The Prophecy

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The Past

I don’t know how long I stood there, alongside a very skilled murderer, wondering how I had gotten here. Did I take a wrong turn when I was younger, travel a dangerous path that I didn’t see, or wrong somebody that never forgot? I was a simple housewife and mother from a small town in Arizona. Things like this didn’t happen to people like me.

I stood beside a man who I couldn’t quite yet say saved me. He wasn’t as scary as the other one was. If he wanted to kill me, he would have already. His touch was kind and gentle, unlike Gerviase, who, if he wanted to, could have broken my arm in every place imaginable. I could tell he wanted to talk. It was in his eyes and the way he stood. It felt like he had been hiding a secret for centuries and he was at his wits’ end. I wanted to listen; I wanted to know what was weighing him down so much that he fought for a stranger.

I bit my lip as we entered into the abandoned house. He almost had to push me to get my legs moving. I was afraid of what might happen to me in this house. My legs were wobbling and I was hoping he didn’t notice.

“Its okay, I won’t hurt you,” he promised me, his voice tender. “I want to tell you the truth.” And I wanted to hear what he believed was the truth. I would listen as quietly as I could, regardless of what was said.

He guided me into what looked like a neglected living room, filled with broken furniture and dust. I found a semi-clean spot, sat down on the floor in the corner and brought my legs to my chest. My mind was going a million miles a minute. I felt dazed and tried to bring the questions that were in my head out into words. Michael always laughed at me when I got this way; so confused and at a loss for words, I stuttered when I spoke. He found it cute. And then he’d forget what we were talking about, and just take me in his arms and kiss me. I missed his lips.

The vampire crossed the floor. There was no moon that night but I could some how see him through the darkness. His blue eyes glowed and seemed to be more compassionate than the other vampire I encountered that day. He took off his top hat and let his hair flow down his back. He had long silky black hair that reached his mid back. He had a strong jaw line that was quite romantic looking. When he removed his long black jacket, I saw his muscular frame, but with his jacket on he just looked thin. His skin was as pale as mine and just as flawless.

My eyes met his. I couldn’t look away from his beauty; it was hypnotizing me. I followed him with my eyes as he sat down next to me, only a foot away. As his eyes locked onto mine I looked on in despair; he was hiding beneath his gallantry. It had to have been bravery that made him do what he did that day. But underneath, he had to be scared. He let out a breath of air so close to my face that I smelled its sweetness.

“My name is Alexander Viaro. That man, Gerviase, is my father, the man who created me.” He had an accent from another country and this whole time he was hiding it. I didn’t want to say anything; I wanted his words to roll off his tongue with no interruption from me.

“This life I live started in Rome, in the year 1798. It was a period of time when the rule of the Popes was interrupted by the short-lived Roman Republic, which was built under the influence of the French Revolution. You see, the Roman Republic was proclaimed after Louis Alexandre Berthier, a General of Napoleon, had invaded our city. It was then that our Pope was taken prisoner. It was a time of war for us.

“I was a boy of twenty-five, but back then I was considered a man by all accounts and needed to act like one. I looked pretty much the way I do now, except that my skin was an olive color. But my eyes – they have always been blue – they were just darker.” He looked down at his hands. “I had working man’s hands and lived a tiring life. My mother had died during childbirth and my father had just died in a riot during the revolution. At 25, I was just starting to be on my own when it became my job to carry on and take care of my family’s property.

“That’s when Gerviase found me in the fields behind my home. I was down on my knees praying to God for answers, but more importantly, I was mourning my father’s death. Maybe I was trying to find reasons to move on. It was then that I felt the cold dead hand of a man on my shoulder. It startled me at first. Then I looked up. I think Gerviase meant to kill me because his eyes were weak and his body was frail and obviously thirsty. Maybe he felt sorry for me or maybe he wanted a companion. I still do not know what led him to do what he did that day.

“I took him into my home. He said he needed food and shelter, and from the way he walked and looked at me I knew it had to be true. I don’t think I was even able to close the door behind me before he bit me.” His eyes almost closed as he thought about those long ago memories. “It was a calming consciousness that I fell into. But of course you know what I mean. I think I felt better than I had in days. In those moments I was able to forget my father’s death and the pain melted away so humanely. When I opened my eyes to the new world around me, things were so different, so much brighter. I saw things more clearly.

“He stayed with me during my change, helping me keep my strength up by bringing me peasants from my town. Some of them I didn’t know very well, but most of them I did. But at that time, I didn’t care. Whatever this new life was, I wanted to embrace it with everything I had. I wanted to follow him and be as strong as he was. I wanted to be taken away from the depression I felt and I knew he would be the one who could do it. When I was with Gerviase, I didn’t think about my father or the war around me. I thought about my next kill. I thought that, no matter what, there was nothing humanly possible that could ever hurt me again.

“We didn’t stay long in my town. It was bittersweet to leave. This was the only place I had ever known and I was leaving. But I just thought of it as an adventure. I wasn’t as old as I am now and I still thought like a child. Gerviase didn’t want to stay in one place too long, out of fear of detection. He taught me the importance of invisibility. No, we would only stay long enough to find some careless human wandering the street, grab him for our meal, and than move on to the next one.

“He told me of our kinds past – as far back as he could remember anyway – but he didn’t know who the first one was. His creator didn’t even know. He told me about the things that could hurt us and he told me what things were defenseless against us. We always had to be careful not to be noticed. But then there were always foolish vampires that left a trail behind, as you might have read from books.” He let out a weak laugh.

“We wreaked havoc on our enemies throughout the years, but I always took this life as a curse. I acted strong when I needed to, but I was weak when nobody was looking. Taking a human’s life was more than I could bear, but I knew it was essential for survival. Over time, it got easier. But immortality takes a toll on your spirit. If you count the centuries, I’ve died over three times now. And so it was for 110 years, until we met Daniel.

“In the year 1908, we traveled to the states. Gerviase promised me that the move would bring us new life, but in fact it brought nothing more than destruction. That’s when we came across Daniel and his coven. Daniel was a stronger vampire, stronger than most. He was many years older than Gerviase or anybody else we had come into contact with. He was even older than Gerviase’s maker. He was different than any other vampire and when I say ‘different,’ I mean darker, both his skin and his spirit.

During his years as an immortal, Daniel wasn’t a vampire of wisdom, as you might think, but of deception and a known maker of cruelty. He had a way to trick you into believing that his way was paramount, and if you thought differently, you would be no more. You might say he put a spell on Gerviase. At any rate, that’s what it felt like to me. He had many vampire servants worshiping him, mortals wanting to be like him, and women wanting to be with him. When he slept, he had vampires that guarded him.

“When we met Daniel, winter had just begun. Few people walked the streets because of the cold. We were hungry and tired from our journey and Daniel was there to welcome us with open arms. He was planning an attack, he wouldn’t say on what at the time, but he needed soldiers for his ‘army.’ All he would tell us was that he had dreams of conquest and needed us to help fulfill his vision. Gerviase always welcomed brutality and volunteered our services without hesitation and without question. I never wanted any part of what Daniel had planned. I wasn’t a brutal person when I was human and I wanted to stay that way. And so I stayed with Gerviase, training by his side, only because I knew if I left, I would surely die.

“We trained day and night for seventy-seven years, waiting for this unknown battle. We carried out all of Daniel’s orders without question and without hesitation. We stole when necessary, changed unwilling mortals into vampires when he saw fit, and killed when told. Of course Gerviase was like a child on a playground with no parent around for miles. He got some sort of pleasure out of torturing innocent people, especially those who fought back. He found it to be like a game. But as the years went on, he couldn’t keep up with me.

“Daniel took an interest in me very quickly. I rose more quickly in the ranks, due to my fighting ability, speed and lack of emotional ties than what he had anticipated. It seemed to make Gerviase jealous. Daniel wanted me to be a sergeant, but I declined. I just couldn’t force others to do what was expected from me.

“Unneeded battles came and went, all for one man’s need for power. The night finally came when he told us what and who we would be fighting.”

I sat in silence as he spoke. It was only then that I realized the majesty in his voice. He spoke with honor and principle. He had so much control in each word; his was a voice from a time when words truly meant something.

The rain was getting stronger outside; I could hear it pound on the long forgotten house. Every now and then I heard thunder, and the lightning lit the room, giving me a chance to see Alexander’s flawlessness. I didn’t want to turn away, but I knew that if I kept staring, it would be hard to listen. I turned my head and studied the ground.

“On that night, Daniel gathered his soldiers, Gerviase and I included, and told us of the vampire prophecy. It was a prophecy that was as old as he was, and only passed down by other vampires. He told us of a family who came fromgenerations of deadly vampires. We were told that these vampires were different from us; not only was their blood different but they had powers that they used to kill and to gain control. The next in line to turn in that family was a woman name Mia, and her husband Tristan.”

My focus shifted when I heard those two unmistakable names. I looked over at Alexander without saying a word and widened my eyes.

“Yes Trinity – your parents.”

I couldn’t believe he knew my parents. Finally, somebody who could tell me more about them than Sister Rose could! Now I would learn the importance of my family.

He lowered his head and let out a breath. “Trinity, you come from a long line of vampire warriors. You are not the first and you surely won’t be the last. The reason you are here is that your parents – as did their parents before them – waited to turn until after they had children. They needed to keep the family bloodline alive.

“Daniel told us that these mortals would bear the child who would have enough indignation and enough power to rule over the vampire world and maybe enough domination to destroy him. He couldn’t fathom the idea of having another immortal take over his self-made throne. The idea of this child having the same strengths and weaknesses as he had would not be permissible. He had to be the only king of this world. I didn’t know it then, but he was fueled by a force even greater than his own.

“As time went on, it would prove to be impossible to get to your parents; you see they had generations of vampires protecting them. Protecting every move we made and every new child that was born. For that reason, we trained day and night for all those years. We had to be stronger.”

My eyelids were getting heavy and my body was getting exhausted. I could feel my head lowering and the sleep started taking over as the sound of the thunder cradled me like a lullaby. I wanted to hear more from Alexander, but my body told me I couldn’t.

“Your body needs to sleep. We’ll stop for now.” His voice was as low as my head. I didn’t agree, but I couldn’t fight it either. I just lay down on the floor and began my slumber. If only I had known it wasn’t going to be peaceful.

I dreamt I was running in the forest. Trees encircled me; the branches hung from side to side with leaves that were big and bright. I could see all the greens and browns that made up the space that surrounded me. There were flashing lights that were too bright. I shielded my eyes with my arm. I didn’t know if I was running from something or running toward something.

As I tried to run further, the bright sunlight that once was blinding me was now receding and the sky was changing to a deep blood red. The sun was low in the sky making it bigger than I had ever seen, releasing strange shadows. Almost instantly, grey clouds covered the sky. Beauty was erased and all that was left was a wasteland.

The trees that were once full of big beautiful leaves were now nothing but dead empty branches that slowly started to whisper, as a breeze careened through the branches. Then, suddenly and without cause, a flash of lightning illuminated the dead forest around me. I was scared and I couldn’t run anymore; my feet where frozen to the dirt. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of fear and I could feel my already-cold skin grow colder as I heard the branches angrily scratch fast against each other. What was happening around me? What was this place?

A small shadow of a creature ran past me going east, and just as fast, another ran west. No sound was heard, just the sight of blackness running in front of me. What were these things? In the far distance, I saw something. It wasn’t a shadow. As it slowly got closer, I saw that it was a person – a small person. As it inched my way, I saw that it was my daughter walking slowly toward me, her arms outstretched for me. Why was she here, in this place that could only be described as a nightmare?

As she got closer I could see the red stains on her neck dripping down to her white flowing nightgown. Her skin was white, almost porcelain, and her eyes were black and cold. She had a sadistic smile on her face and she was hardly recognizable. My sorrow overwhelmed me. I wanted to cry, but as she came to me, the tears turned to questions. She stood in front of me, the way she is was because of me: I let this happen to her. My baby was dead because I couldn’t save her. I blinked and she was right in front of me, a foot away.

“Mama, why didn’t you save me?” She cocked her head to the side; her voice was low and weak.

What could I say to that? How could I soothe her? Nothing I said could change what happened. “Oh, Baby, I’m so sorry!” I dropped to my knees, “I tried to get to you.”

She narrowed her black demon eyes on me. “You didn’t make it, Mama!” she said coldly. “You know what you have to do now.” She demanded.

“What, Baby? What do I have to do?” I asked, almost crying. I reached out to hold her, but she stepped back away from me. Why didn’t she want me to touch her, to embrace her?

“You need to kill them, Mommy. You need to destroy the man who killed me. You need to finish this, before it finishes you.” A small smiled creased her lips. “You know you’re going to lose.”

I didn’t understand. She never talked like that before. She had no emotion in her words; she didn’t speak like my little girl. This couldn’t be Sierra. I looked up and Gerviase had his arm wrapped around her shoulders, smiling down on me. She lifted her hand to hold his. “No Sierra! Let him go! Come back to Mommy!” I yelled firmly. Gerviase just stood there smiling.

The pair started to slowly drift away into the distance. I couldn’t touch her; I couldn’t run to her. Please, legs, move! I tried to remember how to run. Why don’t you work? “SIERRA!” I yelled in a panic.

“Mama.” She paused. “He’s going to kill you,” I heard, as if she were right next to me, whispering it in my ear.

And just as quickly as she came, she was gone, and all that I heard was a child’s laughter. I stood in the darkness, yelling for her to come back.

“SIERRA!” I screamed.

I sat up quickly. I was breathing heavily like I had just finished running a marathon. I guess it was just a natural reaction to breathe the way I was breathing after experiencing what I just experienced. The vampire in me knew I didn’t need to. But the human in me still prevailed. The moon hid behind the clouds and the rain was still pouring down. I was back in the abandoned house, sitting up on the ground. Sierra was gone and I was all that was left from my dream.

“Are you okay, Trinity?” Alexander asked me, already by my side. He was dripping wet, leaving puddles wherever he stood.

My body… I can feel my veins throbbing throughout my body.” I rubbed my arms as if I was trying to get warm, but I was trying to stop my veins from pulsating painfully. I couldn’t think what could be the cause of it. Could it be from the dream that I had? Was my body just in shock? Could it be because I didn’t have a heartbeat that now my veins were beating in its place?

“You’re hungry, Trinity. That’s your body signaling you that you need to feed.” He threw a deer at my side; the poor thing was still shaking with fear. “You’re not ready for human blood yet…..Drink.” He warned.

I didn’t hesitate or question his demand; he obviously knew more than I did. I knelt over to the defenseless deer and stuck my already protruding razor sharp teeth into its side. As with the horse, the taste was sweet and warm. I felt the pain in my veins slowly stop its throbbing. My body instantly felt better.

I wiped my mouth and looked over at Alexander. He was sitting next to me, against the wall, with his legs stretched out. He was watching me like a teacher; I was actually waiting for him to tell me I wasn’t doing it right. But he just sat there rolling his hands together in silence, as if he was scared of something. “Continue with the story…Please.” I begged.

“Are you sure you’re ready to hear the rest?”

Am I ready to hear the rest? Was he kidding? After all that had happened and all he had already said to me, I needed him to continue. I had been waiting my whole life to hear about my natural parents. I was more than ready.

“Yes…” I said, feeling so certain, but if he was able to read my thoughts, he would know that in the back of my mind, I was also a little scared. If they were horrible people, I didn’t want to know.I didn’t want to hear that these vampires were justified in hunting my family.

He cleared his throat and, with both hands, brushed his wet hair away from his face. “Our battle began in the year 1985 and we were off to hunt for your parents before they could have this child. I went off on my own to search for your mother. I searched for many months. It always seemed like I was either a day or an hour behind her. The one she was with was smart and knew the ways of the world and knew better than anybody else how to hide.

“Until I discovered that she always returned to a place that had already been searched. I guess they figured that we would assume that, if it was already searched, we wouldn’t go back. But in all honesty, I had run out of places to look. And so I remained in the last place they had been. I was just hoping for some miracle. I waited for her return. I waited for days, feeding off the animals that would drift by. Not the best meals, but they sufficed. I almost gave up.

“Then one night, your mother showed up with her Aunt Elizabeth. Your mother was nine months pregnant with you. They knew I was there. I think they knew many miles before they even got there. Elizabeth could smell my scent and they knew what I was there to do. They even hesitated for a moment, wondering if they should turn back. But I guess deep down they knew that I would, in the end, find them.

“They opened the door slowly. Honestly – I don’t know why, since they knew where I was – your mother was crying and cradling her stomach as she entered. She had just learned of her husband’s death, of how he was slaughtered, and now she mourned for him.

“Tristan was found in Greece. Your parents split up, thinking it would be harder to find them separately than together. Kind of like when parents take separate airplanes, strategizing that if one crashed, there would still be one parent alive. Obviously they were wrong. Gerviase found Tristan in a hotel room, sleeping, which was his only weakness.

“Gerviase snuck in quietly with five of his soldiers, careful not to be heard. Tristan was chained to the wall and bitten many times by all of them. When he bent his knees to stand up straight, they struck him with fiery whips. He wasn’t allowed to feed, but instead he had to watch as the others brought in humans to feed off of. And watching is the worst torture a vampire can endure.

“When he became too exhausted to fight, and torturing him was no longer fun, they ripped him apart, piece by piece, until all that was left was his head. Gerviase took it as a trophy and knelt down before Daniel to give him his prize. The others burnt what was left of Tristan and spread the ashes where all of Daniels trapped victims lived, to remind them of what their punishment could be.

“When your mother and her aunt walked in to where I was hiding, they were wet from the rain outside. Your mother was frail and broken hearted; you could see she was ready to collapse. I was ready to kill her, to carry out my mission just as I was ordered. But when I looked into her weeping eyes, I saw the love and compassion behind them. It was then that I realized that Daniel was wrong and I couldn’t do what I was sent there to do. I couldn’t kill her – not for Daniel’s lies.

“I told them I wouldn’t hurt them and that I wanted to help, and I truly meant it. Your mother dropped to my feet and asked God to forgive her, as she wanted me to end her life. Her beloved husband, who was supposed to be immortal, was dead and she knew it wouldn’t be long for her death as well. But I couldn’t do what she asked. I tried to calm her, but in time she calmed herself and thought of…”

The stream of despair that went through me was too much for me to handle. I tried to cry but no tears would come. Instead, my feelings turned to rage. My father suffered, for what I don’t know. The only thought that calmed me now was that he died to protect me – that much was certain.

“I stayed with them for weeks trying to shelter them, trying to offer my support in any way that I could. My mission in that life became one of protecting her and her unborn child and I would do anything to defend them. Most days were spent just talking about ourselves. I spoke of my past and how I came to be in Daniel’s army and she told me what little she could. I think she wanted to hold back in case I wasn’t true to my word.

“Then one night she began to give birth. I’ve made it my goal to remember that night clearly so I could tell you everything exactly as it happened. I wanted a memory of your mother to share with you that would make you proud.

“It was raining harder than the previous weeks, and there was flooding everywhere. The wind was strong and the trees tried to break through the windows, but it was harmonizing in some way too. It was a little after nine and the lights were flickering on and off due to the storm. Nothing really was going on; we were just sitting around in silence when your mother suddenly stood up. Water had collected at her feet. I picked her up and carried her to the bed in the closest room. Your mother screamed while holding her Aunt’s hand trying to push so hard. She was so scared of the unknown. This was her first child and her own mother was not around to help guide her. I sat there mystified, not knowing what to do, and for the first time in many centuries I was scared. All I could say was “Push.” He smiled as he remembered that night.

“You were born that night in December, into my arms, nineteen past ten. Your mother held you close to her beating heart, hoping you would remember the rhythm. She asked that I name you. I took it as a big responsibility, so I did my best. I gave you the name Trinity because of who you were going to be. I thought it would be fitting. Did you ever wonder what your name truly meant?” He looked at me and smiled. I could only shake my head no as he continued. “Your name means the union of the three divine persons, the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, in one God.

Hearing the true meaning of my name somehow made me feel closer to God. This is what I was meant to be named. God saw it. Even my mother saw it. Maybe there was truth in Alexander’s words.

“When the time was right, Elizabeth bit your mother, changing her into what I can only say was a picturesque vampire. I never saw such a beautiful vampire in all my years...Until now.” He paused and raised an eyebrow. I think he was hoping I would catch on to his last statement.

“After she was turned, her Aunt taught her all she needed to know. She’d hunt at night; in the day, you were always in her arms. She would hold you and sing to you and rock you so perfectly, and while she slept I looked after you. You were the light of her life, her one reason to push forward. When she’d sing to you, I could only look on in awe. She had an exquisite voice. You were the one who was going to change everything and she wanted to protect that.

“But the day that everybody dreaded came and none of us were truly prepared for it. Some of Daniel’s army finally found us. I have no idea how they managed to do so. I stayed with you and your mother while Elizabeth tried to fight them back. But she was losing. Your mother knew she would die that night, and so she did the unthinkable –something I never knew she had it in her to do – and something that Daniel would never see coming. She slit her neck for me to drink her blood. It was how the families’ powers could be transferred to you, if the time ever came. I understood her thinking and her motives and so I drank, I drank until I couldn’t drink any longer. The blood was overpowering and hard to combine with mine, but I knew that once I absorbed her blood into my system, I would carry the hope of bringing it to you. In the meantime, it weakened me and I couldn’t fight.

”In her last minutes, she handed you to me and made me swear to protect you, to do anything in my power to keep you safe, and to keep Daniel’s army from finding you. And so I swore. I grabbed you and ran. Many times I wanted to turn back and get her but I knew she would already be dead. And if I returned with you in my arms, Daniel’s soldiers would kill me and you as well.

“I took you to a monastery, hoping they would find you a good home. I traveled back to Gerviase and told him I had no luck finding your mother. I led him on different paths throughout the years until one night another vampire found your daughter’s records at school and told Daniel about it. I couldn’t hide those transcripts even if I had tried. If I had, Daniel would have known and I would have been the hunted. I have watched over you your whole life – and your daughter’s. I’m sorry this happened. That’s why I requested this mission… to protect you…”

I stopped him in anger. “Protect me! Some protection! You stood by and let Gerviase kill my family, then end my life by biting me! How is that protection?”

“I didn’t know he was going to kill your family, I swear. I got there too late to save your daughter. When he turned on your husband, I had to do what I did; I had to bite you. Michael would have died anyway.” He said almost mournfully. “After I got there and saw what he did, I knew I’d have to bite you before he could do worse. If I hadn’t bitten you, you wouldn’t have your families’ power and you’d probably be dead.If he would have gotten to you and killed you, Daniel would have won.”

“Some protection, Alexander! I’ve lost everything I have and now what? You’re telling me I’m a ‘prophecy’ made to destroy Daniel? That my whole life has been a lie, that nothing I did as a mortal meant anything! I had all this power and I couldn’t even use it to save what was most important to me. If my family has this power, why didn’t they survive?”

“It wasn’t their destiny. They weren’t here to fight Daniel but to keep the generations going so that you could be born. The prophecy stated that you were to fight and destroy Daniel, but your mother never wanted you to become a vampire. This wasn’t the life she wanted for you. She saw the pain it caused and the lives that ended so unjustly. That’s why I sent you on the path I did,” he said holding my hands. “Don’t you see we’ve changed everything, I’ve changed everything. This is what Daniel feared.”

“You’ve changed everything. Okay.” I bit my bottom lip. “Well, guess what. It’s my turn to change something, and the only thing I’m going to change is the existence of Gerviase and Daniel!” I said standing to my feet. “And you know what you’re gonna do? You’re gonna teach me to fight, you’re gonna teach me my powers, and then you’ll teach me to kill them.” I was wound up and anxious.

“Wait, Trinity! There are still things you need to know!”

I stopped walking away and turned to look at him. “Like what?” I said sarcastically.

He got up, crossed the living room and stood in front of me, putting his hands on my shoulders, just like my father did when I had said something or done something wrong and he needed to correct me. I found it kind of demeaning. “I told you, you’re different.” He warned.

“Okay fine!” I sat down like I had done many times when my father wouldn’t let me have my way. If he wanted to treat me like a child, then I would act like one. “How am I different?”

“You don’t feel the same things they feel. The taste of blood in your mouth and how it feels for you to hold something is not the same for you as it is for other vampires. They don’t see what you see, it’s like looking through a set of glasses but the prescription is only made out for you. Other vampires don’t see things as clearly as you.” He had urgency in his voice. My pulse sped up as his words came faster.

“Your bloodline tells a story about who you are and just how far back your ancestors go. You’ll be able to tell when another vampire will strike. You will notice his eyes turn to black. Others of our kind can’t see that – it’s one of your weapons. Unlike the myths, they can be in the sunlight, but it weakens them. But for you: it’ll make you stronger, energized even; you’ll feel like you’ve slept for days. You can run faster, and you are more powerful than any twenty of them put together.” He finally sat down next to me.

“Please go on.” I said in awe over all this new information.

“You also have a killing mechanism that no other vampire can obtain unless the blood is shared. It’s your fangs. You store acid in them and it’s the acid that comes out when you’re enraged that will kill them. There is only one other vampire other than us that share these powers.” He paused.

“…Daniel” I said looking over at him.

“Yes” he said softly. “I obtained these powers from your mother when I drank her blood. When I bit you that night, I transferred my blood into your wound. Mixing my blood, which contained the blood of your ancestors, with yours, it made you stronger than any of them. But it is unknown how Daniel was made, so it is unclear how he has his power. That’s why we fear him. You see, Trinity that is why he ordered your death. He can’t have somebody stronger than him alive. He wants vampires to be frightened of him, and if there’s another immortal out there that is as strong or stronger than he is, it’ll weaken his army and hinder his followers.”

“Then what are you asking me to do? Run? Hide? You said it yourself he’s impossible to fight, to destroy. Where am I gonna go? Stay here? Yeah, cause it’s a great place to live.” I said sarcastically.

For the first time in my new life I was truly scared. Somebody that I didn’t know wanted me dead for something I had no control over, for something I didn’t even do. And to top that off, I knew that I couldn’t run. He would find me.

“You can’t run, Trinity. He will find you. You have one weakness, and he knows it, because it’s his weakness too.” Alexander placed his hands on mine.

I looked over at him. “Yeah, and what’s that?”

“You need to sleep. His army doesn’t. He will find where you’re resting and he will kill you. He is unstoppable and his rage is his gasoline.”

“Then what are you telling me to do? Fight?” I said confused. “Because I can assure you that I have no idea how to, as you saw in the orchard.”

“No, you are sure to lose. You’re new to this world and don’t know or understand your powers. You need to be trained. I have been waiting patiently for twenty-five years to help you. I swore to your mother I would protect you, even if I die trying…”

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