SSADA: The Past

By Crystal Ferrer All Rights Reserved ©

Fantasy / Adventure

Meet Adiscordia and Grizelda

"Once Upon a Time

In a land far away

A truth was uncovered

And named SSADAs

Of how a little piggy made a difference

And saved all the fairytales that you know.

You know their stories

Now let the almost ignored truth be told"

Do you know all those fairytales, fables, stories and nursery rhymes you were told as a kid? Those Fairytales were real but something crazy, insane and unpredictable happened. No one wrote it down, nor does anyone know.

This is what happened when the need of vengeance caused an inhabitant of FTL (Fairytale land) to make her way to earth. This is what happened when all evilness got together and all hope seemed lost.

The misguided character was not brave nor was she beautiful or strong. She was not brilliant and she was nowhere near perfect. She was more of...well… a pig.

So here I am to tell my story, but before I tell you mine let me go back to the very beginning…

It all started many years ago. In one of the many lands that all together were named FTL, there lived a family. They were very poor, but not because the economy was bad or that they didn't have the strength for the job. In fact they had great working qualities. Nicholas was a kindhearted man with a strong, muscular build. Katherine was a clever and pretty woman, with a warm heart as well.

While they were newlyweds, they were convinced that after all the abnormality, backstabbing, hating, pain, and hurt, that they could live a normal life. You see, both the man and the woman were the latest generations of men and women that would've put a stop to the terrors before them. Their ancestors were the leaders of the two most powerful evil groups. Although their parents had been stone hearted and cruel, both managed to develop a desire for pure innocence in their hearts. So now here they were, trying to put a stop to the damage the generations before them had created.

They tried to convince the villagers that they didn't want to hurt anybody but the villagers were terrified of them, and thought it was some sort of trick. They sold them a decent house. It was cozy but it was miles away from any village. They loved their new house and despite their hardships, they became some of the sweetest people in the area.

No villager was convinced although they weren't really scared anymore. About two years in their cozy house they thought that everything was forgiven and that having a child wouldn't pose a threat. They had a baby girl and named her Adiscordia, Which meant purple sapphire. Her parents still couldn't find jobs because everyone was still hesitant and a bit worried so they lived by themselves with no help. They understood why they had to live this way and they accepted it. They hunted for themselves and planted, there was a river nearby to get water. However, this didn't give them the money to keep the house, so as the notice of the eviction came in Katherine realized it was too late.

"Nicholas, what are we to do! The baby shall be born with no home. Katherine said talking about their second baby still in her womb.

"Kathy…It will survive" Nicholas responded boldly.

As the last days and weeks of living under a warm roof passed they had another child and named her Grizelda (which meant strong survivor).

The family moved out, back to the village. By now its citizens were a bit frightened and regretted evicting them. Katherine, Nicholas and their two daughters lived on the streets being the rejected and the unmentionable. They still accepted it with grace but also sorrow, pain and regret. They rarely had food to eat but luckily there was a public well nearby and some families who felt sorry for them would spare some pieces of fruit or bread. Katherine insisted that they shouldn't accept charity but Nicholas had to keep reminding her that they needed it. So they took it and shared it, giving the bigger portions to their children.

Gradually the food that the family had depended on lessened and lessened and slowly the new generations took place and forgot all about them. It was all lost until one day Grizelda who by now was fourteen years old realized her parents were dying of starvation. After conversing with her sister carefully that night she left to the harbor.

Grizelda arrived the next day with four hundred coins. When asked about this she almost cried but said that the money was not stolen. No matter how hard Nicholas and Katherine tried to get the answer Grizelda refused to tell how she got the money.

Time passed and the villagers' children began to make fun of Adiscordia and Grizelda. They were ridiculed and laughed at for being poor, dumb and not fearsome like their ancestors. "Cowards" They were called, by kids who forgot whom they were tempting. This really made them angry and they were very tempted to sin but with their parents help they didn't give in. Little did Adiscordia and Grizelda know that their parents were also being tempted, over tempted perhaps.

They lived with this but soon Adiscordia and Grizelda were alone. Their parents were gone, simply disappeared. The sisters remembered their parent's lesson of not to steal but sadly for them evil had not skipped this generation and it was in their blood. They had chosen good but now "good" villagers had betrayed them and laughed in their faces. It was late spring when Grizelda noticed that even her big sister's clothing was getting too small for her belly. Was that the fourth kick this month? She asked to herself. Although she had lost her virginity it was a small price to pay for the money that kept her parents alive for the last few months.

Or are they alive? She thought. She shook her head to clear her thoughts and decided what to do with the baby. I'm having the baby she thought.

"Grizelda!" Adiscordia called. As Grizelda approached she could see Adiscordia's serious look.

"We have to do something, it's time to stop crying and searching."

"We have to do something, just like that time I went out in the streets for Ma and Pa." Grizelda said. “Addy, what do you suggest?"

Adiscordia sighed "Well certainly not what we did last time” she said pointing to her sister's bulge. "Maybe, We can steal a loaf of bread, or two."

Grizelda was surprised at the suggestion "Adiscordia! How can you say that? What would Ma and Pa say? Breaking and entering, stealing? Plus what would happen when we run out of bread, and where exactly do you plan to steal from? People would call us thieves!"

Adiscordia hung her head low noticing all the flaws of her plan. Her younger sister was most definitely considerate. "Ma and Pa are gone! Besides maybe we are pathetic our ancestors took over countries! And we can't even steal a loaf of bread!" Adiscordia leaned in and lowered her voice. "Listen…I've been observing the baker for a while, she hides her keys under the window sill. Who says we have to break and enter? And I think your son or daughter might need it."

Grizelda bit her lip "No, you can’t make me. I mean what if we get caught?"

Adiscordia smiled with a sinister twinkle in her eye. "Then time for plan B." she said walking down the alley.

Grizelda ran after her "Wait, what is it?" Adiscordia ignored her. "Addy!"

"Coraline" Adiscordia said, stopping and turning her head as she grinned. Grizelda didn't understand but she chose not to go any further. She silenced and walked along with her sister.

As night came they saw light after light dim into darkness and they were engulfed in the foggy, yet warm night. They saw the room above the bakery shut off its lights and they slowly tiptoed to it. Adiscordia opened the crack in the windowsill showing the compartment, in which she opened and found a rusty old key. Adiscordia carefully opened the door and crept in. She grabbed her sister and looked around. They saw tempting cakes and tantalizingly close cookies, which were delicacies her family could never afford.

Adiscordia opened the lid of a cookie box and slowly put her hand in. Grizelda found the bread box and opened it, grabbed the bread and turned.

"Adiscordia! What are you doing?" she said whisper yelling. Adiscordia dropped her cookie and slightly jumped up. She put the lid back on. "Just the bread Addy!" Grizelda said with authority. Adiscordia was easily startled which was an extreme weakness in their plan because her small jump awoke the baker.

The baker was startled and looked down. She saw that the key compartment was opened and thought she might've left it opened. "Oh my" she thought out loud as she rushed down to close it. She slowed down when she heard two arguing voices. I'm being robbed! She thought.

"Addy! We shouldn't even be doing this."

"Grizelda it's just one cookie and a loaf of bread!"

The baker noticed the two voices were frail and young. She decided to approach them but, what if there were more she thought. She crept down, it was dark but enough to make out two desperate faces. Although the sisters didn't know it they had been caught. "Who are you?" the baker said.

Adiscordia jumped up, for real this time. A knife from the rack above her fell followed by another and another. "Watch Out!" the baker screamed, ironically concerned for her robbers. Her scream woke up some of the neighbors and a few of them grabbed torches and joined together.

Grizelda put the bread in the bread box only to meet a teary and bloody Adiscordia. Her left eye had been completely sliced, she had a small cut on her cheek and a gaping tear in her leg. The baker didn't know what to say. Grizelda pulled the knives from Adiscordia's eye and leg.

“This is our punishment” Grizelda told the baker.

Grizelda tried to pull up her sister but she wailed louder each and every time. "Stop! I can't walk or see I'm not going to make it sis! Run!"

They heard footsteps and saw lights. "The Villagers are coming Run! Go!" Grizelda wasn't planning on leaving Adiscordia behind. The baker was left speechless but she walked and grabbed an apron and tied it on Adiscordia's leg while Grizelda removed the bloody remains of what used to be Adiscordia's eye. Adiscordia’s blood filled her own face as it had flooded her eye socket. Adiscordia winced painfully and tried her best to be strong. Adiscordia cried silently as she was propped up in excruciating pain next to her sister. Grizelda gave the baker the key and grabbed her sister tightly, trying to walk. Then the door opened, It was the villagers.

"Look Ma, It's those bums from the street "

"Leave now you ain't welcome here"

"Were ya'll causin trouble to ol' Lizzie?"

Voices from all over perked up. Elizabeth the baker stood in front of them. "So what if they are homeless." The baker turned and gave them a knowing wink. Grizelda grabbed all her strength and ran out the back door holding her sister tightly. Adiscordia could barely keep quiet but she managed.

"Yes they were stealing but listen now and listen hard. She pounded her fist against the wall to silence the crowd. They are homeless and stealing because it's the only way they can stay alive. You are so prideful and aristocratic of being proper ladies and gentlemen. But would ladies mock those who are poor? Would gentlemen kick and insult those who have nothing to eat? Tell me, how would you feel? That child is carrying a new creation and is responsible for it. Now tell me which gentleman would do that? You are ALL foolish! You insult those but if you were in their position what would you do! Kill? Commit suicide? Run away perhaps? Those children chose to stay here in hope that things will change. So tell me should you insult them or yourselves? Proper young ladies and Gentlemen, ABSURD those are simply titles! But inside we are nothing!" the crowd calmed a bit and looked to the floor

"Do you need help" a voice said referring to Adiscordia.

"They are gone" Elizabeth said moving so they could see the bloody and empty space. "Now good night Sirs" she said with an exaggerated curtsy and a hard slam on the door.

The crowd was left dumbfounded while the pair kept running. They weren't far thanks to Adiscordia's leg. They were at the beginning of the forest, that was just behind the bakery. They stopped and looked as each light headed home and faded into the night. Soon it all became a blur of darkness. Grizelda nearly bent over when she felt a painful kick. "What now, Addy?" Adiscordia propped herself up near a bush. She was breathing heavily

"Plan B…Coraline."

"Who's Coraline?"

"Shush I may be caught but you mustn't. That name is forbidden"

"Then why do you have the liberty to say it? And who is she?"

Adiscordia grunted, the blood of her leg was seeping through the apron.

"She" she lowered her voice to a minimal whisper. "She is the leader of all the evils. She taught them magic, our grandmother"

Grizelda grabbed Adiscordia, she was mixed with emotions, should she be happy to have a grandmother or angry that she wouldn't keep her pure heart?

"You're strong." Adiscordia said. She leaned her head in the bushes and Grizelda laid next to her and they drifted off to sleep.

Grizelda was greeted with a painful kick. It was morning. She examined her sister's injuries. Her cheek had stopped bleeding and didn't look so bad any more. Her socket although was bare, she would never be able to see from her right eye again. Her leg had lost a lot of blood and she would most likely never walk well. "Addy" she moaned "Addy wake up". Adiscordia woke up, slipping her hair over her empty socket and without a word she painfully stood up.

"Thanks for waking me up. Now let's go meet Cora-Grandma".

Grizelda stood up and held her sister who was about to fall.

"Thanks Sis" Adiscordia said.

Grizelda nodded in response "Where to?" she asked

"Grandma lives in the woods. She helps her tribe there."

Grizelda sighed "why are we even doing this? Ma and Pa would not agree."

"Ma and Pa are gone! Besides I can barely take care of myself, and now I have to take care of you and I can't take care of a baby! We have to learn how to survive and thrive. Also who do you expect to help with the delivery? You do want to keep it right?"

"Of course” Grizelda paused for a bit. “So, we are going to do this, even if we lose our purity?"

"We don't have pure hearts, we almost stole bread remember?"

I want to be good. Grizelda thought but she still helped Adiscordia walk in the direction that she pointed. Grizelda felt her parents were still alive and that they wouldn't approve. However Adiscordia was right. She wasn't going to let the baby die. Grizelda figured that although she had a strong urge for evil and that it probably would become stronger when she met her grandmother she would stay good, or try the best she could for her daughter/son.

She tried as she walked to ignore the thoughts of evil even though they were becoming more and more tempting. She kept reminding herself that she had to behave and rationalize for her child. If it was a boy she would name it Nicholas in memory of her father. It was a girl she would name it Kathy or Katherine for her mother. Her thoughts were interrupted by a kind and loving but odd Adiscordia.

"Are you okay?"

There was something new in Adiscordia's voice. It wasn't as loving, No that it was but there was just a slim coat of bitterness. Grizelda couldn't speak she knew her sister was giving in to the fire of evil and desire for revenge at the villagers that burned at her.

"Please" Grizelda said it was only a coarse whisper but it worked.

"What?" Adiscordia replied, nervously fidgeting.

Grizelda continued "Addy please, please don't give in. I don't want to be alone in this. I don't think I can do it without you. I get that things are harder than ever and that you see evils mark every time you comb your hair. I know it's very temping, it is to me too but Please don't." A tear rolled down her cheek.

Adiscordia looked down she had nothing but a cloak, a shirt and some rags that were supposed to be a skirt. She was able to find a string to hold up her hair and it was no doubt that anyone could see the evil in it. Her parent's tried to separate the cruelty that had stained all the previous generations but they couldn't, so as a reminder many of the strands were blackened. Adiscordia's hair was so white it looked like a dream but also black, blacker than ashes, blacker than the eyes of a blood thirsty beast ready to pounce.

She hugged her sister, it was one of the sister’s birthdays today and the both of them were spending the special day in a forest. "You'll never be alone as long as I'm around." She hesitated and cried "sorry, but it's getting far too hard." She had desperation in her voice as she spoke "I need it."

Grizelda saw it flash for a second. She backed away, her sister was still crying softly. Grizelda could see it again for a second, Adiscordia's true form. It happened to all the generations of the Hex family, their beauty was based on their purity of heart. Adiscordia had been disobeying her parents and she gave in a long time ago, but now she couldn't hide it.

Adiscordia's form had hair which was blacker than anything Grizelda had ever seen. In contrast to Adiscordia's pearl white teeth which were also razor sharp just like her overgrown nails. Her tongue slithered. Her eyes though, her eyes became so unhuman, Pointed and completely black, they were just so indescribable. She had small horns rising above her head and the most peculiar things of all her wings, wings stronger than stone, sharper than knives, that looked as if made from ashes. Wings that were broken and never stopped bleeding, Wings that would melt your skin at the touch, yet their beauty was undeniable. Spikes erupted all behind her spine and left her back with an almost stone look to it. Adiscordia saw terror run through her sister's face. She leaned in and with tears in her eyes whispered

'It's too late for me, but don't worry evil or not I shall never leave you." She raised her hands trying her best to keep her balance and not fall. She saw her sister frozen with fear." I won't hurt you or anyone" Her sister loosened up and grabbed her hand. A faint word made its way through Adiscordia's lips. Grizelda seemed to hear it but she just couldn't listen. She couldn't decipher what her sister said when she said "Yet".

Grizelda sighed "Happy Birthday by the way."

"Thanks" Adiscordia replied.

They walked and walked until Adiscordia couldn't hide it anymore. She slipped her hood on and placed her hands in her pocket and tried to make sure her hair was hidden. Grizelda could see little horns pointing outwards from the inside of her sister's hood and spikes all over the back of her cloak. The wings were really hard to hide. After walking in silence for what seemed to be an eternity, Grizelda decided to stop ignoring her thoughts and soon she was drowning in the ocean that was her worries. It truly is too late she thought.

"Are you okay?" a voice asked. The voice wasn't Adiscordia's, it couldn't be, it wasn't animal, or monster, or human. It couldn't have been her sister’s, yet it came from her mouth. Grizelda swelled with pure sadness but acceptance.

"mmmm hmmm" she replied.

After a truly tormenting day they found a clearing and some wooden sticks that formed a fence. The fence however was dirty not with dirt but blood. The area smelled as if innocence was slaughtered at just stepping in this territory. There was a fire but nothing burned in it. The fire was crimson red yet there was no wood to start it, there were only bones.

Adiscordia nodded, they had reached their destination. Grizelda smiled slightly to the fact that at least one person might be glad to see her but might was pushing it.

"Grandma?" She asked, her voice far more cheerful than she expected it to be. She looked around, she couldn't find anyone. She set Adiscordia near the fire and sat next to her. She bent over a bit. This was the sixth contraction today.

"Grizelda are you okay?" Adiscordia asked with the hood still on.

Grizelda nodded "baby" she said. Adiscordia looked worried it couldn't be 9 months already. Wait was it?

"Sis, how many months?" she asked a bit panicked.

"Eight and a half"

Adiscordia was deeply concerned she was about to say something but she heard a voice whisper in her ear "Coraline"

It became louder and louder, one whisper after another the voices came and soon there were many whispers and yells screaming Coraline. The shouts pierced only Adiscordia. She could barely find meaning in the words which were as tangled as her hair. She looked at her sister who didn't seem to hear it.

"What's wrong?" she asked. Adiscordia couldn't hear her through all the voices. Adiscordia couldn't handle it anymore and she began to scratch at the log that they were sitting on. Line her now claws formed after line on the log or scar after scar, the log was scarred just like the two sisters were, scarred for life.

A wind swept and began to separate the two sisters. "Adiscordia! what's happening?!" Yet still Adiscordia couldn't hear her. Adiscordia's face sharpened itself and changed even more fiercely. Going through the transformation sent a chill up her spine, she loved it. Adiscordia couldn't take it anymore, she open her mouth and let the whispers through. She yelled "Coraline!" Her mouth tried to bleed but all her blood had dried up and blackened. She was too evil for blood, too evil for a heart. Her voice was no longer human and almost all trace of the former Adiscordia was gone.

The wind continued, stronger than ever. Grizelda held on to Adiscordia who didn't move at all. A voice rose against the wind. "Call me Agatha" her voice was sweet and luring. Adiscordia looked up and barely noticed that the wind was even stronger and showed no signs of stopping. Grizelda held on to her sister's shoulders. Grizelda's body began to lift above the ground yet Adiscordia didn't move at all. Only Adiscordia's hair moved wildly, which burnt like the sun.

Coraline had a side pony tail with thin black hair. Her cloak reached her feet but one was missing. Her missing foot was replaced by a walking stick. Her hair covered her face but you could still see her sinister smile and sharp teeth. She spoke and the winds strengthened with each word said. "I know who you are, Adiscordia and Grizelda Hex! You want to learn how to survive and thrive, don't you?"

Grizelda looked at her sister upsettingly, no one ever told her she had a last name and NEVER that it was hex! Hex was the last name of all the evils on her dad's side, Grizelda thought. How come she never knew it? If her parents were good why did they keep the last name? She wondered who this woman was, was this their grandmother? How did she know who they were? How did she know what they wanted?

"Grandmother?" Grizelda asked trying to sound casual about the situation.

"Ah yes, Katherine was always a disappointment." Grizelda was distracted and loosened her grip on Adiscordia's shoulders. The fire burnt all around them now.

"What!" Grizelda screamed angrily.

Oh with her passion for innocence. What nonsense, love is nothing but weakness and pain." Coraline continued not caring much for Grizelda’s emotions.

"Um Excuse me, that's my mother!" Grizelda screamed. Grizelda strengthened her grip. "Adiscordia" she said worried that she might fly off in the wind. Adiscordia’s horns reached up higher. Metal shards were pierced throughout her body. Grizelda was frightened and furious. Grizelda could start to feel herself slipping and her hands burning off of Adiscordia's skin.

"She just couldn't understand that in order to survive you had to leave your heart behind." Coraline continued.

Adiscordia looked up, "What do you mean?"

I thought you'd never ask." Coraline said with a grin. Soon the wind howled like never before. Coraline took off her hood and laughed. She was a grandma but her face looked like the early twenties. Her chin seemed to be pointing at the fire before her which was blazing uncontrollably. Her whiter than snow skin contrasted her red as blood lips. Her tongue slithered. Her horns were crooked and beautiful. The wind roared and tore off her cloak, she had long fingers with claws like a hawk, her bony hands went on until around her heart there was no skin at all, no blood it had all dried up, no muscle it had melted, and no heart. She threw a bird at the both of them and screamed "Take them! Take your disappointments of parents!"

A bird which was thrown at Grizelda was as white as snow with eyes that looked like her mother. The other was black with eerie eyes and sinister wings, her father. Coraline screamed as it began to rain harder and harder. Thunder and lightning followed.

"If you want to live you must leave your heart behind! Join your ancestors! It’s killed or be killed!" The fire flowed all over Coraline as if to clothe her. "Devour the innocent and you shall succeed!" Grizelda began to cry, the fire and winds burned so badly but she had to hold on, the contractions were coming. Only five seconds apart now. "Defy Justice!"

Coraline wasn't burning in the fire. To Adiscordia she was a hero, so invincible. Now Coraline pointed at Grizelda. "Grizelda shall be destined to succeed! She will deny it at first but through great tragedy she shall learn!" Only three seconds now. Grizelda was now barely holding on as with one hand she was holding her stomach, bent over in pain. Now Caroline pointed at Adiscordia "Now Grizelda shall leave you and you shall finally become who you were destined to be, use sweetness to lure the innocent and devour them! Become impure till it shows!" She laughed.

Grizelda could hold on no longer she let go. Adiscordia turned "Grizelda!" she screamed but it was too late. Smoke flowed all around and Adiscordia couldn't breathe but when she woke up Coraline was gone and so was her sister.

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