Through the Mist

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That night at a dinner of semi-expired oatmeal someone had found in the back of the pantry, the girl’s mother announced she had some news for them.

“I’m not really sure how you’re going to take it, so, I’m just going to say it.” She paused a second and, taking a deep breath, said nervously,

“Girls, I’m going to have to send you to live with Aunt Grace.”

“What?!” They both chorused.

“Aunt Grace? But she lives in ENGLAND!” Christina said, with a mixture of indignance and confusion.

“And she’s so weird, like, really weird like-” Rose stuttered, taken aback by the news. “Why on earth would you send us *there*?”

How long would it be?” Christina asked, ever practical. “And what about Jackson, I can’t just leave him here, what about his dad! What about me, I *need* him! He was the only one there for me when dad left, I can’t just leave him” She repeated desperately.

“One at a time, guys.” Their mom said, with a pained look in her eyes. “I have to send you there because I can’t care for you adequately anymore, I want you to have the best you can have, and I just can’t give that to you right now, I’m sorry.” Christina saw an army of tears behind her mother’s eyes, fighting to get out.

“It will only be for a little while, I promise, just until I can get a better job, I just want to able to know that you will be okay, with food to eat and roof over your head, I’m sorry.” The tears won the battle and started to slowly slip down her cheeks. “I’m so sorry about Jackson, honey, I know how close you are, but you can’t stay here anymore, I’m going to go live in a shelter with Alex, but I want you two to have a home and food and...I’m sorry”

Christina sat in stunned silence, taking in her mother’s words.

Rose got up, went into her room and slammed the door.


"Flight 324 now boarding." A robotic sounding female voice said over the intercom.

Christina looked at her mom, tears running down her face as they had been most of that day. From the time she got up at the ungodly hour of 3:00 AM to the half an hour they had been waiting in the spotless airport terminal, they had been cascading down her cheeks.

“I can’t leave you mom, I don’t want to go live in England with Aunt Grace! Please! Don’t make me! Please, mom...” Her breath hitched as she looked at her mom, pleading.

Rose gave her a withering look

“Oh, don’t make this more embarrassing than it is, Chrissy. She clearly doesn’t want us anymore, no one does apparently, get used to it.”

A tear slipped down their mother’s cheek, but she remained firm. “Rose Marie, you know that’s not true, I just want you to have the best you can. Aunt Grace is a very nice lady and you will love England, I know it.” She turned to Christina. “There are *so* many amazing castles and towers and things right out of fairy tales, you are going to have a blast.” She smiled weakly and then turned back to Rose. “And so many torture chambers, it will blow your mind. So. Stop feeling sorry for yourself this instant, get on that plane, and don’t look back.” She smiled again through her tears, kissed them both tenderly and sent them off.
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