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Ava's New Adventure

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She thought she was just an average kid, but after seeing the tattoo on her back, to which she tried to ignore, she soon learned that there is nothing ordinary about her after all. This idea just came to me, like all my stories do, I start off with no idea in my head and just start writing or typing, usually having to go back and read what I wrote.

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Once there was just an ordinary girl, there really wasn't anything that she thought that was extraordinary. She lived in a safe and boring neiborhood, where it seemed like nothing ever happened, her parents were always gone, they were both scientists doing who knows what and always had to travel for work. She had her Mom's long red curly hair, her Dad's freckles, and his deep ocean like eyes.

This story starts off like any other morning, getting up, getting dressed, eating breakfast and going to school. It was when she was walking home from school, she didn't live that far from it, so it was no big deal for her to walk. While she was on her way though, she felt a strange pain on her back and she thought she could feel eyes watching her every movement, observing her. She shook her head, 'Your just imaging it' she thought, her imagination was well beyond any normal thirteen years old, which was helpful when she wanted to write, though it was bad to at night. She could remember some nights, she would wake up and think that she saw a dark figure looking at her from the darkness, but when she would blink it was gone.

She made it to the small little house, the outside was white, with green shingles around the window, the door was a light green color to match. As you go through the door, you enter into the front room, which looked like any front room, then there was a small hallway, a utlilty room and her parents bedroom was there. If you went up the stairs you would come into the kitchen, off of there was her room and a small bathroom, an extra room was at the end of the hallway. They had made this room into a library, seeing as how Ava loved to read.

She opened the house door, and went right to her room, setting her schoolbag beside the bed and going into the bathroom. Once she got in there she took off her shirt to get a good look at her back, she stood there in shock at what she saw. On her back stood a tattoo, it covered most of her back, it was a tattoo of what looked like an old castle. 'I have to hide this, and just pretend its not there' she thought as she dressed in night clothes, ate, completed her homework, read in the library and went to sleep.

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