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Chapter 21 - not edited yet

I took a deep breath as my bedroom door was knocked. I would have to face someone sooner or later anyway. dad hadn’t knocked again since I stormed upstairs a few hours ago. he never came after me. I opened my door though. Justin stood there his ugly bandana on his head, his sweat bands on. I rolled my eyes, please how did this guy go through high school and not be shoved in a locker, although his size he wouldn’t fit. he would be the one shoving people in the locker, why the hell wasn’t he wearing a top! I stared at his chest that had greeted me prehab’s to long. I looked up at him when I realised and saw the worry on his face. “you alright?” he asked me. “Yeah just tired.” I said truthfully, and wanting to shake my father. “Can I come in?” he asked. “Once you’ve got a shirt on and aren’t covered in sweat.” I told him, hey it wasn’t the sweat it was more the need of a shirt. what the hell was with me! I pulled his banadana off, it was a different one to normal. “Where do you get these?” I questioned. “the mall.” he shrugged. “yeah don’t go there anymore.” I told him. “Oh really fashion police?” he questioned me well he teased me. “At least not without help.” I told him. “Wheres everyone?” I asked him. “Mom and Charlie have gone out to dinner, fancy pizza?” he asked me. Ha really they had gone out my first night back? “Its not what your thinking.” Justin said as if he saw that. “they’ve been so worried about you, we all have.” he said. “They had to go out to though it was a work meal for moms work and they couldn’t get out of it.” Justin said. “I didn’t say anything.” I said. “you didn’t have to.” he said. “Go shower you stink and I will order the pie. is it just me and you?” I asked. “Na blake and Nathan will be here soon.” he said. “Blakes not here already?” I questioned. “No hes coming in an hour.” he said. “then whos downstairs?” I asked. I knew someone was. “No one.” Justin said like he was qurstioning my sanity. No someone was. “ive just come up.” Justin said. I swallowed as we both heard the crash then. Justin looked at me like fuck. “Stay here.” he told me. No fucking way. I followed him down as he went to the stairs one of his strides 3 of my own currently. but I’m fast. I managed to be right behind him. Another bang. I didn’t have enough magic for anyone. but they didn’t need to know that and Justin couldn’t go in alone. we both followed the banging. Justin trying to keep me behind him. we made our way to the kitchen. we both stood at the closed door, I held my cell with the magical police ready to be dialled. Justin got his fists ready to open the door. He pushed it open slowly trying to be quiet the suspensis was way to much! the door let out a creek as it opened.

We were both holding our breaths as it opened. I realised my step brother to be was kind of a wimp. the kitchen came into view suddenly and it was. Empty. that’s right the kitchen was empty. well that’s what Justin thought anyway.

I looked at the very pissed off ghost that had obviously been throwing things, relief but I knew I had sensed someone down here. not something. he turned on me and said. “YOU WITCH I PUT UP WITH YOU, BUT ASSHOLE WARLOCKS.” He yelled. I looked at him not sure what to do, Justin looked relived. “Soph no ones here, we both spooked ourselves.” he nervously laughed. the ghost throw another glass to get his point across, yelling insult after insult at me about the warlock who had tried to break in. “Fuck.” Justin said looking at the glass. “How the fuck.” he said. “the house is haunted.” I said shrugging trying to downplay it. “Its okay I will sort out the glass you go shower.” I said, Justin hesitated as if he didn’t want to leave me. he nervously laughed and said. “this ghost seems so pissed off.” he said. “yeah I think he is.” I said looking straight at the ghost. “he with how the ghosts pmsing, its deffently a she.” Justin teased. that made the ghost scream more insults and throw another glass at us. he was going to tire himself out. Justin and I both ducked quick enough. “We need to exorcise it.” Justin said way to seriously for him. “Justin we are both drawing at straws, theres not really a ghost here.” I said weakly laughing trying to pretend I wasn’t staring at a very pissed ghost. “go shower we are both just jumpy.” I said. “Soph that glass flew at us.” he said matter of factly. “Go have a shower Justin you stink, I will try talk to our ghost.” I said weakly, yeah if he calmed down enough. “Maybe we should get a preist in.” he said. I scoffed. “What its an idea.” he said. “go think about it in the shower.” I said. “come upstairs then, I aint leaving you down here alone.” he said. “I want to talk to casper.” I said. another glass got thrown at us. I had to laugh as it barely got near us, he was weakening. another glass got thrown I admit both me and Justin jumped as the front door slammed. “Hey anyone in!” Blake yelled. “KITCHEN.” Justin yelled. fuck I wouldn’t get to talk to the ghost. Blake opened the kitchen door, he took in the glass around both me and Justins feet. I had bare feet. “Soph don’t move, I will clean it up.” Blake said looking at the glass. The ghost screamed more insults. I listened as he yelled about the warlock trying to attack the spells that fucking wizard had placed around the house, how he teleported in. how this was his house and he wasn’t having fucking magical pricks teleport in his home, how all witches should of been burnt at the stake. I was getting my answers without even asking a question and I was starting to want ghost guys story, because he needed his anger looked into. the warlock tried or at least one did was what I gathered from his anger. I recorded him knowing I couldn’t talk I would send it via witch mirror in a miniute. Uncle Dill would know I couldn’t talk to him and I think he would understand better than I could explain. “Whats up with both of you?” Blake asked. “the ghost is throwing a tempertanturm.” Justin said weakly like he wasn’t sure if he should laugh or not. “I told you this house was haunted.” Blake said. another glass got thrown at us, but this one barley left the shelf. Blake looked at it in disbelief. “Maybe you should get a preist.” he said looking in the room wide eyed. “Why this is his home.” I said. “Why is it a he?” Blake asked. “I told Soph its a she how shes pmsing.” Justin said. another glass fell of the shelf. I laughed I couldn’t help it, I could see how the ghost was tired. “I think we are going to have to drink from the bottles with the za.” I said. “glad you can joke, mom and Charlie aren’t going to belive us that a ghost smashed all the glasses.” Justin said. that obviously gave ghost guy an idea as the shelf fell down spilling every glass on the floor with the almightiest smash, it was also when the front door slammed. “WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT.” Nathan yelled. “THE GHOST.” The three of us yelled as a reply. I looked at my feet that had been cut by the glass. Nathan opened the kitchen door, he looked at the state of the kitchen. “Fuck.” he said. “Something pissed off casper.” he said. I couldn’t help but laugh. I watched him fade he had used all his anger, he yelled a few more curses at us as he faded. “Whos cleaning this?” I said sweetly. Blake and Justin both looked at me like are you for real. “we just had glasses thrown at us, litrelly thrown at us.” Justin said. “Yeah whos cleaning the mess.” I said with a grin laughing. “because you all know I’m going to get blamed for this. some how Charlie will find a way.” I said. “I thought you were calling him dad now.” Nathan said. I looked at him confused and worried. “he said that?” I asked. Justin hit him around the back of the head as we all stared at the room. “We weren’t meant to hear.” Justin said. I shook my head. “I took a risk and called him dad, then he said about sending me to England.” I shrugged. “so its back to Charlie.” I shrugged but I knew my voice wobbled, I didn’t want to go into that. the doorbell rung. we all turned and looked out the room. “Whos that?” Blake said. “possibly the za.” I said. “but Soph you haven’t ordered it yet.” Justin said. Blake picked me up then as I went to go out to answer the door, “watch your feet on the glass.” he said. Nathan went up to the door his fists ready, “whats good a fist against a ghost?” I asked. “shh.” he said as he reached the door. I was still in Blakes arms, not sure how I felt about that. not sure how I felt about any of this. Justins still naked chest, Blakes arms around me holding me and carrying me like I was nothing and Nathan trying to bravo as he opened the front door fists ready. the moment he opened it. Des stood at the door. Nathan still swung his fists but Des obiviously saw it coming. “WHAT THE FUCK.” He yelled at Nathan I could feel the swirl of Des’s magic as he obviously wanted to retaliate. “Sorry I thought you were the ghost.” Nathan said. Des glared at Nathan, “What the fuck?” he said taking us all in. me in Blakes arms, he raised an eyebrow at me. I slipped out. “We are all a bit jumpy.” I said. “Yeah I see that?” Des said but he made it a question at the end as in asking me what the fuck. “the house ghost was angry and he spooked us all I think.” I said to Des with a small shit stiring grin. “Well fists wouldn’t help with ghosts.” Des said. “And you would know what would freak.” Nathan mumbled. Des looked anoyoyed. “Can we talk Fee.” Des said. I nodded. “Soph sort out the glass in your feet.” Justin said worried. Des looked at my feet. “Shit.” he said, he pushed past Nathan coming in the house. “what the fuck happened?” he asked. “Ghost smashed all our cups, or the shelf calapsed and we all have to big an imagination.” I said giving Des a look. he scoffed. “to big an imagination.” he dismissed. he knew the truth so did I. “Are you two dating or some fucking thing.” Nathan snapped. “Nathan a guy and girl can be friends you know that right?” Des snapped. “All of you sort out you male pride.” I said rolling my eyes, I looked at Blake and Justin who were both silent. “Justin shower please.” I moaned. “Fine I will sort out the glass, but I don’t think Charlie and Sarah will believe me that a ghost did it.” Blake said. “Charlie will blame me not you guys.” I assured him. “I will go buy glasses.” Nathan grumbled he picked up his jacket and stormed out. what the fuck happened! “This is why I’m thankful I’m an only child.” Des said to me waving his hand over my feet healing them when we were alone. “me too.” I said. “You aren’t anymore.” he told me. I glared at Des. “to soon?” he asked. I hit his shoulder “too soon.” I told him. “what pissed of your ghost more than usual?” he asked me. “have you got a mirror on you?” I asked sweetly. “Yeah always.” Des said he pulled out a pocket mirror and held it open. I touched my little finger to it and said Dills name and sent it. “Wait the warlock tried breaking in?” Des asked in anger and disbelief. “yeah apparently so.” I said. “Fuck.” he said. “Fucks right how long do you think it will take them to catch him and work it out?” I asked. “I don’t know Fee.” he said in disbelief. “your friend Abes still on the war path about it.” he said. I watched him. “So are you?” I asked confused. “Hell yeah.” he said. I rested my head on my hand wondering how the fuck this happened. I could hear the shower I could hear Blake in the kitchen cleaning up the mess. “You come to check on me?” I asked. “Yeah.” Des admitted. “Not everyday is someone without there magic.” he teased me. “You obviously cant remember how to do your hair manually.” he said. I hit his shoulder and he laughed. that’s when Blake came back in. he gave us both a look I couldn’t place, almost like he was jealous but that was stupid. “I still ain’t ordered the pizza.” I said. “Are you staying?” I asked Des. “No way.” Des said looking at Blake. “you can stay your Sophia’s friend.” Blake said like he didn’t like that. “No I got a date tonight.” Des said. liar liar pants on fire. “With your girlfriend.” Blake said in a way that said about his distrust. Fucking hell what was these guys deals. “Cant you all kiss and makeup.” I said. “I should get going.” Des said ignoring what I said. “Any problems text me Soph.” Des said. “I haven’t got a cell currently.” I reminded him. “And that’s why you weren’t answering.” He chuckled as if he now realised something. I hit him. “Did you really come all this way to check on me because I didn’t answer a text, when you knew my cell is broken?” I asked him in disbelief. “you didn’t answer your mirror either.” he said. Blake heard and scoffed “her hairs not that bad.” he said. “thanks both of you.” I grumbled. “Send me a tweet.” I said sweetly to Des. “you have twitter?” Blake asked suspicious. “not that kind of tweet.” I said with a smile. “will do I better go.” Des said. “I’ll see you out.” Blake said and he actually did that. I shook my head in disbelief. When Blake came back in I had to ask. “Why don’t you guys get on?” “hes just not.” Blake started. “Hes your friend I’m not going to bad mouth him to you. but you could of made any friends.” he groined. “At least Des is real with me, rather than the fake friends I had that stabbed me in the back.” I said. “this about your facebook?” Blake questioned. I heard Justin coming down the stairs. “I logged on for the first time in a while.” I admitted. “I wasn’t a nice person.” I said and I meant that. “I’m still not.” I said. he shook his head at me. “You called Charlie dad that’s a start.” Justin said coming in the room and falling onto the sofa. “I also told him I hated him today.” I admitted. he groined. “Just 6-7 more months of me then you can all go back to your old lives.” I said. Blake and Justin both looked at each other as if they were physic. Blake then fell in the couch next to me and threw his legs over me. “you think your leaving?” he asked me. I laughed. “if I don’t pass out from your feet.” I teased. “Wheres the pizza?” Justin asked. “Has anyone ordered it?” I asked. Justin groined pulled his cell out his pocket and ordered grumbling about how long it was going to take and how he was already starving. Blake put a film on Netflix and I did my usual moving around whilst we watched it. The pizza arrived before Nathan with the glasses, but we were nice and saved him some.

“Sophia.” Blakes voice said, I blinked my eyes open. it was dark the only light was from the tv. “Yeah?” I asked tiredly. “Whats up?” I asked worried rubbing sleep out my eyes. “Its time for bed.” he said. “Not yet I’m watching.” I started. I looked at the tv. “What ever this is.” I told him. “what is it?” Justin asked from the other sofa. I looked at the tv, and there was half naked girls. “Okay I’m not watching what ever that is.” I told them. they laughed. “Wheres Nathan?” I asked. “In bed. where you should be.” Justin said. I gave him what I hoped was a fuck off look. he laughed. “Where are the so called parents?” I asked. “out.” Justin said. “Are they coming back?” I asked. “yes but its only 11.” Justin said shrugging. “Sophia.” Blake said. “Yeah?” I asked. “go to bed.” he said, I groined and rolled of the couch onto the floor. I laughed as I got to my feet. “night.” I said. “night.” they both said. I didn’t have much magic but a little ears dropping wouldn’t hurt. I went up the stairs, I opened and shut my bedroom door. “What is Mr D’s damage.” Blake said. “Who knows, he just seems to always say the wrong thing with her.” Justin said. “It scares me I admit.” he admitted. “Like hows he going to be with the baby. hes a great teacher and hes great with us. but Soph its like he doesn’t have a clue.” Justin said. I sat on my bed. “I know she doesn’t make it easy. but its like she takes a step forward and he takes 3 back. I thought with how scared he was.” Justin said. “I thought he had worked it out.” Justin said. “I keep thinking they will work it out. but Soph is hurt because of it.” Justin said weakly. “Whats up with Des and her anyway.” Blake said he sounded gelious. “I don’t know I really don’t. but Des does seem to care about her.” Justin said weakly. “He and Nathan fell out so badly.” Blake said. “Yeah.” Justin said. “Nathan was scared of Des for a month.” Justin said. “What the hell happened.” Blake said. “I don’t know, but I never want to see my brother that scared.” Justin said. “Maybe we should sort him with Soph out.” Blake said. “I don’t think Soph would ever forgive us if we interfered. but I don’t trust him. but he does care about her.” Justin said. I could hear the anyoance. “Why couldn’t I just have that stuck up cheerleader step sister I was expecting.” Justin moaned. “because that wasn’t who she was. I don’t get her.” Blake said. “Like how quickly she got on the ghost band wagon.” Blake said. “Hey you should of seen it dude. there is no joking this house is haunted.” Justin said. I wanted to spook them and I had enough. I focused on the kitchen and the almightest smash followed. “FUCK.” They both yelled. I had to giggle. I laid down and went to sleep. they could sort that out after they sorted themselves out.

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