The Self-Proclaimed Queen

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Chapter 5

Ella! Ella wake up! She’s coming! You need to run! Wake up!′ Anastasia’s sudden yelling wakes me up.

‘Ana, what’s happening? Why are you yelling?’

‘There is no time for explaining! Ella, you need to go!’

‘Go where Ana?’ My mom enters my room, slamming the door behind her. I look down at her and notice that she is holding a kitchen knife in her hand. She tries to reach me but I quickly back away from her. She tries again and this time she cuts me on the arm. I yelp and look down at the long bright-red cut.

‘Mother! Get away from her!’ Ana shoots a fireball from her hand which makes our mother hit the wall and fall unconscious.

‘Ella, get your stuff and run!’

‘I can’t leave you behind Ana, come with me!’

‘Let me see your arm.’

‘No! I’m fine!’

‘Let me see!’ She takes my arm and puts her hands on the wound. Her hands make the cut disappear.

‘Don’t waste your energy, Ana.’

‘Shush! Pack your stuff and go. You don’t have much time. She’ll wake up soon.’ I start packing while she keeps an eye on our mother who is laying down unconscious.

I’m ready.′ I try my best to not let Ana hear the fear in my voice. I don’t want her to know that I’m terrified. However, I can feel my arms trembling while holding two leather suitcases in my hands. ‘Ana, I can’t leave you behind.’

‘You must, besides if I go with you, she’ll be more determined to find us.’ I can see our mom getting up behind her. She’s awake already.

‘Ana!’ Ana turns around swiftly and turns back with a horrified expression on her face.

‘Quick, through the window!’

‘What?’ A strong whirlwind throws me out through the window and when I fall in the bush I can see flames billowing up from the window to the night sky.

It was just a dream. Again. A sudden flow of sunlight wakes me up completely. I look up to see Nick opening the curtains in my bedroom.

‘Good morning, your majesty. What a wonderful day today.’

‘Yes, indeed. Good morning Nick.’

‘Jack is waiting downstairs for you along with the rest of them.’

‘Rest of them?’

‘My queen, I may or may not agree with you all the time but I will for sure not let you go unprotected.’

‘Thanks, Nick, I couldn’t have done it without you.’ Hopefully, he doesn’t sense the sarcasm in my voice because I don’t want to have a fight with him early in the morning.

‘No worries, your majesty.’ Nick, however, spots my worried face. Sometimes dreams can be very tiring and the results can leave your face looking forty years older. ‘Is everything alright, your majesty?’

‘I had a dream again.’

‘About your younger sister?’


‘What happened this time?’

‘Nothing. I should better get ready. The less time we lose the better.’

I walk down the stairs, heading towards the dining room. When I come down I see Jack chatting to other servants. As soon as he spots me he flashes me a smile. It leaves me confused for a moment but then I realize, it’s because of me. I can feel myself smiling. I was probably smiling since I entered the dining room. Oh, well, one more misconception for him, I guess.

‘Good morning my queen.’

‘Morning Jack. Your absence did you good. You learned your manners.’ He smiles at my comment but I certainly do not. I wasn’t joking. He leaves the servants and comes to me.

‘So, what’s on the plate today?’

‘You haven’t changed at all.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘There is a girl that requires our help and you’re thinking about food.’

‘I can’t help her much on an empty stomach.’

‘Whatever. So, what is the best route to the cave.’

‘Better said what is the fastest route to the cave.’ Nick appears from behind me.

‘I suggest taking the route through the forest, past the farms and there we are.’

‘Good. So, it’s settled then. First, we eat and then we go.’ Jack nods and smiles. His strange smirk leaves me confused. He changed a lot.

To pass the forest didn’t take long. Right now, we are halfway there, at least that is what Jack told me. It is quite strange that Nick didn’t wanna go with us but he told me that he’s better off staying behind and protecting the castle. At least I can be calm about one thing.

‘Ella.’ His voice puts me back into reality.


‘You were zoning out.’

‘Yes, I tend to do that a lot.’

‘What were you thinking about?’

‘Did you had something to say to me or?’

‘No, nothing. I just wanted to hear your voice I haven’t seen you for a long time.’ Hear my voice? Such an unusual thing to say. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same thing about his voice. I’m not doing this for him. I want answers and I want to see William again.

‘Oh well, here it is, happy?’

‘I missed you, Ella.’ Missed me? Why is he making me feel confused all the time? He hasn’t missed me at all.

‘I guess you haven’t had any intimacy with anyone in a while, haven’t you?’ Why! Why did I say that out loud?

’Well someone is in a good mood. I actually thought that I can finally have a normal conversation with you!′

‘Well, you were wrong about that! Now shut up!’

‘Fine.’ To finally have a normal conversation with me? What does he consider normal? I don’t necessarily regret saying that to him because the way he reacted made me want to slap him. Good old times.

Blankly looking at the farm fields, I begin to lose my concertation again. I can’t seem to get the dream out of my head. Why does this keep happening? Why now?

‘I’m sorry.’ I realize that I want to continue talking to him, mostly because I’m bored and talking to him will help me take my mind of the dream, at least for some time.

‘It’s okay.’

‘No, I’m sorry for what I said. I should be more careful with what I say out loud.’

‘Ella, it’s okay. You apologized twice already, that’s saying something.’

‘What do you wanna say with that?’ Relax Ella, you are doing it again.

‘You don’t apologize often. In fact, you rarely do.’

‘Hey, you never know? Five years is a long time. A lot of things can change.’

‘I guess you’re right.’ He smiles and I manage to smile back. I can feel the turbulence occurring within the carriage. It must be the gravel, but then I remember the caves. We are near.



‘What now?’

‘Are you ready?’ I can feel my stomach turning.

‘No.’ I answer, shakily.

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