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Chapter 20 - not edited yet

Someone was holding my hand, it was so weird. Why the hell would someone hold my hand whilst I'm asleep. they really need to work out how weird it was, it wasn't comforting to me at least. "She's going to be tired a lot over the next few days." I heard a voice I knew a lot say. Abe was here? "Okay." My dads voice said. My dad was here? Wait my dad was here and he was holding my hand? That's just so weird. Should i open my eyes and deal with this, or keep them shut to avoid the awkwardness that was bound to follow. "She wont have any magic for a few days, she used it all to get herself help and fight." Abe was saying. Hey I thought I did well they don't have to judge. "So she's powerless?" my dad asked, he actually sounded relived to hear that. fuck him then. "She is but like I said her magic's under control, she just was scared and drugged and had a bit left." Abe said. "she turned the doctors hands back to front." My dad said. "she was scared and his hands were cold, you have to admit if you were asleep and someone touched you with ice-cold hands. you would react" Abe said. "She's safe in the house?" my dad asked worried. He was worried about my safety? "Councillor Dill has put loads of protection on your house for a while. in fact your house is the safest place she could be currently." Abe said. "it will be leaving the house before there caught that will be the problem." Abe said. "Understand Sophie no leaving the house for a while." Abe said. Okay he knew I was awake. I opened my eyes knowing I couldn't get away with listening in any longer. My dad was still holding my hand I realised. "Are you okay, do you need anything?" My dad asked. "Can I have a cup of water?" I asked looking around. "Of course." Dad said going to the jug and pouring me a cup, letting go of my hand. He passed it to me, I took a sip. "Soph that was so clever." Abe said. "what was?" I asked confused. "Asking a merman for help when you were in the ocean. hell that was amazing fast thinking." he said. "I knew i could rely on Caspian." i admitted. "Same as i know i can you, i just could reach you. water stops being tracked and the flow of witch magic." i started. "i know, hell we were panicked. we thought someone was blocking us, we didn't realise you were on the ocean." Abe said, he hugged me. i hugged him tight. "Abe did he kill my mom?" I asked. "i don't know, i don't even know who it was Soph." he said honestly. "he talked to me like he knew me. but i didn't know him." i pointed out. "But then." i said thinking, my head pounded. "he said he didn't realise he hit me that hard." i said. "They hit you extremely hard, but hell Sophia you fought bloody brilliant, you really could of got your black belt." Abe said. i smiled at him. He rested his head on mine. "i sorted out the mess with your step brothers for you, i hope you dont mind me stepping in. they think. well they think what the police officer told me to tell them." Abe said. "which is?" i asked worried. "That your moms ex boyfriend followed you here, you didn't realise until he called you over outside a restaurant you had gone to calm down. you thought it was a weird coincidence and went to talk to him, he abducted you, but you fought and escaped but now he's on the run." Abe said. "wow." i said. "it might actually be the truth." Abe said looking worried. "i know, that's why its scary." i said truthfully. "I'll leave you both to chat." Dad said getting up. "Dad can i have something to eat." i said weakly. trying not to make a huge thing about calling him Dad for the first time. Charlie teared up, he literally looked like he was about to cry. "I will go see what the doctor says Sophia." he said, he was smiling like the cat who bloody just got the cream. He left the room though with a big smile. "Soph." Abe said looking at me. "Yeah?" i asked him. "i am so bloody proud of you." Abe said. i smiled at him, in fact i grinned.

I had to stay in the hospital two days, it was a bit longer than I wanted but I couldn't get rid of that many peoples minds. I was also powerless at the moment, well I had enough to do my hair and clothes but not fetch red vines from who knows where. eventually I was allowed home though, but that reality hit me. home! I thought of my dads and Sarah's as home. Although I didn't tell my uncle that or auntie Beatty when she rung and apologised so much for not coming. Blake Justin and Nathan came once as well, which surprised me, especially as it was only two days. When I got home though the house was silent, I was with Dad as he picked me up. I didn't get it. where were they. Dad cooked the two of us dinner though, it was strange. but he tried to talk to me about nothing like it was natural. about 2 hours later I had to call him out on his bullshit. "What's going on?" I asked. I hadn't said dad since the hospital, but I didn't regret saying it to him. I just felt that he had to work for the title. Our relationship wasn't going to be healed by him turning up once when I needed him, but the thing was I was now willing. which made me realise it hadn't just been him making this hard. I hadn't been the most easiest to get to know. "I thought we should talk." he said seriously. "what my parents said to you wasn't right." he started. instead of saying you think, I sat there waiting. "I haven't been trying as much as I should have." he said. "I thought showing you a normal family would." he started worried. I scoffed I couldn't help it. "this ain't a normal family. Come on this is a soap opera." I told him. "If this was a normal family at least one of the kids would be ugly." I said trying to soften my blow to my father as he looked like I had slapped him. "Sofia." he said looking at me sad. "Do you want to go with you uncle to your aunts?" he asked me. WHAT HE DIDNT WANT ME! AFTER ALL THIS HE DIDNT WANT ME. I HADNT WANTED TO COME HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE, NOW I FINALLY FELT SETTLED HE WANTED RID OF ME? "I HATE YOU." I yelled and run to my room and slammed the door. My dad was an idiot a clueless idiot, I was starting to think of here as home then he asks me if I want to go? What the FUCK.
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