Isolde: Blood-Rose Guardians (a supplementary novella)

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Hope and faith have led me here, back to the Light, back to the one I love in the deepest, truest sense of the word. True love, though it may have faded from my life for some time, I am happy to say, was there at the core of me all along. In my beloved William’s eyes I see the girl that I once was, wrapped in his arms I remember a different time but look forward to a future that is so bright is dazzles me. The Darkness may still be on the horizon for the Guardians, but it has been cast back into the shadows for me because a beacon of Light brought me back to sunny shores and golden sunbeams. I trust in the Guardians and allies for all that is entrusted to them and I can say this with authority because they have changed my world. I have faith in them.

The Guardians have rescued me from the snare of night. They have shown me that two things are more important than any other in this world: love and faith. They have shown me that their faith in each other and their role in the world will be enough to bring them to the final battle and they have shown me that the love they have for each other and for love itself will guide them through with power and integrity. I am privileged to have been a part of their lives, even if it was such a short time. I have been rewarded for my service to the Light with love itself and a gift, most gracious, from the Guardians.

When William and I escaped that wonderful wedding to renew our physical relationship we did it with a gift from Elizabeth, two talismans: one phoenix and one dragon. With that gift of magic and love, the Light now grows within my womb. The baby William and I had always wanted is the gift to us for our faithful service from a family wise beyond it years, loved beyond measure and protected by the Light itself. I am Isölde, friend of the Guardians, guide and apothecary; I am William’s beloved wife, the keeper of his heart; Elizabeth’s confidant, the keeper of her secrets and Guinevere’s witch, faithful follower and believer in the power of love. I am a lover and a mother, but most importantly, for the first time in millennia, I am truly happy and I was right all along – love is the answer!

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