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Dash Into Danger

"Lily!" Matthew continued his hopeless pursuit of his sister, his skinny legs causing him to stumble often. "Lily, wait, we don't know what's out there!"

Normally, Lily would have stopped to let Matthew catch up, but this time, she barely even heard her brother. It was like she was in some sort of trance, an unseen force driving her forward.

Unfortunately, that unseen force drove her right into the path of a gang of trolls out on their daily hunting trip. If it had been only one, she could have quite easily outrun it, but with a whole family, she didn't have a hope.

The ugly, extremely foul smelling creatures soon had Lily surrounded, and captured, her hands and feet bound to prevent escape. Her eyes seemed glazed over, still in her trance.

All poor Matthew could do was follow at a safe distance, and hope for a chance to rescue his sister.

That chance came a few hours later, when the trolls had stopped to rest. By then, Lily had snapped out of her trance, kicking herself for what she had allowed to happen. Once he was sure that the trolls' attention was far from Lily, Matthew mounted his rescue. Very slowly, as to avoid one of his usual clumsy stumbles, Matthew crept to the spot where Lily sat tied up. "Nice mess you've got us into this time, Sis." He muttered, making another fruitless attempt at straightening his glasses.
"Hey, I know I screwed up" Lily hissed. "I couldn't help it. Just hurry up and untie me so we can get out of here."Matthew nodded, tugging at her bonds."It's too tight. hang on.." He reached into his bag, searching for the pocket knife he had brought with him. "Ah, here we are.."He dropped his bag as he worked to free his sister, not noticing as his compass tumbled out of it, heading directly for the trolls. No sooner had Matthew cut Lily free than the compass fell to a stop in the beast's midst, drawing their attention to the escaping twins.The trolls growled at the thought of losing their meal, and quickly began their pursuit."And who got us in a mess now?" Lily glared at her brother."Just run!" Matthew yelled.

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