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Chapter 23 - not edited yet

I kind of expected to come around, kidnapped. or maybe in a hospital bed. the spell still stung in my mouth. I didn’t know what I had said or what I had done. I moved as the silence was scary all on its own. I could barely feel my body. it felt like I was in jello. Maybe. all my movements felt weird and slow. I looked around forcing myself to take in my surroundings. I lay on the stairs. the warlock who had just been throwing a spell at me. still stood there. frozen. I forced myself to move. maybe my spell had taken him by enough surprise that I could get upstairs and get to a mirror. I forced myself to my feet. it was slow work. every muscle and bone in my body screamed at me. the sound was coming back to me, but it was slow. like everything had been slowed down around me. but I was in hyper speed. Okay, I am a slight nerd then. I managed to crawl up the stairs, expecting to be stopped at any second. but nothing happened. When I looked down. the warlock had moved but not much. his head was slowly rising and a spell was forming in his hands. he was about to throw it. but it hadn’t even fully formed. I crawled along the corridor. “Guys are you alright?” I yelled. They didn’t respond. but my own voice sounded like a cartoon character on speed. I ran down to my bedroom, I pushed my door. it took forever to open. Starting to understand what spell I cast I went back to the stairs, yes the warlock was still moving. in fact, he was now coming up the stairs. this was going to be interesting because I kind of didn’t know the reversal spell. I looked back at my bedroom door, it was slowly opening. so slowly it was ridiculous when it opened enough for me just to slip in, I knew I needed an idea. I pushed the door with enough force the other way. hopefully, it would shut. watching it open in slow motion would defiantly give me enough of a heads up. I pulled a mirror out the top draw. I did the spell. thankfully it worked even if it seemed to take minutes. I knew they wouldn’t hear my message if I said it. Mum had explained once that this spell gave the caster longer. I never understood that. why out of every spell did I cast one for more time? I looked around my room for something I could use. I saw my notepad. that would work.


I wrote it large and in block capitals. hoping they would just do what it said. I put the note on my bed and angled the mirror to see it. the mirror was on the last bit of the dial thank goodness. I went and opened my bedroom door. The warlock was at the top of the stairs. of course, he was! I slipped past him running down. making sure to shut my door again. if he didn’t register a blur it might buy me more time. I had an idea, but it depended on how well Des was doing down there. I hope they were both okay!

I thought what to do next, what could i do. my bedroom door was still shutting. there was no chance i could open that again quick enough. i needed to remember the spell to cancel this one. How come when i wanted to remember this spell when mom was testing me i couldn’t for the life of me. I picked up my broomstick. i needed ideas i needed them fast. there had to be a spell i could use to get out my bedroom at least. “think Sophie think.” i almost screamed at myself. i wasn’t helping myself i knew that. i looked at my mirror some wizard was on the mirror, he was moving so slow. my door handle was slowly moving now as well. ”ev-an-ES-ko!” i shouted thinking of the spell from harry potter, and my mother said i would never learn anything from movies. then unfortunately i wasn’t thinking of what i wanted to make disappear then and my bed did. urg problem to deal with later. i looked at my bedroom window. ”ev-an-ES-ko.” i yelled looking at it, yeah bit to wide shot as the whole wall disappeared. That’s going to take some explaining. oh well will leave that up to the adults. my bedroom door started to open then. if they had the brains to cast the same spell i would be in shit. but this should buy me all the time i need. i climbed on my broom and jumped down out the house. i need to remember the spell to remake the wall. oh well not important right now. i landed on the grass quickly, even though my broom got a bit tetchy with me. it wanted to fly i was teasing it just using it to jump down. i looked at the kitchen door. ”ev-an-ES-ko.” i said again. oh, come on how was I going to explain two missing walls! you know what there was no explaining this to my new family anyway. i would have to get someone to clean up the mess. Des was still in a spell war with a warlock. least he looked like he was holding up his own. What is that spell, oh the one for rope. you know what sometimes you don’t need a spell you just need to concentrate like doing my hair, that doesn’t take words it just takes me knowing what i want to happen. it doesn’t even take much concentration. “Rope.” I said pointing my second finger at the warlock. Rope shoots out my finger! “YES!” I say I did a little happy dance. i shot out another rope and bound his legs. then i got a bit rope happy. i tied his fingers together with little ropes. Des stopped throwing his spells after the last one, he moved so slow. Justin still lay on the floor but he was conscious. I thought what spell I could use to help and started doing first aid at rocket speed. he winced in pain every time I moved him and he moved way to slow. I might be hurting him more, but I got him wrapped up. I went upstairs and cast rope after rope on the other guy he was in my bedroom. I knew there was more than 2. but even after a whole hunt of the house, I could still only find two. People appeared in the kitchen, I had never seen people appear in slow motion, it was amazing to watch, it was like the colours developed first then the shape then features then the person stood there, but everything was blurry as if not fully there. it was amazing to watch, normally it all happens in a split second. My uncle appeared as well, he moved so slow I watched him bark orders. he looked in my direction i moved. I saw his mouth move but to be honest, the sound I had realised was so slow I didn’t really register it. he looked around at the scene. I sat on a stall and tapped. He seemed to conjure paper out of thin air it was so slow again, I watched it develop wondering what it would be like to watch my hair go in slow-mo. would it do it properly step by step. My uncle wrote on the paper, before he finished i knew what he was writing which was a good thing because i was bored watching him do the first letter, all it took was. ‘What spell.’ for me to know he wanted to know what spell I cast. I didn't have a clue! this was going to be interesting. ‘I don't know do you think I would still be in hyper speed if I knew how now that you guys are here I would cancel it.’ i wrote. he very slowly put his head in his hand and looked frustrated. it was fascinating watching someones face change expression so slowly. ‘stay sti’ that's all it took. I wrote ‘Okay.’ and stood still I watched him cast a spell at me. nothing happened. I watched him cast another. I watched them take the men out and Justin Nathan and Blake all be taken out. I watched Des stand there waving his hands trying to explain. he moved so slow. I watched someone suggest something and Dill extremely slowly nodded. he then cast another spell at me. it didn't work. Dill made a phone call it was so slow, i started pacing. I decided what the hell I might as well try to tidy up a bit of the mess whilst I had the added bonus of speed. I ran around the house casting spells. everything moved slow, but the hovering started the broom started sweeping the walls repaired themselves. When i came back to the kitchen Dill had wrote ‘try this spell.’ he had wrote it down. I looked at it and blinked, I knew it. it was a saying my mom often got me to say with her as a young child. was it a spell? actually going on that time of my life, I might believe that. “Oopsie Daisy undo my crazy.” suddenly the world speed up, or I slowed down. my uncle started moving faster noise started coming back slowly. “Your aunts right teaching the baby an undo spell as a rhyme when there little is for the best.” he chuckles. “that;s an undo spell?” i questioned. “your mom trained you to think it was so it works as an undo spell for you.” he says. “good to know. kind of wish i did before now.” i say to him. “but that would make you lazy not learning your undo spells.” Dill says. Des shakes his head still waving his hands. i look at him. “There was more than the two of them.” Des was saying. “he's right there was more than two.” I say to Dill. "they disappeared when they." I start worried. “we are aware, but as we got these two. we have ways to make them talk Sophronia don't worry its over sweetheart. its over." he tells me. I don't think he's right. "they want moms spell books." I say. " I am aware and your aunt has them not you." he says. "my aunt." I started worried, realising something that I hoped to hell I was wrong about. "who's heavy pregnant so can't use certain spells as they would endanger her and the baby." I say seriously. "who's husband is the other side of the world currently because her niece was attacked." I start. "Fuck." he yelled. he grabbed my arm, and he transported us out my house.

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