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Chapter 2

I decide to do that thing where you reverse your steps and pray that you are going the right direction. but it soon became obvious to me I hadn’t done that. I think I had gone the wrong way. I did find that creepy house though! It not only looked haunted it looks empty! part of me wants to break in and check it out. What were the chances I could break and enter and have a peek? No one needs to ever know.

“Hey, Sophie isn’t it?” a young guys voice calls, wow how the heck did someone know my name already? I haven’t spoken to anyone yet! I looked over at the really cute guy, having to take a small double take. It was the guy my sperm donor had called Jake or was it, Blake? I really should have paid more attention.

“Jake right?” I question him, not sure which one it was.

“It’s Blake.” He tells me with a really cute smile, that seems to light up his whole face. I see a flash of his perfectly straight and white teeth, his chocolate brown eyes look at me, and it’s slightly strange. It was almost like he was worried, but what did he have to worry about. He hadn’t been pulled away from the life he had always known.

“So did the haunted house of Mr. Mason scare you?” he questions me, a teasing smile on his face that doesn’t meet his eyes.

“Na I don’t scare that easy,” I inform him with a smile I can’t help it, so it was rumored to be hunted? thats fantastic!

“So what’s its story?” I ask interestedly indicating the house.

“For that, you’d have to come to the Halloween party and haunted house, they put on down the road every year,” he tells me with a smile that still doesn’t reach his eyes.

“Maybe but I doubt I will be here that long,” I tell him, kind of not planning to be around by Halloween already.

“Justin said you’ve moved here?” Blake questions me. my dad’s name was Charlie, not Justin?

“Yeah I don’t know anyone called Justin and I don’t know where he gets his information from.” I point out.

“He gets it from his mom,” Blake informs me, still with his smile that doesn’t reach his eyes? what has happened to him in his life that his eyes look so broken? should I push into his memories and find out?

“Well, I don’t know where she got her information from,” I tell him shrugging because my dad might want me here currently, but he will change his mind. I already know he won’t ever understand me.

“You know that guy that you called an asshole.” He says, hmm I wonder if he had to google that.

“I technically didn’t,” I inform him calmly. He laughs.

“Yeah, you do realize hes an English teacher. He will know what you called him,” Blake tells me laughing.

“Wait that mans a teacher?” I question in disbelief. My lack of knowledge on my sperm donor is not something I want to address with this hot stranger. although the fact I can admit that he is hot so soon after breaking up with Jacob actually doe’s surprises me. as looking at him he is the opposite of my type. Alright, I admit it he possibly isn’t, money is on him being on the football team, possibly could even be the quarterback same as Jacob. but Where Jacob had been the boy next door type with blonde curly locks this guy was more man. It surprised me, the more I took him in the more he was defined than any guy I knew from my previous school. I realized then that chances were he wasn’t in high school. maybe he was in college but not high school. I try to make sense of him, was he my dad’s neighbor who just hadn’t gone back to college yet? Actually, that would be the best case scenario that he was going back to college in a few days and would never have to see him again.

“So well um thanks,” I say stumbling over my words like an idiot.

“For?” he questions looking at me like I make no sense. I can tell he was trying not to laugh at me and that annoys me. I’m not stupid.

“Telling me that Mr. Davies is a teacher,” I tell him going for something I can get away with.

“Yeah, no problems. he is one of the best teachers at the school,” he tells me smiling. I scoff yeah that’s what you say when a teacher is a fun teacher or when you’re being sarcastic and hes the biggest asshole in the school. I assume he meant it sarcastically and that my dad is an asshole.

“Oh come on I’m being serious hes one of those teachers you can talk to that will help you if you have a problem,” he informs me. So it was just me he couldn’t be bothered with then? I didn’t say that out loud though.

“I will keep that in mind,” I lie to Blake. He seems to watch me and be taking me in.

“You know you don’t look much like him,” he tells me.

“Um, thanks,” I say not sure what else to say, was that a compliment or an insult or just him making a judgment?

“I don’t know you Sophie and I know it’s not my place.” He says. I wait to hear what he was going to say and my silence is obviously his go ahead.

“But give him a chance, I know he has been excited that you are coming the whole summer.” He says to me.

“Yeah your right,” I say.

“I normally Am,” he informs me with a smile, that I wanted to slap off his face.

“It’s not your place,” I tell him then I start walking away from him.

“Uh, Sophie.” He calls my name as I am a few feet away from him.

“What?” I snap.

“Your dad’s house is in that direction by the way,” he says pointing the other way from the direction I am walking, back the way I had come from.

“What makes you think I’m going back to his?” I snap at him.

“Maybe the fact it is getting dark and you don’t know anyone around here and it’s not safe to be walking around somewhere you don’t know alone,” Blake tells me firmly taking a few steps towards me and coming into my personal space. I scoff was he trying to frighten me?

“Dude, believe me, I can take care of myself,” I inform him and not just with my magic.

“Yeah well so can some of these strangers.” He informs me still in my personal space, I could slap him right now and he wouldn’t have time to react, or kiss him. No stupid idea! both of them were stupid ideas, I didn’t know this guy!

“Come on I will give you a lift back,” Blake tells me indicating a red truck that I notice is parked up at quite a hazard. Yeah, what asshole parking, cars were having to drive around him as his cars ass stuck out at such a bad angle.

“Sorry I don’t get in cars with strangers,” I inform him, looking at his red truck, that has one too many dents in. I didn’t have a clue what make of car it was, I don’t do cars. Had he seen me and just pulled in?

“Alright how about I walk back with you?” he questions me.

“Don’t you need your car?” I question him.

“My truck. not really till tomorrow.” He shrugs.

“Why would you walk with me?” I had to ask him as confused as hell. Jacob always held doors open for me and would insist on walking me back, but this guy didn’t know me from eve.

“You’re what 16?” he asks me. I scoff I should have known my dad didn’t know how old I was to tell this woman.

“I’m 17,” I inform Blake, alright only by a week but again dad hadn’t sent a card, but this had been my suckiest birthday yet. but I would have constantly sucky birthdays to have one more day with my Mom.

“Alright, your 17.” He says I see the corner of his lips is raised, hes smiling. Jerk.

“Such a big difference. What is it only a few months?” he questions me. I ignore the question days but shut up.

“You’re 17. You’ve just moved here. You don’t know anyone around here, who’s to say you won’t go off with a complete psycho.” He questions me like he thinks I’m thick not to see why he wants to come with me.

“To be honest I’m really worried I am stood with the psycho,” I tell him, but I have to force myself not to smile. He chuckles. Why is this idiot so hot? If only his smiles reached his eyes.

“I’m not making a good first impression am I?” he questions me smiling.

“Not really, but I take it I’m not either,” I admit shrugging.

“Not really, you come across very bitchy.” He informs me as if I don’t know that. I actually laugh.

“Oh damn it my secrets out,” I say laughing.

“But then I would be bitchy too if I had to move the other side of the country to live with someone I didn’t know,” he informs me as if he fully understands what I’m going through. but he has no clue. It’s not just that, that alone would be enough.

“But Mr. Davies is a really nice guy,” Blake tells me.

“Let me ask you something?” I say not sure, where I’m going with this.

“What?” he asks me interested.

“You’ve lived next to him for how long?” I question.

“I haven’t,” Blake informs me.

“Wait you haven’t?” I ask confused.

“No my best friend lives next to him.” he laughs. I roll my eyes of course, but hey at least the chances I will have to face this guy again was slim. hopefully, I will never see him again. Although looking at him now through the corner of my eye as we walk, I wonder if it is a good thing. I admit it hes hot.

“You’ve known Mr. Davies for how long?” I question.

“Hmm maybe 7 8 years I think,” he says thoughtfully.

“In that time has he ever once mentioned having a child?” I question.

“No, but why would he, I was just one of his students and someone visiting his neighbor?” He asks me, alright I get his point.

“Never mind,” I tell him.

“I know that hes been really excited all summer that you’re coming. He redecorated and moved around the whole house to try to make it so you would feel more at home,” Blake informs me.

“Yeah because I’m going to feel at home here,” I say sarcastically.

“Why not?” he questions me,

“He doesn’t know anything about me. I don’t know anything about him. I got told I was moving here 2 weeks ago. Yet he and my aunt have apparently been talking about it for months. They didn’t seem to care that I didn’t want this. I just wanted to stay in my home where I grew up until I finished my last year of school.” I don’t know why I throw all that at him!

“I just want everything to go back to how it was,” I say slightly deflated.

“I’m sorry,” Blake says.

“Why are you apologizing you’ve done nothing,” I question him like what the hell! He looks at me as if he’s torn, his dark chocolate eyes seemed to see right through to my very soul. I could drown in his broken eyes. How deep did they go?

“I know it must be hard Sophie.” He tells me looking me right in the eyes as if he can make me understand all of life’s secrets just by talking to me calmly. It is kind of intimidating at the same time I like it and I don’t think I can look away. Never have I met a guy that made my heart pitter-patter as he does right now looking at me like he is. full of understanding and I think patience. This all makes little sense to me. Why would he care so much to talk to a stranger? Still looking me straight in the eye he says

“Nothing can change the past Sophie. I know your hurt and you possibly have a lot of rights to be. I’m sure all this anger at Mr. Davies isn’t just being a teenager because it’s so deep. He’s hurt you. but you’re using your anger to hide behind. in reality, your hurt and you’re grieving. Everyone possibly keeps telling you to be strong so instead, you’re getting angry, rather than doing what you want to do and breaking down.” he tells me.

“Stop trying to get into my head, you don’t know me.” I snap at him. It was strange I knew he hadn’t been inside my head, because I’ve had that done, but at the same time he had been, the bloody guy had possibly taken a few psychology lessons or something like that and thought he could understand people. Was I that much of an open book?

“Want to know the truth about why I’m mad at my sperm donor. “ I question him.

“Yeah and when you know it let me know,” he tells me speeding up, so he’s walking ahead of me. I look at the back of his head. I could shout about 80 different reasons at him.

“Just remember you can’t change the past Sophie but that doesn’t mean hes not here now,” Blake tells me without looking back at me.

“Look it’s your new home,” he says, indicating my dads home.

“A house and place to sleep don’t make somewhere a home,” I tell Blake firmly.

“Sophie sometimes it’s more than a lot of people have, so you have to see the best in what you got.” He says sounding slightly deflated, there more to that.

“I will see you about,” he tells me turning around and he walks off back in the direction we had come from, to fast for me to even call out anything. I watch him walk away until he leaves the street. I’m confused about what he meant. well no I’m not at least I do have somewhere to stay. I’m not going into the system or anything. Had he really just walked me home for no reason what so ever? I take a deep breath reminding myself I am a big powerful witch and the only reason I run out earlier was I didn’t want to hurt the man inside.

I go up to the blue front door and try to open it, it is locked what the fuck? I knock. I hear moving about and my dad came to the door looking worried.

“Thank God Sophie where the hell have you been, I have been so worried about you what if something had happened.” He questions me sounding more angry than worried, to be honest.

“There is like 3 things wrong with that sentence straight away.” I point out to him if we are going to make this work we need to start by making things clear after all.

“If we are going to do this Charlie you need to be careful how you word things to me, and vice versa. I did not mean to call you an asshole and I am sorry. But I needed to get away. I apologize if my words hurt you.” I tell him trying to be grown up and explain what happened a few hours ago. I see his reaction he hadn’t expected me to be so calm at least. The thing was I meant it to.

“I should have controlled myself better and for that, I apologize. But I needed to get away fast before I blew something up.” I tell him truthfully.

“That does not excuse what I said to you and for that I am sorry,” I tell him. I can be mature in this.

“I am sorry as well Sophie. would you agree to start again?” he asks me hopeful. I nod.

“I would like that,” I tell him meaning it.

“Hello Sophie would you like to come in,” he says opening the door wide.

“Yes please, Charlie I would like that,” I say, he moves aside so I can come in.

“Would you like anything to eat or drink?” He asks me.

“Yes please, I haven’t eaten anything since this morning,” I say truthfully.

“What would you like, I have juice or water,” he starts.

“Do you by any chance have any soda?” I ask him, this all seems so formal but at least we aren’t fighting.

“I am afraid I don’t but if you like soda I’m sure we can buy some and go shopping tomorrow for everything you need.” He says, his body tense. it was a conversation that was too rigid and to rehearsed in both our corners, but it was better and I wasn’t angry.

“I would like that, would you mind if I get myself a soda to drink now?” I ask him.

“Please shut the blinds if you’re going to, I wouldn’t like you to be seen.” He says so worriedly. I nod. I go and shut the blinds and curtains and then I go to the fridge and just pulled out a soda.

“I know how to make it look like I’m just getting the things out,” I tell him,

“Okay, we have a lot to learn about each other.” He sighs.

“So why don’t we start with you,” he says indicating a chair as he pulls out a wrapped PJ sandwich that he had obviously made for me earlier. He pulls out some chips.

“Plain or flavor?” he asks me, indicating the multipack in the pantry.

“Plain,” I say, He chucks them to me and I catch them.

“So your name is Sophie now. You do not go by Sophronia?” he starts with.

“Do you blame me? Most people don’t even know Sophronia is my real name. I only got called it when I was in trouble.” I say truthfully.

“So registering you as preferred name Sophie at school was for the best.” He says. I nod.

“It is up to you Sophie you can change that to Sophia if you would like.” He says weakly, Sophia was my nickname he gave me as a little girl. I did sometimes go by it but most people called me Sophie.

“I will think about it,” I tell him truthfully and Sophia does sound more mature than Sophie.

“I have you registered for school as Sophie Lavender Tempest-Davies.” He tells me calmly.

“Wait what?” I question.

“I dropped your last name when I was 13, legally.” I point out.

“Actually it wasn’t legal as I never signed or gave my permission.” He informs me.

“You had seen me what 12 times in my life before that point.” I snap at him, my anger building. My can in my hand starts to boil. I put it down. shit, I need to put a lid on my anger.

“I understand that you have a lot of anger towards me and I am sure I deserve a lot if not more of it Sophie. but I am trying to do what I think is best for you,” he says again sounding like a counselor.

“Please let us just get to know small bits and pieces about each other and not have another fight tonight. We can save our fights for during the day,” he says weakly. I take a deep breath and nod.

“So I have registered you as Sophie Lavender Tempest-Davies your last name double-barrelled like it used to be.” He says I nod taking small bites of my sandwich to try bottle my anger.

“You are an AP student?” he asks as a question.

“Does that surprise you?” I ask.

“No, I don’t doubt your extremely clever Sophie. It surprises me with all your extra well activity’s you managed.” He tells me being careful about how to word it.

“Cheerleading did take up a hell of a lot of my time, but mom made sure I kept on top of my school work. School was always first, then magic school and then cheerleading, my friends and then my boyfriend. I have been working the five together for a very long time.” I tell him. his face at the word boyfriend was brilliant. made it worth mentioning it. He nods through ignoring it.

“Your um magic school?” he asks me torn.

“I mostly graduated on my 17th birthday, although I don’t fully graduate until I’m 18 and only if I pass all my exams,” I tell him truthfully, but mom had me on the right course and Aunty Beaty had taken over helping me sort out everything so I could do it without her.

“This year is meant to be an independent study year. I haven’t decided what I want to study and have until the Winter solstice to decide.” I tell him.

“I was leaning towards the truth behind the fairy tales. But Auntie Beaty told me that’s a hell of a lot of work and I would be better doing something simpler as I haven’t got her to help me as much as she should be. She told me to do something to do with herbivore where all the information is easy to find. Or gems.” I tell him, knowing its too much information the moment it leaves my mouth.

“But I have until winter to decide,” I mumble. He nods he looks at me so worried and confused, I bet this wasn’t a conversation he ever thought he would be having.

“Your broom?” he starts worriedly.

“I have my learners permit, for both my broom and car. Neither is passed yet. But its fine I wouldn’t break the broom rules of my permit because I want to fly.” I tell him.

“What about driving?” he asks.

“I kind of have gone of cars,” I admit to him truthfully, the one thing I am thankful to know is that I hadn’t been the one driving.

“I understand that and when you’re ready to get back behind a wheel, you can re-start drivers Ed and I will put you on my car insurance.” He tells me. I nod.

“My broom is a hell of a lot safer, there’s a lot less to crash into in the sky and I’m only allowed to fly under 20 miles an hour,” I tell him weakly, I’m still not over the crash which is another reason I was being so ratty with Aunty Beaty.

“What are the rules on your license?” he asks me.

“Not allowed above 20 miles an hour. I must make sure to remain invisible to people but visible to others in the sky, so birds can see me and stuff.” I tell him. I watch his face he never thought he would ever have this conversation.

“What else?” he asks me sounding torn.

“That I am only allowed to fly on set nights. Anyone with a provisional cannot fly when the moon is on a waning crescent or a new moon or a waxing crescent. In reality, I am very limited to the days of the Luna cycle I am allowed to fly until I get my full license.” I tell him truthfully. He nods like he understands that.

“I am going to pretend I understand that.” He tells me weakly.

“Alright when the moon isn’t big I’m not allowed to fly,” I tell him dumbing it down.

“But that doesn’t mean my friends can’t fly to me, they have a full license and I have like 29 hours and an exam till I get my own full license. I kind of hoped that Aunty Beaty would complete it. but she is scared of heights, go figure.” I tell him shrugging.

“You have a friend.” He starts and then obviously decides better of it.

“Believe it or not before you dragged me away from my home I was popular,” I inform him, knowing it’s not what he meant.

“I didn’t mean like that Sophie you didn’t let me finish what I was going to say.” He sighs, no because I don’t have forever.

“You have a witchling friend?” he asks I watch his face again he is uncomfortable.

“Yes she’s my best friend and she’s a witch now not a witchling she passed her last exam two months ago,” I tell him.

“Oh okay,” he tells me.

“She will be coming to see you?” he asks me.

“We are meeting half way on Saturday to catch up and talk over my first week of school,” I admit.

“I don’t like the idea of you flying that far away from here alone.” He tells me.

“I’m not I’m flying halfway to her college,” I tell him.

“I do not think.” he starts.

“Glad to know you don’t think, would you mind if I go to bed it has been a long day,” I tell him. He sighs and nods.

“Goodnight Sophie.” He says sounding defeated.

“Goodnight Charlie,” I tell him and I leave him then. I knew what he had been about to say and I had cut it off. When I get into my room, I look around so this is it for now? For a year? For a year at most, I assure myself. I could cope with a year, it isn’t like he will mess up my witch study’s just my human life and he had already succeeded in that. I look around my new room and sit on my bed. I look at my phone, would Aunty Beaty have even arrived yet? I pull out my little mirror from my handbag.

“Mirror mirror in my hand has aunty Beaty’s plane landed?”

“The last part of that sucked.” Aunty Beaty’s voice said sharply from my mirror.

“I couldn’t think.” I point out, not sure why she sounds so uptight.

“That’s your problem you don’t always think your spells through before you start them,” she tells me.

“Not that they don’t work which is really good, it’s not always the words that matter, but there is never a harm in a good rhyme. I know waving your finger is easier but sometimes spoken spells have so much more power,” she tells me what mom always did.

“I’m going to be sick again.” She groans I realize then she was indeed still on the plane and in the toilet, which possibly is why she sounded so sharp with me when she answered.

“I hate flying.” She moans into the toilet. I laugh I can’t help it. My aunt who normally looks immaculate looks like a hot mess.

“I should thank you for flying to me when I know how much you hate it,” I tell her.

“I love you I would go to the end of the world for you, but next time I am going to find a teleporting spell that doesn’t drain me and doesn’t risk me drowning in the ocean.” She mumbles. She then was sick into the toilet.

“I know I told you to ring me anytime baby and I mean that but can we wait until I am on solid ground?” she asks me she looks pale. I nod.

“Love you Auntie Beaty, hope you’re on the solid ground soon.” I tell her.

“I love you more Sophie.” She assures me.

“Mirror mirror in my hand, end the call to aunty Beaty’s plane.” I say shrugging at the last part but it ends. I climb into the bed and sigh. I toss and turn for a while before I manage to drift off to sleep.

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