The Self-Proclaimed Queen

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Four months have passed. Four peaceful months. I can feel my sanity coming back. My mind clear and my soul free. I feel happy. For the first time in a very long time. I feel happy. Relieved. I will never forget the day after we defeated my sister. People coming to the castle to see if I’m okay. Caring flowers and food with them. I couldn’t resist but making a ball and invite everyone who came and wish me well. I remember in the middle of the ball, Jack calling me out on the terrace. Talking about his feelings and how Trinity was right. He had feelings for me after all. He just wasn’t sure if I felt the same way. Yes, he was angry by my nonchalant dismay of Challan and my choice in men. But somehow our fight against my sister brought us closer. I remember that night. Making sweet love to him.

‘Are you ready?’ Jack comes into my bedroom.

‘More than ever before.’

‘All the people are ready, all the stuff is packed and loaded onto the ship. We’re just waiting for you to come and join us.’

‘I can’t believe Jack. Is this what we were meant to do? Leave this island of Nittara to its people.’

‘I mean, you weren’t anything special to them anyway.’ I manage a chuckle.

‘Well, that’s correct.’

‘What about Alexandra? She doesn’t know about Challan. She still believes that his alive and well.’

‘That’s why Minerva is staying behind and she’ll write letters to her in Challan’s and mine name.’

‘What will happen if she comes and visits one day.’

‘She can always say that we went exploring, collectively.’

‘Hmm, I guess you have an answer to everything.’

‘Have we met?’ I ask sarcastically and he smiles. Weird. Out of all the people I thought that I’ll end up with Jack was the last on my not-so-long list.

‘Your majesty.’ Minerva appears in the doorway.


‘I’m just gonna say that I’ll miss you and here,’ she shows me a silver necklace with a diamond-shaped topaz, ‘take this.’

‘No, Minerva, why are you giving that to me?’

‘For when you look down on it, you’ll remember me.’ She smiles and I hug her tightly.

‘Alright. I guess we’re ready.’ I say it to Jack and we start making our way out of the castle.

As I’m walking through the hallways I can’t help but remember all the events that took place in this damned castle. My father playing chess with me, Layla telling me that she’s engaged to that idiot of a man. The time I spent with Challan in the living room, talking to his sister Alexandra about Eleanor’s curse that she put on Challan, the glass shattering in the ballroom when I saw all the people killed and piled on top of each other. Joshua and his caring presence that he always gave me. All those memories make me feel warm and happy.

‘Your majesty.’ Nick appears at the castle’s entrance. Bowing down.

‘Enough of that Nick!’ I put my hands on him, making him straighten up. ‘From now on I’m Ella and you don’t have to bow down to me. Besides, like we will ever come back to this island again.’

As we distance ourselves away from the castle into the carriage I can see Minerva waving at us until I can’t see her anymore.

‘So, what is your plan, Ella?’ Nick asks.

‘We will explore around, find a decent amount of land to live on and I guess that it.’

‘Wow, that sounds like fun.’

‘Nick, we can’t stay here anymore. After from what happened who knows what might happen to me if I decide to stay.’

‘What about Minerva?’

‘No one will touch her. Besides they will want me.’

‘There’s too much future tense happening. We don’t necessarily know if people will even realize that you’re gone or somehow find out the truth. Besides they’re already used to the fact that you barely leave the castle’s ground, so they won’t bother asking or interrogating Minerva about you.’

‘I guess you’re right Jack.’ I smile and look through the window, observing the landscape.

As we hopped onto the ship, we are presented with all of the people from my castle, that decided to come with us on this journey.

‘Are you excited your… Ella?’ Layla asks.

‘Of course, why wouldn’t I be?’

‘I guess this cruise is what we all need.’

‘Yeah, it will do great for all of us.’

‘Aren’t you sad that you’re leaving Nittara behind?’ Nick asks.

‘It’s not where you are, it’s with who you are.’ I say in response. As I look at Jack he smiles and approaches me.

He kisses me and I feel lighter, happier, stronger than ever before. I guess after all this madness just a pinch of love, true love, was all I needed.

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