The End or The Beginning?

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First Interlude The end? part two

She saw it, before HE did, the enemy's strike. And she knew that she would have her Freedom.

She leapt for it, shielding HIS back, saving HIS life.

She felt the pain, the agony. Felt her very life's blood flowing from the wound...and heard HIS enraged cry. Felt him smite the foes that surrounded them, as though they were as nothing. Knew they were nothing, to him.

She feels HIS arms around her, HIS arms cradling her head. She looks into his face.

And something isn't right.

This tyrant, the demigod of hate and destruction, shouldn't have tears shining unshed in his eyes.

With a strength the greatly weakened magess didn't know she had, she tries to wipe away the moisture...but HIS hand stopped her.

"Why." That single word carried so much meaning, demanded her answer. It forced her dying body to summon the strength to speak.

"I love..."

And with that her voice faded, she felt the dark close around her.

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