The Prophecy

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Journal Entry 2011

My name is Trinity…

If you haven’t read all that I’ve written here, Daniel is dead and it happened by my hands. It was a gratifying kill, but it was a kill that took me months to train for. It was months that now I can say that I am proud of. Maybe now, whatever family I have left out there can sleep better and walk the streets a little easier. All the fear that he once inflicted on his victims and all the personal anguish that haunted my family’s dreams is now gone. We can finally feel a sense of release in our hearts.

Daniel’s life left a mark on the vampire world, there’s no doubt about that. But his deeds are just the beginning of what lies ahead. There’s so much more to be done to make this a better place to live out eternity. So you can see my job is not yet finished; it has just begun.

There is another creature that lurks in the darkness; she is cowering among the shadows. She can put more horror in our hearts than Daniel ever could. She has made grown women weep, children run in fear, and aged men commit suicide. She is the other half of the creator who started all this panic and madness. She is the one that I vow never to stop hunting until one of us is dead. Her name is Lilith. She is the one who stole my daughter away from her peaceful death.

Although I do not know if Sierra is being used to cast out Lilith’s evil or if she is fighting against what she is being taught. I do know that no matter what, she will always be my daughter, and if nothing else, I owe it to her to find her. I will not rest until she and I are reunited. But I swear with my immortal life, with all that I have, that if what I find is sinful, and with no hope of good, I will, with my own hands, end her immortality.

I have kept this book as the others did before me. I will carry on what Ismenia started. If this book is lost due to my own untimely death, I pray that the next reader use all that I have written as a stepping stone, just as I did, on their journey to fight this cause of good. So, if nothing else, one day our kind – the vampire race – can be free.

I’m sure that on my journey of self-discovery, I have learned more than was necessary. I learned that vampires are not what Hollywood would like us to believe we are. Vampires are not loving creatures, looking to be accepted in this world. If anything, they only want to dominate it. Vampires are not people who are civilized and can cope with what life gives them. They are in fact more lethal than any fifty terrorists. They enjoy killing. They dream of it and they don’t care who you are or what you have to live for.

The vampires I hunt cannot be trusted and should not be underestimated. They have been wreaking havoc over this world since the beginning of time and they do not plan to stop until the Devil has won. They are his army, his followers, and they follow his commands.

Most mortals in the world think that vampires do not really exist. We are just a bed time story or a night time movie that brings in money. People sleep soundly at night, not realizing that the person in the news died of something different, something unexplained. I was like that once. But now I’m here to tell you that we do in fact exist, and there will always be at least one of us out there protecting those who are unaware. It is my job to make sure that Lilith’s vampires can no longer run free, so they can no longer inflict pain.

I fulfilled my prophecy that was foretold by God himself. But now I invoke a new one. On this journey, I have met a few allies that helped me succeed in my quest. Together we have formed a bond that even Lucifer could never break. I don’t know where this road will lead us or what we will have to fight to pass through it, but in this life of uncertainty, who am I to question where we’ll end up. I just know that the pain needs to stop and we’re the only ones out there that can stop it.

So now, as we band together and fight this war beside each other, we have taken a sacred vow – just as Samantha, Ismenia, and everyone else in my family who has fought and died for this war has. We vow that we will never lose hope, we will never stop, and we will never surrender until the day we face Lilith and give her back to the Devil.


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