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Justins POV - not edited yet

Well this dinner couldn't have gone any worse could it! I didnt blame Sophia i didnt get it, i didnt get Mr Ds problem with her alot of the time and i deffently didnt get Mr Ds moms problem, Sophia was her grandaughter a kid still that she barley knew and that wasnt Sophias fault so her gran laying into her like that, that wasnt right. Sophia had been worried about the meal since she found out about it, i thought it would go fine if she just well didnt run off like she did, but i couldnt blame her, i was tempted to go after her. “Mother that was really uncalled for can i talk to you in private please.” Charlie said. “well how disrespectful are you going to allow your daughter to be, she doesnt respect you enough to call you dad, shes her mothers daughter thats for sure.” his mom said not budging from the table. “She will wrap you around her little finger get everything she wants from you, then leave you with nothing.” his mom said. “espically now, =when youve finally moved on.” she said motioning mom, who looked ready to throttle the old lady. “Sophia is here because i asked her to come.” Mr D said firmly. “No son i know that shes here because she had no other option, ive heard you talk to your brother on the phone i know.” His mom said. “Well actully she had a few options but yes i made her come.” Mr D said. Blake and i looked at each other. “Charlie why dont you and your mother go look for Sophia and apoligise.” Mom said firmly. Mr D looked torn. “i dont think thats a good idea.” Mr D said worried, but i saw him look at the door tempted. I kicked Blake, if anyone could talk to Sophia about family problems it was my bestfriend. “Can i be excused Sarah?” Blake asked. mom looked at him torn. “ofcourse Blake seems we cant have a nice sit down meal.” mom said she stabbed her turkey with her fork and ate it. Blake left, mom killed her turkey Mr D and his mom carried on bickering but went to the lounge. The rest of the family and Mr Ds family stayed quiet. Mom kept stabbing her dinner, eventually Mr D and his mom came back. They both sat at the table. We all ate in complete awkward silence.

It was an hour later when we were all sat in the lounge pretending to enjoy each others company that i got the text from Blake.

Blake - i cant find Sophia anywhere do you know Des number, i hate to ask the guy anything but maybe shes with him.

Justin - ofcourse i dont have Des number, i will see if Nathan still has it.

“Nathan do you have Des’s number?” i asked him. “no.” Nathan said. Then Nathan seemed to clock on. “I might have it in my room, want to come help me look.” he said. we both run up, walking through cobwebs it was disgusting like always. How come no matter what we did we couldnt get rid of them. “Blake cant find Sophia.” i admitted. “i dont have Des’s number i got rid of all that.” Nathan said. then he looked torn. “but cover for me and i will go ask him, i know he hates me but he does seem to like Soph.” Nathan said. “She might even be there.” he said. “fun meal right?” Nathan said sarcasticly. “right.” i replied. “why didnt Mr D stand up for her?” Nathan asked. “i used to think he was cool.” Nathan said. “Pass, but what ever happens we will be there for Emma or Liam or what ever name our baby sibling gets.” I said weakly. “Yeah do you think mom and Mr D will ever work out?” Nathan asked me worried. “i dont know Nathan i really dont.” i admitted. i was worried at hell, i wont even pretend i wasnt. “Can we leave it a bit i would hate to have to go to Des’s for no reason.” Nathan said, it was a big ask. i nodded. “yeah sounds okay, give her time to calm down.” I said.

Nathans POV

6 hours after Sophia had walked out i looked at Des front door, he had to live in a creepy old building, i used to enjoy coming here when we were little kids, i couldnt remember the exact arguement that had ended up with me and Des hating each others guts, but since then well we had been at each others throats, it was more a disdain until Soph, why he had to be her friend was it because he knew it would anyoy me. i walked up to his door and Des answered the door. “WHAT?” he demanded from me. “Hey Des you havent seen Sophia have you?” i asked. “No Nathan why would i its thanksgiving she said she was with you all day.” He said. “Yeah well she had a fight.” i started. “its not my fault you had a fight with your little sister.” Des sneered at me. “Des your her friend, she left the house 6 hours ago, its 11pm at night. Blake cant find her, shes missed curfew i was hoping she was with you or you knew where she was.” i said, trying to get him to understand that, i knew Des wasnt a complete Jerk. “Shes not here.” Des said but he looked worried. “well can you try ring her she aint answering her phone to me and Justin or Blake.” i told him. He pulled his phone out his pocket and rung her number and put his phone to his ear. he looked worried, pulled out a mirror. “now isnt the time to check yourself out.” i snapped at him. “i can help you look alright.” he said putting his mirror away. “Mom im going out be home in a bit.” Des yelled. “Alright.” his mom yelled. “does she not know the time?” i asked Des. “she trusts me to be sensible.” Des said shrugging. he held his mirror tight and looked pissed off. “what happened why did she run off?” he asked. “Just Mr D.” i started. Des looked peed off and i didnt think it was me asking him if he had seen Sophia. “Alright i will take my bike. if i give you my number i will ring you if i find her.” Des said. “shouldnt we stick together.” i said. “No Sophia will kill me if i bring you to her alone zone, she only goes there to clear her head alone.” Des said. “Blakes already checked the beach.” I said. “She doesnt go to one easy to get to.” he said. “well take me anyway.” i snapped at him. “fine.” he moaned, i climbed on my bike he did his own and i followed him as he biked towards the cliffs. he stopped. “What the fuck!” i demanded. “Sophia comes up here to think.” he said looking down at the beach. “this is a death trap! you know she comes here and let her!” i demanded from him. “dude Sophie can take care of herself.” Des said. “she isnt here.” he said looking worried. He pulled his phone out. “Hey Meg is Soph with you, Nathans here looking for her.” Des said into the phone. “No thats fine dont worry, shes fine dont worry. i will ring Ben and see if shes with him.” Des said. “love you Meg.” Des said. he hung up. “problems with your girl?” i asked him worried. “like you care.” Des said. “We used to be friends.” i said. “yeah we did but that was along time ago Nathan.” Des said. “Hey Ben long shot but is Sophia with you.” Des said into the phone. “Well i know thats a lie, she would rather run you over than sleep with you, shes missing asshole have you seen her?” he asked. “No alright thanks. na dont worry she will turn up.” Des said and hung up. I looked at him hopeful. “not with Ben.” he said. “Come on theres a few other places she hides.” he said. he looked at the sky as if he thought she might just fly past. We searched for another 2 hours, Blake driving around too. Justin went searching too so did Charlie the family all going. Mom stayed at home. Des at 1am decided to go on facebook and loaded up her best friend she went to visit facebook and messaged her asking if Sophia was with her as she was missing, her friend assured him she wasnt but that she would do everything in her power to find her. An hour later, her friend Abe turned up and helped with the search looking worried. “she wouldnt of tried to go back to Texas or anything silly?” i asked Abe. “not without talking to me, she sent me a bird earlyer but.” Abe said he pulled out the message and read it like it would have clues. i looked at it over his shoulder.

Tweet to Abe Lawson – Well i deffently didnt miss out on anything not having a thanksgiving before, i thought Grans were meant to little nice old ladys that Knit, i didnt get that. mines a bitch seems i found where i got it from, You still coming next weekend i need some R AND R with you and Vinnie – Tweet from Sophie Tempest.

"So she didnt ask you to come get her." i said. "nope." he said. he looked at the sky as if searching for something. "Is there anywhere else you could think of that she goes to hide?" Abe asked Des. "Ive searched everywhere and places she doesnt even know about." Des said. "Even macdonolds." Blake said coming over. "She might just be doing it for attention." Blake said weakly, but i think we knew her enough to know she didnt do things for attention, if she did something it was because she planned to follow through. "shes tryed to run away from here before." Blake said worried. "yeah but she asked me to come get her, she also knows i would take her in and just make her give an im okay call." Abe said. he looked torn. "Shes hurt." he said seriously. we all looked at him sick raised in my throat. "What if she fell of the cliff its to dark to see." I started worried, thinking of her laying there as the ocean came in. "she isnt down there." Des said, how did he know i hadnt left him alone. "I will go check, i am an experenced cliff climber same as Sophie." he said. "Sophias a cliff climber?" Justin asked him scempticle. "Yeah cliff rock climbing, karate mixed marital arts cheerleading any sport Sophies tried it, she cant stay still never has done, i remember last summer her mom took the 5 of us to a few good climbs." Abe said. "im experenced." Abe said. "Des can you come help me." Abe said. "yeah can do." Des said. "we shouldnt seperate." Justin said. "and you shouldnt rock climb at night." he said. "I know what im doing." Abe said. "One of you three ring Tiff, if Soph is going to contact anyone and it not be Vinnie or me, it will be Tiff." Abe said. i nodded. He handed me her number. "Thats her number, meet here in an hour." Abe said and he and Des rode of, Abe on a moterbike and Des on his bike. i rung the girl. "Hello?" she asked yawning on the 8th call. "Hey Tiffany, this is Nathan Sophies step brother." i started. "um hey?" she said yawning. "i know this is late, but you havent heard from Sophie shes run away." i said. I heard he sit up. "what do you mean shes run away!" She demanded. "Well shes missing she had a fight with her dad hours ago and we cant find her." i said. "She rung me after the fight." Tiff said worried. "she was going back to talk to him, unless this is another fight." She asked so worried. "No they only had the one fight today, did she say where she was." I asked worried. "Yeah she was at a resturant." she said. "did she say which one?" i asked worried. she told me the resturant we went to the first meal. "Thanks." i said. "Ring me when you find her, i will stay up." Tiff said. "if she turns up there." i started. "i will ring." Tiff said. i hung up. "Any luck?" Justin asked me pacing. "she rung her after the fight from the resturant we went with Mr D and mom." i told him. "she said she was going back home to talk to Charlie.

Abe came back an hour later Justin and Blake had gone back to hunt for Sophia. "Any luck?" i asked worried. "she wasnt down there and hasnt been for weeks by the look of her stuff." Abe said. "Where the hell is she." I said worried. Des wasnt with him had he given up. "Des is looking everywhere." Abe said but i heard almost a lie. "I think it be best for everyone if you all go home and start looking again tomorow." Abe said but he looked worried. "you know your friend is this something she would do?" i demanded from him, yeah she had almost run away once. "To be honest, the people she would run to me Vinnie and Tiff all havent heard from her, so no this isnt something she would do." Abe said. "She might of just needed to calm down and got herself trapped somewhere." he said worried. "Has Her dad contacted Beaty?" he asked. "im not sure." i said. "lets go yours." Abe said.

At mine Charlie was back and he looked scared stiff. Mom looked as sick. "Have you rung the cops?" i asked worried. "Mr Davies please may i talk to you alone." Abe said. Charlie nodded, they went into another room. i heard abit because i purposely listened in. "Charlie she hasnt run away." Abe said. "I wouldnt blame her if she did." i heard Charlie whisper close to breaking point. "I am not going to pretend i like you." Abe said. "thats one of my best friends and where ever she is, she is in a shit load of trouble and it aint her doing it. i cant find her, do you understand that." Abe snapped. "Des cant find her, hes tried every way he can think of and she isnt strong enough to block him and me together. Vinnies been trying since she found out." Abe told him. "ive tracked her phone." Abe said. "And?" Charlie asked. "lets just say its not with her." Abe said. "Neither is her mirror." Abe said. "The accident that killed her mom." Abe said. "It was an accident wasnt it?" Mr D demanded. "We still arent sure and Sophia still doesnt remember weeks before that accident. to be honest I dont ever want her to remember it." Abe said. "she almost died in that accident and you know it, the car didnt just hit them once Mr Davies you were told that, the driver purposely tryed to run her and her mom of the road and into a lake, it was in waiting for them, the only person who doesnt know that is Sophia." Abe said. i sank on the stairs listening to the conversation. "Its time you let me take over and ring in people who can look after your daughter." Abe said. i hated the guy. "Do it." Charlie said. "Do what ever it takes to get her home safetly." Mr D said. "I dont care what you use what power you pull if you move hell to earth i dont care just get her home safe." Charlie said. "I will Mr Davies." Abe said. "And Mr Davies when i find her." Abe said firmly. "What?" Charlie said i could tell he was actully crying. "This time dont hurt her, accept her yeah shes not a normal kid but shes still your daughter." Abe said. he walked out. he looked at me like he knew i had heard him. "you heard that." Abe asked. i glared at him. "What is going on?" i demanded. "Whats going on, is Sophie hasnt run away and her mom dieing was not an accident but they havent found the person responsible and her aunt didnt want Sophie to know. but looks like they found Sophie." Abe said. "have you called the police?" i demanded. "Yes the moment i found her bag and phone ansd her can of peperspray used." Abe said. "i will get her home." Abe said. "You sound like your the mob." i snapped at him. he weakly smiled. "i am kind of." he said with a smile. his phone rung. "youve found her?" he said realived. "thank goodness." Abe said. "Mr Davies they have found her, shes on her way to hospital." Abe said. SHIT.

Justin POV

I didnt want to give up looking for Sophia, something wasnt right, if she had run away where would she have gone. She hadnt taken anything. I was still driving around with Blake petrified. "i should of gone after her quicker." Blake said. "i knew she was hurt and wanted to give her a bit of space but i should of just gone after her." Blake was kicking himself. "it aint your fault im her step brother not you." i said worried. "hell maybe if i had let you ask her out like you wanted to a few weeks ago." i said torn, Blake had asked if i would be okay with him asking Sophia out after the meal when Sarah and Mr D had said they were expecting a baby, he was into her. the problem wasnt my best friend dating my little sister, the problem was i fancied her too. maybe if i had let him she would of stuck around. My phone started ringing. i answered it as Nathans name flashed up. "theyve found her." he said. i was relieved. "where is she." i asked. "the hospital nine towns over we are on our way now." Nathan said. "Shit." i swore my heart in my throat. "we will be there before you we are closer as Blake and i were just checking along the beach roads incase she decided to walk along the beach and just walked to far." i said. Nathan gave me the hospital name and i told Blake he drove breaking every speed limit as we raced there.

When we got there, Blake didnt bother parking, he just threw the car into a space and we both run out. Beating Charlie here i knew we had. i run to the desk. "Can i help you?" the lady asked me, it was 5am and she looked like she was ready to call the police. "My little stepsisters been brought in as an emergency." i said. "Name?" she asked me. "Sophronia Tempest Davies." i said. She entered the name onto her computer. "Your name please?" she asked me. "Justin Williams." i told her "Please take a seat young man, shes still with the doctor." She said. i paced not wanting to sit down it felt like forever. "Justin Williams?" a man in a police uniform asked coming out to greet me looking at Blake and holding out his hand. "yes." i said said going up. "Sorry Mr Williams." he said holding his hand out to me. "is she okay may i see her? her dads on his way hes about an hour maybe two away still." i admitted, i knew he was coming, Nathan was with him, her friend Abe was apparently in the car with them, even though he had wanted to come down on his bike Charlie wouldnt let him. "You can see her, the doctors just finishing a few of the tests." The cop told us. "is she okay?" i asked worried. "That is for the doctors to decide." he said. i nodded. His belt buzzed and he answered it said a few things. "okay shes ready now." He told me, he escorted me up. i went into the room that had a cop outside it on a chair. Blake stayed outside. i looked at her on the bed, she looked black and blue, what the hell had happened to her! "Its not as bad as it looks should see the other guy." she said with a weak smile. "What happened." i asked her going up to her, she looked so fragile and small, her arms in a cast. "i dislocated my shoulder again." she said weakly. "Well i will personally rub it better when ever you need it." i assured her. she weakly smiled. "Sorry to worry you, i didnt mean to, i just needed to breath." Sophia said. "i looked at her she was so pale, she wasn't trying to jusify herself just explain. "Sophia what happened." I asked her. "Did you drive your bad car here?" she asked me worried. "no blake drove." i said. "is he outside?" she asked worried. "yes dont you want him to be, i can send him home." i started worried. "no he can come in." she said. i nodded. i went to the door. "Blake." i said after opening the door, Blake was pacing the corridor. "She wants you to come in." i said. "are you sure?" he asked. "yeah." i said. he came over and came in walking past the police officer, something had happened to warrent police. "Oh my god Sophia." Blake said taking her in, i could feel his anger and hear it in his voice. She was covered in bruises cut lips and bandages. "You should see the other guys." she said. "I want to belive me." he said anger. "Charlie Nathan and Your friend Abes on there way." i told her. "Okay." she said. i looked at her she pressed a button and seemed to get a bit of relief. "Painkillers?" Blake asked her worried. "i control it." Sophia said showing him her button and letting out a yawn. "What happened?" i demanded from her. "Its along story." Sophia said. her eyes flickered shut. "so long, nap now tell later." she said. then she drifted of to sleep.

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