The Self-Proclaimed Queen

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Chapter 17

‘What happened back there?’ My mind finally comes back. I was drifting for too long. Ignoring Nick since he took me away from that damned church. I guess as soon as Challan died Eleanor’s spell broke and now I can fully access my mind and my thought without drifting into an oblivion.

‘He died.’

‘Yes, I know that already. I mean is obvious. But how come that William decided to just randomly appear out of nowhere and coldheartedly murder Challan.’

‘Nothing about this situation was random. Nothing.’

‘But it seems suspicious. You must admit that.’

‘Have you ever loved someone Nick?’

‘Why are you changing the topic now?’

‘Just answer me.’


‘What happened?’

‘She left me for another man.’

‘Can you now imagine if she killed that man and I killed her.’


‘How would you feel?’

‘I don’t know. Angry? Sad? Frustrated?’

‘What would you wanna do to me?’

‘Your majesty?’


‘I would wanna do the same thing to you that you’ve done to her.’

‘What about him?’

‘Huh? What do you mean?’

‘What about the man?’

‘What about him? I don’t care about the man. I’m happy that he died.’

‘So, you would thank me for killing him?’

‘Yes, I would. And then I’ll kill you.’

‘Hmm, interesting. Now imagine if the girl that you loved was William and the man that I killed was Challan.’

‘What are you trying to say, your majesty? You didn’t like Challan?’


‘How come?’

‘He gave me nightmares, sleep paralysis and he was right in all the wrong places. He, simply, wasn’t the type of man that I would stick around with.’

‘But William was?’

‘You see, Nick, William raped me, stalked me, tried to murder me but he was wrong in all the right places. You don’t see that combination often.’

‘So, you would choose William over Challan?’

‘If I was forced to choose. Yes. Yes, I would.’

‘Very well.’ Nick looks through the window and I know that our conversation won’t continue for at least until we reach the castle.

As I enter my bedroom I fell the flood of relief when I throw myself onto the bed.

‘It feels good to be home.’ I lift my head up from the bed and see Minerva.


‘Would you please come with me, your majesty?’ I can sense the trouble. It’s starting again.

‘What’s going on?’

‘I have something to show you.’

As we walk down the hallways, I anticipate the moment until the big revelation is gonna be presented to me. Minerva stops in her footstep, leaving me bewildered and confused. What going on?

‘Look up.’ She points her finger at the ceiling.

‘What am I looking at exactly?’

‘You know, your majesty, I may or may not be the nosiest person around here but I notice that Maria started behaving awfully weird recently. Her behavior worsened when you left with,’ she looks down, ‘well, you know who I’m talking about.’

‘Yes, I do. But I still don’t get it? What is happening?’

‘Would you please pass me the broomstick over there behind you.’ I turn around and see the broomstick. I take it and pass it to Minerva, she smiles. ‘Now, let me demonstrate it for you, stand back please.’

She taps the ceiling with a back of the broomstick making the perfectly cut square shape open and the ladders fall down. I gasp in amazement. A secret room. I tell myself. In my castle.

‘What is this?’

‘I suggest you go up first and I’ll follow from behind.’

‘Haven’t, you already went up?’

‘No, I was afraid that someone might notice me.’

‘Very well. Let’s go.’

As we enter the room I can see the wooden table, bed, bookshelves and a ceiling spiraling so high that the center of it it’s pitch black. I guess this must be the inside of the tower’s ending.

‘This looks like a bedroom.’ Minerva says.

‘Yes, a bedroom that hasn’t been used for a long time.’ I add.

‘But who’s is it?’ A name pops up in my mind. No, this can’t be true! My mind goes wild.

‘Anastasia’s.’ The name makes me sick, even thinking about it. Saying it out loud make me barf.

‘How do you know that?’

‘Look at the books on the bookshelf.’ Minerva glances at them. ‘All of them were her favorites bedtime stories that I used to read to her every night.’

‘Oh, dear. Do you think that your father knew about this?’

‘I believe so. I even think that he built this especially for her.’

‘Why would he do such thing?’

‘I don’t know. Maybe in a hope that one day she’ll come.’ A loud bang was heard from downstairs. Minerva and I look at each other.

‘We need to go down and see what going on.’ We exit the secret room and close the entrance firmly behind us to make it look like we never were there.

As we enter the main hall I can see Jack. He looks all muddy and wet, the rain must’ve started falling outside. His face looks worried. Who knows what might’ve happened to him while I was gone and just for how long was the real Jack missing.

‘Jack?’ I ask cautiously.

‘Yes?’ He replies curtly.

‘What on Earth has happened to you?’

‘I was going outside to feed my new horse that I bought a couple of days ago, Violet, but when I went outside I found her dead.’

‘Who would have done such thing?’

‘I’m not sure. But there was a huge scar spanning across her stomach.’



‘Is that really you, this time?’ I don’t necessarily care about the dead horse, animals die here all the time. I want the answers.

‘What are you talking about?’

‘What’s the last thing you remember?’

‘The last thing that I can remember is the ball. I wanted to talk to you but I saw you walking out to the terrace with Challan’s sister so I started drinking and next thing you know I found myself in my bed.’

‘How long did you sleep for?’

‘I’m still not quite sure for how long did I sleep exactly. I woke up when you left with Challan to find me apparently. Where’s Challan by the way?’

‘I guess you have a lot of catching up to do.’ I smile at him.

‘Your majesty!’ I turn around seeing Maria holding a feather duster.


‘Would you like me to prepare the dinner for tonight?’

‘Excellent! So, we can discuss everything that happened over the dinner.’

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