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The Demon of Sambolia

By John D. Clark All Rights Reserved ©

Adventure / Fantasy

Welcome to Freedonia

Syl'ima Hal'oisi walked through the forest away from her home.  She remembered the curse cast upon her as she left.  The Goddess cursed her to never tell anyone her name.  If she did the person she told would die a horrible death and their blood would be on her hands. 

She hooded the violet cloak she wore.  Hiding her silver hair, which she smoothed back behind her pointed grey elf ears.  Her violet eyes displayed the sorrow she felt.  Her alabaster skin showed she was not accustomed to being out in the sunlight.  She wore leather armor that was brown and white in color.  She thanked the Goddess that the grey elves gave her the armor and enough provisions to make it to another city.  On her left hip was a long sword.  On her right was a hand crossbow.  A small quiver was slung over her right shoulder.  She did not feel it was justice to exile her.

"I was nervous," she muttered to herself.  "It's not my fault the king wanted a demonstration of my psionic power.  I just want to levitate the throne, not blow it up."  She was the first known psionicist on the world.  Psychokinesis was her power.  She could cast minor spells like all elves, but she trained her whole life in mastering her psychic power.  "The Goddess decided to punish me with a curse for this.  Why am I exiled as well?  Well, no one wants to be around someone who is cursed." 

She approached the gates of the Kingdom of Freedonia.  The guards stopped her on the bridge over the mote.  "Halt!" they commanded.  "State your business with the kingdom, and show your papers."

She handed her papers to them, "I am here to begin a new life," she stated.  She kept her head down.  She noticed how much her boots had worn in the weeks she had walked here.  Her pack was nearly empty of the rations the elves had given her.  She had little money.  Freedonia was said to welcome all, and give them a second chance if needed.  It was why she walked here.

"Running from your past, eh, elf?" one of the guards asked.  "The Empress and her son welcome you.  May the silver sword of the God protect you while in this city and the love of the Goddess nurture you."  They let her enter.

Zerik dashed around the city with ease.  His feline features and pointed ears let people know his unusual heritage.  He was half elf and half Rakasha.  His friendship with Stellis kept him from being arrested.  He loved being a thief.  He never stole more than he needed and preferred to help those in need.  His unusual heritage gave him the unique camouflage ability.

He happened to be by the gates when he noticed a grey elf with violet eyes and a violet cloak enter the city.  She looked so sad.  Zerik wanted to cheer her up and be her friend.  He decided to follow her.  He saw her enter a tavern and ask if she could set up a small card reader stand to make money to pay for food.  He smiled.

Zerik knew they needed someone with magic in their group.  Stellis was a paladin and could heal them, Finn was a fighter, and he was a thief.  If she was able to do magic then they would be an almost unstoppable group.  He ran to find Stellis.

Stellis walked out of the temple of the God.  The symbol of the silver sword emblazoned on his armor.  His long red hair was tied back.  His sword was strapped to his left hip.   He smiled as he saw his friend Zerik running up to him.  He was going to meet their companion Finn, the Prince of Sambolia.

"Stellis!" Zerik cried out.  "I've found a new member for our group!"

"Friend Zerik, this is good news," Stellis replied.   "I thought we were good without a wizard or sorcerer."

"We are good," Zerik agreed, "but we'd be great with one."

"Let us get Finn and then we shall meet this person," Stellis stated.  "Where do we find this person?"

"She is an elf, and she is in the Laughing Owlbear tavern.  I'll make sure she doesn't leave.  You and Finn meet us there," Zerik said as he ran back.

"She?" Stellis questioned without being heard by Zerik as Zerik was long gone.  He went on his way to meet Finn at the Sambolian Embassy.

Finn sharpened his scimitar.  He was waiting for Stellis and Zerik to find a new adventure to go on before heading back to his island.  The nation of Sambolia.  His dark skin and long dreadlocks made it obvious.  His armor and style did not seem to reflect Freedonia.  They were all Sambolia.  He loved his nation, but, he had too much fun here with Stellis and  Zerik.

Stellis knocked on the door of the embassy.  Finn sheathed and peace tied his scimitar.  He opened the door.  "It is good to see you, my friend," he stated as he grabbed the forearm of Stellis.  Stellis returned the gesture. 

"My friend, we have much to discuss," Stellis replied.  To this Finn smiled.  The two princes laughed at the formal greetings.  It was customary and since they both represented their respective kingdoms they always did the formal greeting when meeting at national buildings.

"My brother, where is Zerik?" Finn asked.  "I thought we were starting out an investigation on the ancient pyramid to the south today?"

"He says he found a fourth member to our team.  A sorceress elf?" Stellis replied. 

"I see, where are we to meet him and the elf?  Hopefully, she does not practice bad juju."

"The Laughing Owlbear tavern," Stellis stated.  "I hope he isn't mistaken."

Zerik placed five gold coins called Freemans on the table across from Syl'ima.  "I'd like a reading," he stated.

"Gofynnaf i'r Dduwies i arwain cardiau hyn ac yn rhoi atebion gofynnaf am i mi," She said as she held the cards in her hand then handed them to Zerik.  "Please shuffle the cards, and I will read them for you."

He shuffled the cards and handed them back to her.  She turned over the first one, "I see you are looking for a person," she said as she then turned over the second card.  "You think you have found this person, though something is hidden from you."  She turned over the third card, "This person will aid you quite well, but you must discover a truth before you can ask her."  She turned over the last card and was shocked, "You, you want me to join you?"

Stellis and Finn walked up behind Zerik.  "Yeah, we need someone who can do magic," he explained.

"Oh, I see," her voice had a sadness to it.  "I only know some cantrips and cartomancy.  I am actually a psionicist.  I specialize in Psychokinesis.  I'm not a sorceress."

"You're also cursed," Stellis noted.  He could see it with his righteousness.  He wanted to help her but it was beyond his power.  She lowered her head at the statement.

"You're a what?" Zerik asked confused. 

"A psionicist.  I have powers of the mind that most do not.  In fact I am the first of my people to have these gifts.  It is also why I am cursed," She explained.

"We can help you," Finn stated.  "What is your name?"  Syl'ima hung her head in shame.

"I cannot say, for that is my curse," A tear formed as she continued, "if I tell anyone my name they will die a horrible death.  Their blood will be on my hands."

"So what do we call you if we can't know your name?" Stellis asked.

"A real diamond in the rough," Zerik teased.

"How about we just call you Diamond?" Finn asked.

"If it pleases you, then that is what I shall be called," Syl'ima agreed.

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