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Chapter 22 - not edited yet

The knock on my bedroom door was so loud, why couldn’t they go away. I’m an early riser and even I don’t want to get up yet. I turned to look at the time wondering who would risk pissing me off this early in the day. 3 am! okay, now 5 am I might have forgiven slightly. but 3 fucking am not going to happen. I stomped over to my bedroom door to give who ever it was a piece of my mind. As I opened the door I didn’t care who was the other side. I might not have my magic, but I’m still able to kick ass.

I looked at the face of Des not sure what the fuck was going on, my fists were ready, I was so tempted to swing. what I asked instead was. “how the fucking hell did you get in?” in fact I yawned as I asked it. “Someone triggered the alarm, I came to fucking check on you.” he informed me yawning himself. I opened my bedroom door wide, Des had been in my room a few times now. “Come in then.” I said. I walked over to my bed and flung myself back on it. “So you are alright?” he asked. I looked at him and groaned. “Ask me in the morning.” I told him. “it is morning.” he told me. “I hate night people.” I groaned at him. he yawned. “Move up.” he said. I moved up, he laid on top of my bed covers. “If we get caught your fucking sorting it out.” I told him. “I came for your safety.” he yawned stretching his arms out. “Do you really think they're going to come after me again when everyone’s on high alert?” I questioned. Why the fucking hell I had to jinx it I didn’t know when we both heard the all mightiest smash from downstairs. “I’ve already broken all the glasses in this place.” I groaned. “What the fuck.” I heard Justin say in disbelief. “fuck don’t let him walk into that.” I said. “I can't really stop him.” Des said. “Des you're a fucking wizard.” I said. “you swear a lot at night.” Des sighed but he stood up and went to my bedroom door, he didn’t open it. “He’s already out of his bedroom, but Nathan can't get out unless emergency needing to evacuate.” Des said. “Des Justin and you might not be friends.” I started. “I’m going but you can explain why I’m coming out of your room at 3 ish am to him.” Des said. Des went out the door. “Soph stay in your room.” I heard Justin say. “Des what the fuck?” Justin said he sounded pissed off. “I came to check on Fee.” Des said I saw his shrug. Des was in his PJs which I realised was just a baggy black top and his boxers. shit that looked bad. I went over to the door, I was in my PJs of a harry potter quote sleeveless top and stitch covered shorts. “Soph.” Justin started. “It really ain’t what you think.” I said. Another smash followed. “How are things still smashing the ghost already broke everything.” I said looking down the stairs. “Stay in your room.” Justin said, he looked at Des. “I’m coming with you.” Des said. Justin went down the stairs Des right behind him. Fuck sake I hated staying up here. I waited two beats deciding I was a strong independent woman who can kick ass even without magic, then I followed them down.

the house was deathly silent. I couldn’t even hear Justin and Des feet downstairs. I told myself if something big was wrong, that it would be loud. when I got to the bottom of the stairs I slightly had to rethink that. Des was in a silent battle of power with the guy who kidnapped me and two other guys. lighting was zinging out of his fingertips, the air was crackling with the power and storm ahead but it was the deathly silence that made it so threatening. Justin lay on the floor I could thankfully see his chest rising and falling, even though it was shallow and the blood on his head was scary it leaked down his face and seemed to make his hair darker. had they hit him with something? or was it a spell. I hoped for his sake he was physically hit rather than magically. “Shit!” I said well practically shouted. “Shits right Des said taking a few steps back towards me. I had no magic, I couldn’t do much except. I dived towards the kitchen drawer that I knew I had shoved a mirror in, cursing myself for leaving my cell upstairs on charge.

it wasn’t there, there was no mirror in the draw. I pulled it straight out onto the floor and ruffled through it, I couldn’t believe this! “Fee this isn’t the time to take things slow.” Des said lightning buzzed just passed me almost hitting me I moved just in time. “I ain’t being slow on fucking purpose.” I yelled at him. “Ring for help, I’m powerful but one of me against all them.” Des started backing more towards me. a shield went up rather than his lighting, but we both knew it wouldn’t take many hits to go out. “Someone’s moved my mirror, do you have a mirror.” I yelled at Des. “Fee I’m in my boxers does it look like I have a mirror, use something else.” he yelled at me. “What smoke fucking signals they won't see it in time.” I yelled at him. his shield crackled as another spell hit it. “Des take the last of my magic.” I said. “Fee you have like a teaspoon at most, it isn’t going to help.” he said shaking his head. “can we back away towards the other room to get out with our shield?” I asked. “if we can get back to my room.” I started thoughtfully. “we could but not with Justin and we would be leaving.” Des started. “fuck his overprotective bullshit nature.” I groaned. another spell hit Des shield and we both heard the sizzle. “can you carry Justin?” I asked. “he weighs around 386 Fee, the only way I could move him is with magic. to do that I would have to let the shield go.” Des admitted. “Fuck.” I yelled. I pulled down another draw it went down with a crash, we both kept pulling the draws down. there was no mirror. “who fucking stole my mirror!” I cried out. “he’s losing a lot of blood.” Des said looking at Justin. shit. “Des can you keep them distracted?” I asked. “yes but not without losing my shield.” he said. “don’t lose your shield.” I said as it crackled again. I looked at the doorway out the kitchen. there was one between me and that door. if they turned their magic on me I would be a goner. but. I took a deep breath. I had wasted my magic earlier with a listening spell and smashing the glasses. cartwheel backflip fly? all seemed possible ways to get out of here. I was a cheerleader, after all, I might be out of practice, I might still be having issues with my shoulder. but I could get past these idiots. “Sophronia don’t do something stupid, let's think of a plan. my shield will hold long enough.” Des said. he pulled a tea towel down and put it to the back of Justin’s head putting pressure. “spell or hit?” I asked Des I needed to know. “both.” Des admitted. that solidified my plan in my head. “theyre after me right?” I asked. “Sophronia.” Des said as if Fee wasn’t enough of my name, it was also the second time he said it. Hmm least no middle name yet. I grinned at Des, I am a strong independent woman who may or may not have a slight death wish, watching the lightning whizzing around I was starting to fear that’s what I had.

I took a deep breath, warmed up my shoulders by lifting them up and down a few times. “Don’t.” Des started. “Keep them distracted.” I told him, I jumped out of his shield then doing a cartwheel then a backflip. I saw the metal pole the boys used in the doorframe to do pull-ups every morning. I just needed to grab that then swing myself into the hall. I could do it. I wasn’t flying but at one point I felt like I was. I managed to connect with the pole, swinging I kicked one of the warlocks before he even registered I was out of the shield. I kicked him hard in the jaw it felt absolutely gross under my feet and he fell to the ground hard. moms hurt not could be taken with a pinch of salt right?

I managed to get out the room, I was being followed, bright purple lighting flew past me, it would of hit if I hadn’t ducked and done a tuck. I managed to get to the bottom of the stairs, this time a green spark hit my ankle, I cried out in pain. it was like ice had just stabbed me, it was the only way to describe it. I fell to the stairs. shit. another one came towards me, I side rolled I was stuck on the stairs! I shimmered up them as quickly as I could on my elbows, it was so painful another green bolt hit my shoulder, again it was like ice. I screamed in the agony it was. hey maybe the neighbours would hear and ring the police. “SOPH IVE CALLED THE COPS.” I heard Blake yell. I hadn’t even realised he was upstairs. yeah because cops humans could help in this situation. but if he heard me, maybe I could get him to ring someone, if I managed to shout the number. all it would take for them to come was my name. I knew I was flagged at the moment. “Blake Nathan.” I shouted. “are you okay, for some reason we cant open the door.” Nathan yelled. thank god for small mercy’s. Another green bolt hit me I screamed again, the warlock from the boat was there. “hello Sophronia what have I told you about not listening?” he questioned me. “welcome to my parents problem for the last 17 years.” I managed to spit out. he grabbed my hair. “Sophronia I have grown inpatient.” he said pulling me to my feet, a purple spark left his hand and wrapped around my arms and legs binding me. Shit was he going to fucking kidnap me again. I still had my mouth though. “Ring 9" i managed to say as the warlock made a bright blue spark. i wasn't sure what the spell was, the whole harm none of my training, meant most these spells were foreign to me. "336" i managed to get out loudly hoping the boys were listening "Stop that." he yelled wrapping the blue spell around me, i felt drained of everything. i didn't have much magic now anyway and currently I could barely keep my eyes open. "6944" I managed to say before a yawn took me. really I was yawning. I forced myself to say awake. "ring." I started. "we are ringing." Nathan yelled like he didn't believe it. he hit the door, I heard the bang. but knew it would take a bulldozer to get through that door currently. Another spell hit me this one in the mouth, my tounge seemed to tie to the roof of my mouth, I could barely breathe let alone talk anymore. Des shield exploded. I heard the rattle and his swearing then he obviously went back into battle. we were outmatched out numbered. I, I didn't know what to do. I thought of anything I could do. I struggled to take a breath. something coming to my head out of nowhere. I didn't even know the spell or what it would do. as I yelled the foreign word a bright white light lit up the whole house that I could see. it was brighter than anything I had ever known. then darkness, complete darkness and silence.

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