The Self-Proclaimed Queen

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Chapter 3

What have I done? I am barely taking care of myself and now I have created ten more of my kind to worry about. It seemed so simple when Nick told me to drink their blood but now, I am freaking out. A possibility of them doing something stupid and immoral is very high, and that concerns me the most.

‘Your majesty, please we cannot bear the thirst anymore.’ Minerva murmurs from the corner. My eyes widen, I have never seen Minerva looking so beautiful. Undead.

‘What about all the other people in the ballroom? Did you drink them all as well?’ I asked cautiously, my voice shivering, but there was no response. Before I had no competition and could do and say whatever I wanted to. Now I must be careful, one wrong move and all of this can go down badly. Something caught my attention and my eyes wandered to the window. I noticed someone walking outside in the balcony. It is Nick.

‘I . . . give me a moment, please. I’ll be right back.’ I somehow manage to get out of my bed and to the balcony as quick as I can. I open the window and step outside. He stopped walking and turned to face me, he looks relieved to see me.

‘Your majesty, I see you’re awake and well.’

‘This was a bad idea, Nick. We have successfully managed to create ten more bloodthirsty monsters.’

‘Easy there, you’re not a monster.’

‘I’m not. But they are.’

‘Give them some time. Haven’t you been the same, first time you were turned?’

‘I…’, I didn’t know how to respond to that question. I was wild at the start. Constantly thirsty and in the search of fresh blood, which by the way I still am, and now I can’t be hypocritical towards them and I need to show some sympathy if I don’t want to lose my reputation on the island. ‘What are you suggesting me to do?’

‘Teach them how to control it and feed them for god sake.’

‘I can’t teach them how to control it, I can barely do that.’

‘Then just feed them, I’ll do the rest.’

‘What? Why? How?’

‘Enough of the silly questions, your majesty.’

‘I don’t get it? Are you the vampire as well, did someone turn you too?’

‘No, but your father taught me how to fight and protect the people I care about.’ His kind words made me feel safe and sound. In his presence, nothing bad will ever happen to me.

‘Thank you so much, Nick.’

‘No worries, your majesty it would be my pleasure.’ I hug him and make my way back to my bedroom. I stop at the window looking back at him.

‘You know what Nick?’ He turned curiously.

‘Yes, your majesty?’

‘Whoever have you as a husband is gonna be a lucky person.’

Luckily, there were some people left in the ballroom that haven’t been bitten yet. We removed their heads beforehand so that we don’t risk the chance of turning them into vampires as well. Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough for all of them so I offered them some animal blood, something that I did when I was either too lazy to go out on a hunt or too busy. It doesn’t taste as good as the human blood but it does the trick. It was time for supper and we all sat at the dining table.

‘Your majesty, how come you never told us what you are?’ Layla asked curiously while drinking the blood from a cup.

‘Told what? That I am a vampire and that I need human blood to survive? I don’t think that you would be able to understand me in the same way you do now when you were still a human.’

‘To be honest, your majesty, I’m still having some difficulties understanding you now.’

‘It’s okay Layla, it’s just the start. Give yourself some time and you’ll get used to it.’

My face looks happy I believe, being finally able to freely express and show what I truly am, or better said what I am destined to be. The day hasn’t passed without me thinking about William. That stupid, confused boy who took the time into his own hands and made me what I am today. Sometimes I wonder how would my life turn out to be if he just waited until I get used to the life that I’m living right now, or better yet if he wouldn’t have done it at all. Judging that he wasn’t so friendly with my father he would’ve probably done it around when my father died because then he would know for sure that my father can’t do anything to stop him.

‘Your majesty, are you alright your mind seemed to have wandered off?’ Minerva asks.

‘Is something bothering you, your majesty?’ Layla asks sympathetically, as always. But now with a cup full of blood in her hands, she looks everything but sympathetic.

‘No, no I’m fine. No need to worry about me. If I was you I would worry about myself because with your new abilities you don’t want to screw it up or make a mess out of things.’

‘What are you saying, your majesty?’ Joshua asked, sounding flustered.

‘I’m just saying I don’t want you to go out and do something stupid.’

‘We won’t, your majesty, we will do our best to control ourselves.’

‘Of course, you will.’ Nick adds from across of the table. He didn’t want to sit close to us, due to the obvious reason, and I don’t blame him. I wouldn’t want to sit next to ten newborn vampires either. ‘And you’ll make sure, all of you, to not say a word to anyone about it.’

‘If anyone even attempts to do something like that I promise that I will personally behead them myself.’

‘Please Joshua, there is no need for that.’

‘Whatever you wish, your majesty.’ Joshua shrugs and continues to drink the blood from a cup.

‘Speaking of beheading, have you heard that one elderly lady ended up being beheaded today in the town center?’ I bluntly blurt out the words before my brain can comprehend what I am saying.

‘To be honest, your majesty, I don’t remember much of this morning.’

‘Me neither, your majesty.’

‘So you don’t recall anything that happened whatsoever?’ There is no response and my mind is more puzzled than ever before. Burn down the castle and make people forget what happened doesn’t seem right. But again, they are reincarnated so, therefore, they are not supposed to remember much. At least not for a little while.

‘Very well.’ I shrug and continue to drink the blood from my cup as I carefully observe them.

We finished our supper and most of them went to their chambers. I, on the contrary, made my way to the grand library that is one floor above my bedroom. I spent almost an hour just rummaging through the dusty bookshelves, not necessarily in need of books, but to physically calm myself. Dust and books always put me back in time when I have lived with my mother and my younger sister. The smell makes me sentimental and nostalgic. But I wouldn’t, however, go back to live with them, not after everything that happened there. I pick the random book and sit on the chair that is closest to the window. From this height, I can see the clock tower, the lighthouse, the windmill and the forest and farms that overstretch throughout the entire island.

I am slowly starting to lose my concentration on the beautiful features that the moonlight is creating. It is illuminating every tree and every cottage. The ocean looks breathtaking with the mesmerizing shade of blue. If I could only feel such freedom, such carelessness and beauty then all my struggles and worries would go away. Yes, I was given a castle to live in but I was automatically also given a cage to be in until something happens as my father told me, that it will make me move and go away. But I don’t think that something like that will ever happen. At least not to me.

‘Your majesty?’ A voice coming from behind me made me jump and drop my book onto the floor.

‘Nick! You scared me! Don’t you dare to sneak up on me like that ever again!’ He looked startled at first but he soon broke into laughter.

‘Relax, your majesty, it’s just me.’

‘Lucky me.’ My sarcasm remained even after the transition, which I am beyond grateful for.

‘Why aren’t you sleeping?’

‘I wasn’t tired.’ The logic of us sleeping, us vampires, made him laugh. But that didn’t interest him this time, he instead studied me with his eyes. He is the only one out of all people that can immediately spot and notice if something is bothering me.

‘You are not telling me something? Am I right, your majesty?’

‘It’s nothing.’ I bite my lip. I knew that it won’t work and that he will pressure me to say it no matter how long I tried to resist it. He will somehow manage to get the answer out of me sooner or later, so I just gave up. ‘I dreamt about them again.’

‘About who?’ He crossed his arms and leaned onto the bookshelf.

‘About the other side of my family. My younger sister to be exact.’


‘I haven’t had those dreams for a long time.’

‘For how long?’

‘Since my father passed away.’

‘What could that possibly mean?’

‘I’m not sure but I don’t want to see them again.’

‘Why, your majesty?’

‘I’m afraid.’

‘Afraid of what?’

‘Afraid of what I have become.’

‘What about them?’

‘What do you mean, Nick?’

‘Are you afraid of them?’

‘Yes, I guess so.’ Nick comes in closer and hugs me. His arms holding me tightly around my body.

‘Nothing will happen to you Gabriella, as long as I’m alive I’ll make sure that you don’t get hurt in any way.’

‘Thank you, Nick, I appreciate it.’ He releases me from the hug. His warm hands leaving me in coldness again. ‘So, did you have trouble cleaning all of the shattered glass in the ballroom?’

‘What glass, your majesty?’

‘When you went to get the remaining people to feed the others, you haven’t noticed any shattered pieces of glass on the floor?’

‘No, your majesty, it was clean, only blood.’

‘I don’t get it.’

‘Maybe you were hallucinating. Are you sure that you saw the shattered glass on the floor.’

‘I was there when it happened, mirrors were shattering rapidly one by one.’

‘I haven’t noticed any, your majesty.’

‘But you were there as well.’

‘The only thing that I noticed was the pile of dead people and your bleeding eyes. Everything else seemed normal, more-less.’

‘My eyes. I forgot that they were bleeding at all. Nick, what can that possibly mean?’

‘Maybe the reason why you thought the mirrors were shattered its because your eyes were bleeding. Maybe you were hallucinating but maybe you were…’

‘… being possessed.’ I ended his sentence, more terrified than I was before. The awkward silence that followed after was purely dreadful. I just wanted to say something, to change the topic but there was nothing that I could think of saying. Suddenly the image of our coachman pops into my mind. What on earth happened to him?

‘Nick, what happened to the coachman?’

‘I don’t know. Last time I saw him was when we left him behind.’

‘Do you think that he’ll be fine?’

‘I guess so, your majesty, besides there is no need to worry about him. I told him to go and hide. He’ll be fine, you have bigger problems to worry about.’

‘I know.’

‘Your majesty, I suggest you go and get some rest. It’s going to be a long day tomorrow.’

‘I guess you’re right, Nick. I mean with all those people that I will now have to teach, it’s gonna be very tiring.’

‘Hey, you’re not alone in this. You have me as well, your majesty.’

‘I guess I do.’ A door swung open behind me. We both swiftly turned to see Maria’s concerned expression on her face. Maria is one of the reincarnated ones, a servant. Her long blonde hair and blue eyes always reminded me of my little sister. A very painful reminder, I might add. I guess that’s the reason why she was on my list of people that I wanted to turn.

‘Your majesty, we have a visitor.’

‘At this time of the night?’ Nick protested.

‘Who is it, Maria?’


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