The Self-Proclaimed Queen

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Chapter 10

I didn’t quite know what to do or what to say. I thought that I could control myself. Now I know better. I made Challan’s life worse and my own even more than it was before.

‘So, how’re you feeling?’ I ask him cautiously, even though it sounds like a rhetorical question, a question that I should know the answer to, he responds regardless.

‘Hungry. Or should I say thirsty.’

‘You need to drink blood to survive.’

‘I know. I saw what you did to me. It felt agonizing.’

‘I don’t remember much of what happened. I’m so sorry for what I have done to you. I promise that I’ll do everything in my power to protect you.’

‘Can you cure me?’ There is a brief silence and my eyes give it away. He looks up at the trees. His jaw tensing.

‘Sorry, but unfortunately there is nothing I can do about it.’

‘We should head back.’ He stands up and I quickly follow. He hurriedly walks up to his horse which is still waiting for him and I follow. When we sit on the horse, his body feels cold when I put my arms around his waist.

As we traveled back through the forest, he didn’t speak to me or even looked at me until we reached the castle. What have I done?

‘I should sleep at your castle tonight.’ He smiles but his voice is monotone, angry.

‘Yes, I believe that that is a good idea.’

‘Hopefully, some of your servants are juicy.’ Even though such proclamation insulted me I am still, after all, responsible for what I have done to him.

‘No, they are all vampires.’ My response makes him look away from me and he walks up the stairs.

‘Whatever.’ I silently follow him inside my castle. Minerva notices us from upstairs and I grimace at her to leave us alone. Maria comes from the dining room and as soon as she spots Challan, he immediately jumps on her.

‘Your majesty! Help me!’ I get Challan off her with so much force that I send him flying into the wall.

‘CONTROL YOURSELF!’ In this moment, I can feel the entire room shaking. But I need to calm down otherwise I will go and tear his head off.

‘I’m sorry but I can’t control it!’ He roars in anger while trying to pick himself up from the floor.

‘Maria give prince Challan a blood bag.’

‘With pleasure.’ She immediately gets up and goes to the kitchen.

After several hours, Challan is finally feeling better. More like himself now.

‘Thanks for this.’

‘No worries.’ I hear someone knocking on the castle doors. ‘I wonder who can that be?’ I hear Layla stomping towards us from the kitchen.

‘Oh, your majesty, it must be Roger. He promised that he will take me to the beach today.’

‘Oh well, have fun, Layla.’

‘Yeah, have fun. And don’t bite him.’ I look rigorously at Challan but he just brushes me off with a smile.

‘I won’t take long.’ Layla excuses herself and exit. After I make sure that she is far enough so she can’t hear us, I open my mouth.

‘Save yourself a trouble. I don’t need an apology.’


‘In fact, I want to thank you.’

‘This is nothing to be thankful for.’

‘Oh, but it is. You made me immortal. Right?’

‘I turned you into a monster, just like me.’

‘Don’t you ever call yourself a monster in front of me again.’ I close my mouth and he comes closer to me. ‘I’m guessing now that we are vampires we don’t have to be so cautious anymore when we make love.’

‘I wasn’t cautious at all. If I was cautious then this wouldn’t happen in the first place.’ He sits next to me now and his hand touches my cheek. My cold cheek.

‘Oh, I’m sorry am I interrupting anything?’ I lift my head up and see Jack who occurred out of nowhere.

‘Oh, we were just…’ I am lost for words, again.

‘Practicing.’ Jack and me both look at Challan.

‘What do you mean by practicing, practicing what exactly?’

‘How to kiss of course.’ Challan nonchalant approach to this awkward situation makes Jack turn around and leave the room.

‘Did you have to make this so awkward? Like it wasn’t already awkward enough.’

‘Hey, I just want some privacy. Is that too much to ask for in this castle?’

‘No. Not at all.’ He starts kissing me and the rest is a blur.

‘What did you let her do that to me? What didn’t you stop her?’

‘Believe me, I tried. But she’s too strong.’

‘I don’t trust you anymore. I don’t believe you at all Ana.’

‘Ella, how can you be so closed minded?’

‘Well, you left me no choice.’

‘Do you really think that I would want to hurt you in any way?’

‘I don’t know anymore.’

‘I am your sister Ella.’

‘Are you?’

‘I know that you’re mad at me but you must understand that there was nothing that I could have done about it.’

‘Maybe next time you can let her kill me and then use your powers to bring me back to life and then tell me how much you tried and how sorry you felt.’

‘You’re talking nonsense, Ella.’

‘Well, you’re nothing more than a nonsense Ana.’

‘Whatever. I tried. Obviously, it doesn’t work.’ Ana gets up from my bed and exits my bedroom.

‘Ella? Ella wake up!’ I open my eyes to see Jack sitting on my bed. I am in my bedroom, but how did I got here I have no clue.

‘How long was I asleep?’

‘Not much.’

‘Several hours?’

‘Well…’ His face looks worried.

‘How long Jack?’

‘Two days.’

‘What? Where’s Chall?’ As soon as I say his name I can see the hurt expression on Jack’s face. Is he jealous?

‘He went back to his knights before you fell unconscious. Apparently, he’ll be back tonight to tell you the big news. So, I had no choice but to wake you up.’

‘How did you wake me up?’

‘Look at your hand, Ella.’ As I look at my hand I can see the scars going from my wrist all the way up to my elbow.

‘Did you cut me to wake me up?’

‘That’s the only way, Ella.’

‘But then why do I sleep for so long?’

‘It takes a long time for you to wake up. As you already noticed.’

‘I need to do something about this situation. Soon.’

‘I guess so.’

‘So, what kind of big news does Challan wants to tell me?’

‘No idea. He just left and sent one of his knights this morning to inform you on what is he planning on doing, but he didn’t say much.’ His voice sounds timid. He is probably still sad about what happened with Trinity.



‘Are you okay?’

‘Yes. Why?’

‘No reason, just asking.’

‘I think that you shouldn’t lose your head over a prince.’

‘What?’ Jack comes onto my bed and slowly nudges his head to kiss me. I abruptly grab a pillow and put it in between us. ‘Jack stop!’

‘Why? You let him do it. Why can’t I?’


‘Because why?’

‘Because you’re my friend Jack. I see you as my brother.’


‘Yeah, sorry.’

’Well, it’s okay. After all, it would be awkward making love to your brother.’

‘Are you angry?’ Even though I would very much like to get the response from him, after such an unexpected shock, he instead just hops down from my bed and exits my bedroom.

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