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Chapter 19 - not edited yet

Okay i am not going to panic. i lied to myself as i gained awarness. i was on a boat and even the most unlearnt witchling knows a witch cant be tracked when over water! its why flying over oceans is so dangerous! because if you fell in you might not be found! the moment your on solid ground an island sure. but when actully over water not a chance. i was screwed! “Shes coming around.” A guy said. i decided to keep my eyes shut. that might buy me more moments than i could afford to waste. but then if they had let me come around. maybe they werent going to kill me. or maybe they wanted me to suffer and were waiting for me to come around before they killed me. I kept my eyes closed and thought of every spell i could throw at them. i tried to move my hand and couldnt. it felt like someone had put my hands in jello. Not even Jello runny cerment i thought as i tried to wiggle my finger and it didnt move. Okay i couldnt do any hand magic, but i could still yell my spells. but the cloth in my mouth that tasted strongly of Hops, would hinder my spells. I was screwed. i thought of all other ways i could do a spell. there are very little you can do without handmovements if not talking. maybe i could convince my foot to be a conductor for a few miniutes. i moved it and ha that moved. Okay i could do this. focus on your foot. focous all your magic on your foot. i thought to myself i could do this. Okay now time to see whats happening. I opened my eyes. “Why Hello Sophie i was almost afraid you wouldnt be joining us.” The warlock said. “Who are you?” i asked him. “Ah Sophie i didnt realise i hit your head that hard last time child.” he laughed. Had he caused the accident had he killed my mom? “Who are you?” i asked. “Cant you remember me.” he asked me. “Maybe i should remind you.” he said he grabbed my hair and pulled it. “WHERE IS YOUR MOTHERS SPELL BOOK.” He demanded from me. My moms spell book? with aunt Beaty. i was to young for any of those spells. for goodness sake i wouldnt be ready for anything like that until i was at least 21. Even then i wasnt as powerful as my mom and i doubted i would ever trust myself with them. when aunt Beaty and i had packed up the home she had taken all the spell books with her except my school ones. But i couldnt say that because i couldnt risk Aunt Beaty shes pregnant. “I am not going to ask again. you and your mother have already lied.” he snapped. what? “i dont know.” i said tears running down my face. “oh dont cry your a witch your not a weak kid.” the man sneered at me. if i could reach one person who could take 3 warlocks that the water wouldnt delay who could i reach that wasnt to far away. Des would be closest and he would feel my panic. he would know he needed to get real help. Then it hit me. Caspian. He might not be close, but god would he be able to get close quick. and water wouldnt stop him! I hit my foot on the boats floor sending all my magic i could as a plee for help into the ocean screaming his name and help with everything i could. it was the last shot of desperation. i would be magicless for hours but if it reached someone it would be worth it. ‘CASPIAN PLEASE HELP.’ My magic screamed as it went into the ocean. a fist met my stomach and a spell hit me decind to make all my bones feel like they were on fire. i screamed in agony. “What a waste of the last bit of magic you had. sending it into the ocean and not towards the land. i thought you were smart Sophie.” the man laughed. the spell easing tears run down my face. my eyes were almost swollen shut anyway. it might have been a long shot. but if it worked it wouldnt be a waste. Please Caspian. “where is your mothers spell books!” he yelled at me again. “Maybe we should check the house.” Golum one said, because he didnt even deserve the title of goon. “No i told you, they would never of put a spell book in a house with non magicals it would be to dangerous.” Golum two said. “Your just saying that because the ghost scared you.” golum one laughed. theyd been in my house. was my dad okay? were the guys? “I needed longer to look. if that ghost hadnt.” he started. “Shut up both of you.” warlock demon snapped. my world started spinning. was i going to loose conciousness again. then i realised it wasnt just me that was spinning. so were the warlocks and they were holding on as the boat span faster and faster like we were trapped in a whirl pool. “whats going on!” Warlock yelled. he ran off out the door taking the steps just outside holding on. it was dark. how long had i been on this boat! The boat started swaying left and right. As if trying to capsize. Maybe i was going to die. Maybe i would never get peace with my father. Maybe i would never grow up and achive anything. Maybe my destiny was always to blow out like i was never there. Maybe thats everyones destiny. The boat went under for a few seconds and water run down the steps. then it rose again. my feet were under water but it wasnt that bad but we were still spinning faster. “SOPHIE.” Someone yelled my name from out my sight. was it the warlock coming back with his anger. i heard a spell be yelled by Golum one and two. but someone yelled a counter spell. Then i heard him again yell my name someone i hoped would come with all my might but i still couldnt belive was there CASPIAN. “Caspian.” i yelled. Gollom two put the gag back in my mouth. i heard more spells be yelled. the boat went under again and more water run in and this time the boat wasnt coming back up. it was going down. Golloms run out the room and up the steps leaving me tied up and gagged. the water coming higher. i was going to drown, it wasnt even my not being able to swim that was the problem currently because i couldnt move even if i wanted to. i was going to go down with the ship. i couldnt even hold my breath with a gag in my mouth that forced it open. water was up to my neck. “SOPHIE.” Caspian yelled again. even if he made it. i couldn’t think of a way of this boat without swimming. which i cant do. Then he came down the steps. He looked at me and yelled a spell. i didnt know, he was by my side a second later. He looked at me like he knew how bad this was. “Sophie hold on to me. no matter what dont let go.” he said to me he cut the robes that tied me to the chair. simple boat ropes i realised. he pulled me close to him. i wrapped my arms around him. he pulled the gag out my mouth. “When i say hold your breath hold your breath.” Caspian told me. “okay.” i said. i had no magic left. i couldnt even do a spell to give myself gills or anything, even then none came to me of my head. “NOW SOPHIE.” Caspian said as the water came to my neck. i took a deep breath and he pulled me under holding onto me tight with one arm. i tried to keep holding my breath and onto him. he pointed one hand at the side of the boat and it exploaded. outwards. he then swam us out the boat, i heard a huge boom and the water litrelly tried to pull me apart and away from Caspian, i clung to him with everything i had, even when the last of my air was leaving my lungs and they were screaming at me to breath. another boom seemed to pull me again but Caspian clung to me moving his tail as fast as he could, he swam towards the surface. Then my head cleared the water. i gasped for breath. Caspian holding me still tight but above the water his tail moving fast underneith us. “Sorry i didnt mean to try drown you. but that guy kept throwing spells at me.” Caspian said witha smile. i hugged him tighter, hell i wouldnt ever say i cared how he had saved me what was important was hed saved me. Well kind of. but i doubted now he had saved me he was going to abandon me in the ocean. “What the hell was that about?” he asked me. “i dont know. but that warlock. i think he killed my mom.” i said tears were running down my face i think or it could of been salt water, either way i felt like i was crying. “Did you?” i asked. “they all fleed before i drowned them.” Caspian said sounding angry as hell. i clung to him. his tail still moving us. “They took there brooms and fleed leaving you to drown.” he was so angry. I clung to him for life. i looked at the boat that was a mixture of fire flooting on the ocean floating items but not reconisible as a boat and was a good few miles from where we were. he looked at me. “Sophie i need you to hold onto my back tight. i will try get you to shore quickly. but.” he started. “i havent got the magic.” i started. “neither have i after the whirlpool fighting and blowing up the whole in the boat. then the shield for the explosion.” he admitted. “i will try not to drown you.” he said. i nodded. “hold on tight dont let go.” he said, swinging me to his back. i clung like a baby koala. he swam so fast i could barley keep hold and water kept going over me. the amount of times i swallowed water. i thought i was going to drown, when shore came into focus i didnt even care where we were. it was land! Caspian swam as quickly as he could. the moment he got close enough he shifted so his tail was gone. i went under more times than i want to admit. he carried on swimming though. the moment he was in his feet depth he put his feet down and ran towards the beach. i was going to make it! i slid of his back i could. i fell into the water. i couldnt put weight on my ankle i realised. he scooped me in his arms. “i got you.” he told me. we made it to the shore. he dropped me in the sand. we both laughed, i dont even know why! we both just lay on the sand laughing hysetrically after i coughed up a hell of alot of water. we both lay panting. Caspian naked well with a fin speedo again. we both just laughed until i started sobbing. “When i started sobbing Caspian squeezed my hand i tried to stop. “Hell dont stop Sophie cry scream your alive!” he said with a grin at me. i burst out laughing again. Suddenly there was a pop as if someone had teleported to us. infact there was a few. if this was the badguys we were screwed because we were both out of power. “Oh good its the police.” Caspian laughed. “better late than never.” he laughed. “Sophronia Lavender Tempest Davies?” they said. i nodded trying to calm myself to stop. “Your safe Sophie.” Caspian said calming down. i heard one ordering an ambalance. “Caspian you just saved my life.” i said. “well you know what friends are for.” Caspian said. I heard Caspian explaining what had just happened to one of the cops via a truth spell. he didnt even seem to care he was spelled for the truth. he said about my magic reaching him where he was harvesting pearls to make a necklace for his girlfriend. he said about what he had found. a wizard touched my head to take all my information straight from my memory bank. i just gave it up all freely. because hell i didnt know what happened. but i knew my mom would never break any laws. i knew my mom. i was lifted onto a strecher. i was drained and exhursted i had a feeling i looked like i went 10 rounds with a boxer. i was loaded into an ambalance. with Caspian assuring me i would see him again before i lost sight of him. he stayed with a few officers two went with me in the ambalance. One rung someone saying they had found me. they were looking. i was safe and not only that but because of my memorys they would know exactly what the guy they were looking for looked like. i would hopefully be safe!

“Look into the light please.” the doctor said. i looked into it, even though it hurt my head even more. “Alright your step brother is here.” One of the magicial cops said calmly. “Justin or Nathan came?” i asked taken aback. Really they came? “Your fathers on his way, hes actully broken 4 speed limits.” The cop said calmly. i didnt know what to say. “Hes coming?” i asked taken aback. The cop didnt know my life, he didnt know what was going on. “Your aunt and Uncle have been informed and your uncle is on his way. although he can not come to fast that humans question.” he started i nodded. “Your aunt wants to but due to her current situation she is unable to teleport.” he said calmly. Yeah i knew teleportation was out of bounds for her, but was Dill really coming? “Now this man can you remember ever meeting him before?” he asked me. “i remember his face but i dont know. i think he killed my mom.” i said tears running down my face. he nodded. “Your familys spell books.” he started. “My aunt and uncle have them all. im just a witchling.” i started. he nodded. “So you dont have any?” he asked me. “only my school ones. its” i started. he nodded excepting that. “Your uncle and father will be here soon. i shall come back to talk to you then. a officer will be in the corridor myself included in the hospital.” he said. “Do you really think theyll come after me. they left me to drown.” i started. “You can ID them.” the officer said calmly. “but you bottled my memory as evidence even.” i started. “Yes but its still my pioroty currently to protect the witness.” he said calmly. “would you like to see your brother?” he asked me. “Can you follow the light please.” the doctor said firmly. the cop kept distracting me as he was trying to do his tests. i followed it. “Yeah but what do i tell my stepbrother there human. do i lie? because i dont even know the lie to tell them.” i said. “You will tell the lie that i have filed with the human police and the human hosptial.” the Cop said calmly. “it was an attempted mugging. you didnt hand over your purse, they beat you.” he said firmly. “and took me up the coast by 8 towns?” i questioned.He seemed torn. “use your magic to make them not question.” he said. “or you could try a different lie, one closer to the truth.” The cop said. i blinked at him. “You were having a breather after the fight with your family early. you went for drink at an italian resturant and played some arcade games. when you came out, someone called you. one of your moms ex boyfriends. knowing him you felt you could trust him. he offered to drive you home, but he didnt and tried to take you somewhere you fought and managed to escape. but he got away” the cop suggested. “Change it slightly.” he said. “i havent got the strenght to use my magic.” i said. The doctor handed me a drink. “this will replensih you slightly.” he told me. i started drinking it and pulled a face. “your uncle will be here in a few hours. if you believe you need him quicker i am told to tell you to ask and i will contact as he understands your phone was destroyed. your friend found it so should be able to get everything from it.” he said calmly. i gave him a look. “you have a teenager?” i asked. “a 13 year old.” he said calmly. i nodded. “Now please look into the light.” the doctor said firmly. i looked at the light again he moved it. “Are you ready for your step brother as he seems rather restless.” The cop asked i nodded. “the light!” the doctor snapped. i did. The cop left the room and the doctor carried on more tests.

The doctor had just left when Justin walked in. Justin had come? Justin actully come all this way for me? i knew i looked a stait i had seen a mirrior now as had used the toliet so knew i looked like a boxing match wipeout. Justin was looking at me wordlessly. “Its not as bad as it looks should see the other guy.” i tried to joke with him, but hey i had done damage. “What happened?" he asked me walking towards me like i was fragile and going to break if he got to close. “i dislocated my shoulder again.” i told him weakly. Apparently i could of done that in any of my swings punches or even swimming back on Caspians back in mermaid speed. “Well i will personally rub it better when ever you need it.” he told me, yeah i doubted that. but i slightly wondered how far i would be able to mil. this with the boys. “Sorry to worry you, i didnt mean to, i just needed to breath.” i told him, knowing he was panicked now then and before. he was in panic mode and scared. “Sophia what happened?” he asked me. the one answer i wasnt ready to give. “Did you drive your bad car here?” i asked him trying to stay of the conversation a tiny bit longer. “no blake drove.” he said. So Blake was here to? “is he outside?” i asked worried. did he not want to see me? “yes dont you want him to be, i can send him home.” Justin said really worried. “no he can come in." i told him, i saw relief flood Justins face then he opened the door and simpley said "Blake.She wants you to come in.” “are you sure?” i heard Blake ask. “yeah.” Justin said. Blake then walked in the room. he took me in on that hospital bed and i saw his face. “Oh my god Sophia.” Blake said looking at me as if scared i was going to die infront of him. “You should see the other guys.” i told them both. i gave good, i knew i did. “I want to belive me.” Blake said. he wanted to belive me or see the guys? “Charlie Nathan and Your friend Abes on there way.” Justrin told me. Abe was with them? “Okay.” i told him, then i pressed the magical button the doctor had shown me. “Painkillers?” Blake asked me. “i control it.” i told him with a smile showing him the button, i yawn sliped. “What happened?” Justin asked me. i needed longer to make a crative life. “Its along story.” i told them. “so long, nap now tell later.” i said deciding to buy time, i was shattered it was best to have magic for the talk and i wasnt sure i was ready. i didnt need rocking or even someone to say night, i went out almost instantly.

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