The Self-Proclaimed Queen

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Chapter 19

‘You!’ I yell out, full of anger and resentment.

Oh, cheer up, would you! Why such an angry face?’ Her nonchalant approach sets me off even more. Making the anger inside me boil. ’I can see that Maria didn’t do her job properly.

‘What took you so long? Did you get lost on your way here?’ She looks at me for a couple of seconds and then smiles and looks down at the floor. When she looks back up at me, I can see her blue eyes glowing.

Get lost?” How wonderful. I can see that your poor sense of humor hasn’t changed at all.’

‘What do you mean?’

Oh Ella, my dear sister. I didn’t get lost. In fact, you never left me. I was always right behind you. Watching and observing your every move. As a daughter of a great vampire, you are very much, stupid.’ Great vampire? What is she talking about?

’What do you mean, “A great vampire?”

Oh, Ella. Do you think that you got your powers out of thin air?

‘I got my powers from William, he turned me!’

But who turned William?’ I stop, unable to speak. How come I never questioned that? How could I ever question my father? She smiles, her eyes glowing with menace.

‘So, what? I loved our father and I still do!’

That’s why he only decided to take you to this damned island!

‘So, are you jealous? Is that what this is all about?’

Jealous! Oh no, no, no! How could ever be jealous? I feel privileged and honored that he took you because he feared me and my mother.


He feared our powers, so he decided to take you to this island and train you to fight against us. He wanted to make you more powerful than me and my mother in a hope that one day you’ll come back and kill us. You see Ella, it’s truly ironic. A great vampire falls in love with a witch, two antipodes, and decide to start living together. They have two daughters. Ones like her mother and ones like her father. Witches are gifted by birth but vampires need to be turned. It’s truly fascinating, don’t you think?’

‘What happened to our mother?’ I feel disgusted saying our mother. With the way that she treated me, she’s all Ana’s.

She faced her ultimate fate.’ Ana opens her mouth and I can see fingers, brushing her lips from side to side. As the fingers extend and I can see the full hand trying to get out but she quickly forces it to come inside and closes her mouth.

‘You ate her?’ I ask in disgust.

No, stupid! We merged our bodies together. We figured even though you’re weak on your own, we still didn’t wanna risk it, so by us two combining our bodies into one we knew that you wouldn’t stand a chance against us.

‘Well, in that case, I’m glad that you decided to keep the prettier body as your exterior.’

Father would’ve been proud of you, he taught you well. Self-proclaimed queen.

‘Leave our father out of it!’

Don’t you remember? That gloomy morning, five years ago?’ She can sense my silence and continues, ‘Oh, I remember your father, Ella. A great old vampire. Who would do anything to protect its daughter.’

‘He wanted to protect you as well!’ I yell out, full of anger. ‘He made you a bedroom inside of the tower. In a hope that one day you might come back, in peace.’

‘You know, Ella, I was so close to killing you until our father has stopped me. It locked me in the tower, or in the bedroom as you say. Hold me in hostage, until one day, I manage to escape when no one was looking and I sliced his throat and feast on his blood that he drank from someone else.’

‘Are you trying to say.’

Yes. I killed our father.

‘How could you!’ I yell out with tears now blurring my vision.

And now it’s your turn. But this time, there’s no one to stop me!


NOT IF I KILL YOU FIRST!’ She lifts her hand up and it sends me flying through the walls. I stop when my back hits the stone wall hard. I fall, unable to get myself up.

Rise and shine!’ She gets me up and makes me levitate in midair.

I try my best to focus and I somehow break free from her powers. Her eyes widen and she starts to back away. I run full speed towards her and send her flying through the window on to the tower. I follow. I quickly grab onto the slippery tiles and hold it firmly, I don’t wanna risk falling into the oblivion that is beneath me. It started to rain, which makes it extra hard to hold onto the tiles without slipping.

I look down and see her jumping from one tower onto another. She’s running away! I tell myself. I quickly do the same and follow her all the way down until I reach the ground.

‘There’s no point in running anymore Ana! You ran enough!’

Come and catch me a self-proclaimed piece of crap!’ I hear her menacing laughter from afar. I follow the sound. It carries me to the bridge. A wooden bridge that separates my castle from the rest of the island. A small, man-made, river. I see her standing in the middle of it. I run up to her but as soon as I touch her shoulders she disappears.


Turn around sister!’ I do as she asks and I see her. I see her standing from where I came from. She’s standing at the end of the bridge. She lifts her hand up and the entire bridge caught on fire.


You know Ella, a dwarven city that’s underneath the castle that you’ve visited not so long ago. That’s the nest of kryptics. The locked doors that you tried to open are the tortured souls of people who were killed and manipulated by kryptics throughout the history. As you noticed there’s a lot.

I stand motionlessly, shocked that I went into the kryptics nest, completely unaware. Monsters that I tried so hard to avoid, were living under my castle the entire time.

‘Why wouldn’t the doors open?’

Only the force of pure evil can open something of the same kind. And that’s what I will do. Soon I’ll be able to control the entire island, and eventually the entire world.’ She starts running towards my castle. I can feel the intense heat surrounding me. The bridge is gonna burn soon if I don’t find a way out of it. Sprint Ella, you gotta spring!

I get into position and I sprint, faster, stronger than ever before. And I manage to get out quickly, watching the bridge crumble behind me. I smell a bit of a burnt material and I look down and see a thin line of ash coming from the end of my dress. I brush it off and I head towards the castle. I don’t want to be late. I want to kill her. Now more than ever before. To avenge my father.

As I reach the castle I can see the small opening in the mountain. It’s weird how I never noticed that entrance before. But because the castle is surrounded by mountains I never paid attention to such things. And it isn’t the entrance that got my attention it’s the light coming from it. There’s a light in that tunnel. Perhaps that’s why I never noticed it before cause during the day the light isn’t there and therefore the entrance isn’t easily spotted.

As I come close to it I can see the train track leading into the vast darkness. Astonished and disturbed at the same time. I jump into the mine cart. Even though I don’t know where this track is heading, I can’t seem to ignore the feeling that Ana passed this way. There’s a strong gut feeling telling me that she’s nearby.

The mine cart picks up slowly but it quickly starts blasting through the tunnel. I can barely keep my eyes open due to the speed that it is going. I close it. And when I feel like I arrived at the unknown location I open my eyes. To my surprise, I’m back into the underground city that is below my castle. This time all the lights are shut and the only light source is my sister. She’s levitating in the midair, her arms stretched wide. Her eyes and mouth glowing white with pale blue outlines.

Before I manage to yell a sudden voice stops me.

‘Stop Gabriella. You have no idea what you’re dealing with.’ I see my mother warning me. For the first time in forever she sounds like she cares and weirdly she sounds scared. Instead of seeing her standing up, treating me with her menacing glare, I see her scrunched up in a curveball in the corner. Her eyes not leaving Ana.

‘I need to do something. I can’t just stand and watch her unleash the most horrific creatures to roam free and bring chaos to this world.’

‘Then fight!’ She looks at me now. Making a strong eye contact with me. And for some reason, her words resemble exactly what I’m palling to do. It’s time to end this charade.

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