The End or The Beginning?

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the third and final movement "The final Seranade" part two

The ONLY thing marring the perfection of this moment, when his new life and his old marry in perfect harmony is the fact there is no FEAR in the demonling's eyes, only that Mocking grin, "Oh, I will ENJOY telling her now her beloved master damned himself and so failed her in her next life...If I let her live long enough to remember."

"...NEXT LIFE..." He forced himself to hold his hand, this was important.
"Telling her..." how could he tell her if all her decendants were dead?

He laughs, "Of course, When i find where she will be next, DAMNED little Nephilim cockroach. There are still a few worlds I haven't found all her bloodline and killed it off yet. And it will be FUN to have her morn you like she's morns so many others. To know she'll only see you again in her dreams."

"...Be Next..." She was findable!
"...So...Certain...So Certain are you?" She was...Not alive, but NOT ended. D'Vari hadn't eliminated all her bloodline like he told her? "I am NOT as others are...Little demonling...You speak of it yourself." Somewhere out there she was waiting for him.
"I made it HERE, after all, D'vari. I can make it WHEREVER...Will be needed. I WILL find the woman, again. I will...Discipline her, as needed. Something that will bring further laughs to you, no doubt...And then...Then...I will deal, in turn...with assorted...Difficulties in her training. Things you likely wouldn't care to understand."

Hope sang in his chest, HE WOULD FIND HER, HE WOULD FIND HER. Part of him wanted to dance for JOY, even as part of him still wished to weep.

"You need not worry...I'll continue your current training of her. Teach her how low she really is, how WORTHLESS. Enjoy her body, I will be gracious and leave it to you."

He hid everything he was feeling, nodding back and smiling. A thinking machine had once said of him, "He was among the greatest deceivers the worlds ever knew." And with pride he lives up to it now, "As Ideal a notion as that may be...Few things surpass the notion of breaking with one's own hand. Of havng You may teach her numerous things, yourself, young demonling...but time will come when I WILL find her, through all the worlds. And then...Teach can be done."

Mocking laughter was the demonling's only reply as he started to fade, and the Demon-Lord of Nivia unleashed the power gifted to him, for once in his life letting the power do as it will not controlling it at all.. It didn't touch the demon...instead it...opened a gateway, a doorway.

He called out into the void, "Laughter indeed, speck of my darkness. Laugh at your conqueror well. I conquered empires beyond your ken long before you were ever conceived, and I will live on after MY own hand. Laugh well for now, little demon. The chimes now turn to your own fate."

He stared for a moment at the gateway, and realized it was stable, at least for now. There was something more important he had to do. He sat down beside her, and brought her head against him, cradled her body in his lap and rocked her.

He stroked her face, he dark red-black hair. "It's OK, Insei...It's OK..." He never called her that name in public, her old name, her REAL name on this world. It had been for intensely personal and private moments between them. Now it was the only gift he had left to give her. Giving her back the self that Gold and the others took away from her.

He swallowed then, fighting the tears he could feel, he would NOT shame her by crying, he was the Emperor-King of Nivia, he was the NIGHTMARE of worlds, such a man didn't cry.

"I Will..."
"I Will..."
"I...will...UNMAKE! I...Will...Change...This..."
"Some day."
"This will NEVER occur AGAIN!"
"Even...even if..."
"Even if uncounted...beyond knowing ages, must pass in time, EVEN IF FOREVER!"
"...I Will...I Will UNMAKE THIS!"

His head comes to rest against the remnants of her right shoulder. He never called her that before, never admitted it to himself, he was...He was an evil man, he never wanted or needed to love before, and somehow this woman got into his heart. She had done what so many others had tried to do.

He lost the ONLY person who had ever defeated him. And she never knew she had done so. She had BEATEN him, and even HE hadn't noticed, unseen by the servants, by anyone else, he let a single tear fall, it touched her cheek and almost seemed to melt into it, then he brought his hand to his face and removed all sign of what he had done.

He uncrossed his legs and moved her firmly into his arms, then, through pure power of his body alone, he rose to his feet, careful not to jar her. Moving her head to his shoulder, the lack of breath against his neck reminding him that she would never again nibble his neck, bite his ear.

He carried her up the stairs and to the rooms they shared, he thought, for a moment, about taking her into the small chamber that was her private room. but no, he wanted her HERE, where he so often made her happy, he thought she would like that.

He carefully laid her out on his bed. arranged her hair the right way across the pillow, to hide that hideous hole in her chest he pulled the covers up over her and carefully crossed her arms over her stomach. It was MUCH better, she looked almost like she was sleeping.

For a moment he felt he was in one of the Rin Child's stupid fairy-tales, where the kiss from one who loved would awaken the sleeper. He leaned over and pressed his lips to hers. As always fairy-tales are a fucking JOKE. She was GONE.

He turned away and walked over to his private liquor cabinet. They were still there, exactly as he had set them out this morning, before they had gone to war. The bottle of rare Lychee fruit wine that his magess loved so much, and the two beautiful crystal glasses he had made just for them. he takes the glasses and sets them out on the table, pouring a precise measure of wine into them.

Her glass, Red, gold and green, the colors of nature and life. His, Red, silver and black, the colors of death. He lifts not his glass to his lips, but hers. Taking small delicate sips, savoring the flavor, she was right, it is a very delicate and delicious wine. And he would have rewarded her well for her recommendation.

Each time he lifts her glass to his lips he salutes her. She had taught him so much, had helped him stay here longer than he had ANYPLACE before. He remembered her defying him, telling him to back off and leave her alone. He remembered her crying and begging him to not kill those rebel's children, and her finally revealing the secret of her "immortality."

He remembered her telling him that it was over or nearly so, the last of her bloodlines were either wiped out or about to be. And the only man she wanted to renew them with, couldn't sire a child. And since she couldn't have that man, she wanted him to choose for her. It had taken him a few seconds to realize she meant HIM. But he hadn't been able to make himself do it, hadn't been able to make himself choose, he was HERS and he couldn't make himself share her. If she had picked for herself, he would have allowed it, but he couldn't bring himself to pick for her.

He remembered her trying to lie to him about what Gold had done to her once. Telling him only that it was nothing she couldn't handle. He let her believe she had tricked him, then had a LONG talk with Gold. He remembered the times she had moved to deal with those his parole required him not to touch.

So many years, so many memories, he knew how much she loved this wine, because she would beg for it often. Yesterday, he had finally acquired some, it was very expensive, because it was so seldom made and in such small quantities. But he had gotten it, in the end what was money but a tool, he could always get more.

To quickly her delicate glass is empty, he takes up his, that he'll never drink from again, and presses it to her lips, saying softly, "For you, Insei, Mica, Jishin...Foolish to take wine without freedom for you to partake as well, No?"

He can hear her voice, even now, so soft, so gentle, "Not if you do not wish me to?" Always so pleasing, always so loyal once he had convinced her he wasn't going to use her. Self sacrificing to a fault. Giving him everything she was and more.

She cannot drink it. and it goes back to the table untasted by her. No one else will drink it, he knows. he takes his finger and gently dips it into the wine and rubs it on her lips then kisses her one last time. Even in that she was right, the wine tastes even sweeter on her lips than it did in her glass.

from the table he take the one weapon he didn't take with him to the battle field. the triple bladed knife that was his personal weapon. The knife he used to open his arm to force her to drink his tainted blood, the knife he had used once to cut off about a foot of her hair to discipline her.

He let himself drop to his knees and plunge the blade into the floor, it went in to the hilt, and he dragged it across the floor in the flowing script of Nivia. It carved deep, as indestructible as it's owner. If only she had remembered that.

He carved his last orders to his people into the floor. He knew he would be obeyed. The Nivian were the most loyal of people he had ever tamed to his hand. No, that THEY had ever tamed to his hand, the magess had helped him win them over completely.

Honor her body
I will return in time
With her soul
Again as MINE.

And with that, he cut a single lock of her hair with the dagger and tucked it into his shirt before heading out the door and down to the courtyard. His destiny awaited him, in the person of Insei. He WOULD find her again. He never once doubted it.

He was, after all, Tegatane.

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