The Self-Proclaimed Queen

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Chapter 6

We all gather in front of the cave entrance and carefully look at each other. They are waiting for me. They are waiting for me to give them some sort of signal. A green light. I make my way through and stand in front of them. I’m so close to the cave that I can immediately feel my stomach twisting inside me.

‘Alright listen up. In this cave, there is a young girl, Trinity, that requires our help. Prepare yourself and don’t hesitate to attack as soon as you spot the kryptics.’

‘YES, YOUR MAJESTY!’ I hear people roar in harmony. My eyes wander off for a moment until my eyes find Jack. I smile and signal the knights closest to me to start entering the cave.

‘My queen, are you alright?’ Joshua asks as he passes next to me. I nod in agreement.

‘Ella, what’s wrong?’ Jack asks me while he passes but unlike Joshua, his nonchalant approach sets me off.

‘Nothing Jack.’

‘Are you hungry?’

‘No, I’m not and that’s what worries me.’

‘What do you mean?’

‘I don’t sense any food whatsoever.’

‘What about me?’ I feel embarrassment coming over me. What does he mean by that? ‘You sense me, right?’

‘No, unfortunately, I’m only attracted to pure blood.’ I wink and he smiles. I guess what we had isn’t lost after all. It’s just replaced with something new.

I enter the cave alongside Jack. He hurries to go in the front and I follow. I don’t necessarily know why I do, but the sense of staying behind makes my body shiver.

‘This way, follow me!’ Jack whispers to others.

It’s weird looking at him being so serious and authoritative. I guess I was used to constantly seeing him being carefree and cracking jokes that I forgot that deep inside of him he possesses a quality of a moral person. A rare side of him that knows what it wants and goes for it. Such determination makes me smile but I quickly manage to hide it. After all, this is a serious mission.

‘Jack how much deeper do we need to go?’ I whisper to him.

‘I don’t know.’

‘What do you mean you don’t know?’ I say loudly and I shush myself before someone else tells me to.

‘I don’t recognize this passage?’

‘But that’s the way you escaped, right?’

‘No. Yes. I don’t know.’ He shrugs and I exhale in disdain. Even though he became more mature I guess his stupidity remained.

‘Your majesty, look over here.’ I hear one of the knights saying and I turn around.

It’s a narrow passage but we manage to squish through. What we see makes us wanna run back to where we came from, but instead, we remain still. Even though the passage is very narrow I can see rows of open cages that are covered in blood. Some of the cages even have messages in them that are written in blood. Messages such as ’Help me!’, ’I can’t do this anymore!’, ’They are watching, they never stopped.’ With such gruesome scenery, I can’t help myself from panicking. I want to get out of here!

‘You are all gonna die in here!’ We all turn around to see a girl staring at us in a long black dress which is covered in blood.

‘Trinity!’ Jack yells.

‘You came back Jack, how brave of you?’ Her voices send a shiver down my spine.

‘Trinity snap out of it, they are using you!’

‘You brought the threat with you, Jack. You will be rewarded for that.’

‘Trinity please, snap out of it! I’m begging you!’ I can see Jack’s eyes glimmer. He’s about to start crying. I guess he knows what does this means more than all of us.

‘Bring me the queen, Jack. Bring her to me!’

‘NO!’ Jack shouts. Trinity just smiles at his response.

‘Very well, Jack. I guess you’d like the hard way instead.’

I can feel the cave shaking. The rocks start jumping off the ground. The kryptics are coming. It doesn’t take them much time. Within a couple of seconds, we are surrounded by them. They are all around us. I can’t see Trinity anymore due to the darkness of kryptics. They are in a form of a smoke now. But they can’t see us. They still haven’t opened their eyes.

‘Jack?’ His eyes meet mine and I can already tell what he’s thinking. Run.

‘On three.’ Everybody gets into positions. We can’t screw this up. Otherwise, we die. ‘One. Two. Three!’

We all start running towards the way where we came from. As soon as I reach the smoke something grabs me by the arm and throws me back. I hit the wall hard. I can feel my body slipping towards the dusty ground but as soon as my face touches the dirt something pulls me up with so much force that I can almost feel my bones cracking.

‘Well, well, well. Who do we have here? A self-proclaimed queen Gabriella.’ I see Trinity. But this time she looks different. Deformed. I guess the kryptics weren’t so kind to her. Her mouth is outstretched to a horrible length. Her eyes are completely black and her face is pale. I can see her hands, completely black with veins popping from her skin.

‘Let me go!’ I shriek. Yelling loudly because her hands are pushing me onto the wall with so much force that I want to scream. But I yell mostly because maybe Jack would hear me and come and help me. But he never comes. I guess I must do this on my own, not relying on anyone. ‘Trinity let me go!’

‘My name is not Trinity. My name is TRAITOR!’ Her voice carries the sadness. I guess the real Trinity is trying to break free from the malicious control of the kryptics. But she can’t. Something tells me she never will.

‘Trinity, I know you can hear me! Fight it! You can do it! You are stronger than them!’ I can see her eyes becoming normal again. But the blackness soon returns.

‘Shut up!’ She throws me on the other side. I quickly manage to get up because if she gets me again she will break my bones for sure this time.

‘Trinity, I know that deep down you are still there, hearing me!’ I can see her shaking rapidly on the spot. She’s trying to break free. But she doesn’t have enough energy. ‘Think of Jack!’ I try to yell out. After a moment of vigorously shaking her body, she stops and smiles viciously to me. She lost.

‘Why would I think of someone who never loved me?’

‘That’s not true Trinity, he does love you. He came back for you.’

‘Oh, he never loved me. You were the only thing he talked about. Me and Ella did this, Me and Ella did that. He NEVER loved me!’ Her words make me smile. However, she notices it before I manage to hide it and starts running towards me. I back away but she turns around and sweeps me off my feet. I fall hard on my stomach.

‘Trinity, please!’ She gets me up by pulling my hair. I can see her mouth opening, so wide that the only thing that I can see is pure blackness. An empty hole. The only thing that was left of kryptics brutal torture. Who knows what she went through before we came here.

A dawn will rise but a queen will fall, the serenity will remain but the truth will unfold.’ Again, the same line. The phrase that beheaded Adelaide told me back in the city. I can feel my consciousness fading away. The kryptic is getting into my head. I can see its glowing eyes shimmering right in front of me. But it suddenly stops and I fall on the ground.

‘Trinity?’ I see black blood running down her mouth and a sword popping out of her stomach. When she falls on the ground I see Jack shakingly holding a bloody sword. His weeping face breaks my heart and I quickly get up and hug him. ‘It’s okay Jack. It isn’t your fault. She was already dead.’

‘No, it is my fault. I was too late.’

‘There was nothing that you could have done to save her.’

‘We need to leave before it’s too late.’ He wipes his tears away and I follow him. The smoke starts to fade away. We exit the cave and I see a couple of wounded knights. Some of them are helping each other but most of them look fine. I guess being a vampire comes with some advantages after all. But as soon as I notice one of the knight lying motionless on the ground I run to him.

‘Out of my way!’ I see Joshua laying down on the ground. ‘He’s gonna be fine, right?’

‘Your majesty,’ one of the knight’s steps forward. ‘He’s dead.’

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