The Self-Proclaimed Queen

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Chapter 2

We have entered the forest, which means that we are no more than ten minutes away from the castle. The anticipation amongst us grew larger with every passing moment and I just hoped that whatever that lunatic of a woman told me back in the city was wrong. I look out through the window and see a couple of deer’s running to the direction opposite from the castle. My hands tensed and next thing we know we are surrounded by the fog. Everywhere around us looks grayish, like the clouds from above plummeted down on us.

‘Nick how come this weather suddenly changed?’

‘This doesn’t look right at all.’

‘Hopefully, this fog will clear out fast.’

‘Your majesty, this is no fog. This is a smoke.’


‘Can’t you smell it?’

‘I never thought… Nick, what can this possibly mean?’

The carriage stopped in the middle of the road. The man controlling the horses got up and came to us. When he opens the door, I can see the worried look on his face. Something is off.

‘What’s the matter?’ I asked gently, trying to sound as calm as possible.

‘Your majesty, horses are afraid. They’re refusing to go any closer to the castle.’

‘Nick what should we do now?’

‘Now we walk.’ He grabbed my hand and we went out of the carriage.

‘We won’t take long. You should go and find someplace safe to stay and alert the others.’ The man nodded firmly and we left him behind in the smoke.

‘We need to hurry up your majesty!’ The smoke made him cough. We ran for a couple of meters until he collapsed onto the ground.

‘Nick, what’s the matter?’

‘Your majesty, forgive me, but I can’t continue.’

‘No worries, I’ll handle this.’ I left Nick behind, running fast towards the castle. Towards my castle. Everything started moving faster and faster around me until it was so fast that I could barely distinguish where the trees are anymore. I reached my destination and what I saw left me speechless. The castle, burning in flames, hardly making any outlines whatsoever. The horses that were kept in barns all dead and motionless on the ground. Some of the windows are broken and the rest is dark gray color.

‘No!’ I yelled at the top of my lungs. I don’t know why exactly. My yelling won’t make the smoke go away or change the fact that I have lost my castle, the only memory that I had left of my father. I fell on the ground, blankly staring at the concrete. I remained motionless for a couple of seconds until a sudden burst of light made me look up. The smoke was clearing up rapidly and the fire started fading away. I brush my eyes, thinking that I’m hallucinating. But I wasn’t. This is real, the castle looks perfectly in shape now, like nothing ever happened.

I stand up feeling confused and angry. Whoever did this is playing an unfair game. I enter the castle cautiously, afraid that the fire might start raging again. But it didn’t. I slowly walk through the hallways. Empty hallways. What on earth happened here? It looks like as this castle is all of a sudden turned into a ghost town.

I march my way down the main corridor, towards my beloved ballroom. The door is shut firmly almost like it was melted together in the fire. The door remained intact even with me pushing as hard as I could possibly manage to. I could feel the anger boiling inside of me. Every inch of my body was trembling with fury and the door swung open with me falling on the floor.

I look up, completely terrified as I see everyone that was hired to work and serve in this castle piled up on top of each other. All dead and all bloody.

I barely controlled my urge not to spring to them and start sucking their blood. But something unexpected happened. Something I could never thought that it could happen again. I started to cry. But my tears are bloody. They are scarlet. The mirrors around me shatter into billion tiny pieces and I shield my face from it. After every single mirror exploded out of unknown reason I approach towards the pile of dead corpses.

At that moment Nick entered the ballroom and I quickly stopped and turned around.

‘Gabriella don’t!’

‘I must, I can’t control it.’

‘If you do that people will start spreading rumors.’

‘People will spread rumors regardless of my decision.’

‘You can give them a second chance. You can reincarnate them.’

‘Look at them there are heaps of them. Could you possibly imagine feeding all of them?’

‘Pick ten of them.’

‘You want me to choose?’

‘Well, I don’t think that you liked all of them, am I, right?’ Even though what his proposing is cruel and immoral I nodded because, after all, he’s right. Some people were plain annoying.

After fifteen minutes of carefully selecting certain people that I would like to bring back to life, I laid them next to each other in a row. Five servants, two cooks and three knights.

‘Are you ready?’ Nick squeeze my shoulder.

‘At least I won’t be hungry for a little while.’ I manage to titter, barely making any sound. ‘But what about the rest of them?’

‘They died tragically in the fire that unexpectedly occurred within the castle when the queen and her knight were in the town. A couple of servants, cooks, and knights managed to escape before it was too late.’

‘Wow, you have a solution for everything.’

‘Almost everything. Not all.’ He smiled at me, more focused on my face now. ‘What happened to your eyes, your majesty?’

‘I don’t know and I don’t have time to figure it out now.’ I smile at him and proceed to suck the blood out of people. One by one, it feels like an eternity. My stomach starts to hurt when I proceed to the fourth person. I stop turning to Nick in pain.

‘I can’t! This is too much.’

‘You have to!’

‘You’ll have to hurt me.’

‘What do you want me to do?’

‘I want you to stab me in the stomach.’ Nick’s eyes expanded and his mouth dropped.

‘What? Your majesty…’

‘Nick are you with me or not? You have to help me and there is no other way around this.’

I turned around continuing to suck the blood out of my fourth victim. A ripping pain that suddenly occurred from my belly made me yelp but I didn’t stop drinking the blood. I must do this properly. If I lost enough blood while drinking more of it is like I was maintaining the same amount of blood that I need to have and not get fed up with it.

‘Your majesty, you are almost done. You can do it.’

I was now on what I believe my last person to turn into a vampire. My father would have been proud of me if he lived long enough to see what I have done to people. A secret that I swore to never tell a living soul about. Now I was creating ten more of my kind. Ten more vampires. After I finish sucking the blood out of people, completely draining them, I collapse onto the ground.

‘Gabriella, I want to tell you that I’m sorry for what I caused you.’ Anastasia is sitting on my bed while I am covered in bandages.

‘It’s okay Ana. It’s not your fault.’

‘No, our mother is evil. I simply can’t understand why would she do such a malicious thing to you.’

‘No Ana, it’s not her fault. She was just worried that something bad might happen to me if I leave the house for too long.’

‘Yeah right, or if you leave the house at all.’

I managed to reach my hand out to her and touch her silky blonde hair. She managed a smile, not showing me her eyes.

‘Ana. Let me see your eyes.’


‘Ana.’ She slowly turned to face me, tilting her head until I saw her blazing blue eyes that were filled with anger.

‘She will pay for this!’

‘Ana, relax.’ She stood up. Gazing at the ceiling and then lifting her both arms above my burned body.

‘Let the scars heal themselves, let the skin come back as well, let my sister be fine again.’ My body started to feel different immediately. I feel lighter, freer, stronger.

‘Ana, you know that you cannot uses your powers inside.’

‘I used them to help you.’

‘I know that, but you have to be careful.’ She gave me a hug before I can say anything else, so tight that I could barely manage a breath.

‘Promise me you’ll never leave me with the lunatic of our mother.’

‘I promise, my little sister and thank you.’

A sudden voice woke me up. I am in my bedroom, which looks a bit withered and burnt but without any drastic changes. I look down at my stomach, stitched up and covered with a bandage. I look up to see people staring at me with a blank expression on their face. I know who they are. They are vampires that I made. The reincarnated ones.

‘We are thirsty, your majesty. Would you please feed us?’

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