The Self-Proclaimed Queen

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Chapter 16

My mind is spinning, my heart is going wild. I cannot simply comprehend how can someone that I haven’t seen for so long is now right in front of my eyes. Someone I imagined seeing every day. Comparing every situation to that person, imagining how would I’ve done that differently with him. I guess now, I can stop imagining and embrace him. He’s here. In front of my eyes. Right here. Right now. But something is off. I can feel the negative energy seeping through my veins. Pulsing through my entire body. The dark energy surrounds him and I can feel that he’s extremely happy to see me, but however, out of wrong reasons.

‘Ella, stand back.’ Challan push me behind him.


‘Watch your mouth asshole!’ Challan yells out. Hearing him yell always surprised me and evoke some form of fear in me. Challan doesn’t look like a guy who can yell and be though. In my eyes, he will always be a hopeless romantic.


‘Tell me what? Ella, what is that maniac talking about?’ I can feel the fear and embarrassment overflowing my body, but I can’t let the past mistakes cloud my mind. I need to be more resourceful about this situation. I can’t tell him what happened between me and Jack. Not here. Not now.

‘Don’t trust him, Challan. He’s trying to manipulate you.’


William starts to laugh and I can feel my mind spiraling down a black hole. I don’t know what to say or what to do. I remain motionless until my silence gives the answer Challan needs. He looks at me. I can see the sadness in his eyes. His blue eyes losing the glow that they once had for me. Now they look like any ordinary blue eyes. They no longer shine for me. Not anymore, and I guess never again.

‘How do you know that?’ I said weakly. Having nothing else to lose, I figured why not just let it all out and ask the straightforward question.

‘Well, my lady. I know everything.’ I am presented with the figure of the coachman. I thought that he disappeared when the castle was caught on fire. I guess, that I never had a coachman after all. It was him. It was always him. Spying on me. Capturing my every move.

‘It was you.’ I give away a sad smile.

‘Yes. And may I say, you’re great in bed. Even better than I imagined you to be. A bit motionless and static but we can work on that.’ He smiles and winks, his old form is back now. Leaving me bewildered. Infuriated. Angry. I haven’t slept with Jack. I slept with William.

‘YOU MONSTER!’ Challan burst into a rage. He starts running towards him. I try to stop him but he pushes me out of the way. He hits William, running full speed. Challan immense power makes the two of them go through the brick wall. I gasp.

I run. Try to stop Challan from hurting himself. After all, this is my battle and William is my enemy.

YOU JEALOUS CHALLAN?’ His razor-sharp teeth are shown. He must be under the influence of kryptics.

‘The only thing I’m jealous of is not being the first one who had the opportunity to rip your bones out.’ I try to reach out to them but the shadow stops me. Pushing me back with full speed. I tumble down. Hitting the wall and shielding myself with bear arms from the bricks that started to fall from the ceiling.

GET UP!’ I am presented by the monstrous voice. A voice of a kryptic’s victim. It gets me by my neck and holds me up.

‘Who are you?’ I manage to choke out.

THAT’S A STORY FOR ANOTHER TIME.’ I try my best to lift my leg up and kick the unknown person in the abdominal area. It falls back but quickly retrieves itself. Leaving me only a couple of seconds to come back to my senses. Fortunately, enough, I manage to recover quickly before the unknown hands reach me again. I duck quickly and run towards Challan and William. I can see Challan’s bloody face. I need to help him. Unknown hands reach me before I get to him and push me back. I slam the brick wall again.

GET OFF ME!’ I shout to the unknown person. In an instant, the shadow starts clearing up and I’m presented by an unknown person. A girl I never met in my life. She looks scared. I guess she’s fully aware of what she’s doing. Kryptics must’ve made her watch and be aware of her doings. Such a cruel thing to do to an innocent human being.

’Please help… NO, I DON’T DESERVE TO BE HELPED.’ She tried to regain herself but the kryptics have already taken control of her. ’I’M A WHORE. AN UGLY AND DIRTY GIRL. A GIRL WHO WOULD DO ANYTHING FOR A COUPLE OF SPARE NICKLES.

‘Don’t listen to them. Fight it. YOU HAVE TO FIGHT IT!’ I yell out.

’I can’t. They’re too strong and they won’t let me… SHUT UP!

‘I know that you might be scared but you need to find the power within. You’re stronger than you think you are. I know you are! FIGHT IT! PLEASE!’ I try my best to come closer and reach my arms to her.

‘Forgive me your majesty, but I don’t think that I am able to control this anymore. I’m tired of trying. I’m letting it go.’ She cries as she speaks. I guess she knows that she overstayed her visit. Kryptics won’t be kind to her any longer.

She screams and yelps. I start to back away. I know that I can’t help her. There’s no one to help her anymore. Kryptics are killing her slowly. She rises up into the air and I can see her mouth open wide. Displaying a grotesque image of what it seems to be her inside of her skin coming out to her outside. Kryptics are turning her inside out. I look away. Unable to watch such gruesome act of torment. I run towards the hole in the wall that Challan made. I can’t seem to see him anymore. I run but slimy hands reach me before I manage to enter the hole in the wall.

WE’RE DO YOU THINK YOU’RE GOING GABRIELLA?’ I turn around and I scream on top of my lungs. Her complexion looks all veiny and I can see her every muscle. Her features are broken. She must be in the immense pain. No. She’s dead. I tell myself.

‘Leave me alone!’ I try to push her away but she slams me into the wall and holds me up by my neck.

I notice a broken part of a ceiling laying behind her, it looks sharp. I kick her in the stomach making her back away a bit, she lets me go and I fall down. I quickly regain my power and repeat the hit. She backs away even more. This time I use my full energy and hit her as hard as I can possibly manage. She stumbles down and pricks herself onto the sharp edge. I push her even more until she’s no longer conscious.

‘I’m sorry.’ I say as sympathetically as I can mutter but I know that I have no time to lose. Challan stills need my help. I run into the hole and I see that they created a tunnel of dirt. I run through it. My mind racing. Guessing what might’ve happened to him.

As I enter a big crater that they made I try to adjust my eyes to the complete darkness. I use my vampire sense and try to gain my night vision. My eyes, however, quickly adjust to the sunlight reaching through the ruptures that are made on the top. I hear William laughing and Challan growling.

‘CHALLAN!’ I yell out.

COME OVER HERE, MY PRINCESS.’ I hear William’s menacing voice. I follow it and what I see next makes my heart drops. The giant sharp-looking metal pipe goes through Challan’s chest. The blood overflowing from his mouth.

‘NO!’ I scream out and run towards the William at full speed that I could see his eyes widen as I approach him. I make him hit the dirt wall hard. I punch him in the chest. I punch him again, and again, and again. Until I feel something hot dripping on my face. I look up and see his mouth all bloody. I look down and I see that I made a hole in his chest. I back away and he falls to his knees.


‘I can’t believe I ever loved you.’ I kick his head off his body with my leg. Making his headless body fall flat on the ground. I don’t care if he was under the kryptic’s control. One thing that I realized throughout this journey, is that you can’t help them anymore. Once they are controlled by them they are practically dead inside.

I go up to Challan. And I hug him hard.

‘I’m sorry Challan. I’m sorry for everything that has happened between us. It’s my fault.’

‘Don’t be ridiculous Ella… he made you…’ he starts to cough out blood, ‘he made… he raped you, Ella.’

‘I let him, Challan. I should’ve never done such a thing. You didn’t deserve to be hurt in such a way.’

‘Promise me one thing… Ella...’ he touches my face. His cold hands have a surprisingly warm touch now. ‘Promise me that you’ll be happy. With someone who truly loves you.’

‘No! I’ll be happy with you! You’ll be okay!’ I start to cry. I can feel it burning and it stings but I don’t care anymore.

‘I love you.’ His eyes shut and I know that that would be the last time he ever looked at me. I continue to cry.

After what seems to be an eternity I get up. Leaving his now cold-dead body on the ground. I dig up a hole not far from where he’s lying. I put him inside and bury him. I don’t place any stone because I don’t want him to be labeled as dead. He’s still alive. He’s still here. In my heart at least, and if I don’t mark the spot it will feel like he isn’t dead yet. I collect myself and make my way out of these damned catacombs. As I get back in church I can feel a stinging pain in my abdominal area. I lost him. I leave the church and in the distance, I can see the army of horses coming. I’m guessing that’s Nick arriving with his knights. A bit too late. But perfectly on time.

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