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Into the Forest

No sooner had the twins taken their first steps into the forest, than the very prepared Matthew reached into his overly full backpack for a map.

"Damn, Matt" Lily rolled her eyes. "How many times have I already told you? That thing is useless on this trip. You'll have to learn to trust your instincts, a map won't lead you to your partner."

"It won't" Matthew agreed, as he adjusted his glasses in a futile attempt to make them sit straight. "What it will do is keep us away from areas where the most dangerous creatures are known to reside."

"Pfft, you're no fun.." Lily, walking quite a few paces ahead of him, paused to idly swing from a tree branch as she waited for her brother to catch up.

"Good, one of us has to be responsible." His eyes scanned the map, and, once satisfied that he and his sister were not currently headed for imminent doom, he neatly folded it and and tucked it back into his backpack.

"You are such a dork.." Lily rolled her eyes once again, letting herself fall from the branch to continue walking ahead of her brother.

They wandered on for quite a while, when Lily suddenly froze."I.. I feel something.""Like what?" Matthew frowned. "Lily, what's wrong?""This way.." She whispered, mostly to herself, before leaving their current path and bolting towards a completely different part of the forest."Lily!" Matthew cried in panic, adjusting his glasses and whipping out the map as he rushed rather clumsily after her. "Lily, wait for me!
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