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Chapter 18 - not edited yet

As i landed in a resturant carpark i slightly reconised i took a deep breath. i shouldnt of run. i shouldnt of had to stay and listen to her bitch at me. but i shouldnt of run. but my temper was getting a bit close to exploding and knowing peoples safety it was better for them that i left. The resturant was open which was a suprise it was thanksgiving. but then mom and me always managed to find a resutrant when i was a kid. it often was a chinnese but this was italian and i realised when i came here. My first family outting. Ha. I couldnt have a friendly meal with my family could i. I was calmer now. Why couldnt i have a Gran like Justins and Nathans. the kind that gave me chocolate ruffled my hair and told me i was beutiful. Nope i got one who was a bitch. Ha she was realted to me! I pulled out a little pad of paper from my imagenery pocket and wrote Abe a note. Because i think hed enjoy the humor in that thought.

Tweet to Abe Lawson – Well i deffently didnt miss out on anything not having a thanksgiving before, i thought Grans were meant to little nice old ladys that Knit, i didnt get that. mines a bitch seems i found where i got it from, You still coming next weekend i need some R AND R with you and Vinnie – Tweet from Sophie Tempest.

i put my hand up and a gull landed. really i was trusting a gull to deliver my tweet? you know what. what was the harm the worst, he wouldnt get my message. the best i would have new respect for seagulls. Someone needed to gain my respect today. When the bird was gone i folded my broom up and walked into the resturant. it was pretty full really. of men with kids on there own. single people sat at tables. Students who hadnt gone home with friends having a dinner laughing. there were no spare tables for me. No place for me. I should of gone to my beach. i dont know why i hadnt. i thought that was where i was headed but it wasnt. i looked at the arcade games and went over. the basket ball game was empty. i put a coin in and started tossing the ball into the hoop. it hurt my shoulder more than i wished it would. but i ignored the pain. i played 5 rounds beating the machines highscore and entering my name. hey at least that was one thing i had achived in this town. Made peace with my father Nope. Got to know my grandparents. Nope. Made friends at school. Yes but not the kind i used to. but who was it that said that they might not have been the right kind of friends anyway? Blake wasnt it? I thought of my old friends. what they would be doing this week. what i would of been doing this week. Today i would be with Tiff and her parents and her grandparents. Her Gran would of handed us both a hand knitted cardigan which we both would thank her for and belive me we both used much to the squads disaproval. but when someone goes through that much effort to make you feel special, you wear that cardigan with pride. I always did. I looked at my phone, i had a missed call from Blake but it was Tiff i needed to talk to. Maybe she was busy, but it wouldnt hurt to try her. i rung her. She answered i wished i could go to her and hug her. “Hey Sophie i miss you today more than ever.” She told me. “i miss you so much.” i said tears actully running down my face. i sat down at a table that was cleared. “Hows your first thanksgiving with your dad?” She asked me excited. “He hates me Tiff.” i said actully crying i couldnt help it. “Sophie are you crying?” Tiff asked me. “Yeah alergies.” i lied. “yeah bull.” she said. “Sometimes its okay to admit your upset.” she said. “What you up to?” i asked her. “Pops and Dad and Mom are watching football like normal. Grans washing up with Duncan as its his turn as me and you did last year.” Tiff said. “What were you up to?” i asked her. “Missing my bestfriend who i havent had a thanksgiving and birthday without since i was 12.” she said firmly. “I asked my dad if i can come down in a few weeks for the weekend for your birthday.” i said, i lied because i hadnt asked but i planned to go. I would just tell him i planned to and let him yell at me about it, because i wanted to go. “What he say?” she asked me. “hell think about it. i never realised what a horrible answer that was.” i told her. “i know right.” she said. “So hows your thanksgiving?” she asked me. i decided the truth was best. So i told her everything. From the moment i went downstairs meeting my Gran in the kitchen. to being called hot by Justins and Nathans cousin. to taking Blake (who i refered to as my soon to be stepbrothers hot bestfriend.) to the shop for tampons and milk. to sitting at the table and my gran laying into me. to running off. “OMG SOPHIA!” she yelled at me when i finished. “i know i should of stayed. i guess i found where i got my bitcheness from. suprisingly i thought i got it from mom.” i said tears running down my face. the waiter had taken simperfy on me and topped up my breadstick bowl when i ordered some fries. i think he heard alot of my conversation. “I thought the first thanksgiving with my dad would be different.” i said to her. i didnt know why. One of the single dads gave me a sad look. i think he thought the same as his kids moaned about the fact he burnt the turkey and there mom never burns the turkey. “I am trying. i cant do this Tiff. i cant stand there and take much more. im trying to be happy for dad. he has a new family and im happy for him. hes happy. but i dont fit in.” i said. “NOW YOU LISTEN TO ME SOPHRONIA LAVENDER TEMPEST.” Tiffiany said. i burst out laughing so did she. “Did you just full name me Tiffany Jewel?” i asked her in disbelif. “Yes and you have to listen because i did.” She laughed. “Now you are to march out of that really charming sounding italian resturant where you have eaten way to many carbs.” she started. i giggled i couldnt help it. you are to go straight home and talk to your father. Put everything on the table. tell him how crap your gran made you feel. Say how your a kid!" Tiffiany said. "How you werent resposnible for his and your moms fighting. how you werent responsible for his failed marriage." Tiffany started. "Tiffany who are you talking to?" Tiff mom asked. "Sophie." Tiff said. "Hey sweetheart happy thankgiving we love you and miss you." Tiffanys mom said loudly. "i love you too." i said meaning it crying again. "Has your dad even said that to you?" Tiffany asked me. "Not since i was like 3." i told her. "Then say how Crap that makes you feel!" Tiffany said firmly. "Go tell him how if he wants you to live with him and his new family. he cant treat you like your not appart of the family. Because he either wants you or doesnt. and if he doesnt then thats fine and his mothers right because you will be out there at 18 and never looking back." Tiff said. Wow Tiff sounded angry. "but hes the one who dragged you away from your home. hes the one who claimed he wanted you to live with him. that your trying. hell Sophia you might not be trying as well as he wants. but girl i know you better than anyone and i know your trying your hardest." Tiff said. "im a bitch Tiff." i said. "Hell you aint, your just scared to be hurt and hes hurt you more than anyone. i remember the girl on bring your dad to school day." She said. tears back in my eyes running down my cheek. "i remember the girl on daddy daughter dances." Tiff said. "I remember the girl on her 13th birthday getting so excited that the mailman had brought her a birthday card then her disapointment." Tiffiany said. "That mans nothing but a deadbeat and you have given him months now Soph." Tiffiany said. "So you march right home now. you lay into him. if it makes you feel better. you scream and shout. like you would at a pep rally." Tiff said. "But you tell him exactly how his mom made you feel. exactly how he made you feel." She said. "i will." i said and i suprisingly meant that. I laughed. "OMG TIFF Im so getting grounded." i laughed. "Well make the grounding worth it and call him every version of asshole you know." She said. i grinned and laughed. "i will i love Tiff." i said. "i love you too." she said. "im going to go home now." i said. "Love you have a great thanksgiving." i said. "Love you more. good luck." She said. i hung up. I paid for my fries drink and 3 bowls of breadsticks. really liked the breadsticks here!

I was walking to an Alleyway to take back to the sky when someone called my name. i turned around expecting it to be Blake. even though it didnt sound like him. i looked at the guy, i recognised but couldnt really remember how. He was roughtly my moms age maybe a few years older and there were two other guys with him. i didnt reconigse either of them. but the man who called me. i knew i knew his voice. How did i know his voice? was he someone i should know? "SOPHIE." he yelled at me again to make me stop. i stopped i was at the entrance of a dark alley and i was stopping for a stranger. even with my Karate and mixed martial arts and witchcraft i had a slight thought that it was a bad idea. I couldnt really take of in full view or turn invisible with there eyes on me. as thats a bit hard to explain. I also didnt think it was a good idea to go down the dark Alley. "Sophie Tempest, do you have any idea how long ive been looking for you." The man said with a smirk when he got closer. thats when i felt it Warlock and the swell of magic. It wasnt friendly magic! "Do i know you?" i asked him. he chuckled almost like a cartoon villian. really was all i could think. it was to empty here. and three warlocks against one witch. i wasnt even a full witch yet i was still in training. i told myself i was powerful. but ive never felt so weak. except in the hospital when i stood powerless as they turned my moms life support off. Then another reminder came to me. another time id felt powerless and it was the same man! id dreamed this man once. no twice? He had been in my nightmares. he had been behind the wheel of the car that hit us. that hit us once twice. he had been in a crowd watching me at a cheerleading rally. he had No. i was wrong i had to be. i pulled out my pepperspray which was laced with slightly more than just pepperspray and sprayed it right in his face. it was too late though as a fist came towards me by thug 2. that was a tall lanky guy i wouldnt say muscle but he was a hell of alot bigger than me. i punched him like i was trained to. i fought, 3 against one though even physical and them not throwing spells at me. i throw up a shield it was weak but the spells thankfully bounced off. i punched left. i kicked i turned into a full savage. i even bit one at one point when his arm went around my neck but he just squeezed tighter. i mumbled 4 spells as best i could. my words slurred because the world was going red. not even dark. A fist connected with my head and i mumbled my last spell. he screamed in agony and his arm lostened. all i saw was spots but i managed to grab my phone out my bag and run. i would take to the sky. i started to diall for help. i couldnt Diall 911 i knew that. Police would stand no chance. i needed help from the witch emergency line. It was a long number though and i didnt have it saved. 93366944. i managed to dial it. i pressed dial. i heard someone say. "Hello." i managed i would get help. "HELP Im a witchling." i managed to shout. "Okay how can i help you." The lady on the otherside said. a spell hit me and my phone fell out my hand i heard the smash of my screen breaking. why was noone helping me! couldnt they hear the racket enough to even ring the human police! i threw a spell back at him. i pulled out my broom and. My world went black as another spell hit me.

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