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Chapter 24

I have never been to England, i say this right now as i stare at the sight in front of me. i think we are in the wrong country. Although it doesn't seem right to say that to Dill when he looks so worried. But i didn’t imagine England to have the Eiffel tower. i might not fully be the best at geography but i am pretty sure that is France. everyone walking around speaking french lends to that feeling. Kind of wishing i took French rather than Latin at school. But i need Latin more than i need french. but right now being able to say do you speak English may be helpful. “I miss calculated.” Dill says looking around like hes annoyed with himself and i know hes panicking. He looks at me seriously, if he was my dad i would start to think he was going to blame me. “this is why Sophia you do not do huge jumps like this.” Dill informs me going into what i take is his idea of teacher mode. “we could fly the ocean if you don’t have the strength.” i tell him, its true I've past my broom test now and i know for a fact flying from France to England isn't that far, well at least not america to England far like i have been tempted to do. i can see how drained he is. hell i’m drained and we both don’t know what we are going in on. We could get there to aunt Beaty painting her toenails. which is what i'm hoping we turn up to. “Stay there don’t move i need to ring my work and try your aunt again.” He tells me firmly. He then walks away from me, leaving me alone in a foreign country. God help the man when he becomes a farther because hell do i plan to stay still. I'm being stared at by people, i am still covered in bruises and blood here. not quite sure where the hell the blood came from currently. i will address my outfit first i think, i look around for any signs that say toilet. i see a little Cafe, oh what the hell i will buy Dill a coffee and myself a glass of juice or something and use there toilet. i look at him, hes yelling at the person on the phone. i indicate the little cafe, he nods. i slightly wonder if he knows where i'm going but shrug it off. i walk into the cafe. I see that the toilets downstairs and it says clearly in a few languages toilets for paying customers only. okay then i will defiantly make sure i buy the drinks. I will magic some Euros out of thin air, same as my clothes. i walk to the toilet, i have to wait and its unisex, hell theirs 9 other people before me. i wait patiently, alright not that patiently, i tap my foot, i look around annoyed. i know the two old ladies in front of me are talking about me, as they keep looking at me then going back to talking to each other. kind of wish i could understand them. theirs a spell i could say, well i could make one. but i am more wanting to get changed. They say something to each other again and look me up and down. urg i wave my hand mumbling under my brief. "Let me speak and understand french." it is all it took. "Don't look Marie." the old lady in the purple windbreaker tells her friend as she looks at me again. "But those bruises Angela." the other says. i groin inwardly. "Do you think shes in trouble?" she asks her friend. "No with that frown she is the trouble, don't look." her friend says. i decide what the hell. "I was in a bike crash, someone biked into me." i tell them in french, there eyes go sympathetic, the lie was slightly worth it. "i just want to check the damage in the mirror. i don't know how bad i look yet." i tell them still in french. "i have a change of clothes and just want to clean up." i say. They then insist i go in-front of them, hell so does the person in front of them. then the person in front of them. Wow i decide the french are very nice people.

sorry its not much got writers block currently.

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