room for the keys?" he asked. "of course not, Justin and i came down the same time." I said. "They must of fallen out my pocket." he sighed. "keep telling yourself that." i said with a weak smile. he drove us to the market. "why did you ask me and not Nathan?" he asked. "Because Nathan looked to be having fun with his cousins." i shrugged. "Yeah he was." Blake said. "You didnt say hi to your own." Blake said. "Blake you know this about me already i am an unfriendly bitch." i told him. "yeah i suppose so." he said, did he agree? "dont pout Sophia." He said with a smile, not looking at me. "im not pouting i dont pout." i said. "um you do pout." he said. "no i duck face in pictures theres a difference." i said calmly. "only to you." he said. i pulled his mirror down to look at myself in the mirror. "Oh come on your now not looking at your pout are you?" Blake asked. "um Blake you just drove past the market." i said. "its shut the one thats open is down the block." he said. "alright." i said. i went into his glove department and pulled out my lipstick. "you know i got questioned about that the other day." Blake said. "really what you say your friends stepsister keeps leaving it in your car so she always has one handy." i said. "yeah pretty much." he said. i did pout as i put my lipstick on. he pulled into the market. "Do we just need milk?" he asked. i shrugged. "not sure." i said. "Well are you coming in or waiting in car." he asked. "coming." i said. he picked up a basket. i filled it with milk chips chocolate. "you paying or am i." he asked, "i am if you do me a favour and go to the car before i pay." i said sweetly. "Alright i will bite." he said. He went to the car and i threw in some girlie bits that i hadnt realised i had run out of until i needed them this morning. i paid and then went out to Blake sat in the car. "Got everything?" he asked. "yep hershy?" i asked othering him a bit of my chocolate bar. "youll ruin your huge dinner." he said. "yeah possibly." i said. he looked at me and said, "ready to face your family?" he asked. "nope what you say we go to the beach." i said. "i dont think they would like that." Blake said. "i dont think they like anything i do." i shrugged. "hes getting better." He said encouragingly. "you both are." he said. "from what we were you mean?" i said. "yep." he said. he drove us back. "Blake." i said when he just stopped the car without even an attempt to park. "if its about my parking Sophia dont comment." he said. "but did anyone ever teach you to park." he said. "when you can drive a car i will take your advice." he said. "i got my moterbike liecence its not my fault Charlie wont let me learn to drive." i told him. "No suppose its not." he said. we went in me carrying my bag and him grabbing the bag with milk in. we went in. "where have you two been?" Sarah asked us. "The shop to get milk and bits you needed." Blake said. "Please tell me one of you got some butter?" she asked. "no did we need it?" I asked. "its fine just no butter for your sandwiches tomorow." she said. "im going to run my bag up." i said. "Sophia say hello to your dads family please." she said firmly. "i will can i go put this bag in my room?" i asked. flashing her slightly the box of tampons. "oh yeah go ahead." she said. i run up. Leaving Blake in the kitchen with her thankful he wasnt facing me when i flashed that to Sarah. it was bad enough when they claim im on because im snappy with them, i dont actully have to prove it.

When i came back down, i went into the lounge. "So you must be Sophia." One of the old ladys said. "um yeah." i said. "its nice to finally meet you Justins told me all about you." she said she got up and gave me a hug. i looked at Charlie like what the hell. "Dinners ready." Sarah called. i went into the dinning room with everyone, again avoiding the ghost. I sat next to Justin and one of his younger cousins. "So it makes a really nice change to have everyone together for thanksgiving." Charlies mom said. "Yes it does." Sarahs mom said with a smile. "And to think this time next year we will have a little one here in a highchair."Sarahs mom said with a smile. She seemed so excited about the baby. "Any ideas of names, do you know what your having." Charlies mom asked. "we dont know." Sarah said, i looked at my dinner like it was really interesting i knew what they were having. "Well hopefully its a girl, your familys very boy heavy already and i know Sophia wont stick around." Charlies mom said. "Mom." Charlie said in a warning voice. i looked at my turkey like it was the most interesting thing in the world, Justin gently kicked my leg as if reminding me he was there, i looked at him. "Well we really dont mind what we have but we like the name Liam for a boy and Emma for a girl." Sarah said changing the sentence. "Emma such a sensible name for a girl much better than something un prounanicble that you dont even know how to say your grandchilds name." she said. "Sophronia isnt that hard to say mother and its a pretty name." Charlie said firmly. "I have never heard of anyone else with that name and even she doesnt use her given name. i told you when she was born." Charlies mom started. "Can i be excused Charlie?" i asked my magic was starting to flare as i was getting emotional. "No you cant be excused Sophronia and how disrectful to call your dad his name like that." Charlies mom said. "Mother thats enough, yes Sophia you can be excused." Charlie said. i left out the back door. i run fast and the moment i cleared anyones sight i turned invisible and took to the sky.

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