The Self-Proclaimed Queen

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Chapter 20

As Ana continues laughing and creating a deafening sound with her powers, I noticed the doors around me start to shake vigorously. I need to hurry up or otherwise, I’ll put everyone around me in grave danger, including myself.

I look around. I need to find something tall to climb and somehow get myself to Ana. But what then? Her body is flooded by such an immense power it feels like that it will destroy me even if I look at her for too long.

‘Ella!’ I turn around swiftly to someone calling my name. To my surprise is Jack. He woke up.

‘Jack, what are you doing here?’

‘Helping you, of course. Let’s finish this once and for all.’ I smile at his well-thought response.

In the corner of my eyes, I notice something flickering. It’s the lamp. She’s using the electricity of this place to fuel her powers, I figured. If we somehow manage to destroy each and every light source in this place she won’t have anything to feed off anymore.

‘Quick Jack! The lamps! We need to destroy the lamps!’

He does as I command and we both start smashing the lamps around us. Her powers weakening with each passing hit.

‘It’s working!’

‘Keep going, Jack! She won’t stop until she can find at least one source of electricity.’

As we run around the place I end up coming back to the place where I once was. The place with the locked doors. I remember trying to open them and being presented with a brick wall. Out of curiosity, or should I say pure stupidity, I open one door, just to see what’s behind it.

‘HEEEEEEEEEEEEEELP MEEEEE!’ An ear-piercing scream comes from an oblivion of the room that I’ve opened. Before I manage to comprehend what is the scream coming from I abruptly close the door and I walk away. Continue to smash the lamps and stay out of unnecessary trouble. I tell myself.

YOU FOOLS! YOU WON’T STOP ME!’ Ana titters from afar.

Several minutes passed and there we are. Jack and I looking eyes to eyes with each other. The last lamp in this damned place.

‘Together?’ Jack asks.

‘Together!’ And we both smash it in the same time.

In a hope of seeing Ana’s fall, or the place going completely dark we are represented with the only light source in this place now. Ana.

‘The last source is her. She’s feeding off the energy that she collected so far. It will be enough to fuel this damned place back into the light if we don’t do something about it quickly.’

‘What are you suggesting Jack?’

‘We need to kill her. She’s now a direct link to kryptics.’ I look at him but when his eyes meet mine I know what he means. She’s gone. I can’t do anything to save her now.

‘Can we help as well?’ Nick, Minerva, and Layla are all here with us. I nod in agreement. The more people the better.

‘Minerva and Layla, you go and keep an eye on my mother, Nick and Jack you come with me!’

We somehow managed to climb the closest tower to Ana. I can see her face clearly now. Her face is all veiny with black and purple veins that look like they’ve exploded.


‘It’s too late for her Ella, you need to kill her!’ Jack says.

‘Do you have any plan on how to do so?’ I look at Nick’s face, grinning at his stupid question.

‘Nick, you know me for a while now, and I think that both you and I know that I never, almost never, have a plan!’ I jump with full force to Ana and me and she goes plummeting down. Into the river where I fall not so long ago.

She starts to scream relentlessly. I put my hands on her neck in an attempt to choke her. She hits me with her legs making me fly into the wall. As I stand up I can see her standing as well. Her face flashing an evil smile.

You won’t win sister! You will never defeat me!

‘But I will!’ I see our mother behind her. She digs a knife into Ana’s stomach. Ana’s lets out a loud roar before slicing the head from our mother. She falls in the water. Her blood surrounds Ana now.

My mind is still confused. Why would my mom help me kill my sister? Before I could even realize what just happened Ana comes running towards me. I back away, making her hit the wall. Instead of her hurting her head or something she continues running. Upwards.

‘Ella watch out!’ I hear Nick yelling. But before I could turn around Ana slams me onto the ground and turns me around. Her face facing mine.

‘Ana, you…’ She puts her hand over my mouth before I could manage to finish.


I can feel my mind spinning. That phrase was mention so many times by so many people but they didn’t affect me in any way. But when Ana said it my entire body felt an agony of pain.

‘STOP IT!’ I can barely think let alone speak. My entire body feels like it’s gonna explode.

As I look down on me I can see the skin pealing itself from my arms and my chest. Flashbacks. They are overflowing my mind. How my mom always hid me away from my sister. How violent my sister always was towards me and my mother when we were living together. How my father took me away from her. But, however, he made a huge mistake. Her killing our father. Stuffing our mother into her, against her will. Her collaboration with Maria and spying on us. Using William as her sex slave, and doing things with him against his will. Him running away. Her capturing him and tossing him to the kryptics. All of this is too much to handle. My brain hurts.

I come back to my sense and I see her twenty feet away from me. Looking exhausted. Tears running down her face.

‘I am complete.’ She says, now in a normal tone.

Strangely I feel lighter. More cheerful than before.

‘What did you do to me?’

‘I took the last piece of myself. The piece I implanted in you. The piece that kept me alive. I knew that it will survive with you. You were too adored and valuable.’

I don’t know what she did to me, but I can feel my powers coming back. Now stronger than ever before.

‘Would you join me?’ She asks, spreading her hand to me. I think for a moment but then I just smile.

‘No.’ Her facial expression change immediately. She starts running towards me, screaming.

As soon as she reaches me the blinding light appears from within me and in a matter of seconds enlighten the entire place. After several seconds of it, the light finally tames down. What I see next shocks me. I see Ana, all burnt on the cold stone ground. Her body jerking. I approach her.

‘Why my sister?’ She asks weakly.

‘Because I know who the real monster is now.’ In that moment, I noticed Jack behind me.

‘Here.’ He gives me his sword.

‘Please, I’m begging you!’ She yelps, but there’s no use. I won’t listen to her lies any longer. I put my arms up, firmly holding the sword and I slice her head off her body.

I stay there, motionless looking at her beheaded body.

‘You alright?’ Asks Jack, but before I could answer the entire place starts shaking vigorously.

‘We need to get out of here.’ Nick appears with Minerva and Layla.

We all start running towards the exit. As we reach the castle we can see, behind us, the entire place crumbling down to pieces and the cloud of dust coming our way.

Several minutes passed, we all silently waited for some sort of a signal. Something to bring our sanity back. I decide to speak up, bringing everyone’s attention to me.

‘We defeated her and destroyed the kryptics nest. We should be proud of ourselves.’ I was never a good public speaker but now I feel a bit proud of myself. ‘What we did tonight was courageous and a true act of bravery.’ My eyes meet Jack and I can’t help but smile, he does as well.

‘What now, your majesty?’ Nick asks.

‘Is this the end?’ Layla asks.

‘Not it isn’t. It is quite the opposite.’ I respond.

‘What do you mean?’ Minerva asks.

‘We’ve only just begun.’ I smile.

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